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Videos by The Lash & Brow Gal Studio in Ridgeland. Esthetician specializing in: -Lash Extensions and Tinting -Brow Shaping and Tinting -Microblading -F

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I could watch this all day long 😍 brow lamination and wax in progress! By @bailey_lashandbrowgal #thelashandbrowgal #thelashandbrowgalstudio

A lash lift & tint in progress by @ashton_lashandbrowgal FAQs about a lash lift & tint: ✨what is it?! A lift & tint darkens and curls your natural lashes… it takes straight lashes and LIFTS them. ✨does it make your lashes longer? No but some people think it makes them look longer. If you are looking at a straight lash you can’t see the entire lash, but by lifting them you see more of the lash, which gives the illusion of longer lashes ✨how much is it & how long does it last? The lift & tint is $110 and lasts 6-8 weeks! ✨can I still wear mascara? Yes! Just try not to in the first 24 hours. You don’t want to get them wet or saturate them the fist day. ✨how do I prep for my appointment? If your lashes are on the shorter side, we recommend using a lash serum for about a month before to give them some length and a more dramatic result. You will want to arrive to your appointment eye makeup free and refrain from wearing waterproof mascara 48hours prior for best results! #thelashandbrowgal #thelashandbrowgalstudio

Up close & personal Microblading #thelashandbrowgal #thelashandbrowgalstudio