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Change is coming! Stay tuned for the NEWS!


Finally, the ending. Just beginning though.

It’s taken me a while to complete part 3 because I was unsure of where I wanted to take you.

Here it goes!

I want to be someone’s motivation, reason for trying something new. A reason not to give up but to show up and make s**t happen. In this passage I am showing up as my true authentic self. If I offend you that’s what I was supposed to do.

Six years ago on AUGUST 10, 2016 I accomplished a goal that was surreal. I set a goal for a year but it was achieved in less than three months. It hasn’t been as rewarding as I thought. I wouldn’t change it for nothing in the world.

I’m going to cover a few things as transparently as possible. I touch basis about a couple of things covered in part 1 and 2.

1. Encouragement to start something new with out waiting to next year. You have 10 weeks, 65 days left to make S**T HAPPEN. Don’t wait, tomorrow is not promised. One day I made plans with my brother Johnathan Beals and the next morning I received a call that he was murdered over dumb s**t. I really miss him.

2. I’ve always had a hard time asking for help. Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance, their is someone out there that wont say no. When I needed help but unfortunately I was turned away 9 out of 10 times. But God! I was sent Sandra my forever friend that did all she could to assist. Secrets for social media, how to grow my business. Sandra and I were a team that worked in two separate locations but came together when needed.

3. This journey has all types of twist and turns as well as enormous growth with only minute set backs. There has been plenty of instances were it I could have given up but God. Recently Ive had these thoughts. This is all I know. What are the careers that give me the opportunity to travel when I want and how long I’d like. Flexibility to focus on my children or new hobbies like being an entrepreneur can offer.

F**k it, here I go (transparent as ever). The lows were low but I’ve always been able to snap back. Six years ago I couldn’t afford to pay my self a salary, the rent or anything else. I was desperate to make it work. I rented my first chair to a customer that frequented salon centric.

I only charged this person $50 bucks a week just to have some additional income. That didn’t last very long because they were with me for about a month or so. I can’t really remember the time frame but it is what it is. I also remember not getting paid weekly because this person was trying to get their s**t together. Lesson learned, get s**t in writing. I wished her well and she went on her way. Nothing was owed at the end.

The next stylist that worked in the salon brought life and an array of customers with them. I met some amazing people because of Kim. We became family. I lost Kim because I tapped out from Life when I lost my father May 1, 2019. I left on the first thing flying on April 26, 2019 with the hopes of my dads health would improve. I had already packed life up and moved. At that point I didn’t give a f**k about nothing. I lost one of the most important people in my life. F**k the salon. I stayed in California for months. Living with my brother in Bakersfield helped a lot. I spent my days painting, cleaning and cooking. My mental health was shot. 1st hardest thing that I’ve dealt with. (While typing this portion all I can do is cry. Why does this hurt so bad.I miss the one man that loved me unconditionally). I lost Kim because of my uncertainty in life.

The next few people were decent and just like life that it went to hell. One young lady proved to be the biggest thief. Bitch stole anything she could take. This person had the audacity to pay rent late, steal and be one of the nastiest persons. Yuck, how did you have your own salon and not be prepared for working as a stylist. I put up cameras around the salon and she ran like Flo Jo. Bitch you’ve been caught. My client forewarned me and told she was telling everyone what she was doing. See Trust, something that is taken so lightly.

I’ll come back to this subject in a few.

Part 3 1/2 coming soon.

I’m a little emotional at this point. I need a break. I’ll finish this in a couple of hours. Let me proof read. Please forgive me for the grammatical errors, misspelled words and the cursing. I’m a stylist not a writer.


Part 3 of 3 is coming soon.

I would love to get to know all of my followers.

Let’s get to know each other.

When you read this let me know how we met, and where you are from.

Have a great weekend everyone!

I’ll start first…I’m from Lynwood, California but reside in Jackson, MS.




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LONG WAIT…here’s Part 2 of 3.

I made S**T happen. I had become magician…first payment of 600 paid to Marie. This feeling was surreal. I‘m halfway to owning a salon. I was so elated, that my life was changing at the rate of God’s speed.

At this point, the future could only go up from here. I started to implement change to build greatness.

I tried quitting my Job at Salon Centric but some how I was convinced to work one day a week. From the first day of working every Monday from 2pm to 6:30pm. I was still underpaid and over worked. The only things i really enjoyed about working at Salon Centric are the following things.

1. Helping customers build knowledge on using professional color and chemicals. Creating formulas for perfect hair coloring.
2. My 40% off discount (oh how I miss that)
3. Free education and always being in the loop.
4. Personal connection with licensed stylist, nail techs and aestheticians.

I had become so stressed out…I don’t suffer from anxiety but the pressure of stress is really weird. I had this new manager that was a narcissist, over bearing and a control freak. She had become so disrespectful, no one like her or wanted to take her job. Things almost became physical with my manager, I didn’t care if her husband worked for JPD. I’d still handle business, but hey I’m a business owner and I didn’t want the negativity, backlash or even jail time.
Story time later on Tik Tok. Add me as a friend . The stories will be juicy.

I was a ball of emotions in the beginning of this Salon Owner journey. I didn’t feel I was confident enough to make it work. I was also happy to know this is the first of many business ventures. I was sad, angery just name the emotion and it resonated in my soul. Over time things became routin, I enjoyed who I was becoming as a person.

Time has been good to me. GOD is always good to me! If not for Him, where would I be. I lost faith many times but will never forget I only need the faith of a mustard seed to make it thru the rough waters.

In the six years in business I have had some life altering occurrences, that tested my very existence. I had some immediate family deaths back to back…I’ll talk about the people of importance soon. I’ve lost many friends, and family members not too death but simply due to our lives changing.

Financially, oh have I lost money, made money but I always continue to find ways for my money to work for me. Repeat after me (Money flows and money comes my way)I’ve learned so much over the years. S**t, really I’m still a beginner at this, so watch me learn, grow and most definitely share my knowledge. We got this!
I’ve managed to remain positive even when while stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

In the second have of my journey…change was evident. After three years of being in Suite E, the opportunity to grow was possible. The move was the opportunity to grow. I am very grateful for this as well. I went from a space that was 450 square feet to 1000 square feet. The possibilities were endless. With the help of my friend Denise from D’Stinctive Events, my daughter Madison and a few others the move was possible. I promise it felt like we worked so hard. I admitted to myself that I in fact needed change. Things at the salon had become mundane, i was stagnant like a small puddle of water on a rainy day.



Part 1 of 3 bLong and interesting Post. This motivation might be for you.

SIX YEARS and counting!

I say this with a HAPPY HEART, as I look back sometimes I felt I wouldn’t make it. Statistically, I was given THREE YEARS and was told most salons don’t make it pass that. With the support of my clients, their referrals I have beat the Naysayers.

LOOK AT GOD! Six years and counting.

Here’s a little background. After graduating Delta Tech I knew I loved making people build confidence one hair style at a time. I dedicated more time working at Salon Centric than I invested in myself. (I learned a ton of valuable information), worked with brands that many wished they could have.

Many licensed stylists visited the store in hopes that I could solve their problems (I handled and help almost anyone who asked). I loved my career until I realized that I worked for a company that held me back due to the color of my skin. Everytime I applied for a position to reach people at a different magnitude I was turned down only for the position given to someone that was caucasian with no experience.

After so many long years and some times tears, I was disappointed, under paid and definitely not respected. When life gives you lemons 🍋…make orange juice and make them wonder how you did it. Well, I did it!

No need to wonder how, I’m about to explain.

In July of 2016 I was approached by Marie for a second time if I was interested in purchasing her salon. (Now, my kids and I already was speaking becoming a salon owner within the next year), look 👀 at GOD AGAIN. This time I took the bait.

It was Saturday morning when she came by and we worked out a time for me to visit after I got off work at 4. It was the best decision I’ve made thus far. When I arrived Marie sat in a dimly lite small salon. I was unsure of what I thought until she flipped the switch. I immediately fell in love and so did the kids.

Lights, revealed a beautiful so grayish with purple undertones painted salon with accented pink furniture. I couldn’t ask for more. It was the perfect space for me. Small (450 square feet) cozy, just what I needed at that time. We hadn’t spoke price yet, I was worried. Unsure if I’d be able to make the purchase let alone afford it.

Now here’s the biggest flex of all, she was selling the business for only 1200 dollars. That was within my reach…I made it happen. I asked if I could make one payment of 600 dollars an two payments of 300 hundred dollars. Marie said yes, she wanted to see myself and my family WIN. With excitement in my heart and possibilities in the works life was getting better.


I have learned that in order for people to know you (well know me and about my business) I must be present. I will make time to be seen. Have a beautiful Sunday!

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Two Saturdays ago I was able to be a part of . On Saturday, September 17, 2022 in Indianola, Ms I attended the 7th Annul MONEY POWER SUCCESS Woman’s Entrepreneurship summit held by Higher Purpose Co. Look them up. It was nothing short of amazing. I’ll see them next year. Here is just a little snippet of who spoke and some selfies.


Attention Parents- School is approaching quickly. Please book accordingly. 2 1/2 hrs medium box braids with a hint of purple. Tension free, pain free on this young lady. Price $150 Reaction Priceless


Attention Parents- School is approaching quickly. Please book accordingly. 2 1/2 hrs medium box braids with a hint of purple. Tension free, pain free on this young lady.


I love my clients. My clients…my extended family. Thank you All!


I’m requesting honest reviews from anyone that received services from me. Thanks in advance.

Ebony Beals

Please Help Ebony’s Hair & Nail Salon Thrive, organized by Mary Lindsay 06/15/2021

My Mom is the sweetest. I say that because this is her way of helping. My pride has never allowed me to ask anyone for anything. I’ve helped many but not because I needed anything, it was just the thing to do.

Maybe you’ll see this post and help. Maybe this post will be a reminder that all small business have the possibility of greatness.

If you come across this post and God guides you to donate THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

At first I wasn’t sure what to think of this gesture from my mom, my brother Mike put things into perspective.

Please Help Ebony’s Hair & Nail Salon Thrive, organized by Mary Lindsay My daughter, Ebony Beals, is the proud owner of Tousled & Teased Hair Salon… Mary Lindsay needs your support for Please Help Ebony’s Hair & Nail Salon Thrive


Good Morning! Have a Beautiful Blessed Day!

Photos from ArtiStreetz's post 02/15/2021

Great for everyone that came out and supported. I met some wonderful people. Great networking, great coffee and danishes. Look forward to supporting my client and friend Katurah Hughes.

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