Dr Peter J Cichonski DC, ART

Dr Peter J Cichonski DC, ART


Pete! I got your business card! Call me if you are still around. Lori :-)
Happy Birthday Dr. C!!! Hope you have a great one!🎂 Eat Cake today!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Dr. C is at his Riverside Office. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Dr. C is in his Murrieta home office. By appointment only.

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A little glimpse behind the scenes Photo shoot with 2021 Natural Olympia Pro classic physique champion @djoe.hype


I love finishing off most of my workouts with blood flow restriction training. It tells your brain that you’re digging deeper than ever and your brain responds by liberating more resources than normal to repair the damage of perceives you’ve just created. Benefits include increased growth hormone released from the pituitary gland and upregulated Cell sensitivity to protein synthesis To increase your bodies anabolic effect. At almost 60 years young I’m always searching the science for the latest advances in health and fitness.

Natural Bodybuilder Dr. Peter Cichonski Signs Multi-media Contract - Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network 03/15/2022

Natural Bodybuilder Dr. Peter Cichonski Signs Multi-media Contract - Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network

As a practitioner/educator, grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Generation Iron, Ironman Magazine and the professional natural bodybuilding association

Natural Bodybuilder Dr. Peter Cichonski Signs Multi-media Contract - Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network INBA PNBA athlete Dr. Peter Cichonski signs a multi-media contract with Generation Iron and Iron Man Magazine. Click the link to view deets!


Sunday leg day. squats are one of the best overall exercises for the whole body. I’ve been squatting for over 40 years and as a biomechanical specialist, in order to keep your knees, low back,and upper spine preserved, I recommend a manta ray which fits over the bar to disperse the weight across the entire upper back and off of the upper spine. In order to not create a shearing force at the lower lumbar spine the bar should be in line with your hips and not in front of your knees. I’ve seen too many disc herniation’s in my office from incorrect technique over the years. Also if you have tight calves you can use a 2 x 4 under your heels to keep your back straight. This also isolates your quads during the movement. I do like knee wraps to keep the ligaments and tendons tight. I don’t recommend going below parallel, anything below parallel will also put a sharing force on your knee joints. this is not advice for a power lifter, but for someone who is trying to preserve all of the moving parts over a long period of time. Five sets of squats today after a warm-up. 300×9, 320x7, 345×5, 365×3, and my last set in the video 315×6.


Multi media contract

Truly honored and excited to sign a multimedia contract between INBA PNBA Iron Man Magazine and Generation Iron , as a Health optimization practitioner and educator what an amazing opportunity to magnify the scope of Natural Bodybuilding Globally 


TBT to the 2020 Natural Olympia.


Natural light☀️, Optimal Health depends on it. The light you see on my bicep is actually natural light from the sun being filtered through a prism. each color is a different wavelength of energy, that is why you can see those same colors in a rainbow after a rain as the light is filtered through the water particles in the sky. Each energetic wave length is represented by a different color which is emitted. What are the benefits of these natural wavelengths of energy from the🌞.

Red light which makes up 43% of sunlight maximizes the power and energy your human batteries (your mitochondria) to produce the cellular energy to maximize your work out and power you through your day.

Blue light from the sun is absorbed by your eyes, skin, blood vessels and fat to ensure your master computer (your brain) is running on the proper time, managing all of your biologic systems in the appropriate order and time. Food is merely the fuel you put in your human vehicle but blue light from the sun programs the efficient timing and tuning of your human Computer. if your brain isn’t programmed properly neither will your metabolism, fat burning or recovery from a workout be very efficient either.

purple light – ultraviolet B light produces vitamin D in your skin. Vitamin D is actually a hormone that maximizes many biologic functions. There are literally 1000 different chemical reactions that take place in your body when you make vitamin D from natural light that you will NOT get when you take supplemental vitamin D.

Research shows that death from all causes including skin cancer is diminished when we expose ourselves to natural light.
Natural light is the ultimate multivitamin to optimize health and is also your greatest vaccination against all disease. Get your daily dose, your health depends on it. D


happy flex Friday! Did you know consuming natural light is akin to consuming natural food and the consumption of artificial light is no different than consuming artificially processed food. Which would you choose? light is a form of energy that when it interacts with your body causes multiple chemical reactions to take place. Natural red light from the sun creates cellular energy, natural blue light controls your bodies master clock which dictates all chemical reactions from the brain and purple ultraviolet light creates vitamin D which also produces over 1000 chemical reactions beneficial to the body. light D


Big shout out to Generation Iron for picking up and sharing information i’ve been educating my patience with over the last few years. Check out Generation Iron for the entire article.
also check out my article in the most recent issue of IronMan Magazine entitled better light better body how you can improve your strength endurance and recovery.


Better Light Better Body
did you know the sun contains 43% red and infrared light? Did you also know that when you consume red light through your skin it can pe*****te as much is 12 inches. Did you also know your mitochondria, your cells power plant uses red light to maximize cellular energy. Any time you can see the sun you can absorb red light. since we lose approximately 10% efficiency of our mitochondria With every decade of life that passes, maximize your mitochondria’s efficiency with natural red light, it’s free.

Photos from Dr Peter J Cichonski DC, ART's post 02/10/2022

Do you know why most people don’t live to see 100? Basically with every decade of life that passes we lose approximately 10% of our human batteries (mitochondria) ability to make energy for our cells. so right around 100 years old the batteries no longer produce energy. not much different than the battery in your cell phone works. Turning 60 years old in a few short months which means my mitochondria should only be about 40% efficient. Other things we can do to change the life of our batteries? You bet! Any ideas on what can preserve your human batteries? Would love to hear what you think.

Photos from Dr Peter J Cichonski DC, ART's post 01/10/2022

Dr. Zelenco was a Pioneer in the early intervention and treatment of Covid. Here is some useful information pertaining to his protocol. Don’t be afraid, be aware.

Photos from Dr Peter J Cichonski DC, ART's post 12/25/2021

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and wishing you many GAINS in 2022 from our family to yours🎄💪🏼


21 Mr. America was broadcast tonight on the CBS Sports net work. It was a clean sweep, Jackie and Garrett took first for fan support❤️ and I took second in open classic physique and third in Pro Masters Bodybuilding.

Photos from Dr Peter J Cichonski DC, ART's post 12/13/2021

Recently competed in the 2021 Mr. America competition in Atlantic City New Jersey in October. It will be airing tonight on the CBS Sports net work.


sometimes you’ve just got to dig deep! Your will, will always drive your mite


Flex friday with the legend @ricardos_legend at the natural O. That guy looking over my shoulder looks vaguely familiar, might be time for some new posing trunks🤣


Wolfpack Strong! The 50+ pro division a.k.a. the Wolfpack had 19 competitors on stage at this years INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia. The largest Bodybuilding class in the show. You don’t think 50 can get better?

Photos from Dr Peter J Cichonski DC, ART's post 12/01/2021

Special thanks to the INBA/PNBA for the great pics of the 2021 natural Olympia! The true Olympics of natural Bodybuilding.


Highlights from the pinnacle of natural Bodybuilding the 2021 INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia. What an amazing experience!


Let the games begin. The INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia is here. It’s literally the Olympics of natural Bodybuilding or could even be the Super Bowl of Natural Bodybuilding. An unbelievable three day experience. That Harley is up for grabs. Win a gold medal here and you get to represent your country as your country’s national anthem is played. Numerous countries being represented this year. An amazing experience to associate with like-minded athletes from around the world. Epic!

Photos from Dr Peter J Cichonski DC, ART's post 09/29/2021

What a great weekend reuniting with teammates new and old at the 2021 Team USA INBA/PNBA competition this past weekend. Couldn’t have done it without my team @jackieojacque, thank you❤️
also special thanks to @inbapnbaglobal_official
The leaders in Natural Bodybuilding. They always dream bigger so we can achieve ours.
INBA Classic Physique Open. First Place
PNBA Pro Masters 40+ 2nd

Thanks to all of the amazing athletes who planned their work and worked their plan , truly inspirational!


We are the Wolfpack! A group of 50+ and 60+ year old professional natural bodybuilders. Age is only a number we are more interested in health span! We strive to always be the best version of our own selves. We all Run together,
we are the Wolfpack! Be the best Version of you and join us.


Thinking about competing someday? Get a jumpstart on the do’s and dont’s of contest prep with professional prep coach Ken Ross @flexr6 in his recent article in ironmanmagazine. com

Ken Ross is a current competitive bodybuilder with INBA/PNBA. Ken has competed in 117 INBA/PNBA competitions, is a PNBA Pro Bodybuilder, and is in the INBA Hall of Fame. Ken also coaches athletes globally for natural bodybuilding competitions.
You can contact Ken through Iron Man Magazine.

Photos from Dr Peter J Cichonski DC, ART's post 06/29/2021

Spent the day today at one of our favorite places in the state of Maine, Nuble lighthouse York Beach.
It was one of my mothers favorite places as well as my grandmothers. My mom passed in 1998 and with the passing of my grandmother in 2010 my dad had a ring made with both my grandmothers and my mothers engagement diamonds. He wore it regularly until his passing a couple of weeks ago. I now have the family heirloom and I know my mother and my grandmother as well as my dad would be smiling today seeing the ring on my finger at nuble light. The last couple of family pictures were taken in 2009 at Nuble light when my grandmother was still with us. unfortunately with my mom‘s passing in 1998 I could not find a picture with us there together.

Photos from Dr Peter J Cichonski DC, ART's post 06/25/2021

Sometimes you have to go back to the past to fully comprehend what this country was built upon. today, some are trying to erase the past to rewrite the future, but not so fast! this granite statue which is one of the largest in this country, reminds us and honors our forefathers and their journey in the pursuit of civil and religious liberty. The 102 brave souls along with 30 crewmembers boarded The mayflower for an 80 day journey to establish a country based on freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. it is when we realize the sacrifice of those before us that we can truly continue to fight for and protect the future that they envisioned.

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Multi media contract
The Super Bowl of natural bodybuilding, as seen in The documentary Generation Iron Natty 4 life Will take place once aga...
We know so much more about COVID-19 today than we did a A few short months ago. Minimize your risk by maximizing your im...



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