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Get your WHOLE BODY wellness and come to our Saturday morning line up! 7am TRX followed by 8am Mindful Body ✌🏻 Sample some freshly pressed green juice in between! MIND, BODY, SPIRIT ✔️😉 Visit our website to sign up! Havencofitness.com
Haven Co. staff and some of our members have taken on the Freshii juice cleanse!! It's a wonderful opportunity and very supportive. Bettering ourselves from the inside out!
Beth Keating You can get a free week. :)
Who love's TRX??? let's mix it up and do some Functional Training... at 6am Tomorrow Morning. Build Muscle... Low Impact.... Increases Flexibility Improves Balance Helps strengthen Joint Pain. ...builds bone strength ... Reduces Your Risk of Injury during every day activities.
Talk about a burn! Thank you Erin McLeish for kicking my out of shape butt!
Felisha Hennessey can you please send Monica and I the link for 6 month pass special Thanks so much! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
Great class tonight. Love the change! 👍🏻 Thank you
Is it odd that I'm finding myself trying to do squats in the studio while I'm on the air. What have you done to me Haven Co? lol
"80% of new year resolution do not make it to February." SAY WHAT !! maybe that is why I rename it to "what GOAL's" do I have for this year.... I am not going to be apart of the 80%... ARE you???? What are some of the ways or strategies that you are using to stay on track???? I know one is working out with some amazing women who help motivate me at Haven co. Boutique Fitness Studio....
Well, since my husband fractured his arm and twisted his ankle, I won’t be at any night classes ☹️ Someone livestream and I’ll just try and follow along with what I can at home 😂
Are there only am classes in january?
I won't be avlenrobmakenit to class noightbif someone wantnto take my place 😊

Haven Co. Riverside offers wellness for the community; group fitness classes, aesthetic cryo treatments, infrared treatments, community nights and more!

The kids LOVE getting messy on pizza nights!
@traderjoes carries dough ready to be turned into a tiny pizza maker's masterpiece 😉

Grazing trays are perfect for making sure the littles in your life get healthy snacks😍
Healthy mamas grow healthy kids!

All you need:
•Cubed butternut squash
•Garlic powder, onion powder, salt, cayenne
•Parmesan cheese
Takes like 5 minutes y'all 😍😍😍

Even with slim pickings in the fridge, you can put together a healthy lunchbox:
Hummus & pretzels
Normally I like them to have a veggie in there but all I have are brussels, cabbage and spinach🤷‍♀️😂
So today, these kids get an extra fruit serving.
The hummus and pretzels are their treat today. Anything in a package counts as a treat for them😂
I wanted to show you that even when you need to get to the grocery store, a healthy lunchbox can still happen. It might look a bit different but hey, that's life!
I was asked what one simple step would be to get to a healthier lunchbox.... I would say, just start eliminating the pre-packaged foods and opt for more real fruits and veggies.
I love doing veggies and hummus over a bag of chips or crackers any day!

The easiest spaghetti dinner😍
Pasta sauce
Tofu (or meat)
Tons of veggies
•Drain your tofu
•Start your pasta
•Chop your veggies
•Toss veggies into hot, oiled pan
•Add crumbled tofu to veggie pan
Season to taste
•Add sauce to tofu & veggies
•Place cooked pasta in bowl and top with tofu/veggie sauce
That's it! The kids love it because it's SPAGHETTI!!
I love it because it's full of VEGGIES !

@ Riverside, California

School lunches y'all....
They should be nutritious, delicious and easy!
My rule of thumb is:
In this pic, their treat is apples with peanut butter and chocolate chips (we call these apple cookies 😉and that easy recipe is a few posts back).
I want them to have as much REAL FOOD as possible so that they CRAVE REAL FOOD!
I don't want them to be adults that struggle to balance their plates, who yo-yo diet and "fall off the wagon".
By teaching them NOW what real food is and how it helps their bodies, we can set up an entire generation to have a totally different health picture than us!
You may have to start with small changes for your kiddos but it's totally worth it!
The more fruits & veggies that they eat, the more fruits & veggies they will CRAVE🍏🍊🥦🥕
What's your biggest school lunch struggle???

It's so simple....Most of our faves are carbs (sweet potatoes/yams, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn casserole, rolls, etc.) because they're the delicious sides that we typically only indulge in once each year.
Take some turkey, add a little bit of each of your fave carb side and then PILE ON THE VEGGIES! Think greens ...leafy greens in a big salad or just your favorite veggie but remember, most of us load up our plates with the yummy stuff and leave out the veggies that actually help our bodies repair themselves.
Make sure HALF of your plate is veggies and split the other half between turkey and your fave sides and your waistline will stay in check this holiday season. Promise 😉
Cheers to a holiday season that doesn't pack on the lbs and make you want to set a New Year Resolution 🥂
Cheers to living a healthy lifestyle that is balanced enough for you to maintain it🥂
Cheers to eating what fuels you and doesn't hurt you🥂

Clean Potato Chips!

Watch how simple these kids make Clean Potato Chips look😘
I may be biased, but they did so good😂

Made by kids for kids...but really, the whole family will love them 😉

We are nearing our studio closure and it's so bittersweet!
Come out to the Tuesday and Wednesday classes to say your goodbyes and scoop up some sweet deals on all of our equipment!
Our final class will be TRX on Wednesday the 20th at 6pm.
We will still be running our online program (link in bio! 30 days for $8!) so keep following us online for all the fun updates!

Tomorrow starts our last week of studio classes but don't you forget about our online option!
Just $8 for 30 days of recipes, workouts and more online goodies 😍Link in bio to join!
This is one of our faves to make and pack for school lunch! The kids love making them almost as much as they love eating them😘
Give them a try and toss in some of your favorite add-ins! These are so versatile and you can really make them cater to each kid's tastes!
$8 online link:
https://www.havencoriverside.com/products/30-days-to-clean @ Riverside, California

You know you want to join class😘
Come on out tomorrow!
$10 drop in rate while wrap up our last few weeks of classes

Mondays call for:
1. Food that fuels you (link to join the online group for just $8 in bio!)
2. Fitness that fires you up (join us for 5am & 6pm classes tomorrow!)
3. Good coffee!☕
5am Functional
6pm TRX Barre

TRX Barre tomorrow at 8am😍
Bring a friend for FREE!

Come see your CRYOSKIN BABES at the Skin Clinic MedSpa party this Saturday!
We are moving in to their office and kicking it off with HUGE CRYOSKIN DISCOUNTS!
Yummy cocktails, amazing discounts and more!
Discounts on:
Botox•Cryoskin•Laser hair removal•facials•& MORE!
RSVP here: https://facebook.com/events/409349836671842/?ti=as

Here's a better view for ya😉
Wednesday has TWO TRX opportunities for you!
5am & 6pm
Come give it a try, $10 drop in
Email [email protected] to enroll

We'll show you how to secure the straps, give you modifications and challenges, come on out, girl!
6pm TRX Barre will also leave you "hanging"😘
Email [email protected] to join us for just $10/class drop in rate

This little chicka asked me to cook up her fave breakfast quesadillas for the week.
Sure thing, mama!
Link in bio for the recipe (or just go here😘):
https://www.havencoriverside.com/blogs/news @ Riverside, California

Happy Halloween 🎃
We hope you have fun with your little ghouls & goblins tonight!
No evening classes tonight!

No one is perfect; we all have areas that we don't love on our bodies.
Do something that makes you feel fabulous!
Get more info on Cryoskin treatments below👇

TRX Wednesday is the bestest 😍😍😍
5am & 6pm and we promise to make it fan-tab-u-lous!!!

Just another day for TRX Barre😍
6pm burn time, babe!

Click "Contact" in bio to score the PAYMENT PLAN TONIGHT ONLY!
You read that right, babe, just $487.50 due tonight and nothing else due until your second appointment 😍
We NEVER do payment plans y'all!
Call or text 951-207-7154
Email [email protected]

You know we're all for healthy alternatives at Haven Co.
Check out our newest blog post to get this RIDICULOUSLY EASY recipe!
Link in bio & right here:
Share your version of these yummy "cookies" using #HavenCoFood 🍏🍏🍏

My favorite part of TRX is definitely stretching!
6pm tonight, you comin'???

You can join Haven Co. online and get all the yummy recipes and workout ideas!
Link in bio❤
And you can also come to TRX on Wednesday at 5am & 6pm with @felisha_hennessey 😉(we like options!)


This 20-Minute Treatment Made My Cellulite Disappear

Read why Shape says Cryoskin is the perfect treatment to get you looking fabulous before the holidays 😍:

shape.com And it basically felt like getting a massage.

Want to increase your Cryoskin treatment results?
Find out how in our newest blog post😍
(Link in bio & right here👇👇👇)

Last call!
Buy 1 get 1 HALF OFF
Split it with a friend and you each get 1 for just $262 each.(reg $350)
Tell the hub you need a #TreatYoSelf present!
$525 for TWO through the rest of today😍 (reg $700)

Haven Co. Riverside's cover photo

I mean....🤷‍♀️
😂Get your booty down to the studio for OPEN STUDIO TIME!
Saturday from 8am to 10:30am
And then go grab a coffee together, you know that sounds fab!

That's just $525 for TWO treatments...or $1050 for 4....or $1575 for 6....
This insane deal makes each treatment just $262 (regularly $350!).
Don't miss out❤❤❤
Pssst... our gift certificates make a fabulous gift in any amount

What is a Cryoskin Event? Find out in our newest blog post (link in bio and right here: https://www.havencoriverside.com/blogs/news/what-is-a-cryoskin-event )

You guys!!! Tomorrow is Thursday!! That's almost Fri-Yay!😍😍😍
Get your fitness in tomorrow!
5am HIIT
4:30pm TRX
6pm HIIT

This is a single treatment, y'all ❤
Go to our stories to see what 1, 2 and 3 treatments can do for you!
3 treatments are just $900
2 treatments are just $700
1 treatment is just $350
Wherever you're at, we have a plan to help!

Wednesday hustle, yo!!
5am & 6pm TRX to keep you STRONG & FIERCE 😍😍😍
Make sure you pre-enroll!

Two infrared appointments available this Wednesday!
DM to snag one!
DYK (did ya know):
Sweat from the infrared bed contains 20% more toxins than sweat from a workout!
Talk about a DETOX!

Another chance to SHINE, babe!
5am Functional Training
6pm TRX Barre
Bring a friend the rest of the month FREE!....because....fitness is always better with good company!

@nicole_fannin_ca always makes the studio look beautiful 😍
Hope you caught her at Open Studio Time this a.m.!

TRX is one of the BEST classes for total body strength training 😍
And you have TWO chances to get it in tomorrow!
Wednesday TRX:
5am & 6pm
Bring a friend and show them the TRX love!

Is Cryoskin right for you?
Non-invasive fat reduction & skin rejuvenation treatment.
Zero downtime. Zero pain.
Find out what Cryoskin can do for you here:

When you just can't.....😂😂😂
I think my synchronized swimming tryouts were too much for her 😉😂
Tuesday fit-pportunities:
5am HIIT
4:30pm TRX
6pm Functional

Set the best intentions today, babe!
Do your best to nourish your bod, get moving and do something that makes you feel good.

Getting ready for Monday like......😂
Monday fitness:
5am Functional
6pm TRX Barre

Cryoskin is a pain-free, fat reduction treatment and skin rejuvenation rolled into one!
Click below to read more about how it works😍

No class on Saturday because we'll be at the Hometown Heroes race!😍
Come join us!

Haven Co. is fitness for all levels!

We offer:

TRX ...suspension training using your body weight, perfect for beginners!

HIIT ...High Intensity Interval Training, it’s intense, it includes cardio and strength trainilng, and you’ll love it!

Functional Training...this class incorporates the TRX straps and other strength training equipment to give you a total body workout.

Piloxing...Pilates, boxing and dance combine to make a fabulous 30 minute workout! So.Much.Fun!

TRX Core Strength Boot Camp...This is our very own 4 week, core over-haul program. We give you personalized workouts to strengthen your core, emails with helpful tips you can implement at home, and more!

Come out to Haven Co. and find your fitness fam!

Email [email protected] to get a free class and check our schedule here: bit.ly/HavenCo

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