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Edith has been a stylist for over 15 yrs works in a salon @influencehairloft and also as a Redken Ar


Merry Christmas 🎄


When we learn to accept our perfect timing we realize it’s not when we want it but when it’s right for us 🙏🏼❤️


Why is it important to maintain your your hair every 6-8 weeks ? Because hair fades, reds specifically fade faster. We use hot water in the winter ❄️and we are in the water over the summer 🌞 salón visits should be scheduled according to your lifestyle, how often you wash your hair and what products do you use at home. Professional products will be your best bet for maintenance at home. Your stylist is the best person to ask for recommendations as they know your hair better than anyone 👌🏼 is on top of maintaining her hair, she loves to change it often and the requires upkeep and hair products along with treatments at home and salon.

Color formula 05Rb +06Aa

#1 & #2

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Balayage and Teasy-lights touch up 😍 show some love ❤️


I am a Vibe not a Type. What are you? Comment 👇🏼


Like my nephew said our Annual Traditional Costume Party 🎃


Late post! and i ran into a couple weeks ago after he fought .arena
If he fights Bivol we will definitely be there!



Blonde Season ☀️ 👙 is here !! I am booked out 9 weeks. To make appointments schedule ahead of time. Last minute appointments cannot be made. I do have a cancellation list i can put you on.


FYI 📣 Please read if you are a new or existing client and need to book appointments!!!

I am one person and can only take so many appointments. Because i like to give you quality work and care i am no longer able to accommodate last minute appointments. I am booked out 8-9 weeks ahead and for this reason if you are looking to book a future appointment I suggest you book now for 8 weeks from now. If you call to book for June you won’t be seen until August or September. My books have been like this for several months now and the weeks keep expanding further out.

Most of my guests book 3-4 appointments ahead to make sure they are good for a few months. I am currently limited on taking any new clients, if i can’t take you i will recommend another stylist 😊

Keep in mind i no longer work weekends and deposits are required for all appointments. Thank you everyone for your loyalty and support ❤️

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Important information 📣 Please read all the way through 👀

After 20 + years of working weekends i have decided to no longer work Saturdays. The last 8 years I’ve worked every other Saturday but now it’s time to spend more time with my family.

If you have existing Saturday appointments don’t worry i will keep those appointments but i will no longer book ANY Appointments for Saturdays. I will be working during the week some early and some late days to accommodate as much as possible.

Thank you so much for your continued loyalty and support🙏🏼Please reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Edith ❣️❣️

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Welcome 41 🥳 The last years have been amazing! I have worked so hard that i am proud to say i have reached all my goals and now i set new ones. There is a lot going on , many interesting things we are currently working on and if you know me you know I won’t say anything until it’s done! God has been good to me 🙏🏼 I have had many challenges in my life some that I didn’t know how i would get back up from but i am here, i am healthy, i am alive, i am loved and i love! Thank you all for your wonderful wishes and thank you for supporting me in all the ways the you individually do. Like in this pic i can look back but why, when i can keep looking forward ❣️❣️ Thank you for everything that you do! thank you family for always being supportive and unconditional 💗


👱🏼‍♀️ Vanilla Blonde Hair 😍


and 30 vol
1 1/2 010Gi + 1/2 09Nw + 1/2 000 crystal clear.

#1 and #2 in salon service

Renaissance Circle at home treatments


Comment below and read below ⬇️ Do you know?? And do you know why you are using what you currently have?

If you don’t know I would recommend you find out. Because a product that works for my friend might not work for me. We all have different hair types, density, length to name a few things. We still have to consider scalp health, is it dry, is it oily? Is the hair curly, wavy, straight. Has my hair been colored, bleached, color remover, bleached once or four times, what kind of color has been used on my hair? The questions are endless and the best person to recommend the product that you need will always be your hairstylist! 🙋🏻‍♀️💇🏻‍♀️

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Tap ❤️ if you see this post! Same hair under 2 lights 1 ring light 2 no light. Both beautiful 😍 lighting is everything!!


🤔 Do you know? Comment 👇🏼
This is a question that we forget to ask ourselves when making choices. A place of fear can hold us back, a place of courage can take us places we always wanted to go ❤️‍🔥


🤔 Do you know? Comment 👇🏼
This is a question that we forget to ask ourselves when making choices. A place of fear can hold us back, a place of courage can take us places we always wanted to go ❤️‍🔥


I miss working 😔 it’s been 5 weeks ! My schedule is changing, please bare with me as these changes take place 🙏🏼❤️

BTW i love this beautiful brunette color 😍❤️‍🔥

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Hello 👋🏼 please take a moment to read our New Updates and Policies ✨ We have 2 different business hours as i will not be working Sunday’s. Lissette will be working Sunday’s. Our deposit Policy has some changes and also has information on if you are running late.

Please Dm with any questions you may have. Deposits can be taken, cash 💵 credit card 💳 or zelle 🏦

Keep in mind i was off work for 5 weeks and will be limited to my days and time’s i work. I had to reschedule 5 weeks of current appointments and won’t have any availability right away, Lissette is available and does beautiful work. See my story

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Starting 2022 Somethings changed with payment processing services. Now anybody using Payment apps for their business will be required to file And pay taxes on the money received through these apps. Even when asking clients to use emojis or to put something else on the memo, you will most likely receive a tax form in 2023.

They are looking at everything diligently. The fee for Venmo now is 1.9% plus $.10 per transaction. We can pass this fee over to our guest or you can choose to only take cash, cc, checks. It’s not necessarily that it’s a problem to be able to take payments and receive a tax form it’s mainly on how you want to run your business and how to make it easier for you and your taxes. It also comes down to how many payment processing services do you want to receive these forms from. For example if you take Venmo, cash app, Apple pay, Google pay and Zelle all of these will be sending you your tax forms in the beginning of 2023.

To make things easier you can possibly decide to instead of taking Payments from three apps you can maybe narrow it down to only for example only Zelle. My recommendation would be to keep the one that you use the most if you decide to continue using this method of payment to your business.

You can also keep for example Venmo and like I mentioned above and Pass the fee over to your guest.

I am sure it was great to be able to take these payments and not have any fees. However these new features also have purchased protection for the person sending money to a business. Lastly from what I’ve been reading Venmo will be flagging accounts that are being used for businesses or have too many transactions.

Depending on how knowledgeable you are about your taxes and reporting expenses, know that any fees that you have to pay for your business including merchant, processing fees, you are able to write off in your taxes.

I would recommend you speak to your Tax person so they can guide you in what will be best for your. I can answer some questions but keep in mind I am not a bookkeeper or accountant.


Noche bohemia 🥂 🎶
📸 thanks for capturing this moment tío ❤️ we miss you!! My thoughts and dreams 💭 are kept to myself until they become a reality 🎯

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I am loving J-Lo inspired color 😍 check out her before!


Are you in Vegas? Or do just need a reason to visit Vegas?? Join me on 11/8/2021 for a Balayage look & Learn class! Tickets can be purchased through your SC consultant or at your local Salon Centric store!


I am hiring a second assistant.
•Located in Riverside
•Must have current cosmetology license
•Basic Salon duties
•Must be flexible with schedule
• I am looking to train and grow the stylist that will be assisting me.

💬📱Text me for details and to set up an interview.


Hello 👋🏼 everyone. Just a reminder we work by appointment only and typically don’t have same day appointments. Please keep that in mind when requesting appointments.


Anyone in particular you do the most of ?? For my hair girls i know it’s C if it’s not C then you are not using your hair masks!! 😂


Color formula below!
Going from dark back to light can be a process but it can be done ✔️ you have to have patience and invest in good hair care.

Base color color gels 5Nn 1oz and 7Ab 1oz = parts of 20 vol.
Balayage flash lift and 30 bottom flash lift and 40 sides and top. Added in lightener and #2 backbar treatment.

Glossed 09P 1 oz and 08Gi 3/4 oz equal parts processing solution.

Take home shampoo , inforcer mask for strength It has


Show some ❤️ if you’re able to see this. Formula below! Now booking appointments and taking new salon guests/clients.

Color magenta 1oz mixed with neon pink candy 2oz
Pre-lightened with flash lift bonder.

shampoo and conditioner


Why do we all like to see before and afters? Comment below and ❤️ to support.

Used color
and 30 vol
gloss 1 1/2 08Na and 09b capful adding

Take home and


Comment and ❤️ below what type of salon guest/client are you? We all want to know!! Why do we want to know so we can serve you better 😁 we can recommend and suggest what can work with your lifestyle and of course the right products for your specific color and hair type! 💁🏻‍♀️ now wouldn’t this be great?!?


Check this out!

* HAIRDRESSERS & MENTAL HEALTH: HERE’S WHY IT MATTERS ⤵️⤵️⤵️ https://behindthechair.com/articles/hairdressers-mental-health-heres-why-it-matters/


There is nothing more important than saturation when applying color. If you are not getting the results you want there are 3 key questions one must ask theirselves.
1. Am i formulating correctly?
2. Am i saturating enough?
3. Are my sections too thick or too fine?

One will find an answer in one of these questions 🤔 think for a second and you will figure it out 😉


I love this!! Also idk that the saint part applies to all mom’s because some of my girls are crazier than me but I won’t say names you know who you are 👌🏼



What my life consists of:
Planning the next business venture and of course planning the next Vacation 😉


My blondes are tired of blonde and going brunette smokey colors 😍

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Lighting can change any color...
specially steel, grays or silvers. The colors can look very different, keep that in mind when you ask for a specific color.

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Catching up on work pix! Check out .cedillo before 🌹

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Because sometimes you just have to live your best life!

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5 years it took me to make it here! I had everything booked 5 yrs ago and had a car accident, everything got cancelled. My heart is full ♥️ 🗺


Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s unfamiliar and sometimes others beliefs can affect us but don’t let any of that stop you or get in the way. Success is work and it’s all worth it at the end.

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👱🏼‍♀️ Vanilla Blonde Hair 😍 Formula: @redken  #flashlift and 30 vol #shadeseqgloss 1 1/2 010Gi + 1/2 09Nw + 1/2 000 crys...




Riverside, CA

Opening Hours

Tuesday 9:45am - 7pm
Wednesday 9:45am - 7pm
Thursday 9:45am - 7pm
Friday 9:45am - 7pm
Saturday 9:45am - 5:30pm

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