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Garden Roots Healing Rooms


Getting ready for the summer fun and swimming?
Don't let the heat or water fun take away your make up. Get tattooed and look good 24/7 ❤️
For all the busy moms out there.
Visit our Riverside locations or our online website for all your wellness and beauty needs.
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What a dog can do to your face (could have been worse). Thankfully she's healing fine after much work. I was blessed to be able to give her some sense of her beauty back
Raising money to adopt my grandbabies on my own. It's a big deal and have to retain the attorney but the end of October. God bless
Congratulations Sandra!
You have dedicated your life to educating yourself to help & heal others and now have a beautiful place to share your knowledge.
You have many gifts, health, healing & beauty.
I'm proud to call you my friend and wish you enormous success!
Beautiful I do natural beauty from the inside with my products TLC IASO TEA

When Sandra Martinez opened "Garden Roots Healing Rooms", her goal was to educated patients in the f Come in for a free consultation.

We are a alternative wellness and beauty clinic located in Riverside Ca. We cater to all ailments and health issues with a mindset of, you have a choice! We offer alternative remedies, herbal, whole food, alternative therapies as well as beauty treatments. Come in for one of our most popular services, lymphatic drainage (fat reduction treatments) it will melt off all the years of over eating and t

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Hair Stroke Eyebrows & Smoky Eyeliner.
2 more days of the half off, discount ends New Years Eve.
Book or buy at 951-335-1787

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A couple more days and these discounts are goooone........
Don't miss out, call and book today, or call and get a gift certificate for later Garden Roots Healing Rooms or 951-335-1787


For all your Christmas & New Years beauty needs♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
50% OFF - Lashes/Blended Lip-Line/Eyeliner (natural & exotic)/ Eyebrows/ Make-up make over. Book today, special end Dec 31, 2022


A meaningful tattoo for a young Godly guy.
Lines will be cleaner when the swellings gone.


Touch up on these eyes with an "Exotic Eyeliner". Color deep chocolate/black on top eyeliner, and Charcoal on bottom.

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It's been a busy few days, I'm so thankful to help my wonderful clients get ready for life events.

This one is a beautiful make-up session for a wedding.
Facial skin prep for make-up, which included eye lymph treatment and red lazer .......
Photo ready Make-up........
Isn't she beautiful ❤️

Used the best make-up ever "Jane Iredale (which we carry the full line fir resale).

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Photos from Garden Roots Healing Rooms's post

Photos from Garden Roots Healing Rooms's post 12/13/2022

Photos from Garden Roots Healing Rooms's post


Herbal Hydro facial for the stressed out aging skin. Come in and pick your Bach Flowers to be infuses in your gel, and relax the rest of your time with a warm neck/shoulders/arm massage. $65 for an hour long therapy session including healing "Megahertz" sounds to strengthen your nervous system and heal the inner body on a cellular level.
Book today 951-335-1787

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Do you have a little extra facial hair you'd like to loose?
Don't want to look like "Cousin It" for the holidays, book a complete face hair removal for a discounted price of $45

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The "Perfect Pout" is most girls dreams........
Make it a reality with a simple enhancement via cosmetic tattooing.
This week you get get that "Perfect Pout" done for those perfect Christmas pictures for a discounted price of $275 regularly $600.
Book today, buy a gift card for that special someone for Christmas ❤️.


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All these beautiful lash extensions are on discount this week. Natural and Hybred lash extensions are regularly $75 to apply the set, this week $50.
Flirty lashes are regularly $85 to apply, this week $60.
Cat Eye Volume regularly $120 to apply, this week $85.
Cat Eye Natural regularly $100, this week $70.
Book today to get in on this amazing deal.
You may also buy a gift card for Christmas for those you love ❤️.


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A full day of cosmetic tattooing today on a few different beauties. This one is my FALL SPECIAL TRIO, Hybred Eyebrows, Blended Exotic Liner, and Lip Pout.

For all you make up lovers, this discount will be good for another few days and then it's gone. $695 for all 3, book now at 951-335-1787


For all my make-up beauties..........
For $695 you can get your whole face cosmetically tattooed (regularly $1295 for natural and $1497 for the exotic).
For the first 5 people who purchase this bundle you will get $100 gift card to give as a gift to anyone you'd like.
This Fall Special will end Thanksgiving weekend. Share with friends, share with family, share, share, share♡♡♡♡♡♡


Who else would like a fabulous facial tattooing make-over? 3 enhancements all for $695 regularly $1395. Book today at 951-335-1787


A fabulous make over today. Look at this new lip shape; gorgeous ♡
Who else wants a perfect pout and exotic eyeliner?

Photos from Garden Roots Healing Rooms's post 10/29/2022

I'm so behind in my posts, and actually stopped taking pictures the last two weeks. Here's just a few to catch you up.
This weekend through next weekend all natural enhancements are $175 including a touch up. Book today 951-335-1787


Hello Friends, you won't ever see this discount again, so take advantage of it♡
Come on in♡♡


A little bling which creates a thing of homeostasis. $40 for the Swarovski Crystal ear seeds. Stress and anxiety gone, curb your snack cravings, help with overall health.
Book today at 951-335-1787

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If you are looking for inexpensive, easy relief for mild stress, pain, or insomnia, ear seeds may be a great option for you. They are also a good option for people who have experienced relief from a course of acupuncture treatment and are seeking to maintain the results that they have achieved.

Ear acupressure involves the placement of pellets, seeds, or tacks on specific points on the ear to prevent or treat disease and/or pain. Ear acupressure may be used as an adjunct to body acupuncture treatment, used to enhance and prolong the effects of body acupuncture, or used alone as the primary form of treatment.

Conditions that respond well to ear seeds include:

Mild back, neck, or joint pain



Lack of focus


Weak immunity

Many others

Natural Seeds $10
Gold Seeds $20
Swarovski Crystal's $40
All include initial consultation.

Book at 951-335-1787


Hello Friends, you won't ever see this discount again, so take advantage of it♡
Come on in♡♡

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Wow last week was a bonanza of eyebrow tattooing. Here's all the different styles created this week during my specials.
I have one week left to get yours at 50% OFF. This discount is near and dear to my heart, all money made is helping us with our trial and adoption fees. God bless you
Book your appointment at 951-335-1787

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Touch up from an old "Powder brow" to "Hair Stroke brows"

Photos from Garden Roots Healing Rooms's post 08/29/2022

Revamping my portfolio and in need of some fresh faces, especially ones that may want "Eyeliner with powder shadow". This style eyeliner makes a great statement without being so bold. It's very soft. If your interested in participating in my new portfolio the cost would be $200 and includes dual eyeliner enhancement, touch up, and after care.
Who'd like to book this week?


Has it been a year or more and in need of a little cosmetic fresh up on those Eyebrows/Eyeliner/or Lips?
If so, this week's a great week to think about coming in, all touch ups are $75, so don't miss out. Book online or at 951-335-1787

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When your skin looks tired, aged, no healthy shine or suppleness to it, give me a call!

Today I did my own pampering (granted it didn't feel as good if someone else would have done it, but I can't complain about the results).

This is what I did to myself:
1.Washed thoroughly
2. Anti-Aging scrub & pumpkin acid
3. Hydration silk
4. Ruby Red Lazer
5. Hydrating mask
6. Blue Lazer

I love the brightness of my skin and soft texture. God bless

Book at 951-335-1787

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Fine lashes into "Flirty Lashes"


Support Your Immune System With Immuplex

Something I recommend to all my patients during the last few years.

Photos from Garden Roots Healing Rooms's post 08/15/2022

Thursday is "Wellness Heart Therapy". I will be doing one-on-one couseling to those that need help seeing the heart of the father in loss. Loss of a child, loss of a family member etc. Seeing the heart of the father you'll know he's a just God, a loving God, and one that will guild you through finding hope in the middle of the big black whole of loss. These couseling sessions are based on the physical triggers of the emotions, and the artichoke layers the body wants to let go as you can handle each layer in a healthy release.
1 hour session is $25
Book at 951-335-1787

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Wednesday is Permanent Make-Up Bonanza. All enhancements discounted. "Natural Eyeliner" is $150 "Exotic Eyeliner & Hair-Stroke Brows" $200.
This is a 75% discount so don't miss out!
Book at 951-335-1787

Photos from Garden Roots Healing Rooms's post 08/15/2022

Tuesday Eyelash Extension day, both natural and exotic full lashes. Natural is $45 Exotic is $65.
Book at 951-335-1787


Today "Monday is Ear Candling day"
$25 per set of candles, includes a lymphatic facial massage.
Book at 951-335-1787

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Praying for those that need it today
Lymphatic Drainage treatment demo.Book your one hour session today. 951-335-1787



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