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Goodwin's Organic Foods & Drinks


Let's do a new kind of challenge! One that promotes the small businesses that we love! Here is my favorite grocery store. I have been shopping here for over 5 years! 😍
They carry what you need
Are you affiliated with the Goodwin's market in Crestline? I saw a sign for your store on Lugonia in Redlands. When will that be opening?
When are you all doing another night market?
Hello we sent an email earlier but received some bounce error message. We are grateful for your healthy establishment and would love the opportunity to collaborate with you to serve Arnel's Originals organic gluten-free non-GMO bread to the homeless on behalf of Golden Wing Helping Hands and City Summit + City Gala! We have a few chef volunteers available as well. Thank you so much!
I have been shopping at Goodwin's ever since the all organic store was opened about a decade ago. The store is stocked with more foods and drinks now, than ever before. You can tell the difference when you bite into the organic vegetables, organic pizza, and drink the organic coffees. The pizza is so amazing that it "melts in your mouth and all the way down." I go mainly for the taste, and price of the vegetables, since they are supplied by local farmers.
New Experiences / Old Stomping Grounds - Day 33 without meat - Stopped by here today - Great place - Went with their All-Organic Açaí (Traditional Brazilian) Açaí Bowl with a Matcha Green Tea Latte (with Almond Milk) :-) Plan to be back - the Café and Store ...
can't wait to take visitor here for lunch or breakfast or dinner!
Great morning spot for our episode of Coffee and Crayons!

California's FIRST and ONLY ALL ORGANIC market. We are family-owned and operated! Our store is located right next to UCR. We have an amazing deli and coffee shop right in our store!

Check us out! p.s. order through our store online!

Operating as usual

It's not too late! You can still pre-order one of our exclusive, pre-made Thanksgiving dinner packages. Tomorrow is the last day to place an order. Place your order now, and we will give one of our freshly made ALL organic pies for free!

Follow the link below to reserve your exclusive pre-made ALL organic Thanksgiving dinner today.

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Do you want to serve these beautifully , hand-decorated, ALL organic sugar cookies at your Thanksgiving dinner?

Call (951) 682-2667 to pre-order a package of these delicious sugar cookies for your Thanksgiving celebration. We sell them by the dozen or individually.

Do you want one of these delicious freshly made ALL organic pies for free? Pre-order one of our exclusive, pre-made Thanksgiving dinner packages and we will include one of our homemade ALL organic pies in the order!

Follow this link to reserve your exclusive pre-made ALL organic Thanksgiving dinner today.


If you just want a pie, pre-order it today to ensure that we don' run out of supplies!

To order a your ALL organic homemade pie, call (951) 682-2667.

This Thanksgiving, we are making homemade ready to serve Thanksgiving dinner packages. Pre-order one of our exclusive, pre-made Thanksgiving dinner packages, and we will give one of our freshly made ALL organic pies for free!

Click on the link below to reserve your exclusive pre-made ALL organic Thanksgiving dinner today!

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Have you tried our yummy ALL organic chicken alfredo
pizza?! 🍕

#organicpizza #iloveriverside #chickenalfredo

💙Blue Majik💙We use all ORGANIC and NATURAL ingredients to make this smoothie blue!!!💙 Tag a friend who should try this! #organic #bluemajik #smoothie

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Organic Kale pizza?!

#organic #bomb #yum

There are a few service members in our family, and we wanted to thank all vets for all you do for this beautiful nation. In honor of our veterans and our own Goodwin family heritage, we welcome military members to enjoy a special offer a free organic coffee! ||| 🇺🇸 #USNavy #WeSaluteOurTroops #GodBlessAmerica

Did you place your organic homemade pie order at the check stand yet?! 🍎🍏🥧

Yes, we make them from a family recipe book by Mary Goodwin who would test proof them on her 9 children! 🙌

#organic #homemade #pies #momsRock

Organic watermelon juice! Limited quality buy them before they are gone!

- Helps You Hydrate
- Contains Nutrients and Beneficial Plant Compounds
- Contains Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer
- Improve Heart Health
- May Lower Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

#refreshing #boostenergy #watermellonjuice

P.S. I had to buy one after this photo!

Exciting news! You have the opportunity to win one of these $25 Goodwin's Organics gift cards! These gift cards can be used to purchase anything in our store from delicious organic fall lattes to pure, organic items on your Thanksgiving dinner list. All you need to do to win a $25 gift card is like this post and tag 5 friends. There will be two winners!

#tag5friends #freegiftcard #iloveriverside

What is the difference between summer squash and fall squash? Summer squash has a thin skin that is usually edible and can be eaten raw. Green and yellow zucchinis are examples of summer squash. Fall squash has thicker skin that is usually peeled before eating. Fall squash must be cooked. Butternut squash, acorn squash (late fall-early winter), spaghetti squash, and pumpkins are examples of fall squash. Fall squash is ideal for warm hearty meals, like soups and stews. Regardless of which type of squash you choose, know that you are making a healthy choice. Squash is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids!

#squash #zuchini #riverside

What is Thanksgiving without pie? Be sure to sign up to order our delicious, freshly made, ALL organic pies. We make organic pumpkin pies, apple pies, pecan pies, custom made pies (e.g vegan or gluten free). All of our pies are made with ALL organic ingredients from scratch in our bakery.

#organicpies #thanksgiving #iloveriverside

Thanksgiving is around the corner! Pre-order your fresh, ALL organic turkey today to ensure that you have the best-tasting turkey for Thanksgiving. Our turkeys are family farmed, free-range, antibiotic-free, and have no hormones added.

organicturkey #thanksgivingisalmosthere #iloveriverside

With COVID-19 cases rising, now is a good time to work on fortifying your immune system. Dark green leafy vegetables are high in vitamins C, K, and folate, which are all excellent immune system-boosters. We conveniently offer online shopping and no contact delivery (5-mile radius) for those who would prefer to shop from home. Visit our online store now to start shopping for your immunity boosting, organic leafy greens and more.

#leafygreens #immunity #onlineshopping

We have been playing around with different organic pizza flavors swing by for an organic lunch! 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♂️Quick questions what is your favorite pizza flavor?!

P.S. Did you know we can build your own organic pizza?!

#organicpizza #glutenfree #homemade

What pairs #perfectly with one of our delicious ALL organic lattes? Our freshly baked scrumptious #blueberry scones made from scratch in our #bakery with ALL organic ingredients! Drop by, grab one of our new organic lattes and an organic #scone, and enjoy them in our #cozy cafe area or our #sunny, open-air #patio.

P.S. Our monthly flyer has a #coupon for our ALL new #fall-inspired lattes! Pick up one near the check stand.

#falllattes #blueberryscones #iloveriverside

This month, we are recognizing our exceptional employee, Tania Temm! Tania has been working with our family since 2002, when she started working at the Goodwin and Son’s Market in Crestline, California. Throughout her 18 years working with the Goodwin’s Family, Tania has served a number of roles, starting as a bagger, then being promoted to check stand checker, and then check stand manager. In 2005, Tania was promoted to the position of secretary, which entailed performing payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking, and financing. In 2013, Tania was recognized as employee of the year at Goodwin and Son’s Market. In 2016, Tania and her family moved to Riverside, California. In 2017, she returned to working with our family at our Riverside location, Goodwin’s Organics. Over the course of her time working with our family, Tania came to see our family as her second family and we have come to see her as part of our family.

Now, Tania fulfills the role of main check stand checker, in which she ensures that all customers at our check stands are always tended to, and no customers have to wait for service. She is most passionate about customer service and loves doing all that is can to make our customers happy and ensure that they don’t leave Goodwin’s Organics without anything that they need. Tania loves organic products that boost the immune system, and her favorite Goodwin's Organic drink is the Organic Blue Majik shake. If you haven’t tried one of our immune-boosting, delicious ALL organic Blue Majik shakes, we recommend that you try one!

We are so proud of Tania! Employees like Tania remind us that we are so much more than an organic market! We are an organization that warmly welcomes our customers and employees to be a part of our family. We deeply appreciate our employees and all they do to make everyone who visits Goodwin’s Organics feel at home.

#staremployee #bluemajik #iloveriverside

These beautiful, #exotic, organic #dragon fruits, also known as #pitayas or strawberry pears, contain Lycopene (an #antioxidant), which aids in lowering the risk of cancer, hypertension, and heart disease. They are rich in #vitamin C, which is needed to support a healthy immune system. Their seeds contain omega-3 and #omega -6 fatty acids and #protein. Drop by Goodwin's Organics today and take home some of these #delicious, organic dragon fruits!

dragonfruit #pitaya #iloveriverside

Homemade organic clam chowder?! Great for a cold morning like today or afternoon lunch.

P.S. We use environmentally friends harvested clams. 👏♻️🌎 #organic #soup #winter

All our cheeses are certified organic and non-GMO? Use the best quality cheese to make the your charcuterie tray! P.s out Organic rumiano cheeses are on sale😉🧇 #rumiano #cheese #charcuterieboard #charcuterie #picnic #organic #riverside #inlandempire

No time to pack a #lunch this morning? No worries! We now have a new section in our store devoted to ALL organic, #pre-packaged meals and snacks prepared in our organic #deli. We have a variety of delicious, organic sandwiches, wraps, salads, and desserts, that are made from scratch with fresh, #wholesome, ALL organic ingredients! Just drop by Goodwin’s Organics, grab an ALL organic #to-go item of your choice, and be on your way to work, school, or your next big #adventure.

#togolunches #organicmeals #iloveucr

Preorder your homemade organic pumpkin pies! 🥧 Phone number in our bio! 👏

#homemade #marygoodwinsrecipe #holidays

Drop by Goodwin's Organics, and pick up your favorite organic coffee or tea, and a delicious, ALL organic dessert. Our ALL organic pre-packaged deserts are hand made in our ALL organic deli.

#organicdessert #organictea #riverside

Keep scrolling if you are hungry! 🍕Organic Lunch Specials! #organicpizza #organicglutenfreepizza #riverside

We are bringing back our #monthly sales flyers! Our sales #flyers feature monthly deals that you can get by shopping at Goodwin’s Organics. #October’s edition spotlights a coupon for our three new #fall coffee drinks! All of our coffee drinks are made with ALL organic coffee and ALL organic #syrups. They do not contain artificial sweeteners or powders. Be sure to take advantage of this #coupon and try one of our thee new delicious #autumn lattes.

#monthlysalesflyer #iloveriverside #riversidedeals

Who is making Organic Thai Food?! We got you covered! 🔥🤙 These noodles are great! #organic #thai #delcious

We stock our shelves with a variety of bag-organic #coffees roasted by award #winner Klatch Coffee! We also carry Sun Potion herbs and superfoods that can be incorporated into your coffee or #tea to support your "health, happiness and well-being." Drop by, grab a bag of Klatch Coffee, and choose the perfect potion for your unique #health needs.


#organiccoffee #sunpotion #superfood #iloveriverside

Fall is here, and so are carrots! Did you know fall is a peak season for carrots? Not only are #carrots in season right now, but they also come in a #rainbow of fall colors, making them perfect for your favorite fall recipes. Each individual carrot color contains a specific composition of #phytonutrients (antioxidants) which provides distinct nutritional benefits. That is why we recommend incorporating all of the #colors of carrots into your cooking and baking.

#fallishere #rainbowcarrots #riverside

Try our all-new lavender honey/vanilla latte, mushroom superfood latte, and #pumpkin spice latte! Celebrate the first days of #fall with these delicious new organic lattes. All of our #coffee drinks are made with all organic coffee and all organic syrups. We guarantee you high quality, all organic coffee drinks, that are free of fake powders, fake sweeteners... etc.

#fallishere🍁 #organiclatte #riverside #iloveucr

Organic vegan kelp noodles salad with an organic cilantro coleslaw salad! 🔥 #lunch #vegan #keto

Double tap if you're a salad person! 🙋‍♀️

Are you looking for baby food for your little one that is ALL organic and GMO-free? Try White Leaf Provisions - Biodynamics baby foods! They are ALL organic, nutritious, and convenient for being on the go. White Leaf Biodynamics products are unique because they are produced with regenerative agriculture, meaning they don't use "destructive, or 'degenerative' farming practices," which play a big role in climate change. Whenever you buy a White Leaf Provisions product, you are impacting the earth in a positive way! Tag us in a photo of your little one with a White Leaf Provisions Baby food, and we will feature your photo in our Instagram stories!


#savetheearth #stopclimatechange #organicbabyfood #iloveriverside

We don't just serve hot meals at our organic deli. We also have a salad bar area with a wide selection of fresh organic salads. Drop by today, and pick up your delicious organic salad! Our organic deli is open from 8:00 a.m until 7:00 p.m. every day of the week.

#organicgreens #organicsalad #iloveriverside

Found this on Pinterest

We now have Pinterest! Follow us on Pinterest to get delicious ALL organic recipes like this one. Here, we are featuring an ALL organic recipe for Organic Pasta in a Pan with Grilled Organic Free Ranged Chicken on Top.

Follow this link to get the recipe for this ALL organic one pan dinner!

#pasta #chickenpasta #organicpasta #panpasta #riverside Discover even more ideas for you

At Goodwin's Organics Foods and Drinks, we pride ourselves on the organic products we carry and the customers we serve daily who are motivated to be healthy in their daily living.

To find out why #organic is the best choice, here is an article from Nature's Path Organic, a brand we serve at our stores, showcasing "10 Reasons Why Organic Food Is Better For You and the Planet."

#sustainableliving #lifestyleandleisure #ItsAGoodwin #familyowned #smallbusiness #localbusiness

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General Manager

Family Owned and Operated


Dinner Lunch



191 W Big Springs Rd
Riverside, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 21:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 21:00
Thursday 08:00 - 21:00
Friday 08:00 - 21:00
Saturday 08:00 - 21:00
Sunday 08:00 - 21:00
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