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If you could work with any personal trainer in the world(no limits). Who would that be?
I just loved hearing your Stop It video. I found it so uplifting. Thank you for taking the time to share that great message.

We specialize in custom designed movement and fat loss programs. "Move it and lose it" . 1 on one and semi-private(2-4)

First day for miriam! Super form for front cable squats

Anyone up for a night swim? Laps!

Bodyworks Fitness

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[12/16/19]   Day 12: Holiday Workout Challenge.
Sandbell Challenge...
1. Burpee
2. Pushup
3. Rainbow lunge
15 reps of each and repeat 2 more times!

6 ex bosu combo

Day 11! Holiday Exercise Challenge! 6 is the magic number!
1. 6 minute abs. 30 seconds each. 2 rounds
2. 6 exercise Bosu combo! 8 reps each. 2 rounds!

[12/14/19]   Enjoying the Holiday Exercise Challenge?🎄🎄
I am starting a new 12 week Transformation Program as soon as possible‼
I'm looking for 5 more busy men and women in Riverside who can come to Canyon Crest
I am looking for people who want to:
1. Increase Energy/Move Better🕺
2. Create Strong Lean Bodies🏋️‍♀️
3. Enjoy Healthy Eating. 🥗
Spots are limited to 5 people who are ready to make a change today. To apply, fill out the form below and I will be in touch...

[12/14/19]   Day 10. Holiday Exercise Challenge!
1. High rope pull
2. Assisted pullups
3. Reverse Crunch
4. Front to lateral raise
1 min each . Repeat 2 more times

[12/13/19]   Day 9. Holiday Workout Challenge. TRX ABS.

[12/12/19]   Day 8. Holiday Workout challenge.
Keep the back strong!
1. Lat pulldowns
2. Landmine rotation
3. Straight arm pulldown
12-15 reps each . Rest 1 min anc repeat 2 more times

[12/11/19]   DAY 7. Holiday workout challenge.
Abs and pilates
1. Feet on wall crunch
2. Alternating leg lower
3. Side Plank
4. Elbow plank
5. Ball rollout
30 seconds of each. Total 3 sets

[12/10/19]   Day 6. Holiday Workout Challenge. Arm Blast!
1. Cable chest flyes
2. Cable Rows
3. Bicep Curls
4. Double Cable Tricep Extension
Perform 12-15 reps of each at challenging weight. Total of 3 sets.

[12/09/19]   Day 5. Holiday Workout Challenge. Ab/Leg Combos
1. Barbell Complex( 4 exercises, 10 reps each)2-3 sets total.
2. Ab anchor. 90 sec. 2 sets
(simple, yet effective)
3. Leg combo. Lumberjack squats and Leg Press. 15 reps each

[12/08/19]   Day 4. Holiday Workout Challenge
1. incline squeeze press
2. Cable high pull
3. Trampoline mountain climber
30 sec-1min each. 3 sets. GO!

[12/07/19]   Day 3. Holiday Workout Challenge
1. Forward glider lunges
2. Backward glider lunges
3. Lateral glider lunges
4. Reverse leg curls on ball
1st 3 exercises 1-2 min each, exercise 4 for 15 reps.
Repeat for total of 3 rounds or sets. You got this!!!

[12/06/19]   Day 2(Holiday workout challenge)
1. Cable pulldown
2. Glute cable kickback
3. Seated cable curl
4. High intensity Rowing. 2-3 min
Complete 12-16 reps of cable exercises and 2 min rowing . Rest 1 min. Repeat 2 more times.

1. Chest press
2. Front squat
3. Alternating lateral raise

12 reps each with weight that challenge you.
Rest 30 sec. Repeat for a total of 3 sets.

12 day workout challenge starts tomorrow. Who's in ?

Hip/shoulder mobility warmup.
1. Hip and shoulder blade work together
2. Helps with knee pain and back pain.
3. Always warmup before stretching
4. Mobility is crucial to correct movement

The real-world benefits of strengthening your core - Harvard Health

This is why the Core is important.... Think of your core muscles as the sturdy central link in a chain connecting your upper and lower body. Whether you're hitting a tennis ball or mopping the floor, the necessary motions either originate in your core, or move through it. No matter where...

How important is the Core?
1. Stabilizes the body
2. Helps you get up off the ground
3. Aids in total movement
4. Helps prevent injuries and pain
Check out next post or just listen....

Amazing Run! Even more amazing friends!

#missioninnmuseum. #iloveriverside

6 Week Fitness Challenge

Only 7 weeks till end of year! Who wants to prevent that dreaded 10lb holiday gain?
Total program including TRAINING and CUSTOM NUTRITION. Transformation Session

Hamstrings are so important for knee stability. This is one of my foundation exercises. Simple and effective. Join my new hybrid program...nutrition and fitness made easy!

Windmills phil d

The most amazing exercise. Windmills.
Works the entire body especially the back of the bod(posterior chain) and strengthens core, back, stabilizes ahoulders... need I say more.
Well done phil debrier. 1st try

Secrets of Superhero women...
1. They stay strong and fit work at it daily!
2. They carry the weight of the WORLD on their shoulders (seemingly)
3. They are champions for GOOD! (Love helping others)
4. They live life to the FULLEST!
5. They have a LASER FOCUSED mindset and accomplish whatever they set their mind to!
6. They believe in NO LIMITS(They make the IMpossible possible And look EASY!)

Why training without support sucks

Are you afraid of your trainer?
Many people don't really know what a personal trainer does. They just think they know.
These are the major issues.
1. "Go heavy or go home"
2. Super expensive
3. Time commitment
4. Change is easy or hard.
Stay tuned for email...
Or, are you interested and need help and willing to jump into the fear?
I DARE YOU to click link below for a challenge sneak peek!

[10/07/19]   Who out there would be interested in me providing you with workouts and meal plans to guarantee your success?

[10/03/19]   Is personal training a luxury or necessity?

[09/30/19]   Focus on the Solution, not the problem...

1. How can I move better?
2. How can get up from the ground or get to the ground without losing my balance?
3. What can I do today to improve my eating habits so I live a healthy life?
4. How can I improve my strength safely and effectively?
5. What is the most effective way to climb and descend stairs?
6. What 2-3 tasty foods can I eat daily that will improve my health in the long run?
7. What is the best way to improve and sustain my energy throughout the day?
8. How can I stay focused on my health on a daily basis?
9. How can I improve my brain function thru exercise?
10. What is the secret to youth? Is there a secret?

Is this you??? call me or respond below because your life and health matters to me...

Your body needs more than a 60 day challenge to truly evolve. Remember that all change takes time!

Real life results aren’t what many of the magazines and diets say. Weight loss isn’t the goal. Fat loss is. Performance is. Feeling great is. Learning is.

Don’t ignore all the good that’s happening because a number isn’t doing what you think it should.

Focus on what you can control.
Eat good food.
Get enough sleep.
Strengthen your body
And enjoy your weekend! 💪🙌

Why personal training? It's so SIMPLE, why are you complicating it?

[09/06/19]   It took me a really long time to understand that wellness is more than just eating right and exercising.

Well-being means feeling
✳️happy with yourself

We have many components that we need to feel empowered in our own wellness journey.

In order to achieve this balanced life we teach our clients the importance of....

🙋‍♀️being part of a community
🙋‍♀️feeding their spirit
🙋‍♀️balancing emotional health
🙋‍♀️nurturing relationships
🙋‍♀️having good nutrition
🙋‍♀️implementing movement
🙋‍♀️having purpose
🙋‍♀️creating a powerful mindset

These all contribute and have a dramatic influence on our immediate and future health.

Believe it or not you can prevent, treat, and heal dis-ease no matter what situation you’re in. Not to mention you have the power to change your health and these areas are where it all begins.

For years I thought I was doing it all right but this was missing for me..

Stay tuned....

Turkish Getups anyone? Pavel Tsatsouline method

Exercise May Boost Mood for Women With Depression. Having a Coach May Help.

Thanks for finding this Jan Greer Sullivan. Great info How the “runner’s high” might be used as a tool to treat depression.

Attn: Amazing teachers/educators/biz owners
If you are:
1. Serious in creating a leaner, stronger, more confident body
2. Stressed/overwhelmed already(classes just started!)
3. Motivated to work hard and get results.
4. Need accountability and motivation to keep you on track
5. Willing to listen and apply knowledge to make changes.
6. Live in or near Riverside..
Our program is for you! For limited time special end of summer offer!
Click below if you need help ...

Excuses are like????

Change your health/ change your life. Why not now? Are you curious?
Please click link below

Which do you prefer for exercise? Hiking/Walking/Running or Swim/Aquaexercise?
Post with GIF or comments below⬇️⬇️⬇️

Still getting started????🥺🤣🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

[07/29/19]   💡How Do You Make Time To Workout When You Have A Busy Schedule?💡⁣

So many of us women are working full time in or out of the home. We are busy!! And to make things more complicated, schedules can be inconsistent😫

HOWEVER, it can be done! You can reach your goals..


➡️Prioritize. Make it a must. Not a drag or something you HAVE to do.

💥Ask yourself WHY you want to exercise.⁣

✍🏻Is exercise a low priority for you?⁣

✍🏻Are you underestimating the importance and necessity of exercise or is it just another thing you HAVE TO do?⁣

✍🏻Is your WHY strong enough?⁣

✍🏻Do you want to live longer, do you want to be fitter? Is that important for you?⁣

Instead of asking HOW do you make time when you're busy, you plan it into your schedule.⁣

This only takes like 5 minutes.⁣

Pick at least 3 days and times. Set it, do it.⁣

🚫But the truth is, you won't exercise if it's not of high priority.⁣

🚫If you don't see it as being important and must be done.⁣

If you make time to go to wake up for work, get ready, drive to work then you can make time to exercise.⁣

The question isn't time. It's-⁣

Is exercise a priority, non-negotiable for you? 👇🏽comment below ⁣

[07/24/19]   “It’s not about losing weight, it’s about getting your life back.”

Does this statement resonate with anyone?

What does being overweight really cost you?

▶️ Time with your kids?
▶️ Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?
▶️ Not living every day to the fullest?
▶️ Stress on relationships?
▶️ Your sex life?
▶️ Stress about social events and shopping?
▶️Focusing more on feeling uncomfortable in your own skin then on enjoying your vacation or a family event?
▶️ Impending illness?

I could list many more because I’ve felt all these things. I have looked at vacation pictures and been really pissed because the memory that sticks out the most was how I felt horrible in my own skin and not the time I had with my kids 😢. That is time I will never get back.

It costs so much to not feel pretty and confident.

Yet why do so many people just accept it?

If this is you, ask yourself that question, why do you accept it?

If you are feeling brave, I’d love to hear comments. No judgement, post below!!

Roberto Martin and his amazing Aqua Class. Sat 11 am

Our Program

We focus on Fat Loss and Movement Training for men and women over 40. We incorporate an effective 3 part Program. Metabolic Resistance Training/ Functional Movement Training , Stretching and a Healthy Lifestyle Program(nutrition and mindset).

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