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Videos by The Wax Lounge in Riverside. A fine waxing & advanced skincare establishment where you can let your hair down, have a glass of vino & get some beauty 101 maintenance done! Welcome to glamour, beauty, pampering & everything in-between. We're SO EXCITED to have you! XOXO

School is back in session! 🍎Which means it's time to get your Teen's skin on track. Book a "Teen Keep It Clean" facial + brow wax and receive $20 off. Ends 8/31.White heads, black heads & congestion be gone!

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EDIT: SOLD OUT. NO MORE AVAILABLE AS OF 3:20PM. Thank you all! Attention everyone! After we SOLD OUT of our #FacialInABox within a day, we decided to release a few more. We made a total of 15 more and if you were on the pre-paid list, no need to purchase again. We now have ONLY 4 LEFT. Those who want to snag the very last boxes then hit the link in our bio! Your skin will thank you we promise! Link in bio to buy, visit our website (home page) or DM us. First come first serve. 💙 #AdvancedSkincare

We are SOOOO thrilled that you are getting amazing results from our #FacialInABox! We told you your skin would love it! With correct usage, your box contains enough product for 1-2 uses, so try to be consistent with your products for best results. And additionally, continue to use your at home Skin Luxe & Co. products consistently as well! DM us if you have any questions! Xo

How to take care of your Brazilian area while we’re closed. Hope it helps. 🙃(video courtesy, our Hollywood directo friend, F. Reiley)

Skincare..but make it chocolate🍫 Our very own antioxidant rich cocoa masque contains flavonoids that protect your skin from free-radicals, refresh and hydrate your skin, , brighten complexion, and calm active acne. Included in all skincare treatments for the month of February! & the best part... it's 100% guilt free 👄

Sound on 🔊It may sound like we are tattooing in the salon but actually it's just #HighFrequency! • • High frequency machines are extremely gentle and safe for all skin types. This is a key step included in all of our skincare treatments to help improve fine lines, treat acne, tighten skin, shrink enlarged pores, fade dark circles.. you catch our drift. You definitely want your skin to meet his amazing tool. Booking available.

Tis the season to treating yourself! Book a Bringing Sexy Back "Backcial" any time during this month and receive a premium boar brtistle body brush OR body frosting on the house! Leaves the skin feeling healthy with an added sexy glow #advancedskincare

Our Black Friday event was a hit! Thank you to our amazing clients who came down and took advantage of some great deals. Black Friday may be over, but the deals are still here! All month long, book ANY skincare service and get a bonus $20 service gift card for yourself! Just call and mention this post. Consultations are available. #advancedskincare

Skincare Sunday 🙌 Some #microdermabrasion action to help with fine lines, remove dead skin cells, boost collagen and infuse the skin with brightening and hydrating agents! We say EVERYONE can benefit from this service. #advancedskincare Link in bio to book📲

The perfect service for your favorite strapless dress! BRINGING SEXY BACK "BACKCIAL" targets breakouts, blemishes, clogged pores and acne on the chest or back. Includes: •Microdermabrasion •Extractions •Chemical Peel •High Frequency •Calming Mask •Moisturizer & SPF Book yours today! #advancedskincare

Real men take care of their skin 🙌 Additionally...real men aren't afraid to frost ❄ Ice Ice Baby! Frosting is the visible sign of cell turn over and exfoliation! It is a necessary part of peel to ensure we are targetting any hyperpigmentation, sun spots, fine lines, wrinkles, etc. After the "ice" has cleared, be prepared for the most youthful and rejuvenated complexion ever! #advancedskincare

Did you know pumpkin reportedly contains more than 100 concentrated antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients that dissolve dead skin cells and reverse signs of old age? Take 15% OFF this fab pumpkin fix all month long! 🧡 Call and mention this post when booking! #advancedskincare

❎Not for the squeamish❎ Extractions are a necessary part of maintaining your skin! Acne & congestion exists ALL over the body and can be cleared and taken care of by a licensed professional. Where do you think these extractions were done? The booty, vajayjay, back or face? 👀 Let us know what you think below⬇️ #AdvancedSkincare

School is back in session! 🍎Which means it's time to get your Teen's skin on track. Book a "Teen Keep It Clean" facial + brow wax and receive $20 off. Ends 8/31.White heads, black heads & congestion be gone!

If you ask any of our Waxing Faries what their favorite service is...nostril waxing is always the answer! This service is good for EVERYONE! Say good bye to pesky nose hair once and for all 👋 #waxlounge

Haven't you heard? Skin is in! Book any 2 skincare treatments and get your 3rd 50% off for the month of July only! With any #advancedskincare treatment, 4-6 sessions are always recommended for best results. Staying consistent is key. Schedule your consult today! Link in bio. #Glowing

Lavender Hydrating Masque & Collegen Eye Treatment to get through this #humpday. Both steps included in our skincare treatments! Have you booked yours? #advancedskincare

Why are #extractions necessary? Extractions are an important step in your skin care treatment to help clear closed comedones, remove black & white heads, and give the skin a newer, fresher appearance. 🚫They should only be performed by a licensed professional as damage to the skin may occur if not done correctly!🚫 Included in most of our #advancedskincare treatments! Call for bookings☎️

~TEEN KEEP IT CLEAN- SKIN CLEARING TREATMENT~ Pimples, blackheads, acne or dare we say zits?! All are a teenager's worst nightmare! This treatment is perfect for clearing up your teens skin, unclogging blocked pores & decreasing overall oil production. •Deep Cleansing •Face and Neck Peel •Extractions •High Frequency •Customized Masque Call for bookings! ☎️ #advancedskincare

Want 10% off? Book online tomorrow or Tuesday and use code "SAVE" or call in and mention this ad! First come first serve.

@miss_bdandi talks #TeethWhitening! Have any questions about this service? Drop them below!⬇️ Bookings available online or by calling 951-323-1011☎️

Brazilian a new haircut but better. We are vajayjay stylists. Yes, it’s on our resumes. Start the new year right! New year, new do. #BrazilianWaxIsAlwaysInStyle

Come see one of our AMAZING waxing fairies! Let us work our beauty pixy dust magic on you!

Just simply stop by to pick them up!🤠

Yes, even the spooky people need their teeth whitened too! Happy October 1st! 🖤🎃 #teethwhitening #happyoctober #riverside

ENZYME • PEEL Included with all dermaplane or microdermabrasion treatments. May be booked by itself as well. Perfect for rejuvenating the skin and achieving an amazing glow with no down time. #skincare

Join us for "Momosas" all week long! 🍾 Call to book ☎ 951-323-1011

Receive 10% off ANY 2 skincare services booked tomorow only! Get a beautiful glow for Mothers Day 💗 Call to book 951-323-1011 Also, join us for wonderful Mimosas a.k.a "Momosas" all week long! 🍾


Our teeth whitening system uses blue-light technology that is quick, effective and gently delivers a naturally brilliant smile. Clinically proven to improve oral health while whitening up to 7 shades brighter. 30 or 60 minute session offered. Perfect for those on the go! #teethwhitening

1...2...3...& voila! Goodbye pesky #nostril hair 🙌

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