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Check out all the fun stuff we have been working on! Thanks
Just received my skin mask and I love it. Thanks Eric and crew

We are a special Fx studio specializing in providing high quality Practical Fx. Make-up Fx , Custom

Operating as usual


420 Art Jam with Eric Fox, Highlights Video. Special Effects Makeup

Art Jam was a live feed on Facebook (2017-2019). Eric Fox and a group of special guest artist got together once a week on Thursday "Topless Thursday" went live on facebook and the rest is history.

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420 Art Jam with Eric Fox, Highlights Video. Special Effects Makeup Art Jam was a live feed on Facebook (2017-2019). Eric Fox and a group of special guest artist got together once a week on Thursday "Topless Thursday" went live on facebook and the rest is history. He... 12/26/2020

Latex Masks by Eric Fox.

Handmade and hand painted by Eric Fox. Fox FX Lab.
Message me to order!!
#SupportSmallBusiness Available Now! Please message me to [email protected] or for your Support Eric FoxFox FX Lab#SupportSmallBu...

[12/12/20]   Got to come up with some cash asap. So if you have a project in the works , we can get you a good deal on FX . Or custom mask or prop commissions . Also we have a full line of latex masks available . Will post a mask list as well as IMDb link to my work film credits and demo reel . Also if you don't have a project right now we have a go fund me page also a Venmo account which the payments go through much quicker on Venmo thank you all so much really appreciate all the help through these difficult times .

IMDB demo

Latex mask available for sale.

Fox FX Lab GoFundMe

@EricfoxFX 11/10/2020

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Please follow us on MEWE! Thanks! We Are A Special Fx Studio in Riverside CA. Specializing in Providing High Quality Practical Fx. Make-up Effects , Custom mask, Fabrication, Prototype, Puppets Gore and More.... 07/23/2020

Behind The Scenes at Fox FX Lab, Sculpting Monster Hands.

NEW Video on my YouTube! Please like, share and subscribe.. Join our Patreon for full tutorial videos and exclusive behind the scenes at Fox FX Lab. Help support this channel and buy so... 07/22/2020

Q&A With Eric Fox (Live) Painting Latex Skin Mask. Winner of YouTube Giveaway Announced!!!

Congratulations to our winners. We will be doing another YouTube giveaway soon. Stay Tuned!

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[07/16/20]   Hey Art Jammers we are back at it again!
Patreon only live streaming events and new videos on my YouTube channel. Please join me there!!! Its good to he back. We have missed you all!
YouTube Channel
Patreon Live Feeds 07/15/2020

How to Make Realistic Fake Blood. Professional Movie Quality- Fox Fx Lab, Eric Fox

NEW VIDEO!! Enjoy. Please subscribe and share! 07/13/2020

ProsAide Transfers Special Effects Makeup Tutoral with Eric Fox. Fox Fx Lab

New video on my YouTube channel. Pros-Aide Transfers Tutorial. Check it out! This is a how to video to make and apply ProsAide Transfers! For exclusive behind-the-scenes and more please join my patron. Thanks Eric Fox Fox FX Lab


Looking for a filming location? Riverside Studios is available. We have plenty of availability for this month so please help us spread the word! We're available for all types of productions and have plenty of indoor and outdoor space for all social distancing needs. Soundstage, green screen, Hospital sets and more. Please message me for more information.

[05/02/20]   Dear Gavin Newsom

While I live in the same state as you I feel a world away. You asked us to help you, we did. You asked us to close our business, we did. You asked us to stay home, we did. You asked us to continue to stay at home, we are. So here I am, at home, waiting. You told us don’t worry unemployment will come, it hasn’t. You told us don’t worry grants are coming, they haven’t. You told us don’t worry forgivable loans are coming, they haven’t. You told us don’t worry stimulus money is coming, it hasn’t. So here I am, at home waiting. I wait alongside most of my fellow small business owners, those self-employed and independent contractors. A massive number of California residents who are waiting for the Unemployment portal to open for us, waiting for loan approvals, waiting for stimulus checks. All of these programs, we are at the back of the line for. So here we wait. While bills come daily, savings continuously dwindling and still doing our part. It is time you do yours. It is an inconceivable expectation to close unessential business halting all income and expect us to survive. We need to pay our bills and put food on the table. Without immediate action, you are leaving us no options. How are we to survive? We deserve an answer. Coming soon is no longer acceptable!!!

If you are in CA Please join me in sending this message to Gavin Newsom via Facebook since phone lines are down. How convenient.

[05/01/20]   This state is a joke. I'm now considered a " Independent contractor" again?
I thought it was illegal to work as an independen contractor?

After AB5 was passed last year I had to get all my ducks in a row and get a business license, new insurance, ect in order to do work legally in the state of CA!

I am now a small business owner that's why we change our business name. instead of an independent contractor. I did things the right way to be able to continue to work legally in my industry.

Because of this we are in a weird limbo. I couldn't file for unemployment until April 28th. Still havent got it!

We stoped working as an independent contractor last year? So now I only qualify for the bare minimum. How is this fair?

How am I going to pay my rent, feed my family pay my bills ect?

You cant have it both ways!

Let us go back to work!


Thank you for your continuous support it means everything to us. I just updated the membership levels!


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• Two winners will be randomly chosen to win the Skin Mask. All names of who entered will be gathered from all platforms where we’ve posted this contest, with two random winner being selected on May 20th.


Fox FX Lab.... Behind The Scenes, Special Effects for Troma's " Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm"

BTS.. Special effects, makeup effects and puppets for Troma's #shakespearessh*tstorm

Practical effects, makeup sfx and puppets by Eric Fox/ Fox Fx Lab Troma Films Youtube.

[04/21/20]   New behind this scene video today at 3pm on my YouTube. This is a big one please subscribe!


New BTS video tomorrow! Please subscribe.
. 04/17/2020

Special Effects, Makeup Fx, Custom Mask, Fabrication, Props, Gore and More!

All my mask are on SALE. Check it out!
Gift certificates now available! Eric Fox (747) 264-8446


420 Art Jam with Eric Fox, Highlights Video. Special effects makeup, body paint and more.

New video!
420 Art Jam Highlights!

Art Jam was a live feed on Facebook (2017-2019). Eric Fox and a group of special guest artist got together once a week on Thursday "Topless Thursday" went li... 04/17/2020

Eric Fox's Art Jam

Attention Art Jammers! Currently working on a highlights video from all the past live feeds!!.
Wow so much crazy stuff....Stay tuned and please subscribe to my channel. Eric Fox has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years as a freelance special effects artist. He was captivated at an early age growing up watchin...

[04/16/20]   New behind the scenes video being posted tomorrow on my Patreon. Stay tuned


Crypt TV's "Scamp". BTS.. Special Effects and Puppets by Eric Fox. Fox FX Lab.

NEW. Behind the scenes video!
Making of "Scamp" the short film from Crypt TV

Fox FX LAB Crew
Eric Fox
Melissa Fox
Greg Lightner

Behind the scenes making of Scamp by Crypt TV (2019) Watch Scamp at the link below For exclusive behind the scenes please join m...


Troma's "Shakespears's Sh*tstorm". BTS.. Special Effects by Eric Fox. TEASER VIDEO!

Troma Films Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm Behind the scenes video available now!!

Behind the scenes special effects for Troma Films Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm. Directed by Lloyd Kaufman Special Effects by Fox FX Lab Eric Fox Patreon. https://...


Check out my new Patreon. Let me know what you think in the comments below. 03/27/2020

Eric Fox is creating Special Effects How to Videos | Patreon

Just started a patreon. Check it out and please join. Thanks for all your support it's greatly appreciated. Become a patron of Eric Fox today: Read posts by Eric Fox and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.


Photos from Fox FX Lab's post

Had a great time bring "Nix" to life. Full Creature suit for Crypt TV "Beast Under The Bed" by Fox FX Lab

Fox FX Lab crew:
Alanna Lee
Ali Fisher-Collins
Jerm Gonzales
Kyle Holl
Ivan Gonzalez

On Set Crew:
Alanna Lee
Ali Fisher-Collins
Wendy B
Arcy Garcia 01/26/2020

'Dread' Behind-the-scenes. Eric Fox, Fox Fx Lab.

'Dread' Crypt TV. Behind the scenes. Fox FX Lab.
Eric Fox
Melissa Fox
Alanna Lee Fox FX Lab 'Dread' makeup for Crypt TV.


The American Horror Film Festival

The reviews are rolling in!

Five stars for “Asian She - Competitive Mourning”, and the audience are saying “original”, “surprising” and “bloody”

Let’s keep it moving at the @alamodrafthouse!

#AHFF2020 #VampiresWelcome 01/21/2020

Learn more about the new home of Fox FX Lab, Riverside Studios

So proud to be part of Riverside Studios. Great things happening in 2020! FROM THE MIND OF RICKERBY HINDS 01/19/2020

Coming soon to Fox FX Lab. FX Kits and How-to Videos.

New beginners FX kits and videos coming soon! Check it out. Coming soon to Fox FX LAB, The first FX kit and How-to Video by Eric Fox !


Cant wait for this to come out. It was so much fun bringing Dread to life for our friends at Crypt TV
Eric Fox
#fox_fx_lab #crypttv #specialeffects #specialfx #sfx
#specialeffectsmakeup #makeup #monsters


BLACK FRIDAY SALE! All my masks are 30% off. This weekend only.


New workshop at Riverside Studios! Limited Availability.


It's Showtime at Riverside Studios!

So excited to be a part of this magical place.

Calling all professional and aspiring film and TV producers! Riverside Studios makes for a great set location, and is another valuable asset that can be used...


Opening Oct 11th at Riverside Studios!

The Inland Empire's newest haunted attraction infects Riverside this October!

Featuring creature effects and makeup by Riverside's own practical effects master, Eric Fox

The Riversville Incident is an immersive walkthrough at Riverside Studios. Beginning October 11th and running every weekend through Halloween.

We hope you'll come out and support the local independent art community. But be forewarned-- side effects may vary

Tickets Available Now!

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DB FX & Prop Shop DB FX & Prop Shop
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At DB FX, we build props for all types of clients. We also cover special makeup effects design & application from very basic all the way to extremely complex & advanced.

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A Beautiful Face Permanently By Ramona A Beautiful Face Permanently By Ramona
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Styles by Kayla Marie Styles by Kayla Marie
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