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House of Beauty

House Of Beauty -Is Owned And Run By Sadia Zafar. For whom her expert professional beauty services is a passion to help people who are mostly misguided by various other money making venues, and this is the exact reason the idea of "house of beauty" salon was born.

Sadia Zafar a Cosmetology MA Graduate from California. She is a very successful stylist and makeup artist with over 15 years of professional experience . She has worked with international dignitaries throughout the world with high profile clients including: models, actors and corporate executives. Her most exciting assignment to date was being the stylist for Decpti Nawal and Dimple Kapadia. Sadia

Operating as usual

[12/13/12]   If you have a difficult time getting your eyebrows to look even with different types of hair removal, you may want to consider threading, since it is often perfect for people with "troublesome" brows.

[12/10/12]   Did you know that hair threading can be used to remove hair on other areas as well, in addition to the eyebrows? Hair threading is an effective hair removal technique which can also remove hair on the cheeks and upper lip.

[12/07/12]   Hair threading is a great alternative to waxing and other hair removal processes. It doesn't require any foreign substances and doesn't irritate the skin the way waxing can.

[12/04/12]   Another great pro for threading? It is one of the most eco-friendly forms of hair removal available. Because the only materials used are cotton strings, there are no pastes, waxes, tapes or chemicals involved - there is no waste except the strings which are biodegradable.

[12/01/12]   When performed by a trained professional, threading is faster than other methods of hair removal. A typical session will take no longer than 15 minutes, and will usually cost about the same as waxing or plucking.

[11/28/12]   Hair threading has become increasing popular in the United States in recent years, particularly when it comes to shaping the eyebrow. Here, a strand of cotton sewing thread is used to precisely twist off and remove unwanted hairs.

[11/25/12]   Hair threading works great on a number of areas of the face. It's particularly good for creating eyebrow shapes and removing hairs from the upper lip, chin, jaw line, cheek, and neck.

[11/22/12]   Did you know that over time, regularly waxing your eyebrows can cause the skin to loosen and develop premature wrinkles? Hair threading is a great alternative, as it simply pulls the hair and does not harm the skin.

[11/19/12]   Did you know that threading can target individual hairs? Threading will also remove extra fine hairs. The precise nature of threading is why threading is such a wonderful technique to use for creating eye brow shapes and arches.

[11/16/12]   In the 1600s, European women began to keep their faces, foreheads, and eyebrows plucked or shaved to follow Queen Elizabeth's trend.

[11/13/12]   Threading pulls hairs out by the roots of their follicle without damaging the skin. The treated area will remain smooth for up to a month.

[11/10/12]   So how exactly does eyebrow threading work? This process uses a cotton thread that is pulled along the skin in a twisting motion. This effectively traps the hair in a mini-lasso, which is then tightened and pulled to remove the hair.

[11/07/12]   So where exactly on the body does hair threading work best? It's primarily used for the eyebrows and other facial hair (like the upper lip and chin), but in some cases it works for forearms as well.

[11/04/12]   What is the best type of brow shape with a diamond face? A curvaceous brow shape that actually has two curves - one gentle curve right at the beginning of the brow and then a curve at the arch before thinning out near the end.

[11/01/12]   Since most waxes are used when warm, they can burn your skin in some cases. However, unlike waxing, threading does not have the potential to burn your skin.

[10/29/12]   Threading can only be performed on flat surfaces of skin, such as those on the face. For this reason, threading isn't a good choice for removing hair from other parts of the body, such as the bikini line.

[10/26/12]   Did you know that you cannot actually change the rate at which hair grows? The reason that your hair seems to grow more slowly when you have it threaded is that it takes longer for the hair to breach your skin's surface when it is pulled from the roots.

[10/23/12]   One of the main benefits of threading is that it is extremely fast-in most cases, sessions only take between 10 and 15 minutes.

[10/20/12]   Frequent threading may eventually cause hair growth in a problem area to slow down or stop altogether. Over time, the follicles may become weakened and stop growing hair.

[10/17/12]   If you'd like a new shape to your browse, let them grow a bit before coming in for threading. That way, your aesthetician can see their natural shape and determine the best shape for your face.

[10/14/12]   So why isn't hair threading used for other areas of the body beyond the face, such as the bikini line? In order for the process to work, it actually needs to be performed on flat areas of the skin.

[10/11/12]   Did you know that threading is one of the most sanitary methods of hair removal? This is because nothing but the thread touches your skin, and a professional uses a fresh piece of thread each time.

[10/05/12]   In the early Middle Ages, it was actually quite fashionable for women to be hairless (even on their heads). This allowed them to wear the large wigs and headpieces that were popular at the time.

[10/02/12]   You can expect hair threading to last a similar duration as tweezing and waxing. This is because just like these other two methods, threading pulls out the hairs from their roots, meaning it will take longer for them to grow back.

[09/29/12]   Waxing can often remove a layer of skin along with the hair. Threading, on the other hand, is much gentler on the skin. Many dermatologists recommend threading for patients with delicate or fragile skin.

[09/26/12]   Did you know that, while threading is still relatively new in the Western world, people have used it in Eastern countries for centuries?

[09/23/12]   A heart face shape has a lot of angles, particularly around the chin, jaw and cheekbone areas. The best brow shape for this type of face is a gently rounded low arch which tends to smooth out the sharper angles on heart faces.

[09/20/12]   Threading is suitable for any and all skin types. Even those with skin too sensitive for waxing or laser hair removal can benefit from threading.

[09/17/12]   The most common use of threading is the removal of the facial hear. This is most popular for shaping the eyebrows but is also used for taking hair off the chin, sideburns, and upper lips.

[09/14/12]   Do you have extremely sensitive skin that reacts to practically any procedure at the salon? Hair threading is actually suitable for all skin times, even those too sensitive for other treatments.

[09/11/12]   So how exactly does hair threading result in such a refined, precise look? The threading artist will actually go through your hair row by row, removing the finest of hairs for a defined shape.

[09/08/12]   Did you know that in many cases the hair grows back thinner after multiple threading sessions? Over time, this will make it much easier to maintain the defined look of your eyebrows.

[09/05/12]   Are you looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to thin out and shape your eyebrows? Hair threading may be the perfect option, as it's very precise and can even remove very thin hairs.

[09/02/12]   What are the origins of hair threading? No one knows exactly when or where hair threading started, but this common hair removal technique has been used for centuries in South Asia and the Middle East to remove facial hair.

[08/30/12]   Even if your eyebrows don't have a natural arch, you can have them shaped that way with threading. However, creating an arch will result in a much thinner brow.




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