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Hummingbird Massage Spa

Expert Massage Spa in Riverside, California. Expert Massage Spa in Riverside, California Hummingbird Massage Spa in Riverside, California, is the premier provider of body treatment services that take you to another world of relaxation.

Our experts use state-of-the-art tools to identify your issues easily and effectively. Here, you receive Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, and shiatsu massages, as well as acupressure, herbal baths, and body scrubs. Each person is different and our customized approach creates a plan that is tailored to your lifestyle and activity. Our health specialists are committed to helping you make the right changes in your life and health care, and help you recognize any problems in order to decrease or eliminate negative impacts. Contact us in Riverside, California, to schedule an appointment with our massage spa.

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[12/19/14]   About 58% of American adults who've discussed massage therapy with their regular physicians said that their doctor strongly recommended it. Be sure to discuss this option with your health care provider.

[12/16/14]   A person of every age can benefit from the therapeutic touch of massage. From a gentle baby massage to ease colic to a deep tissue massage to relieve the pain of arthritis - the magic of massage is not exclusive.

[12/12/14]   More women than men go for massage therapy, according to 2012 statistics. About 22 percent of all adult women in the country, and 10 percent of all adult men, said they had a massage in a one-year-period ending in 2012.

[12/09/14]   Do you have muscle knots in your shoulders, back, and elsewhere? Trigger-point massage was developed specifically to target these painful areas, which often require deep, forceful kneading to attempt to loosen up muscles.

[12/05/14]   Unfortunately, stress has been known to exacerbate physical and mental health conditions. If it seems like your health has recently started to deteriorate for no particular reason, it may be time to schedule a de-stressing massage.

[12/02/14]   Can you realize the benefits of massage from just one treatment? Yes. One massage treatment can help to reduce pain and anxiety, and enhance a more positive sense a well being. The effects and benefits of massage though will increase with each treatment.

[11/28/14]   If you are a competitive athlete, or perform work that requires significant muscle work, massage therapy can not only help with physical conditioning, but also reduce the stress and anxiety that can accompany these activities.

[11/25/14]   Massage therapy can prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle spasms, and stress through the manipulation of the soft tissue structures in the body. It helps to increase the blood’s circulation and flow of lymph fluids, which increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients to cells and tissues.

[11/21/14]   Are you tired of depending on sugary foods or caffeinated drinks to get your though the day? One benefit of getting a massage is an increase in energy levels. On a regular massage schedule, you may be able to eliminate your dependence on caffeine and sugar.

[11/18/14]   Thai yoga massage is a little more involved that other massage types. Indeed, this is because a Thai massage therapist uses not just their hands to massage but often their elbows, knees, legs, hands, and feet to move you into a yoga-like “workout.”

[11/14/14]   Massage can be performed on a table, a chair, a couch, a bed or a bench…whatever is most comfortable for the client. You can specify specific parts of the body that you would like massaged or opt for a full body massage, with or without oils and lotions.

[11/11/14]   Many people report they turned to massage as a way to eliminate or reduce pain. Massage therapy has been reported successful with migraine patients as well as athletes and those rehabilitating after injuries or surgery.

[11/07/14]   Please remember to let us know if you have any areas that are particularly sensitive. This will allow us to adjust to a very light pressure in that area or avoid it altogether during your massage.

[11/04/14]   Feeling stressed out from work? Massage therapy relieves mental and physical stress, relaxing your muscles and your mind so that you can be happier and more productive.

[10/31/14]   Ever have problems sleeping at night? Massage can be a great way to over come insomnia. The relaxing power of massage can allow your mind to stop jumping around in endless circles and your body to unwind, leaving you free to rest peacefully.

[10/28/14]   Although some people turn to chiropractic adjustments or medication to relieve pain, a massage can be an excellent alternative. In many cases, once the muscles are able to relax, the pain will subside.

[10/24/14]   Supposedly, Bob Hope received a therapeutic massage every day. It helped him stay healthy enough to live to be 100 years old!

[10/21/14]   According to Time magazine, almost 80 percent of all Americans will experience painful or debilitating back pain at some point in their lives. According to a recent study done on the effects of massage therapy, an overwhelming number of people reported less back pain, and some even reported a higher tolerance to future back pain.

[10/17/14]   Did you know that Thai massage is said to have been developed by Jivaka Kumar, physician to Buddha himself, some 2,500 year ago? Hundreds of years ago, Thai massage was considered so sacred that only monks performed and received it.

[10/14/14]   If you have muscles that are always tight or chronically painful, then a deep-tissue massage can help. Deep-tissue massage therapy is one of the best ways to treat strained, injured, or pulled muscles. It can also help heal pulled muscles and help hasten the recovery of muscle-related injuries.

[10/10/14]   It’s important to remember that it’s not all about increasing the quantity of your sleep. Even if you’re already getting all the sleep you need each night, having regular massages could help you to improve the quality of your sleep as well.

[10/07/14]   How can relaxation improve your life? When you are relaxed, your mental outlook and positive attitude is reinforced. Massage calms your nerves and allows you to handle stress better.

[10/03/14]   When we use massage oils or lotions for your massage, we take special care to use only those that are hypoallergenic. However, when you fill out your forms on your first visit, make sure to note any allergies or sensitivities you may have.

[09/30/14]   Massage therapy can help with tight muscles. But massage can also move the synovial fluid in your body. This is the fluid that lubricates our joints, and for people with arthritis and other conditions, it can build up in joints and cause pain. A massage can help move the fluid and provide some pain relief.

[09/26/14]   Do you ever feel like your muscles are always tense, no matter what you do to loosen them? Let our skilled professionals show you the difference a massage can make to help prevent muscle tension.

[09/23/14]   Massage can actually raise your ability to be alert and switched on. Adults who were given a 15-minute chair massage in a small 1996 Touch Research Institute study completed a series of math questions faster and more accurately than those who didn’t receive the massage.

[09/19/14]   Have you ever wondered why you often feel so much muscle fatigue after sitting at a desk all day? When your body considers the angle of your muscles traumatic, they begin to tense up as a protection mechanism. Unfortunately, they don’t always loosen up the moment you leave the computer.

[09/16/14]   Did you know that a massage on one area of the body can help the rest of the body to feel relaxed and refreshed? This is because massage helps to relax whole muscle groups, and provides an overall de-stressing mental benefit too.

[09/12/14]   While children with autism generally don’t like to be touched, studies show that massage therapy helped to produce behavior in children diagnosed with autism, as they were more social and attentive than normal, according to researchers.

[09/09/14]   Studies have indicated that regular massage not only helps alleviate stress, but can naturally increase the immune system's cytotoxic capacity, the activity level of the body's natural killer cells. Also, the number of T-cells decrease, which improves the body's immune functioning overall.

[09/05/14]   While it relaxes, massage also energizes. Massage therapy has long been recognized as making a person feel younger and more vital than his or her age. Whether you have a 30, 45, or 60 minute session, you will leave feeling better than when you entered.

[09/02/14]   A Swedish massage involves gentle pressure on the muscles and joints, usually with the aid of fragrant oils. Circular strokes and gentle tapping are also used.

[08/29/14]   Did you know that nowadays massage is even being used to improve infant health? In fact, studies have shown that massage can help improve weight gain for preterm infants.

[08/26/14]   The most common type of massage given in the United States is the Swedish massage. Here, massage therapists use deep, long strokes to knead and smooth out sore and knotted muscles. Circular movements are also used, lubricated with special massage oils and/or lotion.

[08/22/14]   In China, texts documenting the medical benefits of massage therapy date back to approximately 2700 BC. The Chinese tradition of massage was developed from the combined expertise of various doctors in Traditional Chinese Medicine, who viewed touch as essential to their spiritual training.

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