Hi ,

So glad to know you are in the field of spa products.

This is Wendy from Air Textile in China .

we are a manufacturer of kinds 3D air mesh fabric and finish products .

Like bath pillows ,bath mats , mattress ,bed pillows ,baby products and seat covers etc.

All could be customized ,breathable ,easy wash ,quick-dry ,air-flow ,soft and comfortable .

If you are interested in this ,you may let us know at anytime .

We could help to provide the air mesh fabric ,or make the finish products as you need directly .

Looking forward to have a chance to cooperate with you in the near future.

All the best
This Company is shocking excellent at customer service! Many companies will listen to your issue with a product, but most will not necessarily take action, seamlessly to make you happier! I am extremly impressed by this companies customer service and dedication to their clients. I am almost never impressed or shocked by anything anymore. This Company just blew my socks off! I will support any product they offer and I highly recommend you do also! #lostartofclientlove #rouxrocks #beautyneverlookedsogood

We make products to take care of your beautiful skin. Pretika has a rich history of inventing science-based tools that revolutionize how skin is cleaned.

Pretika Corporation is a global science-based innovator, marketer and vertically integrated manufacturer of branded consumer and professional at-home skin care devices. Pretika has a successful track record of creating category-revolutionizing, patented products with leading market share. Pretika is defining a new category of skin care by bringing clinically-proven aesthetic medical technologies o

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7 Most Effective Vitamins For Hair Growth

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HairSonic Plus |

Are you treating your tresses as good as you treat your skin? Daily sun damage, styling and product buildup leaves hair dull, thin and unable to absorb moisture so all those fancy hair care products are a waste if your hair can't drink them up. Pretika is like a sonic facial for your hair. The best part? You can use it in the shower! #haircare #hairsonicplus #pretikahaircare #pretika The sonic technology of the HairSonicPlus® infuses the right amount of sonic and teflon roller technology to achieve fuller and naturally-improved softness and shine while preparing the hair to better absorb hair care and color treatments. Plus, use separately or with other complementary products (s...


SonicPulse Facial Brush
SonicDermabrasion Facial Brush
OxySonic Facial Brush
SoftSpaMassage Bath Pillow
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