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951-203-5533 12/07/2017

I am in California this week so if you need a house call let me know!

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Call me for your new look now. She asked for blond everyone told her she couldn’t do it but I made it happen! And her hair is soft and manageable still! les at (951)203-5533. Née customers save 50% for your first time come try me out. Please share with your friends and family.

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Thanks to all my wonderful customers!

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Yet another reason to come see me take a look at this new look! Call or text to set up your appointment (951)203-5533

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Color and extensions what a difference. Give me a call or a text if your ready for your new hair! (951)203-5533

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I need some people to help fill in my Saturday! Call or text me for an appointment (951)203-5533.

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Come on in and be a blonde with a little help from us here at Hair by Les! Call or text now for an appointment (951)-203-5533. Please share with your friends and family for discounts on your hair and their's.

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NOW AVAILABLE AT HAIR BY LES! The new locked in colors from Pravana! Come on in and lets have some FUN! Call or text me today to set up an appointment for a splash of color (951)203-5533.

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Call me for fun hair! Call or text for an appointment (951)203-5533. Look me up at

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Okay every one I need to fill my gaps in my appointment book! 50%OFF FOR NEW CLIENTS! Call or text me for an appointment now. (951)203-5533. Please all my curent clients if you need a cut or color call or text me and I will give you a great deal! Share this post please with all your friends and family!

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Need just a trim call me new clients get 50% off first service! call or text for an appointment (951)203-5533. Please share with friends and family so they to can get the savings.

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Call me for your hair transformation! Call or text me at (951)203-5533

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Happy fourth of July!

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Hello again everyone just wanted you all to know that I have lots of openings for this weekend and Thursday and Friday! Give me a call or text me at (951)203-5533 colors, highlites, cuts, extensions.

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Call me for your hair make over! (951)203-5533

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Hello everyone we are now on yelp so any one who has the time that I have done hair for could you please leave me a review? Thanks so much.

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New color client leaves happy! Anyone else need an appointment give me a text or call (951)203-5533 booking for next week now.

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You want it? I have it.

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The 6 Mistakes You're Making Washing Your Hair
Little tweaks in your shower routine could make your hair fuller, healthier, and more manageable.

1. Washing it every day, like clockwork
Stylists say your hair looks best when the natural oils that start in the scalp are allowed to reach the ends. That's why they recommend shampooing every other day — or even every third day. If you're worried about your strands looking greasy, spritz the roots with dry shampoo or water and restyle with a blow-dryer.

2. Two-timing your favorite shampoo
Some think switching up shampoos can make your hair look healthier, but experts say stick with what works (if it already works, that is). Your hair can't tell the difference between brands or build up tolerance to any product. However, if you have very oily hair or like to use sticky styling products with wax in them, you should break up your routine with a clarifying shampoo once every couple of weeks or so — this will wash away any residue.

3. Overdoing it on shampoo and/or conditioner
Instead of shampooing and conditioning all the way through, concentrate shampoo toward the scalp, and condition just the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair. Your ends need more moisture (we develop "split ends" for a reason), and your roots need a little less of it so they can maintain volume. The suds will run down from the top of your head and get those ends clean anyway.

4. Skipping the conditioner altogether
If you want shinier locks, use conditioner every time you wash. Bonus: Conditioner cuts down on friction and breakage when you brush your hair later. And did you know that you can use conditioner to wash your hair, sans shampoo? Since shampoo can be very harsh, it's a nice alternative once in awhile. Our experts in the Good Housekeeping Research Institute Beauty Lab tried it and found that while conditioner may not do the deep cleaning most shampoos will, it will still leave your hair feeling and looking nice.

5. Taking super-hot showers
While warm water opens a hair's cuticle to allow shampoo and conditioner to do their job, cold water helps to close the cuticle and seal in moisture from the conditioner — which helps your hair look shiny and healthy. So, by all means, take a warm shower, but at the end, rinse with cold water. If you really don't like cold showers, stylists recommend pouring one cup apple cider vinegar mixed with two cups water over hair after washing and conditioning. Vinegar is a gentle exfoliator that removes product build-up and dandruff from the scalp.

6. Rinsing too much (if you have colored hair)
Since colored hair absorbs and releases water much more easily, when the water leaves, so does some of the color. So hold off on rinsing for those few extra minutes. Also, stick to lukewarm or cooler water since heat makes you lose color faster.


Still have a few spots open for tomorrow call me or text me (951)203-5533

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Hi everyone just wanted to let you know that I have openings this weekend! Call or text me to book an appointment for color or cut this weekend. (951)203-533 Call or text me now! Please share with your friends and family
ALSO BIG AND SEXY SHAMPOO SALE! 2 for $40 while they last!

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Teasing Your Hair: A Complete Guide
Regardless of the type of hair you’ve got, a little volume on top never hurt a girl. Sure, fine-haired ladies are likely more interested in putting a little oomph into the crown of their heads, but once you know what you’re doing when it comes to how to tease hair, girls with any type of hair can benefit.
Because the whole process can be a little daunting (and has the tendency to come out looking disheveled if you’re not careful), we’re giving you the complete guide to teasing your hair. Read on below!
The Tools You’ll Need:
A long tail comb: Using the extra long tail to section off hair and the thin tooth comb to tease near the root, the long tail comb will be your best friend when it comes to hair volume.
Hairspray: Using a flexible hold hairspray will keep your teased hair in place without it looking too stiff. Apply hairspray during and after styling your hair.
A long hair clip: You can really use any kind of hair clip you’re comfortable with, but the idea is to be able to section off your hair easily.
What You Should Be Doing:
Part hair and section off the top: Depending on what kind of hairstyle you’re trying to achieve, decide where you’ll want to part your hair. If you’ll be styling it straight back, you won’t need a part. Next, section off your hair by creating a “top” layer and an “underneath” layer. The idea is to tease the underneath layer and lay the top layer over it, leaving hair looking finished and polished instead of messy.
Take the underneath layer and begin teasing with comb: Clip the top layer away from the underneath layer. Taking your long tail comb, gently tease the underneath layer by backcombing towards the root. Begin by combing about two inches away from the root, then move to three inches away, and so on. The bigger the tease, the bigger the hair, so it’s up to you how much to comb.
Smooth back the front section over the teased section: Once you’re finished teasing, unclip the top layer and comb it smooth, laying it over the top of that bottom layer to cover the teased hair. This way, your hair looks like it’s got a ton of volume, but there’s no evidence of teasing.
Spray with hairspray: Once you style your hair, spray the flexible hold hairspray to get the look to stay in place. Voilà!
How to Get Your Hair Back to Normal
Gently brush out the teased hair: When wet hair is brushed, strands are more likely to break, causing major hair damage. Using a brush, gently brush out the teased hair working from the ends towards the roots (it’s the entire process in reverse). If you can’t get it all, the next step will help.
Apply loads of conditioner: For hair that’s just not allowing a brush to do its job, use a lot of conditioner in the shower (before shampooing!) to smooth out hair. Wash out the conditioner to reveal smooth, good as new hair.
Give yourself a deep conditioning treatment: If you’ve got extra dry or damaged hair, teasing can take a toll. Treat yourself to a deep conditioning session to get your hair looking great again!

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Jim came in and got his free haircut ask me how it works and call me for an appointment. Call or text me at (951)203-5533! Share with your friends so they can get there free haircuts too!

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Mother's day special offers please call or text for information good for Thursday Friday or Saturday this week 5/7, 5/8, and 5/9 of 2015! HairbyLes (951)203-5533 SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS PLEASE!

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All month long come in and bring your military ID or your veterans ID and get your haircut for $12! Please share with your family and repost this so everyone can take advantage of my special. Call or text for an appointment ( 951 )203-5533

Photos from Hair By Les's post 05/03/2015

Loving the color and she is ready to go out!

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What do you guys think? Call me for a cut or color (951)203-5533

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Okay people I need you to help me fill my chair this next week! And I still have a few early appointments for Saturday morning. Give me a call or text for some color or a cut. (951)203-5533!

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We had lots of fun playing with this color!

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Blue hair came out nice we didn't style but still looks amazing!

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NOW AVAILABLE Firehouse Mustache Wax! Come on in and get yours today. Call or text (951) 203-5533 with any questions and yes I do ship!

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I have a new hair extension supplier! They are amazing quality. Call or text me for your initial consultation and price quote! (951)203-5533. Please share with your friends and family.

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Now offering custom hair extensions I-tip and bonded. Call or text to come in for your free price estimate (951)203-5533 50% off of your first application of hair with this add! Please share on your page for your friends. GREAT prices on remi hair!

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Call or text me @ (951)203-5534 to set an appointment 50% off for your first visit please share with all your friends and save money on your hair also! Just bring in your friends name who referred you please.



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