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Pro Fit Riverside is a Nutrition & Conditioning shop in Riverside, CA. Family-oriented, we are here We are a family-owned nutrition shop here to help EVERYONE!

We focus on your needs and how to help you achieve your fitness goals. Pro Fit is here to get you informed, help save you money and best of all, get you RESULTS! Do not hesitate to ask us for help. We are here for you.

Timeline photos 02/15/2016

Big sale going on today! Pre workout $15 off! Protein $10 off! Sarm $60 off! Test booster $35 off! Hurry in and save huge today!

Timeline photos 02/08/2016

Anyone who's been trying to call the shop we have a new number for a little while. It is 9513968925 until things get fixed! Thank you


Phone line is down everyone! If you need anything please message us on here or Instagram!

Timeline photos 01/18/2016

HUGE sales store wide today! Come by and enjoy these great savings! Hurry in today only!

Timeline photos 01/11/2016

Sarm in stock! Purchase sarm and any pre workout and save $50! Hurry in and get your stack going! New Years is here lets get you going in the right direction

Timeline photos 01/09/2016

Amazing fat burning stack! Famine and CLA together is great for leaning up and getting rid of stubborn belly fat! Come by and get the combo and save 25% when you buy both!

Timeline photos 01/09/2016

Come pickup your royalty stack today! 20% off when you buy the stack! Got the new flavor reign in too!

Timeline photos 01/07/2016

Body effects our number one selling fat burner! Great energy, helps increase metabolism and burns fat! Come by and try it out for yourself!

Timeline photos 01/07/2016

Two amazing detoxes to cleanse the body and get rid of bloating! Perfect way to start weight loss the RIGHT WAY!

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Remember all the specials we have going on right now for Christmas! All 2lb protein $10 off! Pre workout, bcaa and burners all 20% off! Body effects buy one get one for $15! Test booster $30 off! Pre order sarm $60 off! Hurry in!

Timeline photos 12/19/2015

Remember all the specials we have going on right now for Christmas! All 2lb protein $10 off! Pre workout, bcaa and burners all 20% off! Body effects buy one get one for $15! Test booster $30 off! Pre order sarm $60 off! Hurry in!

Timeline photos 12/17/2015

Gift certificates available for last minute Christmas gifts! Come by and get a friend or loved one a gift certificate for the best supplement shop in the IE

Timeline photos 12/17/2015

Lots of specials going on right now. Come by and stock up. Save big when you purchase any stack right now

Timeline photos 12/16/2015

One of our best selling stacks right here. Amazing for cutting weight without the jitters! Come by and save 20% when you buy all 3!!

Timeline photos 12/11/2015

Multi vitamins are essential for keeping your immune system strong! There are all different kinds of multi vitamins but the best ones are liquid. WHY? Because pills and tablets have to break down and digest in the body. By the time they break down you absorb maybe 50%. Liquid you absorb 100%. And with balanced essentials they are cold processed meaning they didn't heat anything up to get the nutrients out. When companies heat things up it lowers nutrient value. So come by and pick up a bottle of liquid vitamins if you don't already have one!

Timeline photos 12/10/2015

Sarm is coming in tomorrow morning! Got a few left make sure you pre order yours today! Only $110 right now

Timeline photos 12/09/2015

Getting more sarm lgd in on Friday! If you haven't pre ordered yours yet make sure you do! This stuff is awesome!

Timeline photos 12/09/2015

I love this stack! Amazing for cutting up and not getting the crazy jitters! Come try it out for yourself! Especially with all the holiday eating were gonna be doing

Timeline photos 12/08/2015

Make sure to stop by today and stock up! Body effects buy one get one for $15 today! Hurry on in

Timeline photos 12/02/2015

Bcaa are crucial for recovery and making sure you aren't burning muscle while training. We recommend them to anyone and everyone who works out no matter what your goal is. Sip on some good bcaa during your workout and you will be amazed

Timeline photos 12/02/2015

If you're looking for a strong natural test booster, check out test rt. The strongest natural booster you will find! It will increase test production, allow you to use all your testosterone that you're producing, kill estrogen and kill dht two counter hormones of testosterone. This stuff is strong!

Timeline photos 12/02/2015

If you're looking to get a loved one a present for the holidays and don't know what to get them, we sell gift certificates! Perfect gift so they can come in and pick out what they want and need! Swing by and check out the deals we have going on for the holidays!!!



Timeline photos 11/14/2015

Two day sale today and tomorrow. Pre workout, all recovery and fat burners 20% off! Protein 15% off! Sarm $40 off! Vitamins 15% off! Body effects buy one get one for $15! Hurry in open till 6 today and 11-4 tomorrow!

Timeline photos 11/12/2015

Have you tried ELIXIR yet? If not come down and buy a tub of it! Amazing flavor and even better for recovery!

Timeline photos 11/10/2015

Body effects buy one get one for $15 right now! Hurry in

Mobile uploads 10/05/2015

We got some new stack sales going on right now! First is EMBER and Sculpt n Cleanse. Perfect for burning mid section fat and getting your body back on track for cutting up! Ember will help increase metabolism and thermogenesis in the body to metabolize fat as energy while sculpt n cleanse detoxes and gets your digestion track right! Second is famine and sarm. Famine is a strong 1 pill a day burner while sarm is great for men and women to build hard lean dry muscle! Non hormonal too! Then last but not least our more natural stack which is Garcinia Cambogia and Reset! Garcinia Cambogia is great natural and non stimulated so you don't get any shakes from it! Reset is amazing for fighting the aging process in the body! One scoop a day gives you great clean energy to replace coffee with! Come check out these amazing new stacks and save huge on them ONLY AT PRO FIT RIVERSIDE!!!

Mobile uploads 09/30/2015

Our order of sarm is coming in tomorrow still have some bottles left available for pre order if you want one! Let us know we're open until 8pm tonight!

Mobile uploads 09/28/2015

Swing by today and pick up some body effects and l carnitine. Great thermogenic blend to cut up and burn stubborn belly fat.

Mobile uploads 09/22/2015

A lot of people don't realize that the most important thing to do when trying to lose weight is start with a detox. That's going to help take a lot of bloating away, and toxins out of your system. The less toxins in the body the better your body will function and metabolize fat cells. Come see which one will work best for you!

Mobile uploads 09/17/2015

Test rt is made to naturally increase testosterone high and help reduce estrogen. If you're looking to add some size naturally check it out!

Mobile uploads 09/10/2015

Come pick up some strong natural test boost! Test RT is great and strong!

Mobile uploads 09/08/2015

Come pick up ember our new fat burner! Also have more like famine! One pill a day is all you need!

Mobile uploads 09/04/2015

Come try our new fat burner EMBER today! Great energy and great for burning stubborn belly fat! Come by and remember all our sales going on until Sunday!!!

Mobile uploads 09/03/2015

Reign is back in stock! Come grab one of our top selling pre workouts and save 25% on them all!




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Monday 10am - 7pm
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Sunday 11am - 4pm

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