Dissertation Soap, Riverside, CA Video March 17, 2019, 9:42pm

Videos by Dissertation Soap in Riverside. All natural soap, hair care & skin care made by a Doctor in Environmental Scientist for people with sensitive skin. NO parabins or phalates. Sustainable packaging. http://www.pe.com/articles/escalera-756717-soap-soaps.html

We ❤️ happy customers! We had a blast Thistle and Sage yesterday! It was a pleasure meeting you @the_empty_nest_ !

Other Dissertation Soap videos

Elephant toothpaste stem workshop was awesome!

Who’s ready for the STEM elephant toothpaste workshop this weekend?!? A mini-chem lesson where where we learn how to make foam, aka elephant toothpaste! Sunday, 11am, @made_riverside $10 per student ages 5+ tickets available through Eventbrite link in bio (or event page in Facebook).

How do you build a lather with shaving soap? David shows us the basics!

Dry shampoo! Made with clays and botanicals that absorb oils between washes, when you wash it out, it acts as a scalp mask to remove product build up. Talc and aerosol FREE!!

Fresh beard balm! Unscented, small batched, organic and all natural. Dissertationsoap.com

Emily tells us about her favorite products, our loofah soaps! Organic, sulfate and dye free, with a built in all-natural loofah. Dissertationsoap.com

Year end close out, 20% off in stock items. Use code END2019, free shipping. Dissertationsoap.com

Educational STEM workshops are my specialty! I love teaching applied science in mini-science lessons where people make something to take with them. My STEM bath bomb workshop are most popular, attendees learn acid/base chemistry and how it’s applied to bath bombs.

STEM bath bomb workshops are coming up! So much fun being able to teach the chemistry of bath bombs in DIY make and takes this year! Looking forward to all the fun workshops we have planned for 2020!

The Essential Organic Skin Care System creates the foundation of a great skin care routine. Cleanse, mask, tone and moisturize. Everyday. Dissertationsoap.com

Dissertation soap was founded by Dr. Reints, an environmental scientist, soil and water chemist and avocado researcher. She uses her knowledge of mineralogy and water chemistry to formulate products that are safe for sensitive skin and the environment. Dissertationsoap.com

Tea tree essential oil = antimicrobial Activated charcoal = detox Sea clay = nourishing minerals All in a whipped soap base and with added avocado oil. Dissertationsoap.com

Made with avocado butter, solid perfume/cologne is alcohol, paraben, Phthalate and plastic free. Available in Honeysuckle and Ocean at dissertationsoap.com

Dylan tells us why he loves our beard oil so much! Tell us why you love yours, comment below!

Where to find Dissertation Soap this weekend!

Holiday Gift Bar open now until 8pm tonight! 4 gifts for $40 and each purchase of 4 gifts gets you entered for a gorgeous gift basket! DM for the address!

Doing a STEM bath bomb and sugar scrub workshop with the Girl Scouts of America today! Such amazing young women and it’s a honor to be part of their progress. Book your next workshop with us! These are great for work events, birthdays, bridesmaid showers or classrooms! We can cater the workshop to any age and any size. Need a location? We’ve got you covered, DM for to set up a consultation!

Making @wicksbrewing NEW beer soap, Berry Garcia. Made with rose clay, charcoal and scented with raspberries and lemon💜❤️💜

Dry shampoo! Made with botanicals and clays that absorb oils, add volume to hair and, when you’re ready to wash, removes product buildup. Dissertationsoap.com

We love feedback!! Send us your photos and videos and get a FREE gift! Thank you @eugenedoeslife 🙌🏻

We ❤️ happy customers! We had a blast Thistle and Sage yesterday! It was a pleasure meeting you @the_empty_nest_ !

Dog Shampoo is back in stock on the website! Don’t miss out on our super gentle, all natural, organic dog shampoo made with oatmeal, turmeric, Ph balanced for a pup, a custom blend of essential oils meant to repel pest and sooth skin. This one goes quick! http://www.dissertationsoap.com/product-page/dog-shampoo

See you today at Holiday in Redlands today from 4-8pm! Come swing by!

And that’s a wrap Monday! Hope y’all had a good one😘 so many fun and exciting things going on with Dissertation Soap! Can’t wait to share them with you❤️😘 Goodnight! #Repost @djsnake with @get_repost ・・・ TAKI TAKI 👶🏼

Making cream soap from scratch, it’s mesmerizing 😍 I love geeking out with chemistry ❤️ this soap is so unique, made with a proprietary process that took me years to develop👊🏻 try the whipped cream soap, you will fall in LOVE❤️❤️❤️ thanks to everyone who supports my love of chemistry and all natural beauty! #dissertationsoap #purelove #geeklove #womeninscience #chemistry #environmentalscience #creamsoap #shavingsoap #mensgrooming

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