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An all-time fav for so many reasons.
Affectionately known as "Chiro in a bottle"

If you’re new to Young Living, you may not know why there is so much hype behind Valor® essential oil and why it is one of the most loved blends of all time. Founder D. Gary Young was inspired to create Valor after he read texts about Roman soldiers that stated they would bathe in essential oils as part of a three-day ceremony to prepare for war. Valor was designed to to inspire feelings of courage, a life of full adventure, and an attitude to never stop growing!

This perfectly balanced blend brings 5 powerful oils together in harmony to create an uplifting, invigorating, and empowering experience. Let’s take a closer look at these 5 oils and their key benefits for a deeper understanding of why this blend is a favorite for so many.

Black Spruce- Black Spruce essential oil comes from Young Living’s pristine Northern Lights Farm in British Columbia, Canada. This oil has a woodsy and invigorating scent that is popular to use during meditation to create a fresh aromatic atmosphere. Black spruce trees have amazing resilience. They can withstand and even thrive in extremely harsh and cold environments.

Camphor Wood- The original Valor formulation contained Rosewood oil, but when it was discovered that Rosewood was being over harvested in some parts of the world, Gary chose to be an industry leader in sustainability practices by reformulating with a more abundant species that offered the same benefits. Camphor trees are part of the evergreen family and can reach up to 40 meters in height and live to be more than 1,000 years old.

Geranium- This beautifully fragrant flower is native to south Africa and is famous for its comforting aroma that promotes feelings of inner peace and spiritual wellness. It includes the natural occurring constituents citronellol and geraniol and adds a hint of sweetness to the Valor blend. Geranium is often used to support the appearance of healthy-looking skin.

Blue Tansy- With over 300 constituents, this is a very powerful and complex oil. Blue Tansy’s primary constituents are Sabinene, Camphor, Chamazulene and Pinene. Chamazulene is what gives Blue Tansy is dark, ink-like color and is also why Valor has a distinct blue color. Blue Tansy is a luxurious oil for the skin has a been used for thousands of years.

Frankincense- In addition to elevated spiritual experiences, the benefits of Frankincense essential oil include maintaining radiant skin, connecting with your highest self, and promoting feelings of grounding and spiritual connectedness. Frankincense is often used to create a safe and comforting environment when diffused or inhaled. For this reason, the empowering presence of Frankincense is a popular addition to meditation and prayer practices. Frankincense has played an integral role in religious ceremonies for thousands of years.

The synergy of these power houses together is undeniable. There’s nothing else like Valor and for that reason, we think it’s one that you need to try for yourself.

How do you use Valor?
• Gear up for a demanding day or long to-do list by rubbing Valor on your feet, hands, and neck.
• Apply it on the bottoms of the feet, base of neck, shoulders, or massaged into temples.
• Massage Valor onto your wrists, base of neck, or chest before a big event, race, or presentation.
• Use it as part of Young Living’s signature Raindrop Technique®.
• Encourage a centered, balanced environment by diffusing Valor during your daily mediation session.
• Inhale Valor before presenting or a big meeting for its empowering and uplifting aroma.
• Wear it as a bold, inspiring personal fragrance to encourage feelings of confidence.

Comment below your favorite way to use Valor!

Rest in peace Gary Young

Never enough diffusers. Every room can have one at this price❤️❤️💥

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Detail in the comments

Wondering which words to avoid when promoting and selling Young Living essential oils labeled as cosmetics? To help all Young Living members remain compliant with federal regulations, we compiled a list of hot words to avoid. Please remove all these words and any implications, restatements, or descriptions of them from personal and business websites used to promote and sell Young Living products. Also, remember to review any social media platforms you use, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, or any other marketing pages you produce or control.

Topical and aromatic products fall under the cosmetic products regulation category. This means that these products can be used or applied externally. Cosmetic products typically moisturize, cleanse, beautify, and maintain the appearance of healthy skin or hair, but they can also be used for aromatic purposes. It is important to note that cosmetic products cannot be advertised to affect a structure or function of the body.

This is not an all-inclusive list. If you have any questions about other words or claims, please comment below or contact the Conduct Success team at [email protected]. For products that are not cosmetic essential oils, please refer to their label for proper usage. For more information on how to share Young Living products safely see our Sharing Is Easy! educational tool here:

Busy, busy days call for dry shampoo!
But we don't want toxic chemicals on our scalp. No!
Here is the perfect solution.

Not even gonna lie. There are days when I know I need to wash my hair, but I don’t know that I have the mental strength to dry and style it. For these days....Lazy Day.
Lazy Day Dry Shampoo
For light hair:
1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup arrowroot starch
2 drops each lavender, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils
For dark hair:
3 TBSP baking soda
3 TBSP arrowroot starch
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2 drops each lavender, peppermint, and rosemary essential oil.
Store in a spice shaker and sprinkle on head instead of washing. Fluff hair with hands.
#lindseysdiys #dryshampoo #essentialoils #peppermint #lavender #rosemary

Did you all see this awesome idea?

Affordable Christmas Oil Gift Ideas
💧How To Split A Kit💧

Buy a Premium Starter Kit (which saves you 50% of off the retail price) & give ONE essential oil to each member of your family or your friends. You can even add a little something to make it extra personal or a few DIY ingredients with recipes to make some of their own bath & body goodies.
💧Lavender– give it to your favorite person in need of good sleep & relaxation. Add a sleep mask and a ½ pint mason jar filled w/Epsom salts w/a note to add 8 drops of their Lavender essential oil to their Epsom salts for relaxation bath salts.
💧Peppermint– add a package of gourmet hot cocoa w/a note to add a drop of peppermint for the perfect steaming cup of minty hot chocolate.
💧Lemon – include a glass water bottle for enjoying EO infused water
💧Frankincense – perfect for the meditation or yoga enthusiast in your life, include a yoga block or yoga socks.
💧Thieves – give to your favorite teacher, perfect for keeping immune system supported!
💧Purification – perfect for the dog lover in your life, include a holiday themed dog collar.
💧DiGize – know a foodie? Maybe they over indulge on occasion – give them the gift of good digestion w/DiGize. Include some empty veggie capsules for easy consumption.
💧Copaiba – gift to your favorite tea drinker. A drop of Copaiba in your tea makes every cup the perfect wellness drink.
💧R C – a drop of RC on the throat & chest makes for a comforting end to the day, throw in a pair of fuzzy socks for the ultimate end of day coziness.
💧Panaway – for the athlete, the cubicle dweller, or anyone with joints and muscles. Include a mini bottle of your favorite carrier oil, like Almond oil, & a note to combine a few drops of Panaway w/a few drops of carrier oil & massage into neck/shoulders.
💧StressAway – pop the aromaglide roller fitment from the kit on this bottle & give it to your most stressed out friend, w/a note to roll it over wrists/neck.
💧That’s 11 gifts for only $160, only $14.50 per gift! You can add the extra items, or not, or add different items specific to the recipients – use your imagination!

Lindsey Elmore

Let’s talk about the meaning of the supplement bottle labels!


Are you ready for battle?
Ask me how to support your body systems when they need to be in top shape.

Lindsey Elmore

Did you know that pumpkin is packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids that increase cell turnover leaving the skin brighter and smoother? Or that pumpkin has Vitamins A and C that soften and smooth the skin and may boost collagen production? Pumpkin has a small chemical structure that penetrates deep in the skin, bringing all of the benefits with it. Worried about acne? Pumpkin seeds are a delicious source of zinc, which regulates hormone levels and controls oil on the skin. They also contain Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which are necessary to maintain skin barrier function and regulate oily output.
Trust me on this DIY. You have never had such buttery soft and smooth skin. Are you going to try it? Here's to fall y'all!
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Young Living Training and Education

PanAway, Deep Relief, and Cool Azul, which oil should you use and when? First off, there is no exact answer for everyone, each person has a different chemical make-up and each oil reacts differently on every person. Just as some people prefer lavender essential oil to create a soothing and calming environment before bed, others prefer Peace and Calming, and some prefer Cedarwood. Learning to use essential oils is a journey, so try experimenting with different oils to find your best fit! Below is a side by side comparison of these three oils so you can learn the difference and better understand which oil you may prefer to use for specific situations. All three oils are great to apply before and after activity and for a cooling sensation on the skin.

Deep Relief:
Comes pre-diluted in a roller-ball, making it easy to take on the go, throw in gym bag, and easy to apply.

Essential oils:
Balsam Fir
Dorado Azul

Smell: Deep Relief does not have as strong of a smell as Panaway or Cool Azul because it is pre-diluted. Some people prefer the softer aroma. The invigorating, minty smells stand out the most!

Did you know? Menthol is responsible for the cooling sensation Peppermint causes when it is inhaled or applied to the skin!

For more information on Peppermint, Lemon, and Copiaba, Check out Young Living University in the Virtual Office! Under each oil is product micro-course!

All the oils in PanAway are found in Deep Relief, however, PanAway is NOT pre-diluted, making this a very potent and powerful essential oil. PanAway has a child proof cap because of the high amount of wintergreen essential oil. Wintergreen is high in a constituent called Methyl salicylate. Methyl salicylate is used as the active ingredient in many sports creams, but usually from a synthetic source.


Smell: PanAway has a refreshing, stimulating and potent smell. The wintergreen aroma stands out more than it does in Deep Relief or Cool Azul. Some people say PanAway smells like rootbeer, this is because wintergreen is actually used to make rootbeer!

Did you know? Eugenol, the main constituent in clove, has been heavily researched for its beneficial properties.

For more information on PanAway, check out Young Living University in the Virtual Office!

Cool Azul:
Is not pre-diluted and features two Young Living exclusive oils: Dorado Azul and Plectranthus Oregano. Young Living is the only company that sells these two oils, and they are homegrown on Young Living farms! Cool Azul also has a child-proof cap because of the high amount of wintergreen essential oil.

Tea Tree
Plectranthus Oregano
Blue Cypress
Dorado Azul
German Chamomile

Smell: Cool Azul smells much sweeter than Deep Relief and PanAway. I actually like this aroma the best because it is light, but yet uplifting, invigorating and sweet.

Did you know? Grown on Young Living’s Ecuador farm, Plectranthus Oregano has similar constituents and
properties as Oregano, but it is actually in the mint (Lamiaceae) family. It was named by D. Gary Young because of its oregano-like aroma.

Haley Jensen Young Living Brittany Jacobson YL Chad Goodman YL Haley Zitting

Young Living Training and Education

Join the one and only Dr. Mike Buch as he shares more about Young Living's TESTING process from the SCIENCE pillar of the Seed to Seal program!

Please note: We apologize for the back ground noise; however, we hope you will have confidence knowing the noise is from the live TESTING taking place during the filming of this video.

Young Living Training and Education

Let's talk about the Science Pillar!!

Once we have carefully sourced our superior essential oils, we put them through a stringent testing process to ensure that every batch meets our rigorous quality standards. We also use respected, third-party labs to provide objective quality verification.

With superior essential oils and premium ingredients from our partner farms and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers, we craft effective, naturally derived formulas, avoiding potentially harmful ingredients found in many mainstream products.

Industry-leading research
While our product quality starts in the field, it’s proven in the lab. The quality for which we are known is defined by the work of our industry-leading Research team. Led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Buch, the Research team has a combined 180 years of experience, which they put to work using advanced testing processes in our state-of-the-art labs to ensure that our products meet our stringent purity and safety specifications.

Each batch of essential oil undergoes a range of tests in our multimillion-dollar lab. These tests determine whether we use or reject a given batch of essential oils.

If a sample passes testing with our Research team, it is tested again by our Quality Control team, who will pass or fail the batch, clearing it for either production or rejection. Young Living frequently rejects batches of essential oil when they are not up to our specifications.

Our extensive testing includes GCMS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry). This elementary test gives us a detailed profile of the oils to ensure that they are up to our standards on a molecular level.

In addition to the standard GCMS, our lab is also home to two in-house IRMS (Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer) testing instruments to determine whether an oil is from an organic or synthetic source.
GCMS and IRMS are just two basic tests in a battery of organoleptic, chemical, physical, and microbiological tests we use in our own labs. Other more advanced tests not often used throughout the industry include FTIR and ICP-MS.

Not only are essential oils tested in our labs, but our other offerings also undergo specific tests that determine purity and shelf life. All tests are recorded in our data library, one of the largest of its kind in the world. We have been collecting testing data for 23 years and continue to meticulously record the results of our testing.

Third-party testing
Product testing doesn’t take place exclusively in-house. We also test product samples as needed with independent, respected, and accredited labs that employ certified chemical analysts with over 300 years of combined laboratory experience. This provides reliable, objective testing data that supports our commitment to purity.

Innovative product development
We create our pure, effective formulas with the cleanest and most innovative ingredients available. We also focus on what’s not in the formulas. We’ve developed—and continuously update—a list of potentially harmful or harsh additives that may appear in mainstream products but will never be found in ours. Rest assured, our products offer all the ingredients you want while avoiding the ones you don’t want.

This list of banned ingredients is expanding. Young Living watches scientific trends and monitors new research to learn about other potentially harmful ingredients to add to our list and to formulate and reformulate our products accordingly.

This level of conscientiousness with our ingredients allows us to craft life-enhancing products that families can use with full peace of mind. Our emphasis on exhaustively testing and obsessively formulating our products gives members one less thing to worry about.

What the Science pillar promises to you
-You get pure, genuine, effective ingredients that meet our demanding scientific standards.
-You receive superior products.
-Your essential oils, products, and ingredients have passed stringent testing.
-You get the authentic products that you and your family deserve.

While our conscientious sourcing practices ensure that the Young Living products you love come from suppliers that you can trust, we’re not satisfied to leave it at that.

Our Science pillar helps verify, batch by batch, that no inferior product makes its way to your door. Not only does this pillar ensure purity and authenticity, but it also ensures efficacy and freedom from harsh, toxic ingredients.

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