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Celina Knapp. Health. Fitness. Motivation. Here to help! I'm a busy, working mom. While its totally hard to juggle work and home, I finally committed to also taking care of myself!

I'd like to help others achieve their health and fitness goals to pay it forward!


Staying at home, but keeping active in my living room...with a foster friend! Started barre blend and we are both digging it. #nogymrequired


I'm not sweating, I'm sparkling! Good day, bad day...work it out! #sweattherapy


This week I was ready and feeling pumped to start a new fitness program in the comfort of my own living room, but there were oh so many choices. I narrowed it down to two and here were the descriptions: 1) relentless functional training to achieve results you've never experienced (warning explicit language) or 2) get lean and toned with mix of ballet barre, Pilates, and cardio. Easiest decision ever...cursing the moves, but loving the language! #thework


Today I woke up late and just couldn't get out of bed... Everyone was doing their own thing so I laid there, pet this little lady purring beside me, and silently listened to birds chirping outside. At first, I felt guilty as my mind ran through the list of things I could have been doing...but then I settled in and instead chose to peacefully enjoy the moment. Choosing to live my best life given the cards we are dealt right now. I'm excited to start our group this week focused on caring for ourselves while living in our quarantine world, because frankly I miss everyone outside of my house. Let me know if you want some more info or if to join because we'd truly love to have you! I hope you are doing well... #strongertogether


Today was filled with extreme laughter and extreme tears...wrapping our brains around not returning to school this year and then walking into boobietraps around the house. Especially today, I'm so happy I kept my promise to myself to workout at the end of my work day as the endorphins were so very needed! Excited to start a new group with friends and personally tackle a new program soon! Time at stretch...and enjoy the weekend!


Not the best pic, but I don't care...no makeup, sweaty, messy hair/don't care, but energized and feeling pumped after a challenging plyo workout in my living room. Not leaving the house, I've been trying hard to find the balance between working from home, parenting, and how to take care of myself in a world full of anxiety and uncertainty...and realizing that self care is probably more important than ever to help me feel emotionally and physically well. One thing I've felt really positive about is keeping my personal commitment to keep active each day (and not feel guilty taking this time to myself)! I truly hope you are doing well...

After some friends asked, yes... I'm still doing the Beachbody thing. I'm thinking of starting a group to with a focus on taking care of ourselves. Absolutely no purchase necessary...just need to be willing to keep our friends accountable and take care of ourselves! Message me or comment if you'd be interested! ♥️


I am so excited and ready for week 1 of the next 21 days (and a little nervous)! Eek! I'm tired of waiting for it...I'm going to work for it.


Years ago I wrote this as a reminder to myself in my kitchen...just went to wipe it off and I can't! I guess the universe is trying to tell me something as I continue my journey to a healthier version of myself! To help out, a few friends and I just formed a group today to keep us accountable to help us on the way...let me know if you want in, too! #youcandoanything


Celina Knapp Health Fitness Motivation's cover photo


A few friends have asked if I'm still doing my Beachbody side gig...and the answer is yes! I just finished Shawn T's new program and am so excited to start the new 21 day fix soon, since the OG changed my outlook 6 years ago! And these little pokemon cheered me on today as I picked up my weights! But to be honest, I've always been in this Beachbody thingee for myself and to help out any friend that wanted a little support to try get healthier, too. I'm obviously not in it for money since I'm the worse salesperson ever and I'm just a stressed out working momma trying to hold it together! My workouts are about the one thing I do consistently for myself.

That being said, I've been struggling over the year to deal with stress. I'm definitely a stress eater, a social eater, AND I also eat when I'm bored, and so I've slowly piled on some unwanted pounds...so I was happy when a few friends asked if I'd start another group as we look into our summer wardrobe! Here is how it will work...we'll gather in a private online group across the month of June to encourage and hold eachother accountable. We will commit to trying to eat healthier and do something (anything!) active for 30 minutes per day. You in? Let me know and we'll do this together!


I've been busy with family getaways and I've struggled with nutrition this summer, but I'm feeling confident after just finishing day #69 in my second round of 80 day obsession. A few days of missed workouts and the dog kind of looks how I feel! I guess she worked hard or she has some amazing empathy? #80dayobsession #progressnotperfection


I wouldn't know it from the Rochester weather, but summer is right around the corner. May is almost here! Time for shorts, tank tops, summer dresses, and bathing suits. Eek! I'm looking for a few more friends to join a small challenge group of friends who want to feel a little more comfortable in their own skin this summer. Its almost May...let's get ready for summer! No cost...we all just need a little accountability and this will help everyone! Win win! Let me know if you want more details or if you simply want in!


Soooo...day 82! I can't stop counting! Fuzzy, ugly, and sweaty post-workout pic. I'm done with my first 80 days, but that's not the end of my journey! I'm still chugging away. I'm doing 21 day fix round until I figure out what to do next? I'm up for suggestions...and figure it would be fun to start a little group to help with accountability. Who is with me?


This weekend I hit day 80 of 80...I even teared up at the end of the last workout. I can't believe how far I've come after 80 days and 80 workouts. I did things that I didn't think I was strong enough to do. I pushed play even when I did not want to. I passed on some food by planning meals ahead and making better choices. I focused on myself while trying to to feel guilty about it. I lost some weight, but I truly gained so much more. I'm so happy I decided to take my first step and stuck with what I started. Better to be sore than sorry. Dream+determination=getting better! But I'm not stopping now! Where to next on this journey? I think I need some friends on the way...let me know if you are in. #80dayobsession


Day 77 of 80...trying to make healthy choices is tough. One struggle I've had is eating my daughter's leftovers and tonight she tried to share a huge, delicious chocolate chip cookie with me. I declined and she proceeded to offer me a smaller bite because it was so good. She was so sweet, but I'm proud that I turned it down. I know myself and one bite that I didn't plan for leads to other little indulgences and before long, I'm into old, unhealthy habits. Tonight I snapped a pic of the leftover cookie before I threw it away...somehow that even felt better than giving in! I'll plan my treats and I just did not need one tonight, thank you! #80dayobsession #progressnotperfection #cookiemonster


Day 75 of 80...o m g. It is already day 75 and it is crazy! I have completed 75 days of 80 day obsession and I'm totally obsessed. I am feeling proud at how much I've grown and my perseverance, but also sad that it will come to an end. But I'm not done after 80 days. It's not about the destination, but continuing the journey... #80dayobsession #progressnotperfection


Day 69 of 80...finished my 69th workout just in time for bed. It was hard focusing on my nutrition this weekend, but I did my best. It's about progress...not perfection! #80dayobsession


Day 65...I made it to day 65 and I'm feeling pretty magical. Seems like yesterday I was just trying to wrap my head around how to take the first step on this journey, but here I stand 65 days later! Dream + determination = awesomeness #80dayobsession


Day 60 of 80...I can't believe that I have completed 60 different workouts so far! It's dark and I haven't been able to maintain timing of workouts, but I have not missed one and my nutrition is so much improved. Although I'm 60 days in, this journey does not stop at 80. This is helping to build a life-long habit that will improve my health and happiness. There is no end point or else all gains will be lost, which is why yo-yo diets and fads do not work in the long-run. #80dayobsession #getbetter


Day 53 of 80...my legs are on fire with a new leg workout. I'm laughing because I had difficulty squatting to use the bathroom...I only can imagine what tomorrow will be like! #80dayobsession #squatgoals


Day 51 of 80...I just entered phase 3 with brand new workouts every day. I can't believe I've made it so far. My pants finally fit again. Yay! I feel healthier. I feel stronger. I am stronger! Let me know if you want to join me. I'm thinking about starting an accountability group soon! #80dayobsession


Day 45 of 80...I can't believe it's already day 45. Monday sets tge tone of your week. Eating to fuel myself has definitely become more of a habit rather than resorting to emotional eating. I'm trying to find other ways to reward myself instead of snacks...its so easy to fall into nad hanits, but I'm staying strong. Nothing like the endorphin rush of my b***y workout today! Never miss a Monday workout. #80dayobsession #pushplay


Day 44 of 80...I had every excuse working today. I'm sick, I'm congested, I'll do it tomorrow...but I pushed play anyway. My cardio workout was a zoo with bear crawls, flamingos, donkey kicks and frog jumps, duck walk, inchworms, and spider pushups, and I'm so happy I did it! I took it easy with breaks, but I'm still stronger than my excuses and so much stronger than when I started! I'm doing this for myself so why would I quit now? #80dayobsession #pushplay


Day 43 of 80...I am more than half way there. I thought I had a valid excuse to skip my workout after beachbody on demand said technical difficulties on my computer, but worked on my phone app. P**p! Just got to complete my legs workout after a busy day..I can't believe I'm still doing this. I'm obsessed and I'm not giving up on myself! #80dayobsession


Day 40 of 80...as I started my day, I could not believe I've already made it half way through this journey! I feel so much stronger both mentally and physically than I did 40 days ago. So happy I started! #80dayobsession #carpediem


Day 38 of 80...I sit here outside of Wegmans and think about how much stronger and confident I feel compared to when I sat here 38 days ago at the start of this journey. I wanted it and wished for it, but now I know I have to work for it. I'm obsessed! #80dayobsession


Day 37 of 80...even if the scale doesn't move, there is nothing better than finishing something that is challenging! That's how I feel after my day 37 AAA workout this evening. I'm going to be kind to myself. No negative self-talk allowed! #80dayobsession


Day 36 of 80...snuck in a workout while everyone else naps. I wanted to nap, too, but couldn't miss the guilt-free workout! I guess I'm obsessed. Being a mom, sometimes I feel guilty taking the time for myself to workout, but no worries today. #catnap #80dayobsession


Day 35 if 80...as Avery finishes her movie, I just finished Total Body Core. Not cardio, but I'm sweating and I need help getting off the floor. Luckily, it's a refeed day! Yay, extra snacks! #80dayobsession #ididitallforthecookie


Day 34 of 80...I have been obsessed for the past 34 days and I'm not perfect, but progressing! I was drenched after cardio core this morning, and then joined a friend for a piyo class this evening. Craziness! I don't know which one made me sweat more! I am only as capable of what I believe...and I'm proud of myself! You can do this, too! #80dayobsession


Day 33 of 80...conquering day 33 and I'm obsessed. On this rainy day, I finished my B***y workout and loved all the positive messages sent during it...all about positive self talk. I'm doing this because I love my body, not because I hate it. Let's get better! #80dayobsession


Day 30 of 80...I made it to day 30! I can't believe it. Just finished leg day and these stairs seem really scary! #spaghettilegs #80dayobsession


Day 29 of 80...worked my heart today with a total body core and treated myself to a yummy Valentines dinner of zucchini spaghetti and eggplant meatballs! Happy Valentines Day! #80dayobsession


Day 28 of 80...done! It's late and it's been a long day, but it's been a good one! Cardio Core phase 2 in the books and I'm heading to bed. #80dayobsession


Day 27 of 80...the cat just watched and he is tired! I'm not exactly where I want to be, but I'm closer than I was 27 days ago! No stopping me now. Nutrition on point and my first b***y day workout of phase 2 is done! #80dayobsession



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