Hair done by Amie

Colorist specializing in blonding and custom glossing, hair extensions, and haircuts.


Consulting with your client on their inspiration photos can be tricky at times.

Sometimes the photo is very similar to what the client already has, but analyze the photo. It might be the same color end goal, but the placement is different or vice versa. Always remember to put your signature to the service, because clients come to you for a reason.


Have you ever thought to your self, why does a blinding service on level 3-5 hair takes FOREVER?

As the highlighting process starts to the last foil applied, if it took me 1 hour to foil your whole head of hair, then that last foil still needs to process. Typically it takes 45-75 minutes for the hair to fully process and match the rest of your hair. This would already be 3 hours into your appointment, not counting your gloss after.

To book your blonding session today, TEXT (916)710-9559.


Sometimes all you need is a RESET!

Reset that hair, give it a rest. Let the hair recover. You don’t have to be black but it can be something more low maintenance. Because as much as I can give you all the results your hair only like so much color. Believe me I’ve put my hair THROUGH IT ALL. It’s been pushed to the limit & I even have to tell myself to stop or I’ll really have no hair. 🤦🏻‍♀️

If you haven’t yet, book your appointment for the end of 2022. We (as in you and I) want your hair look fab in 2023. TEX (916)710-9559 to book your appointment today.


Lost in all the dimensions.

If you have not yet tried the Matrix] SoColor Dream Age color for grey blending you are missing out! I’ve been dabbling into this line because I promote more grey blending to my clients, to give them a softer grow out than the traditional grey coverage which leaves a line of demarcation. It gives all the coverage I need without the hairs grow out. This line is a demi-permanent color line that will give you a more “highlight” effect with your grey hair especially if you have highlights in your hair already which will diffuse and blend in better with your hair.

To book your grey blending service today text (916)710-9559 & let’s get you started on your hair journey.



What are you thankful for?

I am thankful for the amazing opportunities my career has given me. To meet new people, to do their hair, and to see that it all shines through to my clients and their everyday life. So appreciative that you all have trusted in me and allowed me the opportunity to live my dream and make work not really work.


Do you have the right hair care products? Have you gotten your CUSTOM recommendations to care for your hair? If not, create an account on the link provided in my bio. I will send you some personal recommendations for your hair needs and concerns. Then get it shipped right to your door without even having to wait to get your hair done to get some!!

To book your best appointment as well TEXT (916)710-9559!


Tons of hair, & tons of fun.

Doing hair is not just a slap some lightener on and a gloss after. You want make sure you are taking the hair’s integrity into consideration and what the client wants as an end goal. Also their lifestyle, do they want something that they will continue to maintain on? Does your client style their hair often? Are they using the right products for after care?

All in all, you are the professional and your work speaks for itself. It is your duty to educate your clients on what will be best for them, and their hair. Not one head of hair is the same, everyone is different with different wants. So let’s go out there and create some beautiful hair but also create memories that your clients will never forget.


It’s giving just enough.

Even the most subtle looks take just as much work as the full blondes.

It’s all about placement. Making sure that the hair will blends together and connects. If not, it will look like panels of hair that don’t look right on the hair.

Do you struggle with placement? Do you have a hard time trying to imagine how it would look for the end result? Fear no more, my mentorship program will be launching soon and it give you all the real, raw, and knowledge. To get more information text (916)710-9559.


Change isn’t overnight.

As your hairdresser I always keep your hair’s health my main priority. As much as I want to give all the hair goals and you walking out looking fabulous. Sometimes you got to go through the middle stage to get to the end goal. A little warmth can’t cause any harm, but trying to push your hairs limit too far will hurt you because then you’ll end having to cut it off.

& yes we love a gorgeous blonde in the winter time too!! ❄️


Nothing wrong with a good copper?!

The hot commodity in the hair industry is COPPER HAIR! All types, there are really so many interpretations of copper hair. Something, more orange, or a bronze copper, light copper, etc.. With that being said, I am here for it all, because warmth my friend!

To book your appointment today text (916)710-9559


Did you book your holiday appointment yet?

If not, I highly recommend you do so. They are filling up fast and it definitely will suck if I don’t get to see you before the new year!! To book your appointment today (916)710-9559.


Just a good 3 month touch up…

As a stylist with specializes in dark hair going lighter, I’ve wanted to create a technique to give you the best results for your hair. As well as an amazing grow out. Eventually it will grow out and you’ll see the outgrowth more prominent but instead on every 8 weeks of a touch up. I’m giving you 3-5 months. How does that sound?

If you are interested, to book your appointment text (916)710-9559.


Can you believe that this is her hair (and a fresh 20” install)?

This client of mine wanted change and some length! She wanted to do a more lived in color and go a lot cooler than she normally does. Let’s just say what may look easy never really is.

To book your new do with color and extensions, text (916)710-9559. Holidays are coming up so let’s show out because GIRL YOU DESERVE IT!


Sometimes you just need to let things go, like the dry ends of your hair.

Have you heard the myth, if you cut your hair then it will grow fast. This is very true, dry, and split ends will prevent hair growth because it will consistently break off at the ends because there is no nutrients supporting your ends to stay bonded together. Let’s get your hair healthy and vibrant, because a good color is supported by an amazing cut.

** if you cut your hair more often(like every 3 months) the less you have to cut, the longer you go the more you cut!

To book your appointment today TEXT (916)710-9559.



Just because fall is coming doesn’t mean I stop the girls from going lighter…

Reminder!!! Please book your holiday appointment as soon as possible. The books get filled up and I don’t want you to miss your appointment slot and not have good hair for the holidays! To book your appointment text (916)710-9559..


It is giving I want to color my hair brown.

Services like these might look easy but LET ME TELL YOU, they really aren’t. Let’s do a service breakdown…

Foil work: 3.5 hours
A full platinum card weaving out all previously lightened hair

Overall custom gloss: 1.5 hours
The formula sat on for a full 20 mins. After over all gloss was applied, a root tap was put on over to give seamless blend because I did not touch her bad with lightener.

This is a returning client of mine, we did a haircut which consisted of a 1/2 inch off the ends and refreshed her layers. Gave her style, because who doesn’t love it when your hairdresser gets your hair styled right!

Product used:
Redken] flashlift 9 with bonder
Redken] shades EQ 6N+6Nch+5NW
blondifer shampoo and conditioner
1.25 long barrel curling iron
no. 6 + 7
blowdry spray


Be the change you want to see in this world…

New things are coming with . I’ve been changing things up, more education. Not just for stylists but my clients as well. Everything is in the making and it will be biggest project I have created in my career. I will be so excited to announce it when it’s all finished.


She said “my hair looks like those inspo photos on Instagram”

This client of mine has been coming to me for almost a year. We started with 3 inches of her natural and the rest was box color to her collar bone. After lots of patience and 3 sessions we are not even to her end goal yet but we are doing so good getting her there!

Box color is no joke, I can’t tell y’all the amount of time I explain to clients IT NEVER COMES OUT. It will lift, don’t get me wrong but it won’t pull out the warmth. So the best thing I do as YOUR STYLIST is to lift it as light as your hair will allow me, maintain it, and slowly but surely cut it out. Not just physically but emotionally too 😂 and mentally, because we don’t do box color here.


Fall is coming in hot, LITERALLY with this Sacramento heat.

All the blondes are loved but we can not forget the brunettes. Especially an expensive one, because she is giving!
Things coming up from Amie:
- styling take home baggies
- classes
- mentor program

So excited for all the new things coming up.


Having good hair isn’t only in the chair!

Why spend all this money on getting your hair done and not use the right stuff to keep that hair looking amazing after your service, and keeping it healthy.

If you need a CUSTOM (fit for your hair needs) hair care regimen. Hit me up at 9167109559 and let’s get that hair looking AMAZING FOR A GREAT DEAL!!


As FALL 🍁🍂 is approaching…

Who doesn’t love to go darker, majority of us do. Please be mindful that when going darker for the fall time, that most of us love to go lighter in the spring/summer time that even as a professional we can only do so much that the hair wants us too.

Don’t get me wrong, I would be that stylist that says YES! LETS DO IT!! Because I love when my clients try new things and we get to experience it together. I also explain that it’s a process to re-lighten it in the warmer season!! Buttttt if your down let’s get that hair READY FOR ALL EVENTS.


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Always trust the process!! I’ve always said to all my clients and will always say, it usually takes 2 sessions to ensure...





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