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friendly affordable service....a one at a appt only...! you matter! all clients are by appo cozy country setting..quiet..listening atmosphere... handicapped accessible.


if you dont have an appointment dont pull in ..thank will need to text my cell phone to schedule one..i'm sorry this has been a source of confusion at this time...cell 518 by appointment only!


just to clarify facts for the hours have always been by appt only..and that includes covid times. appts are minimum due to long time wearing of masks..but just to APPOINTMENT only..huge sign out front..thank you.


so those of you who know me..know i'm on a dead run all the time..however today i'm home for a while this a.m. (making sauce, yeah!) anyway..just a post to say once again..the way to reach 518-821-3015 text please is preferred..anyway a huge thank you to those of you who have hung in there w me w this covid thing..i am still very limited due to long term me wearing a w that being said , i thank those who have hung in there..if you've had to move on..i soo understand the frustration of trying to reach or not know how at the time..Renee is still doing hair! little bits.!


hi there from Renee! checking in. taking appts from my cell phone! 518-821-3015 ..thank you for your continued walk ins accepted. as has always been..(my sign outside for years lol) anyway..its a one at a time deal..please if you set up w me for a will be required to wait in your car..i will bring out paperwork for you to read and sign..and you must go straight to either the sink or cutting chair..where you will go from one to the other depending on what you will pay for your service from your chair..thank you for your cooperation ! have a great day...appts will be at different times than what you may be used I am just by appointment only..thank you. pricing will go up approx. 20%. thank you for understanding in advance..i have been doing hair at the salon a long time and have never raised my rates.....have a great day! message me if you have any questions or concerns! hugs to all of you and I pray you are all safe, happy and smiling!

Hair Salons May Not Be Using Blow-Dryers When They Reopen 05/20/2020

Hair Salons May Not Be Using Blow-Dryers When They Reopen

yep lots leaving wet after their haircuts!

Hair Salons May Not Be Using Blow-Dryers When They Reopen Ask people where they intend to go first when social distancing measures are lifted and many of them are likely to mention the hair salon. Barred from getting their regular haircuts, a lot of people...


just a shout out to all my clientele who have fb access..i am hopeful that as I am listed as a phase 2..that we will begin to get back to work soon..hang in there folks have no idea how much I wish i'd never been shut down..i know the value of when you look good you feel good..and the value of our lets think positive and those who pray keep praying..w the other counties beginning to open up this is a great sign! we must have hope! I have always been very careful do keep everyone clean, sanitary and safe as we learn all that in beauty school anyway! so a few things will be a tad walk in traffic at all..and temp given when you are at the door..and of course face mask..i realize this will be tough..but I also realize this wont be forever..hugs to all of you. stay safe..hang in there and I pray for each and every one of you that you are safe healthy and i'm sorry for each of you have who been affected in very personal ways w this covid virus..if you message me I will take phone numbers to contact you when I get going to have the schedule set up in advance..thank you for your continued patronage..i soo miss you... and when the time comes to reopen there will be no new clients taken..i will be catching up on my existing clients til they are all caught up on schedule..i also hope some of you realize that whatever work you have done to yourselves may either be not soo good and may require extra time for your appt..we will get thru this..!


so Renee Jean clientele how you all doing ? are you going stir crazy w your hair..i have heard from some of you're brave post a pic of what you're looking like or send me one in a message..


Happy Easter to the Renee Jean Clientele out there..praying you're all safe and staying healthy!


hello all! praying you're all ok...hugs!


social distancing til april are you all doing w your hair..perhaps a great time to grow it out..? continues...! I love and miss my profession and my clientele!


a shout out to all my clientele..hoping you're all doing great! what am i doing?..getting more education on line as you all know i'm a learning freak! and as we know i have more time..esp during snowstorms! feel free to respond w a photos are necessary lol...


Good morning everyone as much as I hate to do this our Ethics Committee was chatting last night and we decided that for the safety of all I am closing the doors for 14 days I will be updating as soon as we know more about this pandemic thank you in advance for understanding


The Renee Jean salon would like to extend prayers and positive thoughts to all clientele and their families during this difficult time for the country.. I am. Like always insisting if you don't feel well to cancel.. And not to make unnecessary stop to the salon.. I.. Now more than ever will be trying to schedule one at a time w a few minutes in between for further sanitizing procedures in between clients. Thank you for your cooperation and should you feel safer to wait till this time is a memory.. I totally understand! Thank you everyone!


ahh...Winter! time to reflect inside and get in touch w our inner selves...enjoy your time to reflect and to also look forward ...smiles to all... a reminder if its stormy and icey the salon will probably be closed or ..close early..always good to check! thank you!


extending holiday cheer to all my clientele! I would not be the salon without my wonderful clients to serve! thank you and my God Bless each and every one of you!


hey a huge thank you to all who come to sit in the chair so I can play!!! your visits bring ideas.., thoughts, feelings and life events..thank you to all who share...hugs!


so the salon is now reopened today after Renee Jean's vaca..please allow a week or two to get in..As my clients have filled the week before and the week after my vacation...i will try to get back with all messages within a few days...thank you! if you can not wait..i understand completely!!


so as usual..the salon will be closed Saturday in observance of labor day weekend..


thank you to all who responded to my question! and for those of us who didn't grow up w dry shampoo thank the young ladies who shared oh yes..use dry has become a great way to absorb the oils of the scalp between shampoo and leave hair smelling fresh!
I personally wash my hair once a week for the most part..though if there is an occasion ..I will style accordingly! otherwise i'm famous for my "hat" I grow out my

08/25/2019 how often should one wash their hair..well..there are goes..we have oil in our scalp and that oil is highly beneficial to our health of our hair..if you're young..your scalp may be much more oilier than as you age..w that being said..once or twice a week should suffice..if you wash tooo frequently you are taking out your natural oils..if you must feel the "clean" you must put a "moisture" back in..and "dirty" your hair back up..w a conditioner and styling product if you do style..and there is validity to the 100 strokes of a hairbrush at want to stimulate your scalp..if you have super curly hair just brush thoroughly before you shampoo or you'll look like a fuzz ball..!!!


so a question to all: how often do you wash your hair?


ahhh so yesterday , and it does happen in life..people doo happens . I get it..but alas someone w a 2 hr appt slot didn't show policy for this? Charge them they I don't do that..i'm understanding enough to know people forget..things happen..and if you charge them they'll prob get that doesn't heres the deal..3 times and youre out..thats my policy..and if you did miss your may not get in for a long time..esp if you did have a 2 hr slot..just for info purposes ..thank you for your understanding..mind you..i don't mind , except that other people who want and need services don't get in..and then theres a surprise 2 hr slot..please try and organize your life so you don't forget..and as always we stylists love it when people are on time or early...thank you! if you' are more than 15 min lose your spot..the people after you shouldn't have to be respectful of other peoples times..thank you.


this beautiful her hair!


ahhhhh Spring!


ahh another storm out of the way..spring is surely gonna get here sooner or later! time to get ready for it! smile..and enjoy where you are right now!


as storm predictions approach...some of you may not know my protocol..if it snows before i'm open..i stay closed til my wonderful husband can plow and clean it up..if it snows while i'm there...I finish up and go home ..but always feel free to check if you do have an appt that make sure. and if you do miss one..please be patient as the coming days may be filled w others who have appointments. thank you! so far I've been super lucky not having to close for snow except that day in November! and then I came in later! so its all good!


the Renee Jean Salon wishes each and every client a very merry Happy Safe holiday!!!


Renee Jean would like to tell all her clients how thankful she is that you all choose her for your hair needs..! thank you to each and every one.! you all make being in business fun!!!


with flu season here and coughs and colds..if you are sick..please reschedule..i do not want to send anyone out the door ...thank you in advance..please don't share your germs with anyone..i'm hearing of more and more people getting getting your hair done is not..i repeat emergency...i'm sure you can all understand..and I pray to GOD I never have to ask anyone to leave


The salon is on vacation and will be reopening on Wednesday..this week is full due to being on vacation and will be booking into the coming weeks..thank you in advance for your cooperation!


so how does Renee Jean handle no show or late appointments? saw this in my education for this morning so I thought i'd address it..first of all everyone gets a pass..if you have an emergency or you forget..we are prepared if you are late..over 15 min that you will be rescheduled, if you fail to show up 3 times in a row, I will not book you again. I feel I can always save my legs and use a rest..but there are people who would love your time if you don't or cant make it..thank you for understanding..lateness is rude..get your act together..leave earlier..i'm sure no one means to be I get it..its just that everyone else gets delayed due to those who cant be on time..punctuality is important.. and I will also add..if you're in a bad mood..please reschedule , no one needs to share the stormclouds..if you feel inclined to spew raindrops over everyone see your a great day everyone..!


timing is everything..was able to help someone out yesterday and that made me and her very happy indeed! yeah!


Renee Jean salon vaca coming up end of September so spots have been filling quick..please expect some delays in getting in...thank you.





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