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Working as a hairstylist Kate Ambers loves connecting with people in the intimate environment of the salon. She focuses on not only creating great hair but also great relationships. Kate has been in the industry since she was sixteen years old. Starting as a salon receptionist, she continued her education to become a stylist and an educator. Having so many years in the industry has taught her that it's not just about hair, it's about the salon experience as a whole. She treats each guest in her chair as a long time friend and works hard to listen to their needs and desires to create a customized hairstyle that suits each individual in a fun and colorful environment. Thanks to her one-of-a-kind approach to creating a personal experience with each client, Kate Ambers has become one of the most popular stylists in Sacramento! Deeda Salon 1734 34th Street Sacramento, CA (916) 456-0600


As we celebrate #PrideMonth, let us remember that Pride started as a protest. The riots at Stonewall Inn created positive change for our LGBT community. At this moment, we must ACKNOWLEDGE the inequality in our world even when it makes you uncomfortable to look at or talk about. It is OUR responsibility to create change for our next generations to come as it has been done for us. There are many ways to create change. CHANGE can be made by having daily conversations, stepping out of your comfort zone, getting to know people who are different than you, speaking up for one another, holding each other accountable, and treating those around you as an EQUAL. Because the only thing that truly sets us apart from each other is how we THINK and ACT.

Thank you to those who spoke up, stepped forward, and fought for the freedoms I gratefully exercise today. I wish I had the amount of courage as you and I will try my very best in doing my part in creating change and working towards a better world for tomorrow!⁠
#MarshaPJohnson #SylviaRivera ⁠

#pride #blacklivesmatter #gay #createchange #lgbtqia+ #justice #pridemonth #equality #freedom #solidarity #love #onelove #change #abettertomorrow @ Planet Earth

Thank you Matt for changing my life, my sexuality, the way I look at things, how I communicate, the way I see and accept love and for teaching me how to receive. You constantly push me to grow consciously and heart-open. I am madly in love with you and I am the luckiest woman in the world. Happy anniversary baby! I have loved every minute of it of this last year! Can’t wait for the rest of them!

#oneyear #5/26 #unicorn #sentar #bestfriends #since98 @ Burney Falls

This last weekend was my birthday which meant I got to hear from some of my closest friends all in the same week. It was so incredible to hear how everyone else has been navigating through their own experiences while in quarantine. ⁠

What was even more beautiful - was despite their own challenges, I still received so much love and encouragement from each and everyone one of them. I know I say this all the time, but goddamn, I am so blessed to have such incredible humans around me! My mom and my girlfriends are such badass boss babes who are just killing it despite what has been thrown at them these last two months. ⁠

I see them managing so much around them and inside and out. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I see them working on their hustle just as much as they are working on themselves. I would not be the strong and powerful woman I am today without YOU LADIES. I truly believe that as women, we ARE so much more POWERFUL when we EMPOWER each other.⁠

**I also want to make a note that my MALE friends (and BF!) have been killing it just as much! I believe that it is very important to break the habits of putting down others whether male or female to get ahead or feel "better" about one’s self. 1. That never makes you feel any better and 2. That leaves no room for growth. So, empower your females and empower the males in your life. Game recognize game. Hustle recognize hustle. We are all just trying to make sense of this crazy-ass world we live in and it helps when you have someone high-fiving you along the way! ⁠

I also got a little crazy with the quotes. I liked them all too much to just pick one. 😂⁠
#womenempoweringwomen #love #empowerment #thankyou #friendship #respect #honor #peace #higherself #shedyourego @ Love



MY COVID-19 VIDEO UPDATE! - https://mailchi.mp/kateambershair.com/how-you-can-support-my-business-during-covid-19-and-save-big-2712449

mailchi.mp Here's the latest! Hey there y'all! I miss you! I wanted to make a video to share with you the latest updates with me and the salon. Click the link below to see what I've been up to!

I miss my girl band! 😭@birdandbullsalon Having worked side-by-side with these hilarious, wise, empowering, conscious and grounded women has been so incredible and I miss it so much. I miss receiving your love and encouragement on a weekly basis and not having it has made me appreciate you each that much more. I am so lucky to be a part of such a wonderful family. Thank god for zoom and group chats! I can’t wait to get back the band back together and play our favorite hits (aka fart jokes)! 😂 Love you boss babes! @leahnakatahair @hollylhoward @elisemiarri
#birdandbullsalon #thepigeonandthemoose #fartjokes #friendship #hairdressers #bossbabes #girlband #coronacantbreakusup #love @ Bird and Bull

It’s been four weeks since I have been behind the chair. Never have I gone this long without doing hair. It’s taught me a lot about myself and what it is that I really do. All the ways my “job” actually fulfills me. Great conversation, community, physicical touch, inspiration, connection, love, friendship, goofiness! Not knowing when I’ll return adds another level of thoughts and emotions but today, I am simply filled with gratitude. I have been so blessed these last ten years and I am grateful to have so many wonderful faces that I soooooo look forward to seeing and connecting with once this is over! HUGS- all the hugs! 🥰🥰🥰 PS-isn’t @neuaura a babe?! Thanks my love for always inspiring me to grow! I couldn’t pick a better human to represent “gratitude” more than you! 😘😘😘
#kateambershair #hairdresser #conscioushairdresser #sacramentohairstylist #sacramentosalon #blonde #foilayage #highlights #newwash #whittemorehousehairpaint #lobhaircut


Help your hair during COVID-19!!!

Help your hair during COVID-19!!! - https://mailchi.mp/kateambershair.com/how-you-can-support-my-business-during-covid-19-and-save-big-2679165

mailchi.mp How to keep up with your hair while isolating! I know we are all suffering while practicing social distancing and so is our HAIR! I have created a webpage offering a few tips on how you can help those locks while social distancing.


How you can support my business during COVID-19 and SAVE BIG! $

How you can support my business during COVID-19 and SAVE BIG! $ - https://mailchi.mp/kateambershair.com/how-you-can-support-my-business-during-covid-19-and-save-big

mailchi.mp Thanks for the support! I have received a ton of texts and emails asking how you can support my business during the COVID-19 shutdown. Man, am I blessed? I would like to thank you all for the massive amount of love and support you have given me, not only during this time but over the last ten years...

Help support my business! • So I’m obsessed with Olaplex’s take-home regimen! The results are incredible!
Now, I try to be as all natural as much as possible but for those of you who don’t mind it not being all-natural then this is a product just for you!
OLAPLEX works to rebuild broken bonds from within repairing, protecting, and strengthening hair. Turn dry, brittle, and damaged hair into silky, smooth, vibrant hair with OLAPLEX.
You can purchase it through my affiliate link and help my small business during this crazy time. Click the link in my bio and get yourself some beautiful results!
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First day in our new home. I am so grateful for you @matt13022 for keeping me so grounded during this time. Probably the craziest time to decide to move but the best time to expand energetically and spiritually. There is no one else in the world I’d rather be stuck home with. I love you more than anything. 🥂 to new beginnings.
#expandyourmind #meditate #manifest #expandingconsciousness #growyourvessel #helpingothersgrow #love #bestfriends #coolestdorkiknow #since98 @ California


Covid-19 - Kate Ambers Hair - salon closed until further notice.

Covid-19 - Kate Ambers Hair - salon closed until further notice. - https://mailchi.mp/515b7c141668/covid-19-kate-ambers-hair-salon-closed-until-further-notice

mailchi.mp Hello, my beautiful humans, Both Bird and Bull and I are taking Coronavirus (Covid-19) very seriously to minimize further spreading of the highly contagious virus.  We have decided to close our doors for the next couple of weeks as suggested by Sacramento officials.  I will be rescheduling those o...

Two years later! 🙄🐌
I want that mermaid hair tho.... @ Auction House Market

Brunette to Blonde!
New year, new hair! Thanks @valhallapwr for always encouraging change! It’s been a fun hair journey taking you blonde!
#transformation #haircolor #hairstylist #sacramentohairstylist #sacramentosalon #conscioushairdresser #blonde #hairpainting #balayage @ Bird and Bull

The truth is despite all the fun posts of how this last weekend went, despite how I wanted it to go, it was not as pretty as it looked on social media. There were parts that hurt and parts that felt incredible. At times it felt traumatic and other times celebratory. It was a complete roller coaster of emotions. Instagram always shows the highlights of everybody’s life and as much as this trip had some great highlights, it was not an easy trip. I want to remain as authentic as possible on social media so I’m not here to be negative, I’m here to be real. Although this trip had many ups and downs, I realized I have some pretty thick skin and I’m more proud of myself than ever. I am so incredibly grateful for @matt13022, who is a goddamn champ and powered through the weekend despite his own challenges to love and support me and my dream. I don’t always like the shadow side, but I can appreciate it’s lessons. #magic

I am so grateful to be here at @sallyrogersons #thrivesessionsphoenix!!! Thank you sally for having me, thank you @euripidites for creating the relationship and opportunity! @souldresserretreats is my pride and joy and I am very excited to share wellness and healing with others!

“I likes the roots” she said 8 weeks after her last bleach touch up... so I did a heavy weave around the hairline and crown, color melted her base, and boom: magic!
#kateambershair #hair #haircolorist #sacramentohairstylist #sacramentosalon #blondehair #dimensionalblonde #pretty #hairdresser #conscioushairdresser @ Bird and Bull

Me trying to pretend it’s warm outside... ☀️
I mean Target is selling bathing suits already so I might as well jump on the summer train right? 😂

“We’re all just walking each other home” @babaramdass 🙌🏽 Thank you for your guidance.

🍯 Warming up for the holidays. @lilyan88 hasn’t colored her hair in over a year and it was definitely time for some fun! I gave her some warm highlights to brighten up her skin and energy! Now she is more than ready for the holidays with her new hair! 💁🏽‍♀️
#kateambershair #sacramentohairstylist #sacramentosalon #hair #hairpaintjng #whittemorehousehairpaint #haircolorist #conscioushairdresser #conscioushaircoloring #balayage #brunette #girl #pretty #prettyhair

I just heard @iamlpofficial on the radio! Growing up queer and struggling with society’s labels on sexuality, I looked to those in higher places who stood up for what they believed in. Celebrities, teachers, mentors, friends, and family. Thanks to a dear friend of mine I was introduced to LPs music and connected with it instantly. I have seen her live and she is a true pioneer not only for the LGBT community, but for women, and for musicians alike. Seeing a queer musician hit the top of the charts in music is so incredible to witness and I am so happy that I am alive during this time to see proof that change is possible and is happening as we speak. Years ago, before prop 8, I didn’t think I would be able to get married because at the time I was engaged to a female and it was not legal. I know we have much more growing to do as a society but damn we have come far in a short amount of time. I am grateful to live in this time of positive change. Despite all the negativity, I truly believe we are raising the conscious collective and moving towards love and acceptance, slowly but surely. Thanks LP for breaking the norm and doing what you believe in! I honor your courage and journey.

To off my fellow experiencers: come to Bali with me! Souldresser Retreats is a way to open your heart and see the world! We gather to connect grow! To let go of the bullsh*t and create space for happiness. Check out @souldresserretreats and come with me to Bali and change your life!
#bali #souldresserretreats #retreat

Writing my gratitude list as we move into this full moon energy! 🌝 Grateful for all that 2019 has brought and taught me. 🙌🏽Looking forward to what’s next in 2020!

If you know me, then you know this 👆🏽.
Friends, clients and family ALL have to deal with my powerful energy. I don’t settle in life. I am constantly raising myself to a higher standard and vibration, and I challenge those around me to as well. To live heart open, to let things go, and to cut that in which no longer serves them. I have encouraged people to love themselves more, to leave those who don’t love them, leave jobs that aren’t serving them, step out of their comfort zones, get real with their truth, and to go after what makes them happy. Some people don’t like this and can’t handle it. I make them uncomfortable, but that is my soul’s purpose. To encourage others to live to their highest potential. That means making others uncomfortable. I do it from my heart and only from my fullest expression of myself. I see the candle inside your heart and I want to light it. Sometimes the new heat is too much, but I’m willing to take the risk of that means it gets you one step closer to happiness because I know you’re worth it and that anything is possible!

Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I moved to @birdandbullsalon! It’s been a wonderful year filled with personal growth, fart jokes, bird and bull puns, and a whole lot of snacks! So grateful for my B&B posse, you ladies keep me motivated, inspired, and grounded! Thank you for an awesome year! I’m looking forward to this next one. Elevate! 🥂
#anniversary #birdandbullsalon #kateambershair #sacramentosalon #salon #oneyear #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment #bossbitches #bossbabes #birdandbulk #thepigeonandthemoose #birdandbabes #fartjokesfordays

• T R A V E L •
For so long I didn’t think I could afford to travel, or pause my business behind the chair and take time off. I would be so envious anytime someone would tell me about their trips to far off places. Then, on my 30th birthday I woke up and said “I’m not settling anymore!” I ripped up the list in my head of all the reasons why I could never travel and re-wrote a new list of all the reasons why I COULD.

Three years later, I have been to five different countries around the world and I don’t plan on stopping. I created a business that encourages other people to travel because I believe it is so imperative for self-growth.

If YOU have some old limiting beliefs around travel, let’s squash them! You deserve to explore the world and add to your own self-growth recipe. I’m here to tell you it’s NOT too expensive, you CAN take time off work and you WILL learn new parts of you that you just can’t learn staying at home. So, go somewhere new. It doesn’t have to be across the world just somewhere you haven’t been before.

You’re worth it! 💜 @ Barcelona, Spain

Get low! Tia was feeling a bit bright and one-tone from summer. So we gave her lowlights and a some color melting to add dimension and sass! Wish you could have seen her walk out! ⚡️⚡️⚡️
#kateambershair #blondehair #colormelt #dimensionalblonde #rootsmudge #hair #haircolor #haircolorist #sacramentosalon #sacramentohairstylist #consciouscolor

Keeping a promise to myself. I left Spain early to come home and work on my passion @souldresserretreats, and I need to make sure I am giving it my ALL. Thank you @matt13022 for being my rock and supporting me through the whole thing! Leveling-up is not easy but it’s much more fun with you along side me! #burnyourboat 🔥 #levelup #entrepreneur #souldresserretreats #openheart #love

Happy birthday to this hottie! Thanks for letting me prep you for your special day. Now go out there and share your light ya quaaaayn! 👑

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