Body Maintenance

A healthy body leads to healthy mind.

Body Maintenance offers professional, therapeutic massage services that are focused on the well-being of its clients. The owner, Toni Ngo, is a certified massage therapist with over 10 years experience in the industry. Toni is a long-time fitness enthusiast, whose knowledge encompasses personal training, body mechanics, and proper nutrition. Individual sessions may be booked by telephoning 916.392.8883 (business) or 916.538.0312 (mobile). The rate is $60.00 per session, which normally lasts over an hour.

[06/19/13]   Going in deep!

Sessions available.

Heavy footfalls, tightened muscles, achy joints . . . when was the last time you went for a little Body Maintenance?

Body Maintenance

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Massage is a form of relaxation and rejuvenation. It is a time when our hectic, fast-paced lifestyle should give way to bodily bliss. Do we allow ourselves this escape or do we instead worry what we may be missing in the digital world?

My question is this, how long could you sustain a period of total digital disconnection?

What 2000 Calories Looks Like

This short video puts things in perspective for us.

This is what 2000 calories looks like. This is what 200 calories looks like: Music: http://sound...

The Lowdown on High-Intensity Interval Training

Time and again, researchers are finding that the best way to lose fat, while increasing mass, is through high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

In one of the latest published studies, scientists determined that HIIT for 60 minutes a week burns the same amount of visceral fat and adipose tissue as jogging 7 hours a week. This study is remarkable in the sense that it offers specific data for us to work with.

"We've been searching for about 10 years for the minimum amount of exercise you can do with the biggest health impact factor," said Dr. Steve Boucher, an exercise physiologist and lead researcher with the study. Study participants sprinted on an exercise bike for 8 seconds, followed by 12 seconds of slow peddling. This yo-yoing of your heart rate should be done for 20 minutes a session. What this translates to is 8 minutes of working hard, in a 20 minute session, three times a week. Not too daunting, right?

Now, on to the scientific explanation behind the training. When moving limbs during exercise, your body releases a specific group of hormones called catecholamines, which are contributors to fat loss. Higher levels of catecholamines are released when you move your limbs faster. The other thing to note is that sprinting for 8 seconds has the effect of elevating your heart rate, while keeping lactic acid buildup to a minimum.

Now that there is a gauge for exercise efficiency, why not set aside the time to break the occasional sweat. The formula is 8-20-3 (8 minutes of working hard in a 20 minute session, 3 times a week). The result is a healthier you!


One term I found intriguing today was "Productivity Catalyst." Simply put, it is an action or routine that you follow prior to working. For many, java time is the catalyst of choice. To others, invigorating exercise fits the bill. What about massage? Many corporate environments offer it as a perk to their employees. Countless studies have shown that massage has a positive effect on both health and productivity. Absenteeism tends to drop, while employee morale increases.

Do you really need a corporate bigwig to decide that massage is right for you? Take the initiative and make massage your newest productivity catalyst. With that said, Body Maintenance welcomes the opportunity to be your partner in the workplace.

Are illness and exercise a Molotov cocktail for the body? Not always . . . read on.;_ylt=A2KJNF.7cxlRSmMATnfQtDMD


Physical fitness and emotional fitness are an inseparable lot. The relative state of one is a trigger for the other. If you are truly desirous of achieving health, in every sense of the word, learn to listen to life’s subtle cues and embrace change.

Our psychological well-being should be the starting point. If you share the belief that “what your mind sees, your body will achieve,” then the nexus to health is in place. Follow these simple suggestions to keep your stress at bay.

1) Identify the environments, individuals, and situations that bring stress into your life. Limit your exposure whenever practical.

2) Recognize that stress, although inescapable, is quite manageable. We need a certain amount of stress in order to more readily appreciate the accomplishments that come from challenges.

3) Learn to communicate! Our thoughts and feelings should not reach a fever pitch, only to spill forth uncontrollably and dramatically. Communicate your distress early and practice compassion, calmness, and respect with those you speak to.

4) Accentuate the positive in your life, while eliminating the negative. This is a mindset that many find difficult to adopt. It takes effort, no doubt, but will provide peace and vitality in the long run.

5) Take a mental break. Mentally distance yourself from the rigors of the workplace, for 10 minutes or so, by involving your mind and body in other activities. Walk the stairs in your building or read those inspirational quotes you have posted in your cubicle. You will likely return to your duties feeling refreshed.

6) Provide structure in your household and follow routines that aid in time management. We thrive in situations where there is neatness and organization, proper planning and follow through, predictability and stability. Chaos often comes from a fundamental lack of direction or acting without sound purpose.

7) Set attainable and measurable goals. Be realistic in order to be fulfilled.

We can enhance your psychological well-being through the healing art of massage. Your journey to optimal health is not one that you must walk alone. Body Maintenance is by your side.

Knots have your body in a bind? Let Body Maintenance restore the integrity of your muscles, while contributing to the wellness you deserve.

"Massage is a self-indulgent luxury."

While this may seem true, such thoughts tend to dismiss the therapeutic or restorative nature behind massage.

Life presents us with many challenges, physical and otherwise. In turn, these challenges take a gradual and debilitating toll on us, absent any form of relief. How our bodies respond in times of stress is what you need to be mindful of.

If optimal health is what you seek, then massage therapy becomes more necessity than luxury. Adopt this mindset for yourself. Give your body the attention it deserves in order to function at its best. You will find that it is money well spent.

Which one of these ladies is the face behind Body Maintenance?

Come and meet the staff at TNT Beauty Salon! Check your local ad for discounts.

GymPact Anywhere Uses Your iPhone to Track Your Activity, Lets You Log Workouts Anywhere

"Incentivize your exercise!"

More news on GymPact, the app that pays you to workout. iOS: GymPact is a great way to put your money where your commitment to fitness is, but until now, you've had to go to a gym or fitness center on their list for your workouts to count.

A healthy mind and body is not without sacrifice. While one's fitness potential may be a relative mystery, the regret, born from bodily neglect, is an inescapable certainty.

Unleash your fitness potential now!

We believe that health is the venerable offspring of strong will and passionate care. Do not overlook the latter. Therapeutic massage treatments are one way to give your body the care it deserves. It is what Body Maintenance brings to the table. The strong will is up to you!

The Skinny on Obesity (Ep. 3): Hunger and Hormones- A Vicious Cycle

Insulin . . . the enemy within.

(Visit: Sugar impacts the brain just as much as the waistline. In this episode, Dr. Robert Lustig explains the biochem...

We are nearly a month into our New Year's resolutions. How are you doing with yours?

The California Department of Public Health recently cited a 5.4% incidence of "influenza-like illness," as reported by health care providers. This percentage is above the epidemic threshold of 4.5%.

Influenza typically peaks during late December to early February. Flu shots continue to offered. Ways to control the spread of influenza include washing your hands frequently with warm soap and water, coughing into a sleeve or tissue, limiting your exposure to others who may be ill, and staying home if you become stricken.

As for the gym, sanitize the equipment with each use, bring a fresh towel to each workout, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with your hands (thus, the towel), and wash your hands well before you leave.


Google+ is emerging as a leading global, social platform. Recently published statistics show that Google+ usage exceeds that of Twitter!

For those with business pages, it may be worthwhile to engage audiences in an alternate social stream. Read the statistics and decide for yourself if Google+ is the answer. The most detailed study of social media ever conducted

“What your mind sees, your body can achieve.”

Although there have been many adaptations of this quote, a common theme exists, one of mental fortitude. In weakened states, we tend to grant undeserving life to an abstract behemoth that stands in the way of our accomplishments. While seemingly imposing, you can render this behemoth quite small with positive imaginings.

Do recent weight gains have you tottering on feelings of insecurity? Rather than dwell on what you see in the mirror, SEE the body you desire and ENVISION ways to transform yourself. This moment of reflection, however, must be met with at least one overt act on your part.

While lounging on your couch this afternoon, begin with a vision of yourself, fit and lean, sweating during an intense workout. What is the one overt act that should follow this thought? STAND! With thought and initial act aside, continue with further acts that keep you moving forward. Change into your gym clothes, grab your car keys, rev up that engine, and GO! When you can learn to make this simple mindset a practice, then your fortitude and figure will develop in ways for others to admire.

What you see in this photograph is well within your reach! At age 47 and 42 respectively, this mindset of seeing and achieving has served us well. We did not amass a library of training books and DVD sets, nor purchase the latest exercise gadgets from infomercials, to notice results. Sound knowledge and discipline, which are free, were our aids.

Body Maintenance reminds you that proper diet, exercise, and rest are the formula to a healthier you! Rest is your body’s lone way to recover from the rigors in life. Our individualized massage therapy sessions are designed to enhance the recovery process, in turn, helping you maintain that beautiful body of yours.

CHEST & CORE CHALLENGE - Even you can perform these push-ups with proper guidance and training!

The suspended push-up makes for an excellent finishing movement when training your chest. It will also have your core screaming for more! Essentially, there are three elements to this exercise that affect the degree of difficulty: strap elevation, strap utilization, and body positioning.

In this video demonstration, the subject is performing the suspended push-ups with only three straps. The left leg is not supported. This forces the subject to use his core muscles to stabilize and balance his entire body, as the unsupported leg generally maintains the same plane as the supported one. A more challenging variation is to bend the unsupported leg, at the knee, to touch the opposing leg.

Those who are new to suspension training should begin the exercise at low elevation, with both hands gripping straps, and the balls of the feet in contact with the ground. There is the kneeling variety as well. As your strength, balance, and conditioning increase, you can raise the elevation, utilize 4 straps for total body suspension, progress to three strap suspension, and incorporate other movements such as knee-ups. Regardless of the exercise you choose, remember to tighten or draw in your abdominal muscles to increase your core strength.

If you are motivated by physical challenges, let your body weight and gravity begin working for you in ways that defy traditional forms of resistance training.


Juan Ponce De León embarked on his well-known odyssey in the early 16th century. World history teaches us that this Spanish explorer was in search of the fabled Fountain of Youth. Oral and written traditions, dating back thousands of years, speak of the restorative powers of the water. What the traditions failed to do was conclusively identify the place where the fountain may be found. Whether true or romanticized, Ponce De León’s odyssey often serves as a symbol for longevity.

It may be said that Ponce De León was chasing a mystical element in a mythical land. We are here to tell you that the Fountain of Youth is not mere legend. We have found it!

What would you give to take one sip of this knowledge? Are you willing to wholly dedicate yourself to the pursuit of vitality and youthfulness, much like De León? Esoteric language aside, the fountain is in our neighborhood and yours. It is hallowed ground, where metal contraptions, cables, belts, mats, and cast iron objects litter the landscape. We speak of the gym, where sweat represents the water we seek.

One’s dedication does not rest in the gym alone. Youthfulness is also reliant on the dietary choices we make, the ways we manage stress, the massage therapy we undergo, and the rest we give our bodies. All carry the restorative powers that the water from the Fountain of Youth is said to impart.

Body Maintenance is pleased to lend a hand in your health odyssey. There is no need to search long and far. Discover what therapeutic massage can do for you and your longevity.

Adversity need not be the mental juggernaut that leads to repeated self-defeat. Adversity is merely a test of will that, if solved by dynamic and resolute means, leaves us far stronger in the end.

Make this your mindset in health and life! Body Maintenance stands ready to be your partner in wellness!

Tension is the chain that binds you. Massage is the key to unwind you.

Liberate your body now with the help of Body Maintenance!
(916) 538-0312

Massage therapy and proper rest are formidable allies when it comes to your health. They serve to rejuvenate both mind and body.

Body Maintenance will always be attentive to your massage therapy needs. Contact us at (916) 538-0312 to schedule your next session.

An informative article on sleep positioning follows.

This Gadget Sucks Food Out of Your Stomach After You Eat

A rather unsettling alternative to diet and exercise. A new weight-loss gadget, AspireAssist, uses a valve to pump food out of your stomach after you eat.

Interesting ….

I remember well my days as a long distance runner. Mile upon mile, hour upon hour, building up my endurance to be competitive come race time. All that training takes a heavy toll on your body. Even the best footwear cannot fully absorb the heavy pounding that comes with each footfall.

Aside from stretching, I found salvation in two forms of treatment; namely, ice baths and deep tissue massage. It was not uncommon for me to schedule massage sessions two times per week. The physical rigors of training demanded it. My performance depended on it!

On race day, as I crossed the finish line, I was reminded of what helped me achieve my personal best . . . mountains of ice and massage therapy.

Body Maintenance is dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Schedule your next massage session with us.

According to recently published statistics, 70% of the American population is overweight. The encouraging thing to note is that within every one of us is a healthy body waiting to emerge! With certain dietary changes, regular exercise, and the discipline to succeed, we can shape our lives in ways to reverse this growing trend.

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