Divine Healing/ Bonnie Bunnell

Divine Healing/  Bonnie Bunnell


I had my 1st Reiki session today...following I feel more relaxed and more at peace with traumatic things in my life. Like I have more control...
Where are you located ??
This place is amazing. 😊Bonnie care for you like you are her family.
Thankyou @Divine Healing/ Bonnie Bunnell for having me at your grand opening today!! 💚

Angel readings, Zyto Health Scan, Ionic Foot Detox, Reiki ,Animal Reiki, Hypnosis, Healy quantum scans, Crystal Biomats, Red light Therapy, Shiatsu Foot massage, acupressure, Religious gifts, books,Sleep devices, jewelry crystals/stones/ essential oils.

Natural Holistic Products for overall Wellness and Therapies to stimulate Natural Healing of Mind, Body, Soul

Operating as usual


Bonnie and Jen both have available openings on Tuesday Nov. 23rd- Readings, Reiki, Foot detoxes, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression.
Please reach out to book prior to the Holiday. We will be Closed Wed. 24th Thurs 25th. for Thanksgiving.


Angel therapy cards -pick a card between #1-44. Come join our LIVE..
If you feel in your heart to donate
Cash app. $Divinepay

[11/09/21]   Bonnie will not be in the store this week-taking some much needed time off to get things done. I still will be doing Readings ,
Messages from Heaven, Distance Reiki via phone.
Private message me for availability. Thx


This is a fantastic way for people to experience Reiki at a discounted price. Both Grand Reiki Masters Bonnie and Jen will be actively present during this 1 hr. Session.
Dates to choose from:
1.)Thursday Nov. 4th 6-7 pm.
2.) Friday Nov. 5th 1-2 pm
3.) Saturday Nov. 6th 4-5 pm
* private message if you are interested in joining our group session
* must prepay to reserve your seat
* you may participate from a distance, Details to follow.
Join us in "Rejuvenation of your Soul"


🎉Wednesday November 3rd!
❤️ Take some you time with this AMAZING offer!
🌟15 Minute Card Reading
🌟30 Minute Bio Mat
🌟20 Minute Face Repair Mask
ALL for✨ $50.00!!✨
Book your appointment today!

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Bonnie is taking a few more people for over the phone reading on 11/01(Monday). Private message me interested. Readings for guidance, love/relationships,
health, wealth, Messages from Heaven.
30 min/$50,
1 hr/$100.
Messages from Heaven 30 min/$65 or
1 hr/$125
Private Message if you are interested.

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I claim this!!

I claim this!!

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Photos from Divine Healing/ Saginaw MI's post

Photos from Divine Healing/ Saginaw MI's post 10/14/2021

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So most people are aware that Bonnie has been teaching CPR for American Heart Association for over 17 yrs. Even though I started our new business - I still teach on the side.
UPDATE: Bonnie and Jen have decided since we both are owners of Divine Healing to both engage in helping to take on an even bigger job. Jen and Bonnie both will be teaching CPR, FIRST AID, BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS AND MORE.
Divine Healing will in October become a training site for the Tri- City area. With that being said we both have worked in Healthcare for over 20+ years, and know quite a few people. So to all of our ex co-workers or students we are asking you to share the word with your office or organizations. We would greatly appreciate your business. We look forward to serving the area. If you are interested in recerting or even taking a class for a new skill, we welcome you to reach out. Saving lives is essential for all ages.
Divine Healing
3061Bay Plaza Dr
Saginaw, Mi 48604
Call to check on upcoming classes .


EXCITING!!!! 🌟🌟🎉🎉WHO'S IN????
If you are interested in getting a "Message from Heaven" we are offering this Special tomorrow (Thurs Sept. 23rd @2:00 pm and again @ 4:30pm during our LIVE VIDEO " THE BONNIE AND JEN SHOW). If you want us to read something else in your life for you we can. Two readers helping you at the same time. 🔮
10 spots to fill on each time .
$20 per spot. Prepay your spot. Don't wait to message or call us. Believe me these spots will fill up quickly.
989-759-9601 or pm us. An invoice will be sent and we will reserve your spot. Directions will be sent prior to video.
* Note:This will not be a private session , it will be open to the public to watch.

Divine Healing/  Bonnie Bunnell updated their business hours. 09/22/2021

Divine Healing/ Bonnie Bunnell updated their business hours.

Divine Healing/ Bonnie Bunnell updated their business hours.


🌕 The Harvest Moon is Here!
The gentle energy of this moon is perfect for Reiki or a Reading.
Release, Heal and Cleanse your Aura🌈
Sessions are Available!
💌Private Message
📞 Call for available times
Divine Healing

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Photos from Divine Healing/ Saginaw MI's post

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Can Reiki Reduce Anxiety?

Reiki is popular for dealing with all kinds of health issues, but it's especially gaining traction in the mental health community. "Because Reiki is intended to induce relaxation in a manner similar to yoga or acupuncture and attenuate people's stress response-or the release of cortisol from their adrenal glands and activation of the sympathetic nervous system-it can be a creative and useful way to reduce stress," says Ashwini Nadkarni, M.D., associate psychiatrist and instructor at Harvard Medical School.
Conventional doctors aren't hesitant to say that the practice might be helpful for a variety of patients, either. "Reiki may be beneficial for several issues, including anxiety, depression, pain management, and even for improved emotional coping with major medical illnesses"
Divine Healing
989-759-9601 or pm for availability.

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Photos from Divine Healing/ Saginaw MI's post

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Tinctures we just got in from the U.K.
Stop by and get yours!!
Divine Healing


So we are looking for 2 Part time candidates possibly starting in September. We are accepting resumes in person only!!! No phone calls, no faxes , no messages. If interested bring your resume in so we can meet you. Serious inquiries ONLY!
Must have reliable transportion.


(No later than Wed. 11th)
👉Lions-gate Leo New Moon August 8, 2021
Details: August 8th There is a new lunar cycle under the presence of the Lions- gate Portal. This makes for some magical energy that will allow us to connect to our own lions energy( in Leo). This all happens under the rising of the Star Sirius. Sirius is like our Spiritual Sun. In ancient times they tracked the rising star. It was considered to be the time of rebirth , abundance, spiritual abundance, and an opening of higher self.
Speak your intentions at 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.
08/08 @ 8:00 (888)
🤔Remember to:
Release ,forgive, give thanks for what's to come even though you don't have it yet , because if it's given with love -it shall return to you as requested. Keep the faith and believe big blessings are on there way to the person asking. Sage your environment to be clear of unnecessary chaos. It works!!!!!

In numerology that number is associated with the frequency of 8hz, 88hz, 888hz frequency-
Meaning of 888:
Abundance, gate, transformation into abundance, Infinite Abundance, Big blessing!
2021 is even more special because the New Moon fell on August 8th portal causing this to be a time of Turbo charge of our Manifesting abilities.
This is the time of destiny, unlocking layers of why you were brought here to this life, new layers of uncovering your soul contract with spiritual light / spiritual intelligence. The ultimate time to be extra creative, be inventive.
****** Some of us won't be able to see the benefits of the energies of the Sirius Star enter into our being and will struggle to Manifest. It is so important to be in alignment to allow this energy to flow through us for our higher good.
If we have stuck energy this turbo charge could make us an emotional wreck and intensifying the chaos. We need to align to receive this fully and manifest our desires completely with love and peace.

💥Please contact Bonnie and Jen to get your Reiki session set up via in person or over the phone. We have 3 days prior and 3 days after the New Moon on the 8th. You can schedule a group session over the phone as well. We are working so hard to get everyone cleared /aligned and ready for this PHENOMINAL NEW MOON OF MANIFESTING.

30 min Reiki w/ review $65
888hz, 88hz, 8hz
****If you are interested in our group sessions on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday please reach out. It will not be with review but on a muted zoom meeting. The Grand Reiki Master will be the only one talking during the session/30 min group session. We will offer this for $35 per person so others can do it as well. We are trying to give everyone a chance no matter the budget.
Exciting New Moon - let's shift into a higher consciousness together ❤.

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Photos from Divine Healing/ Saginaw MI's post


🙌Saging 101!!🙌
Come learn the ins and outs of clearing yourself and your surroundings.
Join us for this entertaining and informative class.
🌟Each participate will receive a mini white sage tourch🌟
Private Message us or call the store to reserve your spot!
Seating is limited!
Divine Healing
3061 Bay Plaza
Namaste 🙏

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Essential Oils,Faith based Religious Clothing, Organic Health and Wellness products,Crystals/Stones, Jewelry, Tote Bags, Stones, Himalayan Candle Holders , Essential Oil Candles and Male/Female/ Baby/Infant Organic Beauty/ Wellness Products.Facial therapies and skin, books. Crystal singing bowls, teas, tinctures, sleep aid devices, Oracle cards, Zen gardens, soaps, scrubs, Chakra items and much more.





3061 Bay Plaza Drive
Saginaw, MI

Opening Hours

Tuesday 11am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 3pm
Thursday 11am - 6pm
Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday 11am - 6pm
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