Natalie Goulette Hair Artistry

Natalie Goulette Hair Artistry


Hello my lovely lady that makes me love my hair! I have a question for you...what order do you apply products after you shower? I know when to do the obvious like shampoo and conditioner, and hair spray/dry wax stuff. But I have questions about heat protectant and other stuff. What order generally do you put stuff on your hair? What products do you not use at the same time?

Also, please put me on the books for color and cut at your earliest availability...I’m pretty much W I D E O P E N these days.

Welcome! You can expect to find tips & tricks, tutorials, giveaways, and many hair pictures! Please don't hesitate to message or text me if you have questions or to book appointments!
Thank you for the love and support as always!

Operating as usual


Holy transformation!

Swipe to see her before.

Speaking of transformation. I’m want to transform my social media and provide more meaningful content for you guys.

So I need your help! 👇🏼.

Why do you follow me?
What do you struggle with?
What do you want to see more of?

Comment below so I can create magic for you guys!

Transformation deets:
• Highlight + lowlight
• root tap + tone
• customize cut + create texture

Dm to book appointment. @ Michigan


Happy Monday babes ⚡️.

I feel like so many of us hate Mondays. How would it feel if every time you went to work it felt like the weekend? You didn’t have to countdown the days until Friday.

I was in a checkout line this weekend and over heard the cashier ask a lady how she was doing. Her typical response” good, how are you?” He went on about how we was going to be working late, and couldn’t wait to be out to enjoy two days off.

It then dawned on me.. I truly never have that feeling. I never dread “work”. Do I like the weekends, yes. I get more time with the husband and kiddos, but I absolutely love what I do. Everyday feels like a Friday with my team.

If you dread going to work everyday.
Ask yourself what would you rather be doing?
What doesn’t feel like work?
What sets your soul on fire?
Empowers you?

That’s what you do.
Will it be scary, yes.
Will be question you, yes.
Will it be worth it, YES!

Celebrate Mondays.
Fresh week.
Fresh opportunities.
Oh yeah and a fresh month!

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. 😜.

Now come hang out and enjoy your Monday bb! 🤍


Natalie Goulette Hair Artistry


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Natalie Goulette Hair Artistry

[09/28/20]   Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

So I’m just coming back from vacation and realized I have A TON of unread messages from months ago, I feel terrible I didn’t respond to you guys! Please know this was not intentional. My notifications somehow got turned off and some were in filtered. If you still need to make an appointment go ahead and message me again (new app installed 😉) or text me! 989-522-4469

Thank you for the support and hope you have a killer week. ♥️


I’ve come to accept that natural light is the best for pictures and I can’t escape Taco Bell’s 24/7 line. Lol!

But seriously obsessed with this color correction. Our goal was to even out the blonde and give her dimension.

Goal accomplished.

Thank you for trusting me and being a loyal client even though you live across the country.

Check out my reel to see formulation.

Do you want a color transformation or ready for extensions?
Send me a text!
@ Detroit, Michigan


Biggest obsession.


Baby light.
Strand light.
Faded foil.

There is a ton of ways to foil! A lot depends on the placement, goal of lightness, and final look.

Here is a traditional highlight used to create brightness and still have a natural grow out. You can leave it to your root, do a tap root, or shadow root for more of an organic feel.

I always make sure the hair is fully saturated for maximum lift. Saturation is key! Also leaving the ends out so they do not over process. Lastly locking that foil is so it doesn’t go anywhere!

Was this helpful?
Or just satisfying? 🤤.

Text today to book your appointment. 🤍


Nothing’s better than a client selfie 🖤.

Babylights + babylights +babylights
Shadow root
Finishing with that sharp blunt cut 🔪.

I’ve been so busy with work + planning a wedding + raising two small kiddos. I’m sorry for my lack of content, but I’m thankful you guys support me no matter what. I promise to do better. 🤍

Who else had a hard time balancing life? 🤪


The difference of 1.5 years.

This is why I spend thousands to continue my education.

NBR is not something you learn in a 1-2 day class. It takes practice and practice and even more practice to really perfect it. Thank

I’m not perfect, but I’m damn better than what I started at.

Do your research. You’re investing a lot, so pick a stylist that does the same.

Invests in their craft.

Pictured: The track that the hair is sewn to, or referred to as the FOUNDATION.

Minimal points of contact and the most satisfying thing about the whole process.

Interested in NBR, click the link in bio.

I’d love to have you in my salon home. 🤍🤍 @ Detroit, Michigan


I like you a latte.

Happy Saturday friends. Enjoy that latte and soak in the weekend.

You’ll catch me in the salon beading + stitching some dream hair.

☮️ 🤍


Starting out the week with a transformation!

NBR deets:
• 2.5 rows
• mixing in 4 different packs to blend with every tone.
• custom colored to give that seamless +natural blend.
• @isla.naturalbeadedrows

Color deets:
• full foil of babylights + teasylights
•root melt: @redken 5nb + 6n + 6gi
•glaze: @redken 9v + 8gi + 9m

Interested in NBR extensions?

Click the link in bio to apply!

Happy Monday friends! 🤍


Who else thinks pulling foils is the most satisfying thing ever? 🤤.

Notice I leave a little of her hairline out.


1. To prevent breakage. Everyone’s hairline is finer and more fragile so leaving a little out helps maintain a healthy blonde. 2. More natural grow out. She now has a little cushion of her natural to blend her blonde when it grows out or even to put it in a high pony.

Super exciting things coming this week! Keep an eye out! Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday funday!


When is the last time you “checked in” with yourself?


There’s so much going on in today’s world, self love + mental health is so important!

Take the weekend to “check in”.

Go for a walk.

Whatever you need to feel good!!

Cheers to the weekend! ✌🏼


Blunt + Bright

Have you thought about extensions but didn’t really want length, just fullness?

It’s possible!

There are 10in + 14in lengths for all my bob lovers! Instead of the typical 18in, you’re not cutting off as much which saves some money. 👏🏻.

Interested in NBR!?
Click link in bio or DM me.
Full Transformation here!

• Full teasylight + painted ends using @schwarzkopfusa #blondeme 20vol.
• Tone: @wellahairusa platinum.
•Finish: @jbeverlyhills 5&1 + revive oil + @schwarzkopfusa texture spray.


@ Detroit, Michigan


Blonde + Beachy 🐚🌴.

Wearing 2 rows for that textured beach wave.

How do I know how many rows I need?
1 row: Adds fullness
2 rows: Adds length + volume
2.5 rows: Adds length + extra volume + blends seamlessly with short layers
3 rows: A whole lotta hair 🤘🏼.

Interested in NBR?

Click link in bio or send me a DM! 🤍


Beach ready 🐚🌴
Teasylights: @schwarzkopfusa 20vol
Tone: @wellahair platinum
Finish: @schwarzkopfusa texture spray
Do you love this blonde, but feel like your hair won’t lift that light?
Or won’t grow past a certain length?

NBR can help!
Add brightness with extensions!
Fill in the those damn sides that are never full! 🙌🏻.

Have questions?
DM me or click link in bio to apply! 🤘🏼


Phew! What a crazy few weeks it’s been.

I am so incredibly happy to be back and making magic happen! I am still learning to balance work, mom life, social media, staying on workout routine and everything else that people do to live a balanced life. 🤪.

As some of you know I was in Lansing this past weekend continuing my education with Natural Beaded Row Extensions. I am now apart of the Academy, which takes a year and a half to complete. I am so excited to start this journey and keeping giving you the best!

2020 may be the craziest year yet, but it’s about to get crazier. 2020 will not stop me from making this the greatest year of my career.

Interested in NBR Extensions?! Click the link in my bio to apply or send me a DM!

Pictured: 2 rows of @naturalbeadedrowsextensions

[06/13/20]   Cheers to finally deciding on a name 🥳🐚🌴

My new home.

Salty Studio Salon

I’ll be responding to more texts and messages that weekend! It’s been a busy and eventful week/weekend. ♥️✌🏼


What a month it’s been y’all!

A pandemic.
Stay at home order still in effect.
Fiancé tested positive for Covid-19.
Evacuated our home for record breaking flood levels.

What’s next?!

Dreaming of the day I’m back in the salon doing what I love with the people I love! This has been the craziest year, but I will not let it determine the rest of the year.

Until tomorrow.
Stay strong Michigan.


NBR Giveaway!!

Going out with a BANG!!

This is a rare giveaway but I wanted to go big for our last one before re opening.

✨𝟏𝟖 𝐢𝐧: $𝟐𝟓𝟎 𝐨𝐟𝐟 ✨
✨ 𝟐𝟐 𝐢𝐧:$𝟒𝟎𝟎 𝐨𝐟𝐟✨

Who is this for?

ANYONE who wants a new NBR install!

This includes:
Current clients who need all new hair.
Future clients that have been wanting NBR and ready for their dream hair!
Past NBR clients that want installed again!

Like I said. ANYONE.

NBR doesn’t have to be just for length.
They can add volume.
Help with postpartum hair loss.
Or damaged hair that doesn’t seem to grow.
They are completely customizable.

𝐃𝐌 𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐢𝐦!

Have questions?
Check out “NBR” highlight.
Still have questions?
Dm me, I’d love to answer them.

Giveaway ends Monday, May 18th @ 9pm.



3 Tips for covering grey during quarantine!

Let’s just start by saying..


If you’re home bound, no one is seeing or judging you girl. Rock that grey.

If you ARE working or your grey is just bugging you and it’s all you see when you look in the mirror..

Here are some tips!

1. Throw on a hat.
•Leave hair down
•Put in cute lower messy bun
•Add braids

2. Change your part.
•Usually grey is dominate where you part daily and around hairline.
Move parting to other side!

3. Use colored spray or eye shadow to temporarily cover. Both can be shampooed out easily.

Remember coloring at home can either end up in a disaster or lead to problems once you’re back in the salon.

Turning orange or yellow.
Becoming muddy.
Depositing to dark or light.
Unable to blend or transition.

Just think about it. 😉🥴


I totally understand if you do.
I’m here for you.
I’ll fix it.
I want you to be happy and confident.


I will be honest and tell you it’s screwed. We’ll laugh and then have some work to do. 😜

If you can wait.

I hope this helps!
We will get through this with all the grey hair and split ends.
I promise to make it worth it.

Until next week.





Here are the four WINNERS of the giveaway including:

Styling with myself and Gabrielle Grzegorczyk-Bouvy
Photo shoot withStephanie Marie Photography
Make up by opal elegance

Kirstie Meisel
Sam Chauvette
Megan Zurvelac
Rachel Phillips

Congratulations babes! Thank you for participating and I can’t wait to party it up and pamper all of you! We will be in contact when all this craziness is over! ♥️

Also thank you SO MUCH to everyone who entered, liked, shared, and commented. I love you all and can’t wait to be back in the salon!!

Cheers to the freakin weekend! 🥂🥳


Think positive. Be happy. Stay home. Stay safe.

#btconeshot2020_mannequin #btconeshot2020_balayage #coronavirus @behindthechair_com


I’m going to start posting TIPS OF THE WEEK!

This week 👇🏼

Let’s talk about lighting!!

How many times have you left the salon LOVING your hair, then get home and it looks different.

Most homes have florescent lighting (especially in bathrooms) which is not typical in salons.

Or you went outside and it looked different.

Depending on what type of light you in, will change the tone of your hair. Mostly blondes.

If you have a warmer light, it’s going to look warmer/more yellow.

If you have a cooler/bright light, with a grey/blue colored wall it’s going to have a cooler tone or look more icy.

If you go outside in indirect lighting that’s the most true to tone and most accurate. There is not a wall, light, or distractions to change the tone.

So many pictures on Instagram are taken in front of a ring light or a bright window in their face. Of course the hair is going to look white.

Think realistic.

Look at the colors in their shirt.
Look at the background.
Look at their skin tone.

Are they the same?
Are the washed out?

If not the lighting is different, and will alter the color.

I challenge you to open your camera, walk around your house and watch the tones change.

The only way to truly CHANGE the tone of your hair is color. Shampoos will help, but they’re not powerful enough to completely change your overall color.

Comment your camera results! 📷😁



I mentioned putting together another giveaway and


I know how much everyone is looking forward to getting back into the salon ASAP!

Think about how happy you will be when your can


Now think about how much HAPPIER you’ll be if we including:

MULTIPLE STYLES with myself and @theegabbyg
MAKE UP w. @opalelegance
PHOTOSHOOT w. @stephaniemariephotography0

It’s going to be a freaking party!

We’re picking 4 WINNERS!


• like G. Creative Studio Salon
• like @Natalie Goulette Hair Artistry
• like Stephanie Marie Photography
• share this post to your page
• tag 4 girlfriends!

Remember we will be picking 4 winners!

As always, bonus entries on Instagram!

*giveaway ends April 21, 2020 at 11:59p.m. Can not be combined with other giveaways.*


Happy Monday!

The sun is out.
It’s bright.
Everyone’s happy and motivated!
It’s a good day to be alive!

Base: 5.06 #tbh @schwarzkopfusa
Faded foil: #blondeme 20vol
Tone: @redken 8gi+9n+9v
Finished: @unite_hair oil & texturiza

I’m putting together another giveaway!

Comment your wants, needs, desires, dreams. ✨🤩


Hey hey babes!!

I created this video to help Properly Blow Dry while CREATING VOLUME and DECREASING FRIZZ.

I have tried uploading this about 5 times. I now feel like a pro in editing. I had no idea what I was signing up for, but I actually loved it. I'm thinking I'm going to set up a recording corner in the basement. Haha! Kidding. I hope you guys enjoy this and possibly learn something.

Here's a quick breakdown if you dislike watching me. Lol!

1. Use heat protectant ALWAYS.

2. Use serum/oil to maintain moisture. Moisture will help reduce frizz and keep color vibrant.

3. Rough blow dry with hands until 75-80% dry. Your hands will absorb more moisture than a brush.

4. Keep blow dryer nozzle FACING DOWN. Direct the hair where you want it to lay.

5. Using a round brush or over directing will:
* Decrease frizz
*Create volume
*Prolong style
*Reduce styling time with hot tools

6. After 100% dry run through with cool air:
* Cools down temperature before using hot tools
*Helps close hair cuticle (locks moisture and prolongs color)
*Minimizes frizz
*If still wet continue to dry throughly

7. Use dry shampoo the day you wash. It will help absorb oils before they start to produce or get too heavy.

Share or Tag a friend if you thought this was helpful. I had to so much fun creating this. I can't wait to share more knowledge and tips/tricks. Hopefully you're morning routine takes less time now!

Thank you as always babes!



Is purple shampoo for me?

Let’s break it down.

Think of the color wheel.

If you’re a lighter “yellow” blonde, purple is going to cancel the yellow.

If you’re a darker blonde with “orangey” tones, blue is going to cancel out orange more than yellow.


If you’re a brunette with some darker blonde highlights, you can still use blue shampoo.

Remember over using purple/blue shampoo is canceling/reducing the brightness. Although it may make it “cooler”, overusing can appear more grey/blue which is not going to reflect light as much.

Use 1-2 a week depending on how often you shampoo. Following with a moisturizing conditioner.

Apply on wet hair after lathering in your hands first. This will help with more even coverage. If hair is damp and porous it can grab darker or splotchy is spots.

Apply on dry hair if wanting full pigment/tone. Avoid hairline and ends, they’re typically lighter and porous and will pull purple/blue/grey/muddy.

Using purple/blue shampoo is a great way to maintain color in between visits or being in quarantine! I can always tell which clients stay up with at home maintenance. They typically can go longer in between appointments!

I hope this helps!

Dm me with any questions or if you need any products!

Free shipping until tomorrow evening!! 🥳✨


What a freaking day!
I worked all weekend editing a video for you guys, went to upload it won’t upload. Grrrrr!! I’m really hoping I can get it up tomorrow. I had sooo much fun creating it and feel defeated.
Tomorrow’s a new day!! I can’t wait to be back in the salon with all my clients again! That s**t keeps me going. It lights my soul on fire. This quarantine has me feeling 1000 different emotions in one day.
Until then, enjoy this bright knotted babe! Obsessed with how this turned out and even more obsessed with her!
Am I the only one going crazy?! Comment 🖐🏻 if you’re with me!

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Biggest obsession. FOILING!Tradtional.Slice.Teasylights.Baby light.Strand light.Faded foil.There is a ton of ways to foi...
Who else thinks pulling foils is the most satisfying thing ever? 🤤.Notice I leave a little of her hairline out.Why? 1. T...




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