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With Pure Romance the opportunities are truly limitless. Moreover, as an independent business owner you won't have to worry about factors beyond your control having an effect on your schedule or income. Not to mention your days of waiting for that bonus or raise are over! You will determine your rewards and incentives .

[04/17/14]   new catalog www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com

[04/05/14]   the newest shaving cream is here and I have some now... we have one now also just for the guys. message me or text to 989-493-9315 char. in a hurry for all your favorites you can go directly to www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com and order it all. ships within 24 hours as many of you have already discovered.

[01/18/14]   Announcing our new addition

It’s official, there’s a new addition to our family! Pure Romance has acquired Slumber Parties and we couldn’t be happier! Why? Because every Consultant that joins Pure Romance makes us stronger and this is a tremendous opportunity to expand our mission to empower, educate, and entertain women around the world.

When Kim Brecheen, CEO of Slumber Parties, researched companies and saw the investment and support that Pure Romance had to offer with in-market training, brand advertising, award-winning packaging, and a $2 million technology investment, she knew that her Consultants would have an opportunity for unlimited growth and she wanted them to have the chance to better their lives.

So what does this mean to you? While this means that you won’t be able to sponsor any currently active Slumber Parties Consultants to your team, you are able personally recruit to any inactive Slumber Parties Consultants into your first downline. To celebrate this exciting event we’re offering a special kit sale of 60% off, plus an extra 20% off of our business starter kits!

We encourage each of you to share the wonderful news We’re growing by leaps and bounds and together; we can make 2014 a truly monumental year. Please join me in wishing our new Pure Romance Consultants the greatest of success!

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the new product line is available. look it over. www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com 989-493-9315

[12/24/13]   Merry Merry Christmas. hug your favorite Santa tonight!

my son and I picked pumpkins out and now we are heading back to the wagon. I saw a few customers while I have been out and about. when you want to get Pure Romance items you can message me directly girls.

[09/22/13]   if you do not have basic instince in your purse your are nuts! this stuff is amazing. i justut opened another new roll on .. breath deep when you apply to pulse points because the smell is amazing and unique to every woman. love , love , love this stuff.

[09/09/13]   Weekly Dating Ideas « For Your Marriage


Although having a weekly date may seem like a no-brainer, many couples’ good intentions quickly get put off to some future time, when life is not so busy or

just for fun, lifestyle, wild and more cards...

What am Imost likely to do if I am ome alone on a Saturday night?
What swear word makes me giggle the most?
What wold I do if I was forced to take a week off? fun to juat hang out with friends....


Consultant Personal Website

Truly Sexy!!! Pure Romance officially has a Perfume!!! I am so excited it smells so good!! Created for the self confident and empowered woman! Scents of fruit and sparkling champagne with pheremones for an alluring and addictive sensuality!!! A declaration of femininity, glamour, and daring flirtation leaves a lingering trail of seduction!!! Wearing this ladies you will Truly Feel Sexy!!! www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com

pureromance.com Empower. Educate. Entertain! Pure Romance is dedicated to improving women’s intimate lives—and having fun while doing it! Host an unforgettable girls’ night in with me, join my team as a Pure Romance Consultant, or shop this site for all that’s exciting and new. You can have it all with Pure Romance...

[08/09/13]   I have the new fall product. text 5 girls to see if they have one of these dates to pick from. wed 14, sat 17, sunday 18 or monday 19, Tuesday 20. you will all enjoy our exclusive new perfume and girls night out game. MORE also..... they are awesome. I will post pictures when I get home. text me at 989-493-9315

[08/02/13]   I speak to breast cancer support groups, book clubs, bible study groups , coffee circles and any other private group sharing for women. education, communication, fun , general statisitcs and more regarding woman and intimacy.


Consultant Personal Website

be a part of thisThe idea of paying it forward is a philosophy that lies close to the heart of every individual passionate about Pure Romance. From the employees who work at the Corporate Office to the thousands of Consultants who empower women every day in the field, Pure Romance believes in spreading education and furthering awareness of women's sexual health issues. In addition to the charitable organizations to which we donate our time and money, Pure Romance works in conjunction with organizations that focus on everything from scientific research into women’s sexual health to the education of young women affected by breast cancer. www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com

pureromance.com Empower. Educate. Entertain! Pure Romance is dedicated to improving women’s intimate lives—and having fun while doing it! Host an unforgettable girls’ night in with me, join my team as a Pure Romance Consultant, or shop this site for all that’s exciting and new. You can have it all with Pure Romance...


What does having an extra $300 a month in your pocket easy look like to you. What bill could you pay or what have you wanted to buy for awhile? well...Pure Romance is celebrating our 20th year in business.

I have been informed that beginning today August 1st , the kit prices will be the lowest ever in the history of the company! But, there will ONLY BE 500 of starter sets going on sale at this LOW, LOW price.
As low as $75.oo first come...You will need to act fast to snag this awesome deal.
If you've been thinking about it, or on the fence, contact me right away and I'll help you with the details. You can private message, email, call or text me at 989-493-9315

[07/24/13]   p now new product launch is in 12 days and you will receive a great surprise when you jump in within this 7 Days Left of Savings on July Starter Kits! char

Right Now, new Consultants can start their own business for as little as $149! sign up now to start living the life you deserve at www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com


Consultant Personal Website

dishes , dogs, diapers and barely a quick hug for your partner. Longing for a time to reconnect for a night. Special gift for you . order directly from the online catalog or message me for more details. www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com 989-493-9315

pureromance.com Empower. Educate. Entertain! Pure Romance is dedicated to improving women’s intimate lives—and having fun while doing it! Host an unforgettable girls’ night in with me, join my team as a Pure Romance Consultant, or shop this site for all that’s exciting and new. You can have it all with Pure Romance...

[06/30/13]   i am opening up July now for party bookings. char 989-493-9315

[06/21/13]   Free shipping any size or amount of order . Free shipping. char 989-493-9315

[06/12/13]   Who's ready for a Girl's Night In? Also I am looking to SPOIL 3 Bachelorette's. The first 3 Bachelorette's to book a party with me from now until the end of August will receive a BONUS gift retailing $50 on top of ALL of the other great items you will receive for your special day! char 989-493-9315 text anytime!


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have you been wanting a new catalog to look at. all ordrs get a hard copy current catalog and next day shipping nicely packaged at www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com fast,
safe, secure

pureromance.com Empower. Educate. Entertain! Pure Romance is dedicated to improving women’s intimate lives—and having fun while doing it! Host an unforgettable girls’ night in with me, join my team as a Pure Romance Consultant, or shop this site for all that’s exciting and new. You can have it all with Pure Romance...

Dr Logan Levkoff Ph.D. is one of our docors on the health council. She was just on the today show. ICYMI: Here I am talking about female desire drugs and the medicalization of female sexuality...and monogamy, too:) http://www.today.com/video/today/51976906#51976906


Consultant Personal Website


Why ambitious women choose direct selling over a traditional career path! Women make up 49% of the workforce, and more females than males have graduated college for the last three decades, but..
• Only 4% of Fortune 500 Companies are headed by women
• Only 17% of all Board seats are held by women
• Only 18% of Congress is female
• Only 9% of Heads of State are women
Don’t waste time trying to fit into a system that doesn’t fit women. Building a direct selling business isn’t easy but your chances of success are much greater.
-Mary Christensen www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com

pureromance.com Empower. Educate. Entertain! Pure Romance is dedicated to improving women’s intimate lives—and having fun while doing it! Host an unforgettable girls’ night in with me, join my team as a Pure Romance Consultant, or shop this site for all that’s exciting and new. You can have it all with Pure Romance...

[05/20/13]   hostesses get double hostess credits monday thru thursday june , july 24 hour booking bonanza contest for the first 10. will post names...first only as they come to keep privacy. message, text or call char 989-493-9315

get your heart throb a heart throb... "two" hot packs and "two" battery massagers in this package. www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com

Check.. done... Get your favorite shaving cream ...from Pure Romance by Char buy one get one half off. mix and match with body dew moisturizer . pomegranate, green tea and original. char 989-493-9315

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[05/05/13]   With the sun out and people turning into lobsters don't forget your body dew. It takes the burn out and helps peeling time. new pomegranate, pink cupcake , green tea.

Get a free bottle if you book a party in may. 989-493-9315 text or message me anytime

exclusive . create fun and continued communication in your most intimate relationship. perfect for engagement, anniversary, bachelorette and You. www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com

[04/02/13]   Kiss body spray now in green tea, pear berry, pomegranate, and pink cupcake. Glo body silk , the shave cream and our sugar scrubs all in the same scents! BUY any four get one FREE. 989-493-9315

[03/15/13]   SSS Certification
Charlene is a specially trained and certified SSS Consultant. She participated in an extensive and on-going training program, to ensure that she has the latest information on intimacy related issues concerning cancer patients. Charlene is a hand-selected Certified SSS Consultants, representing women all over the United States. As a Certified SSS Consultant, Charlene was required to pass a comprehensive exam annually to maintain her certification. SSS Consultants are "experts" on the full line of Pure Romance intimacy products and how they can help any woman add confidence and fun back into their bedroom, even women affected by cancer.

fruit pizza, brownies , salad, roll ups and some real eye opening , interesting and honest sharing. thank you jessica maida for the 3rd party we have had together. you rock it!!!

[03/06/13]   This product is one of Pure Romance’s top sellers. Basic instinct is a
pheromone-based, human synthetic cologne that will draw your natural
pheromones from your skin, helping to make you more desirable to
others. Scent plays a powerful role in attraction, as it is usually another
person’s pheromones that tend to subconsciously draw us to them. Over
time our pheromones are depleted or worn down from soaps, lotions,
detergents, and friction from our clothing. Basic Instinct will pull your
natural pheromones out of your skin, helping you feel more daring, sexy,
and attractive to others. Basic Instinct will also adjust to your mood based
on your hormone levels and natural chemistry. The great thing about this
product is it is unisex, so men can use Basic Instinct, too. Find your sexually
attractive fragrance each time you use Basic Instinct.

[02/22/13]   whoever is on my pages and messaging my party leads , offering anything to get them to book with you... listen up... a few hostesses have called me to tell me about you. I am not mentioning names but you know who you are. get your own business please and leave mine and the ohter consultants in the area alone. I will contact corporate if I hear your name one more time. you singed a contract of integrity. now act like it.. thank you


The Patty Brisben Foundation

The owner of Pure Romance, Patty Brisben, is a health professional. We offer an entire line of products recommended as safe to use by the American Cancer Society, even during chemotherapy when the immune system is suppressed. If you have extra sensitivities, you are purchasing products from the right company. A few years ago, Patty also opened up an entire wing at Indiana State University dedicated to women’s sexual health research. Visit www.pattybrisbenfoundation.org to learn more about all the wonderful research we sponsor. This is what uniquely separates us from the adult book stores and other bedroom accessory party plans. Our line of products is extensive. It also encompasses massage and holistic skin care. We have several doctors, nurses, health and education professionals on board as Consultants and we are saving the world one relationship, one vagina, one beautiful person at a time!

pattybrisbenfoundation.org The homepage of the Patty Brisben Foundation, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing women’s sexual health and well-being through research and education.


Business Wise with Crystal Faulkner

Our Founder & Chairwoman Patty Brisben was interviewed on ABC/WCPO yesterday! Here's the link.! http://www.wcpo.com/generic/video/Business-Wise

wcpo.com Business Wise

[02/05/13]   feedback no name of course..Tried that AMP tonight && Oh'my blew my mind it was fantastic!! Thought I would share.. Thank you for them samples.
i am getting feedback on the new heighteners! good stuff ladies. www.charlenetrevino.pureromance.com

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I know this might not be a surprise to some of you, but I'm in love with this stuff!! I've had yucky elbows since I was a kid! from amanda

[01/03/13]   Whipped Variety Pack - Jan 2013

Welcome to the candy shop! Whipped Variety Pack comes with three sensually sweet flavors! Enjoy the taste of Tootsie Roll, Sweet Tart, and Bull’s Eye when you buy this three-pack of creamy, high quality lubricants! 3 1 oz. bottles.
released one hour ago. much more. www.pureromancebychar.com

our awards meeting in Merrill.

Miracle oil Demo


Pure Romance Miracle oil, healing, demo, warts, fungus, antiseptic, anti fungal, diaper rash, bed sores, scars, stretch marks, lice, fleas, poison ivy, cold ...

2012 National Training Highlights - Call Me Maybe


From classes to board-breaking to a surprise flash mob set to "Call Me Maybe," Pure Romance Consultants from all over the country gathered in Cincinnati for ...

[09/24/12]   Important Updates 9.19.12 9/19/2012
Product Updates & Information

Pure Romance is excited to announce that with the help of our resident chemist, we’ve made improvements to the formulas for Miracle Oil and Save My Skin!

These nutrient-rich, skin-restoring products have been made even more nourishing with the addition of argan oil, which contains Vitamin E and carotenes for regenerating damaged skin. The benefits of this oil have made it a must-have ingredient in skincare and hair care products!

In addition, both products have been reformulated to take advantage of the latest developments in science and technology. Miracle Oil now feels lighter and less greasy on the skin, making it more versatile than ever! Not only that, Save My Skin now includes ingredients used by the medical industry for wound and scar healing, allowing it to work even more effectively!

Because the new and improved Miracle Oil and Save my Skin formulas both include a small amount of sweet almond oil, customers with tree nut allergies might be concerned about sensitivity. With all of our skincare products, we encourage you to recommend a skin-patch test to customers who are worried about irritation. To do a skin-patch test, dab a small amount of the product on the inside of the elbow or the back of the knee, then wait for 24 hours.

Pure Romance is happy to be able to offer these improvements to our skincare products to help our Consultants stay at the forefront of the industry. We know your customers will love the new and improved Miracle Oil and Save My Skin!

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