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Heritage Natural Foods has been promoting health and fitness on Saginaw's west side since 1982! Debie Baxter and her friendly, knowledgeable staff are ready to serve your needs. Stop in and meet us soon!

[05/14/20]   Just letting everyone know ahead of time that we'll be taking a long Memorial Day weekend from Saturday, May 23rd through Monday, May 25th. We've been very busy and functioning on limited manpower..in short we need a small break. We'll reopen on Tuesday the 26th.

BRAND NEW, MADE IN SAGINAW AND FABULOUS!! When I first agreed to carry this product (sight unseen) here's what I went on: it sounded good, it's made in SAGINAW, and the company's owner has a lovely family who shops at the store. BUT, now that it's here and on our shelves, I can say, I LOVE IT!! Yup, I sampled it and I was our first customer! A perfect combination of organic coconut oil, organic shea butter and organic cocoa butter (and that's all) it glides on the skin like a soothing, moisturizing balm! Zillions Natural Moisture is solid but instantly becomes like silk to the touch. No chiseling or microwaving required lol, just glide it on!! Recommended for hair, face, lips, skin and cuticles, my heels and elbows are drinking it in! At just $19.00 for a good sized 4oz. jar, I'm highly recommending this as your new go to product! LOCAL SELLING LOCAL!!

[05/10/20]   Know what's more essential than any essential business? The love, nurturing and guidance of a wonderful mother, or anyone who steps in to fill that role. Happy Mother's Day from HNF!

Local selling local

In March, right before our anniversary open house we featured Elderberry Immune Boost, with 34 grams of elderberry juice from 300 berries, in a 10 oz. bottle. It's in combination with other fruits, honey and a bit of apple cider vinegar. The company had given us an unbeatable intro deal, enabling us to to sell them for $2.39, with a regular price of $3.99! We bought a slew of them and they sold out very quickly. To our delight, we've been given almost (not quite) as good of a discount the second time around and we've stocked up accordingly! Once again, while supplies last, we're passing on the savings: $2.39 from HNF, the locally owned little store that cares about your health and budget!!

[05/04/20]   Important announcement: in light of the most recent concerns involving food safety and supply, we have received a shipment of certified organic ground beef, 85/15, pasture fed until right before market, when they also eat organic grains to add a bit of fat marbling. Raised by the Dave Dekam Farm in Falmouth, MI. (20 miles west of Houghton Lake) this meat is then packaged by Byron Center Meats, a small processor with a family owned small store in Kent County. We've received a good sized order, for a small store that is, and we've taken a markup that is below the suggested percentage on foods: 1 lb. frozen packets, $8.99. We know, even with the VERY conservative mark up we've taken, this may be unaffordable for some families but as far as quality and purity it doesn't get much better. In this instance, you DO get what you pay for. Stay safe out there!

[05/01/20]   People are kinder, customers are thanking us for being here, a few even insisted on leaving a tip and now we've been sent dinner from a local restaurant. We don't expect any of this but we're feeling loved!

[04/23/20]   We've been getting many calls looking for particular products. It's a daily challenge just to find which distributors have what products in stock. As of this morning we are well stocked ( but of course limited) with the following items that folks are looking for :Kal Zinc Chelate 15 mg. 100 small tabs, Nature's Way Zinc Chelate 30 mg. 100 capsules, Solaray Zinc Citrate 50 mg. 60 veggie capsules, Solaray Vitamin C 100 mg. with bioflavinoids 250 caps, Zand Elderberry Zinc Gummies 7&1/2 mg. zinc 90 mg. Vit C and 125 mg. elderberry per 2 gummies. We also have a good supply of Silverbiotics Silversol (nano silver) 8 oz. and a variety of elderberry syrups. For further information, please call Paul at the store 989-793-5805. He'll be more than happy to answer questions and furnish prices.

[04/22/20]   Good morning! We've had some phone calls asking if we are remaining open. Who wants to make an unnecessary trip, right? Lord willing, yes we are. We took an extended weekend over Easter and may do that again in the future. As for now, we're open Monday through Saturday 10:00 to 5:00. We have a limit of 4 customers which hasn't been an inconvenience as of yet, we're taped off at 6 feet from the register, the employee is masked and disinfecting regularly. We've all remained healthy. Stay safe everyone.

[04/13/20]   Thank you for your patience while we were closed for rest and family time over the Easter weekend. We reopened this morning at ten a.m. for our usual business hours of Monday through Saturday 10:00 to 5:00. We are now required, by a state government order, to limit customers to four at a time. This is actually more than we usually have at any given time but hopefully it won't inconvenience anyone. We are working diligently to obtain as many of the products that customers are currently seeking. Hoping everyone had a peaceful and joyous Easter holiday. Debie

Hi everyone, I wanted to touch base and thank those of you who have counted on HNF for your source of essential products, during this difficult time. We've ceased to advertise products on line and in our newsletter as to not lure anyone in for the sake of a sale or curiosity. If you see something extra while in for crucial products, that's a different story, enjoy! We have only one worker on site and he is continuously disinfecting. Most customers are now masked as is our worker. Although he admits to occasionally forgetting to pull it on, he's working on mastering the routine. We will be taking a three day Easter break, starting tomorrow, Good Friday, through Easter Sunday. I've been away from the store for so long now that I dreamed I forgot how to use the credit card machine! I miss being there and look forward to eventually returning. Thanks again for your trust and support. Debie Baxter/ HNF owner.

Just a reminder that we will be taking a three day Easter break. We'll be closed on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday. We're open today and tomorrow from 10:00 to 5:00 and will reopen on Monday, April 13th.

Lol...I'm wearing the hub's gigantic hoodie over a fleece pajama top. I did NOT gain 50 lbs. 🤣

[04/02/20]   Hi Heritage customers, just wanted to get the word out early that we will be taking a 3 day Easter break. Roxanne and I have been isolating and Paul, being the protector that he is, has been working all of the store hours. He said it's no big deal. However, we'd like some together time and I'd like him to rest. We'll be closed Good Friday, April 10th, Saturday, April 11th and Easter Sunday.We'll be posting this on the door and I'll be bumping this message frequently. His health has remained very good and all customers have appeared healthy, as well. We're following the protocol recommended by the Michigan Department of Agriculture for frequently disinfecting and distancing. We're a small business with one or two customers at a time, so distancing hasn't been difficult. We're continuing to seek out the products that are top priority with customers, at this time, and we pass on any discounts we receive in the form of sales. Never in our 38 years of business have we raised a price if our supplier hadn't first raised it on us and we aren't starting now. Best wishes for good health. Love to all of you, Debie

[03/29/20]   Hi everyone, I just wanted to give an update about what's going on at the store, during this pressing and unusual time. Ordinarily I'd be busy getting our snail mail newsletter ready to arrive to you by April 1st. We'd be featuring foods for Easter brunch, organic chocolates, etc. and of course I'd be decorating for spring. However, in light of this concerning virus, our concentration has been on the constant hunt to find the products you've been asking for, to strengthen the immune system and so on. It's been a full time job for me, working from home, contacting suppliers, and for Paul, who's manning the store and doing the same while continually disinfecting. Our employee, Roxanne, is also isolating at home. So, for the first time in 35 years out of 38, our monthly publication, "The Rag" has been shelved so we can keep up with what's most important. Sending our love from our home and business, Paul, Debie and Roxanne

[03/28/20]   Our store will be opening approximately one half hour late. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's absolutely necessary.

[03/24/20]   We hold a food sales license from the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Though small, we're considered an essential business. Surfaces and door knobs are being disinfected regularly. We have one employee working who is keeping his distance but sharing his vast knowledge. We're just as legal to visit as the big box stores and, across the street, we have a locally owned Greek restaurant who offers take outs and could REALLY use your business. Be safe, be proactive. Love to all.

[03/16/20]   As of today, unless we're directly ordered to close our doors, Heritage Natural Foods plans to remain open. For the most part we'll have one person working which is usually the case, anyway. For once in my life, I'm glad we're a store that normally has one, maybe two customers at a time. We've secured a reasonable supply of antibacterial spray. Door knobs and counter tops will be sanitized regularly. At the moment, for a small store, we're fairly well stocked with the products we expect you to be looking for. Thank you for your dedicated patronage and we'll be praying for all of our family, friends and customers. Debie

Our beautiful customer, Ellie, meets Bill, the dance instructor. Good times at the Heritage anniversary party!

Guess I won't be wearing this, like I do for every open house, but stop in anyway. I've disinfected everything and then some! Great prizes, super deals and lots of Irish cheer! 38 happy, not so happy, sometimes grueling, but always rewarding years.

We've cleaned and sanitized till we're blue in the face. We've decorated and sale ticketed like mad. There's GREAT prizes to win too! But, unfortunately no food. Please join us tomorrow. Going home to take a cbd capsule and try to destress. Let the chips fall where they may. Wishing good health to you all. Love, Debie

[03/13/20]   Good morning. I've had lots to mull over regarding our anniversary open house, scheduled for tomorrow. The fact is, we'll still be open for business tomorrow regardless. The most crucial step I've taken (and the most disappointing) is to eliminate the tasting treats we usually offer. There will be no harm done by offering LOADS of anniversary specials, many as deep as 50% off and no harm in giving away BEAUTIFUL door prizes. We're sanitizing and remaining diligent with constant hand washing, which is always a given. I've worked myself to the point of exhaustion preparing to celebrate so, please join us. Debie

[03/12/20]   Attention Heritage customers: due to the threat of the Corona Virus, and a direct request by the State of Michigan, Dept. of Agriculture, we will be unable to sample out any of our wonderful foods that we'd carefully selected for our open house, on Saturday. We still have fabulous prizes and deep, deep discounts. I'm so very sorry to disappoint everyone. I never go back on anything I say I'll do, but this is per an email from the state, to all businesses, to guard the safety of the citizens of Michigan. Please join us as we'll still feature some of the best deals and prizes in town! With many apologies, Debie 🙁

I flipped on the shopping network to escape from the news. There was a chef advertising his top notch olive oil and the sales person was going on and on about its unrivaled flavor. Well, lol, they haven't tried ours. Ellendale XTRA VIRGIN ORGANIC olive oil is bottled in dark GLASS! It sells for $10.99 not $18.00 (for the same 16.9 oz. size) and the flavor is out if this world! As you can see, I encourage giving this beautiful bottle as a hostess gift. Why not do a twist from that usual bottle of wine? Ellendale Organic Olive Oil...you'll love it!

We were saving these to introduce at our open house on Saturday. However, in light of all that's going on, we thought we'd intro this powerful product immediately. Elderberry Immune Boost, from the juice of 300 berries! 10 oz glass bottles. Reg.$3.99 Priced right now at $2.39 While a large but limited supply lasts.

38th anniversary open house, this Saturday! The door prizes alone make it worth attending lol

One week from today! Don't forget!!

It's the last day of February. But, as the new month's sale begins, we're leaving the Nano Silver by Silverbiotics at 25% off (for many obvious reasons). NO ONE SHOULD BE WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT!! #cantmakeclaims #wishicould

March newsletters/ open house invitations were mailed today featuring lots of great deals . We've also got some DEEP DISCOUNTS to be revealed on open house day, many as low as 50% savings, and manufacturers are sending some of the best door prizes ever!

FINALLY!! After being on a waiting list since LAST SUMMER, our out back awning, that was hanging in shreds, was replaced this morning! #nomorelookingghetto #stilldoingbusiness #patienceisnotoneofmyvirtues

In less than a month! Mark your calendars!

Just a head's up! If you've never been to an anniversary open house, they're a blast ! More info to come. Mark your callenders!

We have a new product! We've tested it and it's pretty tasty! Tyler's Coffee is acid FREE! And, keeping with our standards for coffee, it's ORGANIC! (NON organic coffee crops are always very heavily sprayed with chemical pesticides). According to the company, acid free coffee "minimizes the damage to tooth enamel, reduces acid reflux, is non irritating to sensitive stomachs and limits heartburn, indigestion and bloating". Paul suffers from acid reflux, so this will definitely be his go to coffee! Now, to be honest, it's not cheap. But, for those with sensitive systems, missing their cup of Joe, it's worth it. A 12 oz. bag is regularly $22.00. The good news is, it's on sale for $16.50. Better yet, at least in our home coffee maker, we found you need to use way, way less than recommended! Ask at the store for the measurements we found to be the best! Happy sipping!

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