Supercuts, Saginaw, MI Video July 1, 2019, 4:49pm

Videos by Supercuts in Saginaw. Supercuts offers the latest trends in cuts, color and styling for men, women and children.

FACT: Routine haircuts are a key part of looking sharp. 💯 Supercuts Senior Artistic Director Chrissy can help you decide when you need to make the cut.

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Please celebrate National Gum Day responsibly– by keeping it out of your hair.

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Everything is wrapped and we're ready to celebrate! Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday! 🌟 Please note, the holidays may affect salon operating hours, call the salon for more information.

Holiday festivities to attend? Don't forget to stop by and see a stylist before gracing the party with a fresh look. #TakeItToSupercuts

Happy Hair-O-Days! The gift that never stops sleighing: a Supercuts gift cards to ring in the holidays with style. #TakeItToSupercuts

When it comes to our customers, thankful is an understatement. Read what our Supercuts fans had to say about their stylists who never take their hair – or them – for granted. #SuperThankful

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New 'do, same crew. Stop in this weekend and send the kids back to school in style with a fresh new haircut.

Supercuts is proud to announce the Gold Comb Awards winners for Best Men’s Cut. Please give a round of applause to all of our stylists who go to ♾️ and beyond to create mind-blowing hairstyles. 👏 #SuperIntoHair

Check out the Supercuts Gold Comb Award winners for Best Hair Color! 🏆 Without our talented stylists, the Gold Comb Awards wouldn’t be a thing. 💇 #SuperIntoHair

Meet the winners of the Supercuts Gold Comb Awards for Best Haircut Transformations of 2019. ➡️ These award-winning stylists turned an outgrown style into an amazing drop fade, another 'do into a fade with brush back, and #LongHairDontCare into the freshest fade out there 🤙 Stay tuned for more winners. #SuperIntoHair

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No one cares more about hair than Supercuts. Except maybe someone who's lost it. So don't take your hair for granted.

We’re Supercuts and we’re #SuperIntoHair.

FACT: Routine haircuts are a key part of looking sharp. 💯 Supercuts Senior Artistic Director Chrissy can help you decide when you need to make the cut.

Round Face Shape
Add definition to a round face with a hairstyle that's shorter on the sides and back, and a bit longer on top. Find the right haircut for your face shape:

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