Jill Wright at J & Co. Owner/Hair Stylist

Jill Wright at J & Co. Owner/Hair Stylist


love her
Stopped by for a quick visit to to the new salon today to see Jill’s vision in person .....and it did not disappoint!!! It is so cute, comfortable and inviting. My 10yr old daughter said “it really has a calming yoga like vibe to it .....I LOVE it!” Lol. We are so happy for you and selfishly excited since this is our new place to go too 😁

Picked up some new products for fun while I was at it. Even the products are a classy touch !
I just want to tell you I absolutely love my hair thank you so much it feels so much better and healthier after six months congratulations again on your new place💕💕
Jill what size barrel are you using??
Spring break haircuts and highlights! Gonna be a great staycation! Thanks Jill ❤️
Thanks Jill💃🏼🖤😘
Can’t stop obsessing over my new hair! Before and after pics below. Jill Wright can do no wrong 😍❤️

Thank you for visiting my page! Instagram:@jill.hairstylist
take a look, and write a review! Hope to see or meet you soon! Hey everyone!! This is a way for me to keep better touch with my clients through facebook.

I will be posting discounts on occasion and giving you guys heads up on vacations/ busy times so you know when you should call ahead. My current work days are above. Some Saturdays I will not be working for weddings, etc. Feel free to post any posts or pictures of hair that i have done or at the salon. I'm excited to see feedback!

Operating as usual


Warning this brunette up for the summer coming ☀️


If you don’t follow the J & Co. Hairstylists page: we are having a cute pop up next Monday!!
Take a few minutes and pop by for some spring boutique shopping and/or make your appointment below with Lauren!

Also more of a reason if anyone wants to pop in and have a 🥂 with the newly engaged hairstylist you are welcome! 😉 it will be fun!

🌺There is also a mystery box giveaway anyone can enter for just coming🌷

Link to make appointment 👇


Back to work today! ✂️
Thank you all for your patience while on vacation! I’m a person who needs the mental check out from work while gone so I appreciate you all!!
I think I got back with everyone, but if I missed you feel free to poke! 😉

Make sure you are pre booking!
*Some color openings Thursday, April 1st before 1pm opened up! if you are looking to get in before Easter this is what’s left!!


Hola! I am on vacation! We are visiting our friends in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
Post swim pic- Using this time to wear minimal to no make up, soak up some sun and warm weather, swim, laugh, eat and drink a lot and check out.🏝🍹☀️
I already have some messages and I will get with you when I return to Michigan next Wednesday the 17th!

❣️Mucho amour and ✌🏻


I LoVe to balayage ❤️


My twins were in on Tuesday! We gave one ‘curtain bangs’ and the other a sandy blonde with soft foiling to the root! Love love!

..Us millennials keep saying where is the awkward stage anymore?! 😆


Check out what’s going on in the salon March 29th! Pop by!

🌾 Mark your calendars for this fun event at the salon!!! 🧡



Toned with the new #redkenshadeseq VG series! LOVE! We took her overdue shadow root more blonde.

#formula 3/4 9VG and 1/4 10VG+ 1/2 part clear+ developer 🤩


❗️ Happy Sunday my hair savvy followers❗️
I just wanted to make a quick post on booking appointments I’ve noticed in the last months.

With the new business; changes in my pre booking have been brought to my attention. I am SO VERY BLESSED with my response and feedback of J & Co.! Literally it has brought me to happy/thankful teary eyes on a few drives home in the last 6 months. Hard work definitely feels like it’s paying off, as we always hope is the response right?!

I am working my same full time hours and am still taking on new clients if they pre book; although👉 I HIGHLY recommend appointments to be made more in advance than ever before.👈
New clients/referrals are the biggest compliment and thank you, but I can only accept 9am-4pm as my late evenings are already poppin! If you are an after 3:30pm please be more prepared to book 1.5-2 months in advance! I genuinely feel terrible when I can’t make anything work for someone. I am picking up Saturday’s which I will list on here for an additional $25 with appointment, but will not be in the summer.
**When booking through me, please include what you are looking to get done and your availability date/times, etc the more detailed the better**

💗 Thank you all for supporting me and choosing me as your stylist! 2021 has been booming already and can’t wait to work magic on your all you hairs for the year!! (Inserting energizer bunny emoji here) 😆

[02/24/21]   Potential color/cut opening at 2:15/2:30 or 3:30/3:45 tomorrow!Wednesday, Feb. 24th

[02/22/21]   ‼️If you want an appointment before March 24th‼️
UPDATED please check I’ve had cancelations for this week that need to be filled below!

Please be aware these are the following appointments left until March 25th

This week 👇
JUST IN OPENING TOMORROW 12:45pm color and cut! Open to new clients also.

Feb. 24th/ Wednesday: 2:45/3pm color and cut (existing client only)

Feb 25th/ Thursday: 10am toner+haircut or 2 Haircuts (10/10:30)

March 3rd/ Wednesday: (potential) 3pm color/cut

March 4th/ Thursday: 10:45am, 12:45pm Haircuts

March 9th/ Tuesday: (potential) 1:30pm

💇🏼‍♀️ 💆🏻‍♀️ 💇🏼‍♀️ 💆🏻‍♀️ 💇🏼‍♀️ 💆🏻‍♀️ 💇🏼‍♀️ 💆🏻‍♀️ 💇🏼‍♀️ 💆🏻‍♀️ 💇🏼‍♀️

- (Potential) Color openings means this is usually existing client only and depending on service due to time available.

- Men’s haircut times are not listed but please PM me for inquiring an appointment time.

Remember everyone I am doing my best to accommodate. I am high demand in referrals/new clients since opening the salon.

**Pre booking is your best option for a guaranteed opening! I would highly suggest you book a month or 2 in advance getting the week/day/times you would like. I am always willing to book you multiple appointments months out in advance also! My after 4pm’s are booking VERY quickly!
Thank you for your patience and know I appreciate you all for choosing me as your stylist.❤️


We have a special bond and it shows with how beautiful her hair turns out every time❤️
This grow out look looks great on her!


This girl is blessed with SUCH beautiful hair! Look at that fullness and shine!! 💎


Mocha brown and beige blonde 👌


I couldn’t get a bad picture of this new clients hair!! 😍🥰
The first picture I even thought this could be pic of the year for me and it’s only February! 😆

🤍Platinum like she wanted and NO filter all pics taken in portrait mode.
- I had tried a new formula mix for her toner through #schwarzkopfprofessional and the result was stunning!! @ J & Co. Hairstylists


I’m due for posting a brunette beauty🤎

[02/08/21]   Last minute color opening Wednesday 12:15!
PM me for inquiry 😁


I thought my sign in the background was flowing with this shot but it’s all about the hair 👌

Those of you who know me you would admit I love a natural lived in look for hair. I wouldn’t say I was aiming at this to be my specialty, but it seems to be what I attract most for clientele. I love the compliment that people can go up to 10-18 weeks with their balayage as much as I miss you guys in between- but more for you buck is never an issue am I right?! Anyways hope you love this look as much as I do!❤️ ..let’s take a moment and admire that VIP piece up front 🤤


Check out what’s happening at salon for Valentine’s Day month!

💗February Giveaway💝
Stop in and grab your favorite product before Valentine’s Day for your chance to win our goodies!
We can do our hair now and go to restaurants/bars now!! (instead of just target) 😜

Not sure what you need? Our staff is educated to help suggest a great product for you!
Hope to see you and good luck 😁


Forgot to post my adorable future hair dresser from her birthday last month! Bella’s first time getting some color so we put in some pink with her new haircut! ✂️🎀 @ J & Co. Hairstylists


Anyone want this hair dryer for $45?
I used it 2 days and the dryer I’ve had my eye on went on sale! This is a $90 hair dryer!

[01/23/21]   ‼️ ATTN ‼️ I do not have any after 4:30 PM color appointments until March 19 unless a last-minute cancellation😬 Thank you all for pre booking!!

I am willing to pick up Saturday’s for all you hard working peeps who have a hard time coming during the week! 😁
Remember weekends includes a non refundable $25 booking fee if you need or are interested.
** Updated **
JANUARY 30th (full)
FEBRUARY 20th @ 1:15 left
MARCH 6th @ 11am left
MARCH 20th


I feel whiter than winter- but it’s appropriate to take a picture of my own hair after I color it right?!😜😁 #neededit


It’s friYAY! 🤍

[01/18/21]   A referral is truly the biggest compliment anyone can give🥰!
Thank you if you send any and I LOVE to meet you friends/family/ coworkers.

For now, I am closing my books to referrals with the very limited spots left for February and will not be accepting any new clientele until Week of Feb. 23rd.
Existing clients: Pre book!
💥Here are openings left until Feb. 23rd.
👉🏼When (potential) is used it means depending on the color service you would like this potentially may not be an appropriate appointment for you.
🎨 Color Appointments:
Feb 2nd- (potential) 1:30pm
Feb 11th- (potential) 2:15pm

💇🏻‍♀️Women’s haircut with Wash-Style
Feb 3rd- 4:30pm and 5pm
Feb 10th- 3:15pm
Feb 17th- 4:15pm

Note: There are always plenty of spots for women’s dry cuts and men’s cuts available not listed.


Hello all! Here a tasteful rooted blonde for you all to enjoy. 🌟

I have not been the best at my personal social media lately. With the holidays and a new businesses (along with my workdays constantly changing with this dang virus) I have brought in the new year with my main goal of time management. I have more to do in a day and accomplishments to maintain AND achieve and it just began to build up for me. I’m so happy for how busy I have became and LOVE my new workplace so much!! I definitely rang in the new year with thoughts of “I couldn’t have made a better decision” but I had to set social media aside for some balance. Here I am though! Hopefully back at it to keep you all up-to-date and informed! 💪🏼

Don’t forget to pre book, make time for yourself, take your vitamins, stay sane, give happy vibes even though times are still crazy. We’re all doing what we need to do.❤️ @ J & Co. Hairstylists


J & Co. Hairstylists

🖤🤍 Meet the team at J & Co. 🤍🖤

🪴 Jill, Ashley, and Valerie 🪴

The three of us are licensed independent salon room renters that set our own schedules and pricing. We are passionate about being up-to-date with the latest trends for hair color and cuts while building a relationship with our guests.💆🏻‍♀️ We are welcoming new guests if appointments are available, and are SO blessed for the loyalty that has followed us here while opening this year!
At J & Co. we want to make you feel comfortable and at home during your visit to the salon. Your experience and satisfaction matters to us!!


Shout out to my client Dawn for this awesome pinconning cheese spread and St. Julian wine she delivered for snacks today!

[12/30/20]   Last minute opening for a 4:45/5pm color/cut opening today!
*After 4pm openings are rare who wants it?!*

[12/30/20]   Jamie Bateson I am SO excited to announce you are the winner of the Christmas box of products!! Finally you win! Yayy!! 😆


Hello! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!! I was so busy with the giveaways on the J & Co. Hairstylists page I forgot about my own!!

Enter to win this box of hair necessities and cute Michigan earrings! This is a $120 value of a hairspray, volumeizing powder, flex wet-dry brush, hempz sanitizer, and dry shampoo!

This year I am very blessed to call many of you who follow this page a client who sits in my chair. With that being said, a referral is one of the biggest compliments a hairdresser can receive and I thank ALL of you who have sent me someone who is now in my life!

Must do one of these to enter👇
✔️ tag/comment a referral(s) you have sent
✔️ can’t think of a referral? Write a review on the J & Co. page or this one.

Good luck to everyone!! Andy thank you for being you🥰


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! 🎄🎁😁

If you will need an appointment for January please book now! I am currently full until January 8th unless cancelation spots, and have limited spots the following weeks.

I am willing to pick up a Saturday or two which includes a non refundable $25 booking fee if you are in need or interested.

With 2021 around the corner I need to stress last minute appointments are possible, but the chances are slim since I’ve opened the salon. I am still taking referrals, but on a pause for no new clientele after 4pm at this time. I have a lot of existing clients that are high demand after 3:30/4 so if you are an existing client, I would recommend a 3-4 week pre book for any evening appointments!
If any new referrals or new clients can do day appointments- I’m always open if a time works for us!😁
Please pre book!! I hate turning people away because I love and appreciate you all and want to meet everyone’s needs as much as I possibly can!❤️

[12/24/20]   I will be posted 3 giveaways for Christmas on the J & Co. Hairstylists page!!
If you want in on there make sure you are on there and following today!! 🎁 🎄

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Maybelline & Christian 👋🏽 on TikTok


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😱 check this new business opening out!


This is Alexis and Kayla with Fig & Honey Cheese Co. We are giving away one of our standard sized charcuterie boards!
Our standard boards include two kinds of meat, three cheeses, two spreads, and an assortment of fruits and nuts. They typically feed 4-6 people as an appetizer or 2 people for a meal. These boards are super cute and they take the hassle right out of bringing a party favor!

Enter to win a free board below!

🧀 Make sure you like their page!
🍇 Make sure you like this J & Co. page
✔️ SHARE AND tag a friend(s) you would love to share a board with!


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3921 Bay Road
Saginaw, MI

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00
Thursday 10:00 - 20:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:30
Saturday 09:00 - 14:00
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