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Welcome to Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. We provide Hands on, One-on-one care with each Therapeutic Exercise. Stop in to our newest Location 5610 Gratiot Rd Saginaw MI

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One of the many services we offer is Deep Tissue Laser Therapy. Read more about it below, and check out our pinned post for a video on it!


Did you know we offer Dry Needling? Read more about it below!


Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is a specialized form of therapy intended to alleviate symptoms caused by vestibular disorders. Our exercise-based program is primarily designed to reduce vertigo and dizziness, visual disturbance, and/or imbalance and falls. Contact us now for more information!
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If you have neck pain or pain in your arm coming from your neck, your doctor may refer you to a physical therapist (PT) to help treat your condition. Neck pain can limit your ability to turn your head, look up or down, or perform normal activities like sleeping or exercising. Book your appointment now!
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Moist Heat Therapy involves the use of hot water or towels soaked in it. When placed on the affected painful area of the skin it helps dilate blood vessels, relax tissues, and relieve pain. Moist Heat increases blood circulation and relax muscles to help with your spinal manipulation and therapeutic exercises. Get the care you need today!

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Image: Friends Turkey GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY 11/16/2021

Image: Friends Turkey GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

If you're coming into the office next week, keep an eye out for a thanksgiving surprise from our PT and front desk!

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Both teams are undefeated 7-0! Which one are you rooting for?! Go Green! or Go Blue!

National Coffee Day - September 29 09/29/2021

National Coffee Day - September 29

National Coffee Day - September 29 National Coffee Day 2020 — How and where to find the best free coffee deals on this years National Coffee Day. Don't miss out!


What is everyone doing for their last day of summer?

Benefits of Physical Therapy 09/13/2021

Benefits of Physical Therapy


Benefits of Physical Therapy Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants help people improve and restore movement, manage pain, and avoid surgery and prescription drugs. Learn about the many benefits of physical therapy


Congrats to Michigan and Michigan State for winning last weeks games! Here is this weeks lineup for the teams around the state:
Youngstown State @ Michigan State at 12PM
Robert Morris @ Central Michigan 3PM
Illinois State @ Western Michigan 5PM
Eastern Michigan @ Wisconsin 7PM
Washington @ Michigan 8PM

World Physical Therapy Day — September 8 09/08/2021

World Physical Therapy Day — September 8

World Physical Therapy Day — September 8 World Physical Therapy Day is observed every year on . It is celebrated to raise awareness about the critical role of physical therapists and chronic pain therapies in keeping people healthy and fit. Physical therapists attempt to treat an injury or deformity, educate patients about healthy behavior...


It's College Football season!
Kicking off tomorrow is SFU @ Western Michigan at 7PM
Michigan State @ Northwestern at 9PM

Saturday starts at noon with Western Michigan @ Michigan
Central Michigan @ Missouri at 4PM

World Coconut Day - September 2 09/02/2021

World Coconut Day - September 2

World Coconut Day - September 2 World Coconut Day is September 2, so get yourself a lovely bunch of coconuts and celebrate with these fascinating facts and recipe ideas.


High school football season is right around the corner! That means those nagging injuries will only slow you down. Our physical therapists at Horizon will get you back to 100% so maybe one day you can be an all pro like @jairealexander


It's National Golf Month! Have you had to take time off during your golf season because of an injury? If so, our therapists at Horizon Physical Therapy can help get you back practicing your swing ASAP.

Avoid Chronic Disease With Regular Physical Activity 08/16/2021

Avoid Chronic Disease With Regular Physical Activity

Most people do not get enough exercise during the week, thus leading to increased risk for chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and depression. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans found this to be true for approximately 80% of US adults and adolescents! Increasing physical activity can help to reduce your risk, but how much time should you be spending? Click the link below to find out!

Avoid Chronic Disease With Regular Physical Activity The second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans reports that approximately 80% of US adults and adolescents are insufficiently active. The good news is that regular physical activ

Physical activity improves your health and quality of life. 08/10/2021

Physical activity improves your health and quality of life.

Physical inactivity is a massive problem in today's world.
Getting up and moving is a huge benefit to your health!

Physical activity improves your health and quality of life. Regular physical activity is one of the best things you can do for your health. Whatever barriers may be preventing you from enjoying the many critical healt...


Getting back into your fitness routine does not have to be hard!


The new and updated shoulder program (exclusively at Horizon Physical Therapy) includes a thorough examination of the most common causes of shoulder pain:

-Rotator Cuff
-Shoulder Blade
-Neck and Upper Back

After we find the cause of your shoulder pain, you will receive the latest hand-on physical therapy combined with the right stretching and strengthening exercises specific to the cause of your shoulder pain. This treatment has been proven to:

-Give permanent relief by correcting the cause of your pain
-Improve your strength and movement
-Speed up the healing process
-Prevent your shoulder from getting worse

All of this without more medications, injections, or surgeries!


During the hot summer months and while exercising, proper hydration is essential to good health. Water helps to maintain critical body functions like body temperature and getting rid of toxins. Many times we don't know that we are in a state of dehydration until we feel thirsty, fatigue, or headaches. This is why it is important to drink water throughout that day even before you feel thirsty.


Horizon Physical Therapy Gratiot

Horizon Physical Therapy Gratiot Welcome to Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. We provide Hands on, One-on-one care with each Therapeutic Exercise.

Medical Library Nl 5746 03/19/2021

Medical Library Nl 5746

Medical Library Nl 5746 Medical Library Nl 5746. Useful information to help you learn more about why physical therapy is a great first choice.


Top 5 factors that influences running-related injuries!

A lot of running injuries occur from doing too much, too fast after doing too little for too long. As soon as the weather starts to look promising; running and jogging become a crowd favorite for Michiganders. A few factors that need your attention before you get serious with running.

1. Running Distance
2. Frequency (number of times in a week)
3. Pre and post workout stretching
4. Rest breaks
5. Running surface

BMJ Open Sport Exerc Med. 2017 Jun 22;3(1):e000265. doi: 10.1136/bmjsem-2017-000265. eCollection 2017.


How Sleep Quality Affects Neck Pain
A 2015 study examined 422 patients with sub-acute or chronic neck pain and found that symptoms were less likely to resolve if the individual also experienced poor sleep 🛌 quality. There is still much research to be done in this area, but it appears that sleep quality often has an intimate relationship with persistent pain problems. If you struggle with persistent pain and have difficulty sleeping, it may be worth your time to explore options that could improve sleep quality.
🔬OBJECTIVE: To assess whether sleep quality (SQ) at baseline is associated with improvement in pain and disability at 3 months.
🔬MATERIALS AND METHODS: Four hundred twenty-two subacute and chronic patients with neck pain (NP) were recruited in 32 physiotherapy, primary care, and specialized centers. NP, referred pain, disability, catastrophizing, depression, and SQ were assessed through validated questionnaires, upon recruitment and 3 months later.
🔬DISCUSSION: NP is less likely to improve in patients with poorer SQ, irrespective of age, sex, catastrophizing, depression, or treatments prescribed for NP. Future studies should confirm these results with more severely impaired patients.
📚Kovacs FM et al. Patients with neck pain are less likely to improve if they experience poor sleep quality: a prospective study in routine practice. Clin J Pain. 2015.

Credits to @Rehabscience


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Submit billing data to insurance providers
• Convert dosages to billable units
• Perform Medicare/Medi-Cal reviews and audits
• Work claims and claim denials to ensure maximum reimbursement for services provided
• Perform posting charges and completion of claims to payers in a timely fashion
• Implement, maintain and report on programs initiated by the practice
• Insurance verification and authorization for services
• Maintain accurate diagnosis information for each client including but not limited to proper ICD-10 diagnosis coding, and proper recording of new and discontinued CPT codes
• At least High School Diploma or GED
• Able to meet tight deadlines and multi-task
• Problem-solver
• Work well with others
• Experience in coding or billing required
• Monday to Friday


Several organisations including the WHO, American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine have offered initial suggestions and resources for engaging in physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Expanding on these resources, BJSM's infographic aims to present a comprehensive illustration for promoting daily physical activity to the lay audience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photos from Krishna Chalasani PT, DPT, Cert SMT, CKTP's post 12/01/2020

Photos from Krishna Chalasani PT, DPT, Cert SMT, CKTP's post

Specalized Treatments

Welcome to Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. Our office is different because the care is hands on, one-on-one and each therapeutic exercise program is customized to the specific impairments found during the initial evaluation.

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Is one of your goals to be Pain Free without Extreme Measure? Well, Horizon Physical Therapy on Gratiot wants to be the ...



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