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Horizon Physical Therapy Gratiot

Welcome to Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. We provide Hands on, One-on-one care with each Therapeutic Exercise. Stop in to our newest Location 5610 Gratiot Rd Saginaw MI

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Medical Library Nl 5746 Medical Library Nl 5746. Useful information to help you learn more about why physical therapy is a great first choice.


Top 5 factors that influences running-related injuries!

A lot of running injuries occur from doing too much, too fast after doing too little for too long. As soon as the weather starts to look promising; running and jogging become a crowd favorite for Michiganders. A few factors that need your attention before you get serious with running.

1. Running Distance
2. Frequency (number of times in a week)
3. Pre and post workout stretching
4. Rest breaks
5. Running surface

BMJ Open Sport Exerc Med. 2017 Jun 22;3(1):e000265. doi: 10.1136/bmjsem-2017-000265. eCollection 2017.


How Sleep Quality Affects Neck Pain
A 2015 study examined 422 patients with sub-acute or chronic neck pain and found that symptoms were less likely to resolve if the individual also experienced poor sleep 🛌 quality. There is still much research to be done in this area, but it appears that sleep quality often has an intimate relationship with persistent pain problems. If you struggle with persistent pain and have difficulty sleeping, it may be worth your time to explore options that could improve sleep quality.
🔬OBJECTIVE: To assess whether sleep quality (SQ) at baseline is associated with improvement in pain and disability at 3 months.
🔬MATERIALS AND METHODS: Four hundred twenty-two subacute and chronic patients with neck pain (NP) were recruited in 32 physiotherapy, primary care, and specialized centers. NP, referred pain, disability, catastrophizing, depression, and SQ were assessed through validated questionnaires, upon recruitment and 3 months later.
🔬DISCUSSION: NP is less likely to improve in patients with poorer SQ, irrespective of age, sex, catastrophizing, depression, or treatments prescribed for NP. Future studies should confirm these results with more severely impaired patients.
📚Kovacs FM et al. Patients with neck pain are less likely to improve if they experience poor sleep quality: a prospective study in routine practice. Clin J Pain. 2015.

Credits to @Rehabscience

[02/12/21]   Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Submit billing data to insurance providers
• Convert dosages to billable units
• Perform Medicare/Medi-Cal reviews and audits
• Work claims and claim denials to ensure maximum reimbursement for services provided
• Perform posting charges and completion of claims to payers in a timely fashion
• Implement, maintain and report on programs initiated by the practice
• Insurance verification and authorization for services
• Maintain accurate diagnosis information for each client including but not limited to proper ICD-10 diagnosis coding, and proper recording of new and discontinued CPT codes
• At least High School Diploma or GED
• Able to meet tight deadlines and multi-task
• Problem-solver
• Work well with others
• Experience in coding or billing required
• Monday to Friday


Several organisations including the WHO, American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine have offered initial suggestions and resources for engaging in physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Expanding on these resources, BJSM's infographic aims to present a comprehensive illustration for promoting daily physical activity to the lay audience during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Krishna Chalasani PT, DPT, Cert SMT, CKTP

The hamstring muscle which takes up most of the back of the thigh is actually comprised of three muscle groups. An injury to this structure is most common in athletes participating in various sports. However, ‘weekend warriors' and individuals who participate in walking, jogging or running can be affected.

Hamstrings allows the knee to bend, and contracts every single time one takes a step, climb a flight of stairs or get in and out of the car. In fact, it plays a critical role in every activity involving the legs.

The anatomy of Hamstrings
The biceps femoris, semi-membranosus and semitendinosus are the three muscles that group together and called hamstrings. A partial or complete tear of either of these muscles is a likely possibility in hamstring injuries.

Cause of hamstring muscle injury
An excessive and or sudden stress on one or more of these muscles is a common cause for the injury. The muscle tightness and inadequate warm-up can also cause injuries. Also, an individual with a previous hamstring injury is more likely to get re-injured.

The Role of the Physical Therapist
The role of the physical therapist is extremely important in managing patients with hamstring injuries. Prior to treatment, the therapist will obtain a detailed history and perform a clinical examination to ascertain the degree of injury and the muscle groups involved. This will help create a foundation for a safe and effective treatment program.

If the injury was sustained recently, the therapist will recommend rest, since the primary goal is to avoid an increase in pain and excessive strain on sensitive muscles and ligaments. You may be asked to avoid exercise and in some cases, avoid walking. You may even be asked to use crutches for support.

In an effort to deal with the pain associated with such injuries, the therapist may recommend an ice pack and a compression bandage to reduce swelling.

Physical therapists will prescribe and supervise a structured exercise program once the acute injury phase (and the associated pain and swelling) has subsided. These can include:

1. Muscle strength exercises - including static and dynamic strength exercises to help regain strength as quickly as possible.

2. Range of motion - including active and passive range of motion exercises that can be partial, or complete range of motion. This helps maintain mobility and minimize muscle tightness.

3. Provision of support devices - The use of assistive devices like crutches, walkers or canes to walk short distances is helpful for patients during the recovery phase. The physical therapist will help analyze the need for such a device, identify the right device (if needed) and assist in acquiring such a device.

4. Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization Technique (IASTM): In some cases, the physical therapist may use the IASTM Technique. IASTM Technique effectively breaks down scar tissue and reduces inflammation that causes pain, loss of motion and stiffness.

 Using stainless steel instruments, the technique irons out the tangled tissue that’s causing the dysfunction. Along with warming up, stretching, strengthening and ice, clinicians can rebuild the soft tissue injury into healthy functioning tissue again.

 IASTM Technique speeds rehabilitation and recovery, reduces the need for anti-inflammatory medication and allows the patient to continue everyday activities

Restoration of Control
In addition to the restoration of strength and mobility, an important objective of physical therapy is the restoration of muscle control and balance following hamstring injuries.

When the hamstrings are injured, the strength ratio between the quadriceps (muscles at the front of the thigh) and the hamstrings is also impacted. Weakness or tightness in the hamstrings (as a result of an injury) can also put you at an increased risk of injury to the ACL, or anterior cruciate ligament, which is a ligament that facilitates with knee stability.

Exercises involving balance, weight bearing and unexpected shifts in direction can improve strength and stability in the hamstring muscles. For an athlete recovering from hamstring injuries, a physical therapist will work on motor control and help train sport-specific movements.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an athlete suffering from a hamstring injury, physical therapy can help. In fact, the scope of physical therapy extends far beyond hamstring injuries and includes pain relief and restoration of function for any muscle injury in the body. Give us a call, and we'll help you regain control of your muscles as quickly as possible.


Our welcome greeter is not feeling very lively today.

If you are not feeling as lively as you used to-ask your doctor if physical therapy can help!

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chicagotribune.com 05/09/2020

‘It’s one thing to survive the infection, but what’s next?’ Some COVID-19 patients need rehab to walk, talk and problem solve

Many severely ill COVID-19 patients, found that surviving the disease was merely the first leg of the journey to overcoming it. Each day across the nation, thousands of COVID-19 patients are fighting for their lives in intensive care units in the hospitals. But when they get past the worst of the illness, many are finding that they need help to return to normal life and must spend hours a day in therapy at special rehabilitation hospitals, rehab units within traditional hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient facilities or at home. And that’s to say nothing of the longer-term health problems that some physicians say may follow COVID-19 patients.


chicagotribune.com Recovery from COVID-19 can mean long, difficult rehab


Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot, which stand at 1 in 302,575,350,
Many BELIEVE that they could be the next winner

Odds of getting COVID19 is 1 in 227 in Michigan
Many are CONFIDENT that they are safe

[05/04/20]   🔔 JUST A REMINDER 🔔

☑️ We are OPEN!
☑️ For YOUR SAFETY we only see 1 PATIENT at a time.


Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation


Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation


Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Myth 1: Physical Therapy can wait.
Many situations such as post-surgical conditions, acute strokes, Bell’s palsy, trauma and certain musculo-skeletal injuries have the most valuable window of recovery in the first few weeks and can benefit from early interventions. While many patients can wait some cannot afford the delay.

Myth 2: Pain is not an important issue right now.
Pain, specifically the musculo-skeletal pain is one of the major causes of ER visits in US. If we can anyway help reduce the stress on the local ERs and address pain to a manageable levels, it is a significant benefit to the community we serve.

Myth 3: It’s not safe to go to therapy
We are seeing only ONE Patient in the office at a time. Although very extreme, we like to make you feel safe and comfortable during your therapy session.

Myth 4: Businesses care about profits than the health of their patient. We are not making any profit, in fact lose money since we adopted only one patient in the building. We want you to know that patient care is our utmost priority.

Myth 5: CEO’s put their staff at risk as they stay away.
We don’t have any non-physical therapists’ owners who are in this just for business. All of us here at Horizon work in the front lines. We even let the staff to stay off work if they choose to, due to their individual situations.


Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Zoom In! We’ve got a secret message for you.


Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

We are altering our schedule due to the recent “stay Home” state of emergency executive order (EO 2020-21), to accommodate those in need. Our Office assistant would call if any of the existing appointments needs to be changed or cancelled. However, if you are in acute pain and need to be seen; please call our office, we will try to accommodate and help you.

We are carefully observing the evolving situation and prioritizing our response to the needs of our patients, mindful of our dedicated staff’s health and safety. For the next three weeks our sole objective is to keep patients out of the emergency room, hospitals, urgent care centers and PCP offices. Most pain and dysfunction related acute symptoms can be managed in our physical therapy office which will help alleviate stress on the health care providers who are on the front lines treating COVID-19 and other medical emergencies.

We appreciate your understanding and support though this very difficult time. We will continue to stay connected with you and communicate with the updates regularly.
Stay Healthy and practice good hygiene

Thank you,
Krishna Chalasani PT DPT
Doctor of Physical Therapy


Krishna Chalasani PT, DPT, Cert SMT, CKTP

Please wash your hands throughly! Surprised to see the commonly left out areas?

Surprised to see the commonly left out areas?Please wash your hands throughly!

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FAQ about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and What We are Doing About ItUpdated: March 12, 2020

Disclaimer: Information about COVID-19 is rapidly changing. The information below may not be correct, complete, accurate, and/or may have changed without notice. It’s important to get your information from a trusted source. As such, we recommend you frequently visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at https://www.cdc.gov/covid-19 for the most recent developments and advice.

horizonptandrehab.com Disclaimer: Information about COVID-19 is rapidly changing. The information below may not be correct, complete, accurate, and/or may have changed without notice. It’s important to get your information from a trusted source. As such, we recommend you frequently visit the Centers for Disease Control...

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Krishna Chalasani PT, DPT, Cert SMT, CKTP

Disclaimer: You should always consult with a physician before making changes to your diet or eating behaviors.

I am sure most of you, like me have tried some sort of diet changes for weight loss or make lasting and meaningful lifestyle changes; think of Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Keto etc. Most people typically fail as they're not sustainable since they require you to either cut out certain things entirely (fat, carbs, sugar, etc.) or eat an excess of something else (protein, cabbage soup, etc.)

What make intermittent fasting a successful diet ?

Delay, Don’t Deny. Yes! That’s the key to its success. You're not denying yourself anything, you're just delaying it. You don't have to give up, say, pizza because of the carbs or ice cream because of the sugar. You just have to wait until your window opens; then you can eat what you want to eat.

Hold on now, not the entire pizza or a whole pint of ice cream; be reasonable. It’s very important to primarily eat healthy foods during your eating window. This method won't work if you eat LOTS of junk food or an EXCESSIVE number of calories. But there are no exclusions. And that's incredibly liberating.

Intermittent Fasting as a weight loss approach has been around in various forms for ages, but was highly popularized in 2012 by BBC broadcast journalist Dr. Michael Mosley’s TV documentary Eat Fast, Live Longer and book The Fast Diet. Here is the link to that hour long documentary. https://youtu.be/Ihhj_VSKiTs

Beyond being acclaimed as a foolproof weight-loss method; latest research points to a potential cure for things like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor sleep, insulin resistance, even cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Time-restricted eating (eating all calories within a consistent 10-hour window) allows individuals to eat in a manner that supports their circadian rhythms and their health. Circadian rhythms are the 24-hour cycles of biological processes that affect nearly every cell in the body. Erratic eating patterns can disrupt this system and induce symptoms of metabolic syndrome, including increased abdominal fat and abnormal cholesterol or triglycerides.

How does it work?
The food we eat is broken down by enzymes in our gut and eventually ends up as molecules in our bloodstream. Carbohydrates, particularly sugars and refined grains (think white flours and rice), are quickly broken down into sugar, which our cells use for energy. If our cells don’t use it all, we store it in our fat cells as, well, fat. But sugar can only enter our cells with insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas. Insulin brings sugar into the fat cells and keeps it there.
Between meals, as long as we don’t snack, our insulin levels will go down and our fat cells can then release their stored sugar, to be used as energy. We lose weight if we let our insulin levels go down. The entire idea of intermittent fasting is to allow the insulin levels to go down far enough and for long enough that we burn off our fat.

Sold on the idea of fasting? Well, you should learn some basic stuff before you jump on the band wagon.

There are different ways to do intermittent fasting for weight loss. Some of the most popular ones are

1. The 16/8 Method – I’m going to go in to more details below.
2. The 5:2 Diet – It just means you eat normally for five days of the week and consume only 500–600 calories on two non-consecutive days of the week. This might work for some, but two days of virtual starvation doesn't sound very appealing for many.
3. Eat-Stop-Eat method - This involves fasting for 24 hours, once or twice a week, for example by not eating from dinner one day until dinner the next day.
4. Alternate Day Fasting - Name says it all.
5. Warrior Diet - it's like Paleo diet with intermittent fasting.

16/8 is the most popular and easiest for most people, it involves fasting every day for 14 to16 hours and restricting your daily "eating window" to 8-10 hours.

Within the eating window, you can fit in 2, 3, or more meals.
Doing this method of fasting can actually be as simple as not eating anything after dinner and skipping breakfast; For example, if you finish your last meal at 8 p.m. and don't eat until noon the next day, you’re technically fasting for 16 hours.
It’s generally recommended that women only fast 14-15 hours, because they seem to do better with slightly shorter fasts.
For people who get hungry in the morning and like to eat breakfast, this method may be hard to get used to at first. However, many breakfast skippers like me, instinctively eat this way.

The most important part of the equation, however, is not the length of the window; it's the fast itself, which much be entirely "clean". That means water, coffee and tea only, with absolutely no added fat, artificial sweeteners or the like. No bone broth, no water with lemon, no flavored teas. No gum, no mints, nothing with calories, period. The goal is to deprive your body of anything that triggers insulin production, because an insulin-deprived body turns to fat stores for energy.

1. Avoid sugars and refined grains. Instead, eat fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats (a sensible, plant-based, Mediterranean-style diet).
2. Let your body burn fat between meals. Don’t snack. Be active throughout your day. Build muscle tone.
3. Consider a simple form of intermittent fasting. Limit the hours of the day when you eat, and for best effect, make it earlier in the day (between 7 am to 3 pm, or even 10 am to 6 pm, but definitely not in the evening before bed).
4. Avoid snacking or eating at nighttime, all the time.

Specalized Treatments

Welcome to Horizon Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation. Our office is different because the care is hands on, one-on-one and each therapeutic exercise program is customized to the specific impairments found during the initial evaluation.

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