JR's All Star Haircuts for Men - Shields, MI, Saginaw, MI Video October 5, 2018, 11:03pm

Videos by JR's All Star Haircuts for Men - Shields, MI in Saginaw. Over 10 years of the best haircuts and shaves. We are known for our sports themed Men's hair salon, with T.V.'s playing at every station.

We are having so much fun! 🏈

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We are Open!
We are open today until 7:00pm. Come see us to refresh your haircut and get warmed up with a hot towel and scalp massage!

💈Harry’s chillin’ out with a hot towel, shampoo, and scalp massage! 😂 ✂️Stop by today and you can too! We’re open 11-7 today! ☃️

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We had a great time with the Saginaw Spirit tonight!

The temperatures are changing which means it’s time to treat yourself with a warm towel and scalp massage! (Always included with our All-Star haircuts 🤩🙌) Stop in from 11-7 and see Kayle, Theresa, and Morgan! ✂️💈

We are having so much fun! 🏈

🏈Homecoming is just around the corner!!🏈 💥Show your school spirit JR’s style with COLOR BOMBZ! Temporary fun colored sprays for your hair! We have a selection of blue, green, and red! Go teams, go!! 📣

💈Happy Tuesday!!💈 ✌️Don’t forget it’s 2 cuts for $22 all day!!✌️ ✂️Brittany, Theresa, and Morgan will be slayin’ cuts until 7pm today!✂️

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💆‍♂️Shampoo with your haircut- Best. Feeling. Ever. 🙌 ✂️Stop in today from 11-7 and see Stefanie, Meagan, Theresa, Kristina, and Morgan for a fresh back to school cut! ✂️

🤟Rocking the blue and green spray today!🤟 💥These BTZ Color Sprays are the bomb.com! 🌟Stop in and see us today 11-7! 💈Monday through Friday: 11am-7pm ✂️Saturday: 9am-4pm

💈Happy Saturday! ✂️Stop by from 9-4 and see Meagan, Theresa, and Morgan for a fresh cut!

Winner winner chicken dinner! Congrats to Mike Williams! Every week we’re giving away a FREE haircut! Tune in to Facebook next week to see what we’ve got!

🌟Who’s stopping in for the All-Star treatment?!🌟 💆‍♂️All-Star Haircuts come with not only your precision cut, but also your wash, scalp massage, hot towel, and style! ✂️Kayle, Theresa, and Morgan will be working 11-7 today!

💥HEY LOOK! 💥 🤟It’s another Gift Certificate Giveaway!!🤟 ::: Rules are simple this week! ::: 💈 Stop in at the Gratiot location from 11-7 any day until Friday💈 ⬇️ Drop your business card in the vase ⬇️ 👀Tune in on Facebook on Friday, August 10th at 7:00 while we announce the winner!! 👀

✂️Happy Fri-YAY! ✂️ 💈 Meagan, Morgan, Theresa, and Stefanie are working 11-7 today!

THE WINNER IS.... Josiah Keysor!! Tune in next week, we’ll be doing another free haircut gift certificate giveaway!! ✂️💈

No waiting! Start your day with us 😊

✂️Stop in on this beautiful Thursday for a fresh cut and shave! 🌞We’ll be open 11-7 today! 💈Kayle, Morgan, and Theresa are working!

😊We’re open 11-7 today! Stop in and see Kayle, Theresa, and Morgan for cut and shave! ✂️💈

You still have time to stop in before close! ✂️ 💈 Kayle, Theresa, & Stefanie will be here until 7!

☀️Stop in and see Kayle, Meagan, Stefanie, and Morgan for a cut today! ✂️💈

It’s a great day to stop in for a haircut! ✂️💈 Kayle, Theresa, & Meagan are here till 7!

💈We’re open 11-7 today! ✂️Stop by and see Meagan, Theresa Griffin, Stefanie, and Morgan for a cut!

Stop in and check out our new look 💈

💥BOGO clearance products?! 😱Say whaaaaaat?! 💈Stop by and check out our clearance shelf for an awesome deal! ✂️Morgan, Teresa, Theresa, and Stefanie will be working today 11-7!

💈Happy Saturday! ✂️Stop by today until 4 and see Meagan, Meghan, Aimee, and Morgan for a cut!

☀️We’re open 11-7 on this beautiful day! ✂️Stop by and see Morgan, Theresa, and Stefanie for a cut! 💈Teresa Reid comes in at 2!

Happy Monday!! 😊 ☀️It’s a beautiful day for a haircut! 💈Stop by from 11-7 and see Morgan, Stefanie, and Stephanie! ✂️Asia is in at 2!

😊Happy Saturday!! ✂️Start your weekend out right with a fresh cut! 💈Stop by from 9-4 and see Morgan, Monica, Theresa Griffin, Stefanie, and Shayla!

Happy Monday! ✂️Warm up today with a haircut, shampoo, hot towel, and scalp massage! 💆‍♂️ 💈Stop by from 11-7 and see Morgan, Stefanie, and Shayla!

☀️Stop by today from 11-7!! ✂️Morgan, Shayla, and Teresa Reid will be slayin’ fresh cuts! 💈Stefanie will be in at 2!

Happy Monday! 💈Stop by today 11-7 and see Morgan, Shayla, and Kayle for a fresh cut! Teresa Reid is in at 2! ✂️

✂️There’s still time for your weekend cut! Stop in today until 4! 💈

👀Kayle is focusing heavy on this haircut! ✂️ 💈Stop by today from 11-7! Kayle, Theresa Griffin, Teresa Reid, Shayla, And Morgan will be working! 💈

☀️It’s a bright and sunshiny Thursday! Who’s stopping in for a fresh cut?! 🙋‍♂️ ✂️Morgan, Theresa Griffin, and Kayle will be slayin’ cuts all day today! ✂️ 💈We’re open 11-7! 💈

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