JR's All Star Haircuts for Men - Shields, MI, Saginaw, MI Video September 18, 2018, 4:55pm

Videos by JR's All Star Haircuts for Men - Shields, MI in Saginaw. Over 10 years of the best haircuts and shaves. We are known for our sports themed Men's hair salon, with T.V.'s playing at every station.

💈Happy Tuesday!!💈
✌️Don’t forget it’s 2 cuts for $22 all day!!✌️

✂️Brittany, Theresa, and Morgan will be slayin’ cuts until 7pm today!✂️

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Today is wax Wednesday! 5$ waxs all day!

We 💙 the versatility that American Crew Fiber Products have! Which Fiber do you grab to complete your look? Paste, Cream, or Foam? 👇 Tell us in the comments! 👇

We are Open!
We are open today until 7:00pm. Come see us to refresh your haircut and get warmed up with a hot towel and scalp massage!

💈Harry’s chillin’ out with a hot towel, shampoo, and scalp massage! 😂 ✂️Stop by today and you can too! We’re open 11-7 today! ☃️

💈Harry loves American Crew products! ❄️He especially loves the $10 MINI PUCKS this time of year! 🎁They are so perfect for Stocking Stuffers and White Elephant gifts! 🤗 Stop in 11-7 Monday through Friday, and Saturday 9-4 to grab some!

💥REUZEL GIFT SETS ARE IN!💥 ✂️Show your hair some love with our Piggy Back sets and care for your beard with our Groom and Grow set! 💈Only $22.00! We’re open 11-7 today! 🤘

🙋‍♂️Who’s all in for #NoShaveNovember ?! Check out our beard products at all 5 of our locations to help tame that mane! 🔥This AWESOME Woody’s Beard Kit is only $20.00!!🔥 ✂️We’re open 11-7 today! Get your head in the game!💈

We had a great time with the Saginaw Spirit tonight!

The temperatures are changing which means it’s time to treat yourself with a warm towel and scalp massage! (Always included with our All-Star haircuts 🤩🙌) Stop in from 11-7 and see Kayle, Theresa, and Morgan! ✂️💈

We are having so much fun! 🏈

🏈Homecoming is just around the corner!!🏈 💥Show your school spirit JR’s style with COLOR BOMBZ! Temporary fun colored sprays for your hair! We have a selection of blue, green, and red! Go teams, go!! 📣

💈Happy Tuesday!!💈 ✌️Don’t forget it’s 2 cuts for $22 all day!!✌️ ✂️Brittany, Theresa, and Morgan will be slayin’ cuts until 7pm today!✂️

💥 B O G O American Crew Pomade! ! !💥 Our ⭐️featured product⭐️ is American Crew Pomade! Buy one get one free for a limited time only!! Stop in any of our locations from 11-7 today!

💆‍♂️Shampoo with your haircut- Best. Feeling. Ever. 🙌 ✂️Stop in today from 11-7 and see Stefanie, Meagan, Theresa, Kristina, and Morgan for a fresh back to school cut! ✂️

🤟Rocking the blue and green spray today!🤟 💥These BTZ Color Sprays are the bomb.com! 🌟Stop in and see us today 11-7! 💈Monday through Friday: 11am-7pm ✂️Saturday: 9am-4pm

💈Happy Saturday! ✂️Stop by from 9-4 and see Meagan, Theresa, and Morgan for a fresh cut!

Winner winner chicken dinner! Congrats to Mike Williams! Every week we’re giving away a FREE haircut! Tune in to Facebook next week to see what we’ve got!

🌟Who’s stopping in for the All-Star treatment?!🌟 💆‍♂️All-Star Haircuts come with not only your precision cut, but also your wash, scalp massage, hot towel, and style! ✂️Kayle, Theresa, and Morgan will be working 11-7 today!

💥HEY LOOK! 💥 🤟It’s another Gift Certificate Giveaway!!🤟 ::: Rules are simple this week! ::: 💈 Stop in at the Gratiot location from 11-7 any day until Friday💈 ⬇️ Drop your business card in the vase ⬇️ 👀Tune in on Facebook on Friday, August 10th at 7:00 while we announce the winner!! 👀

✂️Happy Fri-YAY! ✂️ 💈 Meagan, Morgan, Theresa, and Stefanie are working 11-7 today!

THE WINNER IS.... Josiah Keysor!! Tune in next week, we’ll be doing another free haircut gift certificate giveaway!! ✂️💈

No waiting! Start your day with us 😊

✂️Stop in on this beautiful Thursday for a fresh cut and shave! 🌞We’ll be open 11-7 today! 💈Kayle, Morgan, and Theresa are working!

😊We’re open 11-7 today! Stop in and see Kayle, Theresa, and Morgan for cut and shave! ✂️💈

You still have time to stop in before close! ✂️ 💈 Kayle, Theresa, & Stefanie will be here until 7!

☀️Stop in and see Kayle, Meagan, Stefanie, and Morgan for a cut today! ✂️💈

It’s a great day to stop in for a haircut! ✂️💈 Kayle, Theresa, & Meagan are here till 7!

💈We’re open 11-7 today! ✂️Stop by and see Meagan, Theresa Griffin, Stefanie, and Morgan for a cut!

Stop in and check out our new look 💈

💥BOGO clearance products?! 😱Say whaaaaaat?! 💈Stop by and check out our clearance shelf for an awesome deal! ✂️Morgan, Teresa, Theresa, and Stefanie will be working today 11-7!

💈Happy Saturday! ✂️Stop by today until 4 and see Meagan, Meghan, Aimee, and Morgan for a cut!

☀️We’re open 11-7 on this beautiful day! ✂️Stop by and see Morgan, Theresa, and Stefanie for a cut! 💈Teresa Reid comes in at 2!

Happy Monday!! 😊 ☀️It’s a beautiful day for a haircut! 💈Stop by from 11-7 and see Morgan, Stefanie, and Stephanie! ✂️Asia is in at 2!

😊Happy Saturday!! ✂️Start your weekend out right with a fresh cut! 💈Stop by from 9-4 and see Morgan, Monica, Theresa Griffin, Stefanie, and Shayla!

Happy Monday! ✂️Warm up today with a haircut, shampoo, hot towel, and scalp massage! 💆‍♂️ 💈Stop by from 11-7 and see Morgan, Stefanie, and Shayla!

☀️Stop by today from 11-7!! ✂️Morgan, Shayla, and Teresa Reid will be slayin’ fresh cuts! 💈Stefanie will be in at 2!

Happy Monday! 💈Stop by today 11-7 and see Morgan, Shayla, and Kayle for a fresh cut! Teresa Reid is in at 2! ✂️

✂️There’s still time for your weekend cut! Stop in today until 4! 💈

👀Kayle is focusing heavy on this haircut! ✂️ 💈Stop by today from 11-7! Kayle, Theresa Griffin, Teresa Reid, Shayla, And Morgan will be working! 💈

☀️It’s a bright and sunshiny Thursday! Who’s stopping in for a fresh cut?! 🙋‍♂️ ✂️Morgan, Theresa Griffin, and Kayle will be slayin’ cuts all day today! ✂️ 💈We’re open 11-7! 💈

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