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Anyone want to take advantage of this?!

It’s today only and I need $125 in orders to do this deal... who needs some foundation? 😍

This saves you 29%!

Mix and match colors of your choice. Anyone needing color matching let me know!

Shhhh! 🤫

Splurge Cream Shadow (and a few of her friends 😉) are on sale this weekend! Save 3️⃣0️⃣% on the website!

So sweeten the pot, I’m offering an additional 1️⃣0️⃣% off anyone who orders through me! 😘

Reserve your color now! ♥️

I’ll be posting more throughout the day - and build your bundle as you go!

🆓 SHIPPING on orders over 💲4️⃣0️⃣!

Comment, message or go to to check it out!

Maternity leave has got me MIA from everything - including sharing specials with you all! 🤦🏼‍♀️ #mombrainfail

To kick off me making a comeback and educating you on all of our amazing new products - I’m also offering the special below! 😘

You save 💰 $31, and get the following:
👉🏻 Splash Liquid Lipstick (any color)
👉🏻 Quad Eyeshadow Palette (pick four colors)
👉🏻 Epic Mascara (brown, black or waterproof)


Doorbuster #9 launches with an EXCLUSIVE product in a NEW skincare line launching in the new year! 🤫

Free Shine Cleansing Cloths with every Kudos bundle purchase! (Epic Mascara, Eye Liner, Liquid Lipstick, AND a Cleansing Stick! $69 + FREE shipping for a $115 value! 😳)

Second Chance at Bundles! Day 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 available to purchase!! Bundle 4 won't contain the hair towel and Bundle 6 will be the regular lip exfoliator! 🎉 WOW!!!! 🎉

⭐️They will sell out FAST (again) so make sure you either get a pre-order with me NOW or get in line on the website at 8:20am EST this morning! Comment “HELP” if you need help with any of this!


Stay freshly scented on-the-go with the never-before-seen YOUNIQUE fragrance rollerballs. The Gifts & Glitter Day 7 deal lets you choose your two favourite Younique scents, so you can cross someone off your list and get a travel-friendly version of your favourite fragrance. Plus, they're the perfect stocking stuffers.

The deal includes:
💜 Set of 2 YOUNIQUE Fragrance Rollerballs
💜 Gifts & Glitter Giftable Bag

Retail Price: $29 USD

If you would like the key notes of each fragrance, please let me know! 😊

Day 5 Doorbuster!
Liquid eyeshadow trio! 😍

Thiis trio is ONLY available tomorrow and $29!! This is going to sell out super quickly!

Today’s deal lasted ONE AND A HALF HOURS! 😱 Tomorrow may set a new record! If you want me to grab them for you ASAP in the morning, all you have to do is post you email below!

Day 2 Doorbuster! 💜 ($37)
Two of our most popular colors are back for today only! They WILL SELL OUT, so make sure you get yours ASAP! Metallic, rose gold lipstick + smudge proof cream shadow!

If you want to skip the line, drop your email below, and I’ll get it for you! 😘 Available at 9am EST!

Looking for some product testers! 💜

Drop a comment below if you’d like more information or you would be interested!

🙌🏻Who wants a Crazy Discount on Younique Makeup!?

You can get ALL this Makeup for only $99 😳! This is a 300 Retail Value on the FULL SIZE Products alone!!! 👜 You will even get a Free Makeup Bag!

🙀 Don't worry, you are under NO obligation to sell, but if you want to, I can train you and teach you EVERYTHING!💜

Message me or Comment below if you LOVE this deal! ♥️ I would LOVE to answer any and all of your questions!!!

🖤You'll LOVE it so much, we even offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!🙌🏼

Build-a-Bear tried, mine will be better 😜!

Now until midnight tomorrow ONLY - Pay your Age for a custom Beauty Bundle! 🙀

👇🏻Just state your age below and I will create you a custom bundle! ♥️🔥

#payyourage #limitedtimeonly

⬇️ Check this out! ⬇️

The $9️⃣9️⃣ option comes with:
🔥 FREE Shipping
🔥 FREE LED Mirror
🔥 FREE $20 Shopping Credit
🔥 20% Off Future Purchase

🚫 No Commitment
🚫 No Fees
🚫 No Strings Attached

Buy the kit for yourself and save 💰 OR work a business and create some extra 💵 on the side. 💁🏼‍♀️ It’s YOUR choice!

Message me or comment for more info! ☺️

🏝☀️The TRIFECTA of summer essentials is here and the BEST part is you get $20 in shopping credit added to your account when you order this from your own personal shopping link! Plus FREE SHIPPING! ••• Now where is my summer cocktail 🍹

You get:
Fruit Infused Lip Oil (in Kiwi or Cocoa now)
Hydrating B.B. Flawless
SPF 25 Finishing Powder

Message me to order!


Starting TODAY, for every $100 purchased, you earn:

💄$20 Y-Cash
💄1/2 Off Item
💄 FREE Shipping
💄 FREE Gift from me!

You just need a special shopping link from me!
There are a FEW spots remaining for beauty bars this week! 😍 If you want to include your friends and earn the rewards let me know ASAP! 🙌🏻♥️

Pick a number👇🏻 for a SWEET Summer Surprise! 😍

I’ll give you a clue.... Waterproof! 💦

Has anyone tried a liquid eyeshadow before? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m drooling over every single shade 🤩 but I don’t want to get them ALL until I have a chance to try the formula.

I’m going to get THREE... which ones should I get???

Monday Motivation 💪🏻♥️

Be one of “those” women.
Prove everyone wrong.
Take that leap of faith and know you’re the only one holding YOU back!


There’s only 72 more hours to grab the amazing Liquid “Gold” Foundation, the velvety smooth Pressed Powder Foundation or the Loose Powder Foundation for only $1! 😍💰

Worried about color matching? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Don’t know your color? 🤔 Complimentary color matching is available - in addition, the company is giving you 90 days to receive another color (FREE) if your first color isn’t perfect!

Build your bundle ASAP or miss out! (FREE SHIPPING is also at its final hours!)

💎 Touch Mineral Face Primer or Concealer
💎 Liquid, Pressed Powder or Loose Powder Foundation
💎 Choice of brush, Setting Spray or Setting Powder

The link is in the comments to shop! 👇🏻

Setting Spray ↔️ Setting Powder

Which should you choose? 🤷🏼‍♀️

💕 Translucent Setting Powder 💕

• Sets makeup and eliminates shine.
• Silky, weightless powder.
• Never cakey or heavy.
• Matte, natural finish.
• Works with all skin tones and types.
• Softens the appearance of fine lines and pores.

💕 Setting Spray 💕

• Used to primer or set your makeup.
• Fine, mattifying and refreshing mist.
• Lightweight and never sticky.
• Flawless finish that lasts.
• Wards off pollutants.
• Use as a makeup refresh throughout the day.

They don’t call this photoshop in a bottle for nothing. It literally is a filter for your face in real life 😂🙌🏻

If you’re in the market for a foundation, at least give this one a shot! ♥️

Free shipping, love your shade guarantee, AND the love it you save 30% if you do the bundle this month no brainer. 🤯

Prep • Perfect • Set

The Awkward Beauty's cover photo

Another badass babe joined me on my pursuit of beauty today! ♥️

My mom took the leap and got her presenter kit! ☺️ She’s not planning on selling, or creating her own group- but she recognizes how AMAZING this deal is!

What are you waiting for?!
Grab this kit.
Get a flawless face kit for $79.
Rock your world.

14 Million People Swear By this Lengthening Mascara

We're grateful for honest reviews.🙌🏻

This InStyle editor was initially skeptical about YOUNIQUE MOODSTRUCK 3D FIBER LASHES™ lash enhancer, but figured 14 million product sales couldn't be wrong. Now she says the fiber mascara is worth the few extra minutes! 😍♥️ But is it worth the multi-application steps?

My makeup bought me a car wash and lunch today 💁🏼‍♀️🖤 #ballerbabe

When’s the last time your makeup did that?

🎰 Who’s ready for a BINGO game?! 🎰

GRAND PRIZE: Either Collection below, valued at over $175. 🤩
Second Prize: Epic Mascara or 3D Mascara
Third Prize: Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick
Fourth Prize: $10 Y-Cash
Fifth Prize: $10 Y-Cash

Here’s the details: 🙋🏼‍♀️

I need 1️⃣0️⃣ players who want to play!
The buy-in is 💵 $20/card.
All players must pre-pay through PayPal.
Bingo cards will be sent prior ⬅️ to playing.
Game will be played 💥 LIVE 💥 on Thursday, April 26th at 8:00pm EST. ♥️

If you’re interested in playing, drop a comment below! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Lash Sale!

Today only, you can grab these three products for an amazing discount. ☺️

• Epic Mascara
• 3D Fiber Lash Mascara
• Esteem Lash Serum

If you’ve been longing to try these, now is your chance! You can try them for a discounted price, and an empty bottle love-it guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied you can return the product with no hassles. ♥️

Orders must be placed through me, by midnight to receive the discount!

⭐️ Conceal & Reveal Collection ⭐️

This amazing collection contains products featured in our “Flawless Four” as well as a lip bonbon (non lipstick wearers- this is for you!), and our setting spray.

It also comes complete with this amazing black quilted bag 😍 which features a long, gold chain strap (not pictured).

You save 17% by buying in a bundle - but, if you pick one of these up from me TODAY, I’ll discount it 25% for you! 😱 (That’s $40 in savings!) Comment below or message me to order! ♥️

Check out these before and after pictures using our Flawless Four! 😍♥️

The coverage you can achieve using only three products, and our specially designed brush is incredible. No more fussing with cakey, cracking makeup that doesn’t stay!

I know I’m going to sound like a broken record... but, primer is important! 👏🏻
(Not to prime IS A CRIME).

In addition to the importance of taking care of your skin - washing, exfoliating, hydrating - you also can use a little help from our friend, primer. ⭐️ Primer is typically a gel-like silky substance that helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of pores, controls oil, and prevents creasing. It ensures that whatever foundation you put on top of it goes on smoothly and with more even coverage. It also improves the lasting effect of your makeup throughout the day.

Though I know all primers aren’t created equally, I have done my homework 📚 on price per mL. Check out how Younique compares on price to some of the major competitors:

Younique: 40mL - $39
Smashbox: 30mL - $36
Tarte: 30mL - $37
Benefit Cosmetics: 40mL - $49
Makeup Forever: 30mL - $37

In addition to being cost effective, Younique also meets requirements to be certified natural by the National Ingredient Resource Center (NIRC). 🙌🏻 No harmful chemicals or preservatives, nature-based, and less expensive?! Sign me up!


Y’all know what this means?! FREEBIE FRIDAY! 🙌🏻 You heard that right - One lucky lady is going to win a sweeeet prize from yours truly! 😱 (Cue the insanity!)

While I can’t tell you exactly what it is... I can tell you that it may have to do with the picture below👇🏼😉

Want to win?
All you have to do is comment below with your favorite gif or meme about “Friday”. 🤩 That’s it. Simple and easy!

🚨 STOP SCROLLING! 🚨 I’m calling in a huge favor from my friends - I need another $31 in sales in the next 24 hours to meet the next tier of my goal! 😱 Who can help me out with this?! Even an eyeliner or lipgloss would get me halfway there! 😍


Younique just dropped a magnificent BOMB on presenters with entry-level status (yours truly ☺️). They’re allowing new presenters to earn the following products as an incentive for the month - on top of our other great ones!

⭐️ Lip BonBon
⭐️Liquid Eyeliner
⭐️ Splash Liquid Lipstick
⭐️ Splurge Cream Shadow
⭐️ Exclusive Lip Gloss Samples
⭐️ Exclusive Lip Stain Samples
⭐️ Draw-string Black Bag

Since I have been busting my butt, I am SO CLOSE to already meeting this goal. ♥️😍 I need a favor from you though! I need at LEAST one lady to grab one of the amazing discount kits from me for $99 - complete with over $250 of free makeup and $20 y-cash instantly!

If I meet this goal, I will throw in EXTRA incentives for the April giveaway! 🌺

🤧🤒 I’m taking a sick day today, away from social media, to recover from the plague I’ve caught.

I will respond to messages, texts, calls, comments, etc. as soon as I’m feeling better. ♥️

🙌🏻🌺 Ten Days in, twenty to go! 🌺🙌🏻
Here’s an update of where I’m at for you all!

(Don’t forget every comment, share and purchase gets you entered into my giveaway at the end of the month!)


💋 Hottie Lip Plumper
♥️ Blusher of Your Choice
🌺 Fragrance of Your Choice
📫 Free Shipping
💰 $38 Savings

The hottie lip plumper (which has SOLD OUT each time it’s been released) is back! 🤯💜

Uh, hello. 👋🏻
Run and get yours now - before they sell out! Free shipping ends soon!

The Awkward Beauty

Saturday Humor! 🤪

Share your favorite makeup meme below! 👇🏻

Don’t forget about entires into my HUGE April giveaway by participating!

🔮🔮Mystery Host Time!🔮🔮

Want to win all the rewards without any of the work?! I’m looking for 10 items to be sold from the list below.

Here’s how:
-Comment below 1 or more items from the list below that you want.
-Each item purchased=1 entry for rewards.

💋Once TEN items have been purchased, I will draw a WINNER of all the rewards LIVE!! 💋

Winner is guaranteed at least:
💰$20 Y-Cash
💰1 Half Priced Item
💄FREE Stuck-Up Lipstick


Someone pinch me! I must be dreaming! The Lash Duo and Trio are gone - but if you’re in need of anything NOW is the time!

You’ll help me meet my goal for the month and get FREE shipping! Win-win!

Ordering from Emily’s party? Today is the LAST day to get your order in to help her earn some sweet products!

Or you can always message me, and I can place your order for you!

Any order placed today earns a special gift from me! 💜

The Awkward Beauty's cover photo

I’ve got a wild goal to hit this month.💕

And, since I need your help - it’ll be worth a giveaway for you! I can’t announce it YET...but I promise you, it’ll be worth at least $150. 😳 (It’s all products I love, too!)

Any purchase, share, Facebook party, in-home party, comment, etc...helps me a ton!! 🙌🏻

So here’s how we’ll do points for this giveaway..

30 points: Have an in-home party!
20 points: Snag this months kudos!
20 points: Host an event on Facebook!
10 points: Add 10 girls to my group.
5 points: Per share on my personal page!
2 points: Per dollar purchased this month!
1 point: Per comment on any posts here, or on my personal page. (No spamming!)

Happy Easter! 🐣💜

Today ONLY I’m offering FREE gifts with a $50 or $100 purchase! 🦄

Heads up! Today is the LAST day to order the discounted bundle consisting of a Quad Pressed Shadow Palette, Epic Mascara and Splash Liquid Lipstick! (Originally $103 on sale for $72!)

You get to choose four colors for your palette, and the color of your Splash Liquid Lipstick! 😍 I’ll be posting some themed looks below for reference if you need help deciding.

You can always let me know what combination would be best for your eye color and skin tone, if you are unsure!

Any order placed with this bundle today will receive a free gift from me! 🎁

Did you know that every purchase made through a Younique presenter helps sexually abused women heal, and find hope?

The Younique Foundation was formed to help those who have experienced childhood or adolescent sexual abuse find healing and hope. All profits go to support these women, and the efforts provided from the Haven Retreat. 💜

You can round up or donate when placing an order at You can also visit to donate $5 monthly to support survivors, order shirts, and show support.

This is a huge reason that I became a presenter with this company - I am so passionate about what they do, and love knowing things I’d buy anyway go toward healing efforts of those with trauma.


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