Dr. Drea's House Of Beauty

Dr. Drea's House Of Beauty


I had the trial done for my wedding day makeup with Andrea and I am SO HAPPY! She had me step out of my comfort zone with lip color and I have to say, I really really like the results. The makeup makes me feel amazing and I can’t wait for her to do it on my wedding day!
$15 Senegence Lipsence Diamond Kiss Lip Gloss
$16 Senegence Black/Brown Liquid Eyeliner
$13ea. Senegence Black Waterproof Mascara with Undersence
Krystal Mcclendon Cox this is who did my make up for the wedding!!!
Omg, I think he's fantastic! I love his whole approach! Well done!!
Just got a pedi from Andrea and I loved it! Thank you Andrea!
I LOVE my new nails! Nothing like feeling like a pretty lady with pretty hands. 😊 This is the new dip acrylic. Thank you Drea!!

I have been a makeup artist for 20yrs. I Love making People feel their Best. Creating Halloween faces is a fave. I also LOVE a challenge. Lately, I've branched out into other materials and mediums. I recently started painting with oils, acrylics & resin.

I'm a makeup artist with nearly 20yrs and 7yrs experience with nails. Looking to book you for that special event!! Call me!

I'm helping make some decorations for a Hawaiian themed birthday party.
I made this palm tree and plan on making more. Want the instructions?
It was honestly quite easy, I swear!

I'm thinking about making some of these...What do you think??

These cups need some names and new homes!

These are not finished! I repeat, these are not finished!

They need a name for personalization, and a new home!
Ready to add any name or saying to your liking at NO extra cost. I never charge for personalizing.

They make perfect personal gifts!

The white one with roses is actually very sparkly. The white is all glitter. It is also a stemless wine glass. Actual glass, not stainless steel.

The half and half purple is ready for a name or decal!

The Take No Bull is also ALL Glitter and very sparkly. It can have a name added to the bottom or the back.

Do you see her? She came to life.....

My Latest Paint Project

Hi ALL!! I know it's been a minute. But I have a really good excuse.
These last six months have been a little trying with my son off to boot camp. I'm now one of those emotional mamas.
We were fixing up the basement so that he had a nice room to come home to. But when all that went sideways due to all the recent flooding and storms we've had. I took to staying busy with not only my regular projects, but moving on to more productive projects for the house.

We did make a decent amount of progress in the basement, we're just a little behind schedule. I will show you that reveal when we are finished as well.
I hope you like This video. Please be sure to hit that like button 😁


See what a couple of fresh coats of paint can do to a fully tiled bathroom. It's not complete. But I wanted to kind of show off my progress. I'm already enjo...

All finished!!! ❄️ It's a Snow Globe Tumbler!!❄️

Watch my start to finish process. All mistakes included!!


Peeled out the dry paint from our pallets that we were using to paint some wine bottles.
Everyone got their own bottle and their own pallet.
I will be spraying a clear coat to protect the design, then adding some wicks, rocks, and citronella oil to make some tiki torches.

Michigan Woodgrain

Apparently wood grain is really my thing. Here's my latest pretty...

Thank you for all the support!!! Please hit that like button, it helps my page be seen more :)

Woodgrain Thermos.

I have a new pretty!

This one is a thermos. It has a lid that matches in wood grain.

Red Bear Tumbler

Red Bear. Reminds of a boat from the 80's.

New pretties!

New babies!

Two Toned Wood Grain. "Breathe"

Two Toned Wood!
I did it! I actually did it! It's a lighter grained wood, underneath the darker grained wood to reveal a beautiful Buddhist "Breathe" symbol.
this does not have any resin on it yet. So it's really going to pop once I put that resin on. I'll post a final picture of course so you can see it all nice and shiny.

Wood Grain over Pink Camo 30oz stainless steel Tumbler

Wood grain over Pink Camo.

My Newest cup Sneak Peak! Something I've never tried.

A sneak peak at my NEWEST cup! I'm really excited. This is my first attempt at this type of cup. I'm making a full video of the process. Please stay tuned.
I'll give you a clue; What's up with that thing on the bottom of the cup?

Working on new projects!!
A whole new type of cup!! I'm super excited.
Here are a few of the up and comers :)

A Tribute to Jim

This is the REALLY big project I was working on.
I tried to keep the video short, but this was quite the process.
This project was over the course of a few of weeks. So compiling all the videos was a little bit challenging. In fact, I lost some footage.
I did add a note inside of the video details explaining that the very last layer is not recorded in this video. However, the last layer is just clear, blue, and white filled to the very top of the rim of the mold.

Photos in Resin Coasters My process of making them. I did not show adding the final layers of resin. However, it was just adding more if the same colors and ...

One of my old hand-painted glasses

My old work

It's a Mermaid Thing!

She needs a name. She just needs a name to be finished.

She needs a name!
I looks dull now. That's due to the sanding of the resin. Once I add another layer, it will be shiny again.
This is black and white striped glitter! It really sparkles!!
But she needs a name! Would anyone like to claim her so I can put a name on it?

2nd Attempt at handpainting Woodgrain

My second attempt at the wood grain. After my first one, a friend requested I make one for him too.
I'm rather pleased!!
George has made a request for a whole series of these.

First Attempt at handpainting Woodgrain look.

My first attempt at hand painting woodgrain.
The first woodgrain on a tumbler, was a paint pour. And it was fun.
This method took less time, less material, but a lot more skill.
It looks like wood to me, how bout you??

[04/09/20]   My BIG project is done!!
I'm so excited and happy.
I tried something I never tried before and it Worked!!

The beginning of Wooded Pink Camo Cup.

Making this cup. This is the very first step of adding the fabric to the outside of the cup. I've never done this before. But this technically the 3rd step. The first was to glue the fabric to the cup and then cut away the excess. Here I added a VERY thin layer of resin to hold it in place and I need a smooth hard surface. I'm going to trim any fray, and paint over this when it's dry.

Here are some craft ideas from Michael's. Most of them require very simple craft supplies you can find at stores currently open.

I hope you find one or a few that you will try with your littles! Have fun!

My Aunt made these awesome Carrots for me! Aren't they Adorable!! I added some large eggs to my basket and voila, instant Easter decoration!
Thank you, Aunt Margot! I love them!!

Some of my Art

A relaxing video. Drea's art collection :)

A Little Bit of My Art

On its way to it's new home :)

Picking colors can be harder than you think!!

Getting ready!! Picking my colors now!!
Any requests???

[03/20/20]   I'm going to do a live video today at 1pm.
Paint Pouring for Distraction!

Shimmering Browns on Round Canvas.

Round Canvas: Shimmer Brown, Copper and Shimmer Tans against White.

My new pretties!

My new pretties!

The tricolored one is an order, and the other is a Rose Gold.
No one has claimed the Rose Gold one, yet. So if you like it, I can always add a name to it!!

[03/18/20]   I'm working on a few new projects at once. But!!
I got a special request from a special person and it's quite the challenge. I won't turn down a challenge!
But I'm trying some new techniques, so wish me luck. If this is a success, I will be sharing step by step pictures for sure.
If I fail, I will show you were I went wrong.
But fingers crossed, and all is going well so far!!
I will give all the details soon!

This is the progression of my fireplace.

My Story

I Love making people feel their Best. I have been a makeup artist for 20 yrs. I do not believe a person needs makeup to look better! I think we use makeup for different reasons, and whatever those reasons are, I’m here to help. Whether you are young , just starting to explore, middle aged, looking to cover some trouble spots, or mature looking for a new look, I’m your guide to it all. I have worked on young, middle aged, mature, women, men and transgender, along with a myriad of different brands and mediums.

When I started doing makeup, I really didn’t have a clue! I vividly remember those days! I started at Merle Norman at the Mall. I learned how to apply makeup and use colors from my boss and owner of Merle Norman. Now, 20 years later, I have worked on countless people.

My favorite stories:

A 65 year old Librarian, who never wore makeup. She wanted to do something different and said she needed a “little pick me up.” I kept the application natural and subtle. I was so nervous, she NEVER wore makeup and she’s 65! I was convinced, that no matter how little I applied, she would think she looked like a clown and be completely unhappy.

But that didn’t happen, she loved it! She said: “I feel like a new woman.” I was shocked, and her words had such influence on me; I was 20 something and I made this woman look at herself like she’d never seen herself before. The impact I made on her with the application of a little lip gloss, blush and mascara was life changing for both of us.

My second favorite is from another 60+ aged woman. She wanted to see if I could create an eyebrow for her. I recreated her eyebrow to match the other side. I managed to get the color and shape, spot on. She cried when she saw my work.

She revealed she was in a car accident when she was 17 years old. She lost her eyebrow due to scarring and skin grafting. She hadn’t had an eyebrow for nearly 50 years! Everyone who previously tried, made her look either, permanently surprised, or used a very dark color. Have you ever seen someone with 2 different colored eyebrows? Trust me, it looks weird. But it’s amazing what a little brow powder can do when used correctly.

What have I ultimately learned? We, as humans are all insecure or feel vulnerable about something about ourselves; we are all the same. Some of us just use makeup to make it better.

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Michigan Woodgrain
Woodgrain Thermos.
Red Bear Tumbler
New pretties!
Two Toned Wood Grain.  "Breathe"
Wood Grain over Pink Camo 30oz stainless steel Tumbler
My Newest cup Sneak Peak! Something I've never tried.
One of my old hand-painted glasses
She needs a name. She just needs a name to be finished.
2nd Attempt at handpainting Woodgrain
First Attempt at handpainting Woodgrain look.




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