Tranquil Gardens Holistic Health and Wellness

Tranquil Gardens Holistic Health and Wellness

Comments Hi all! I'll be giving a talk at Tranquil Gardens, just in front of Serenity by the road next Thursday at 6:30pm. Please invite anyone you know who may be interested in hearing more about veganism. Thank you!

A holistic approach to health using TCM, Herbal supplementation, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Reiki, Nutrition, exercise, body work, Naturopathic consultations

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What Is Cellular Weight Loss Resistance?


EMF Blocking Pendant

These are available in our gift shop in the front building!!

Restore the strength of your gut and your immune system. 04/04/2021

Restore the strength of your gut and your immune system.

this is available at Serenity and Tranquil gardens!

Restore the strength of your gut and your immune system. ION* Gut Health Support yourmicrobiome Shop An all-natural, non-toxic mineral supplement that goes beyond the scope of probiotics to support gut strength, mental clarity, and immune function.

Why do parents refuse to vaccinate their children? 02/18/2021

Why do parents refuse to vaccinate their children?

Just watch this .. This guy is very matter of fact. just good info.

Why do parents refuse to vaccinate their children? Some parents reject the current vaccine schedule. This video includes a selective review of issues and studies that may contribute to parental concerns. Th...

Dr. John Bergman How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally 01/24/2021

Dr. John Bergman How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

check it out....

Dr. John Bergman How To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally Dr. John Bergman talks about how to lower blood pressure naturally using herbs, diet, nutrition and lifestyle.This is obviously not medical advice so please ...

Global and Cellular Health with Guest Zach Bush | Heal Thy Self w/ Dr. G #81 01/09/2021

Global and Cellular Health with Guest Zach Bush | Heal Thy Self w/ Dr. G #81

Global and Cellular Health with Guest Zach Bush | Heal Thy Self w/ Dr. G #81 Special guest segment:Dr. Zach Bush joins the show and gives us profound insight on the connection between communal/ global health and our cellular health. H...

Zach Bush MD: The Nantucket Project 01/08/2021

Zach Bush MD: The Nantucket Project

Zach Bush MD: The Nantucket Project Each fall, The Nantucket Project gathers a group of bright and curious people to explore ideas and share stories about what truly matters. The goal is to spa...


Physicians for Informed Consent


Breaking News, Newport Beach, CA: Physicians for Informed Consent Publishes New Educational Document on Risk of Aluminum in Vaccines

Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC), an educational nonprofit organization focused on science and statistics, has just released its Aluminum Vaccine Risk Statement (VRS) entitled “Aluminum in Vaccines: What Parents Need to Know.” The educational document answers important questions about the risks of aluminum-containing vaccines administered to newborns, infants and children.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that the public is very interested in weighing the risks of infectious diseases versus the risks of vaccines,” said Dr. Shira Miller, PIC founder and president. “Parents and the public must become knowledgeable about aluminum in vaccines because even though it is used as an adjuvant in many vaccines, it is a neurotoxin—and overexposure may lead to significant harm, including problems in motor, sensory, and cognitive function.” Currently, up to 22 doses of aluminum-containing vaccines are recommended to children, with 11 doses recommended from birth to 6 months of age.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), agencies of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), have raised concerns about the negative effects of aluminum exposure in humans. In scientific studies, small amounts of aluminum that remain in the body have been observed to interfere with a variety of cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system and in tissues of other parts of the body. Some of the most damaging effects of aluminum range from motor skill impairment to encephalopathy (altered mental state, personality changes, difficulty thinking, loss of memory, seizures, coma, and more).

The FDA states that if some vaccines did not include aluminum (i.e., aluminum hydroxide and aluminum phosphate) as an adjuvant, the immune response they trigger may be diminished. Therefore, aluminum is included in many vaccines on the childhood schedule, including the following: hepatitis B (HepB), Haemophilus influenzae type b (PedvaxHIB), pneumococcal (PCV), hepatitis A (HepA), human papillomavirus (HPV), meningococcal B (MenB), and diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP and Tdap).

“Vaccines are administered preventively to healthy people, not people with acute or chronic infections, so it’s crucially important to know the safety data upon which one’s recommendations are based,” said Dr. Miller. “PIC developed the Aluminum VRS to help families and their physicians advance their understanding of the risks of aluminum adjuvants, so they may engage in informed decision-making.”

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to discuss the Aluminum VRS educational documents with their children’s doctor. To read the Aluminum VRS or to download it, please visit

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The Mineral Power for Your Body’s Electrical Supply | Stephanie Seneff | TEDxNewYorkSalon

NOTE FROM TED: We've flagged this talk, which was filmed at a TEDx event, because it appears to fall outside TEDx's curatorial guidelines. As the speaker sta...


This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I've Ever Heard!

Dr. Stephanie Seneff discusses the potential connection between vaccines and autism. It's a hotly-debated topic. Here she gets specific into what ingredient ...


Ex Merck rep Brandy Vaughan

soo... apparently, this women was found dead by her 10yr. old son...

Brandy Vaughan was found dead by her 10 year old son on December 8, 2020. Rest in Peace....She ran the website Learn the Risk dot org 12/02/2020

Unleash Your Brain Power and Growth Mindset - w/ Dr. Andrew Huberman Program Your Mind to Win! If you’ve ever wanted to increase your CONFIDENCE, experience more HAPPINESS, and fall in love with PROGRESS, this interview is exa... 11/23/2020

How To Activate Nature’s Healing Potential The microbiome has now come to be seen as the foundation for our overall health. The gut microbiome contributes to our digestive, immune, and emotional healt... 09/24/2020

7 Traits Only Deep Thinkers Have Do you think you are a deep thinker? One that roams the world looking endlessly for wisdom by distilling knowledge, experience, nature, and understanding? Someone who would remain quiet rather than contribute unnecessarily to a conversation?




When we overcome the emotions that tether us to our past, & we can look back at our past from a greater level of consciousness or awareness, we can then see the purposeful good in the challenging events of our lives. From this vantage point, we can see from a place of love, compassion, & freedom why certain events in our lives had to happen the way they did. At the heart of this realization is that if it were not for those past events, we would not know or feel the liberation & fullness that exists in the generous present moment. When we are free from the emotions of our past, that's the moment we can retire the past as wisdom. That's the moment we can truly begin to create a new future, & that's empowering.⁣⁣
Generally, people only talk about their past & bring up those painful memories when they're feeling bad, because that negative emotion is in a sense collapsing time & bringing them right back to the emotional gravity of that event. When people continuously talk about or rehash their past, it's their negative emotions that are connecting them to the memory of their past. If they say this event changed me, or I'm this way because of an experience that happened to me 10 years ago—from a biological standpoint, what they're saying is that they haven't changed since that event—that one moment in time. This is why our meditation practice is so powerful & transformative.⁣⁣
By having a clear intention with an elevated emotion, the stronger the emotion you feel in your meditation—the more love, gratitude, inspiration, joy, etc. you feel—the more you can alter your internal state without any external cue. Thus, the stronger that elevated emotion you feel, the more you'll pay attention to the picture in your mind. Keep doing that enough times & you'll condition your body to feel that future emotionally. Why is this so important to our practice?⁣⁣
Because when you're subconsciously connected to the emotion of your future, & you feel like it's already happened, you're no longer separate from it, which means you're no longer looking for it. Because you're already feeling connected to it, you're simply allowing. You’re in your future, in present moment♥️


Dr. Zach Bush Explores the Power of Food & Nutrition to Transform Health - Redefining Medicine


Today's interview on Redefining Medicine features triple board-certified physician Zach Bush, MD. Dr. Bush discusses his background with traditional allopath...


The Best Monologue EVER: Zach Bush, MD | Rich Roll Podcast

teaser... watch

A triple board certified physician, master healer & consciousness, Zach Bush, MD is a triple board certified physician and one of the most compelling medical...


GMOs, Glyphosate & Gut Health

Zach Bush, MD is a triple board certified physician specializing in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, as well as in Hospice and Palliative car...


GMOs, Glyphosate & Gut Health

Zach Bush, MD is a triple board certified physician specializing in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, as well as in Hospice and Palliative car...


7-Dr.Zach Bush: How to Restore the natural healing communications network in Your Body

Dr. Zach Bush is interviewed by Dr. Pedram Shojai Industrial chemicals are stripping the medicinal capacity from our fo...


Dr. Livingood

My dad had this deadly virus. Here’s what this doctor learned and hope...

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480,000 cases of GOLOV-20! Lets keep spreading the love! Click here for the meditation:

If you are unware what GOLOV-20 is, here are the instructions: 05/16/2020


This guy is a HUMBLE GENIUS.!! ...Just my opinion! DOCTOR WHO PREDICTED COVID-19 ANSWERS ALL Triple board-certified M.D., Dr. Zach, joins Del in an evolutionary discussion on why Coronavirus is here, what it’... 05/13/2020


Everyone needs to watch this!! DOCTOR WHO PREDICTED COVID-19 ANSWERS ALL Triple board-certified M.D., Dr. Zach, joins Del in an evolutionary discussion on why Coronavirus is here, what it’...

[05/07/20]   This is a friends perspective on what is going on..👍🏻. 02/02/2020

Fibromyalgia is Linked to Childhood Stress and Unprocessed Negative Emotions There’s nothing worse than having to suffer from physical pain that gets further amplified by emotional stress. More specifically, a study done in 2010 reported that repressing negative emotions like anger increases chronic pain for people who suffer from fibromyalgia. If this is the first time yo... 02/02/2020

Daily Drinking Insufficient Water Leads To More Sickness And Damages In Your Body Than You Know For many, the word “dehydration” brings to mind images of a dying human crawling across the desert with barely enough energy to move. Far from it! 01/30/2020

Parasites and malignancies, a review, with emphasis on digestive cancer induced by Cryptosporidium parvum (Alveolata: Apicomplexa) The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) identifies ten infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, parasites) able to induce cancer disease in humans. Among parasites, a carcinogenic role is currently recognized to the digenetic trematodes Schistosoma ...


Dr. Eric Berg

Gallbladder Formula contains natural ingredients to help break down gallstones and provide bile salts for bloating and digestive stress. The Gallbladder formula targets the three different parts of the digestive system,giving you not only purified bile salts for better fat digestion but stomach acidifiers for better protein digestion and mineral absorption. Use Coupon Code YXFL8TVG to Save $10. 12/30/2019

The 3 C's Of Life "The 3 C's Of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make the choice, to take a chance, if you want anything in life to change." 12/17/2019

Can We Reprogram Our DNA and Heal Ourselves With Frequency, Vibration & Energy? 14.2K Shares Facebook Twitter Reddit Email As though to confirm the hunch many of us had that our ‘junk’ DNA was anything but disposable, researchers from the Gene and Stem Cell Therapy Program at Sydney’s Centenary Institute have proven that 97 percent of human DNA programs or encodes protein...



Bach flower, remedies essential oil,


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