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I wanted to reach my exisiting and possible new clients to let them know that I am no longer at my last salon. The new salon is called Rock Your Locks Salon, Saginaw (3220 Bay Rd. Saginaw, MI 40603) across from Pizza Hut. I am taking appointment requests, you can reach me through this page or CALL THE SALON @(989)799-1455
I am looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces very soon!!!

[05/29/12]   Came across this just now found it funny & true :)

Salon Etiquette for the Client
Nov 16, 2001 - © Marlin Bressi

In the past, I have written about how to find a good hairstylist, what qualities to look for and how to identify a really great stylist. This week, I'm going to give some advice on how to be a good customer. These tips will make your next trip to the salon more effective and a better overall experience.
The vast majority of salon clients mean well, and have good intentions; but even the most well-meaning customer can cause distractions that may compromise the quality of the stylist's work. I am not blaming anything on the clients, of course, but the process of cutting and styling hair requires some basic "salon etiquette".

Let's begin by examining the appointment-making process. If you have a difficult time remembering appointments, write down the date and time on a piece of paper and place it where you won't forget about it. Missed appointments (referred to as "no-shows" in salon lingo), seriously cripple a salon's ability to run on time. As a result, the receptionists and stylists have to re-work all of their standing appointments to accomodate for the loss. Some salons require a client to notify the salon if they are running late or will miss their appointment. If the salon hasn't been notified within a reasonable amount of time, they may impose a cancellation fee. This is the same thing a doctor's office will do if you are a no-show for an appointment. Failing to notify the salon is irresponsible, rude, and unnecessary. All it takes is a few seconds to dial a phone number. When a client makes an appointment, the stylist has to block out at least 45 minutes of his or her time. This time is a valuable commodity in the salon. Just about every salon will understand if you need to change or re-schedule your appointment, and will make the necessary changes without any problems. Totally ignoring an appointment is the ultimate expression of disregard for a stylist's time.

Clients should also make the attempt to stay up-to-date on all the current trends and styles. This means knowing the names of the cuts and styles. If you aren't sure how to describe how you want your hair done, it is advisable to bring a picture. Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words. They give a visual image of what you want, and most stylists appreciate it when you bring in at least one picture of the style you had in mind.

Once you get into the chair, there are some things a client should do to make the entire service run smoothly. Before anything else, remove any earrings that may get in the way. The client should also be wearing old or inexpensive clothing if a color service is being performed. Glasses should be taken off right before the stylist begins a service. Cell phones should also be turned off. There is nothing in the world, short of a medical emergency, that can't wait until after the haircut has been done. When a stylist has to stop while a client answers the phone, it causes a break in concentration. Would you stop a doctor in the middle of surgery to answer your cell phone? Or interrupt a judge during a court hearing? How about telling a priest to put his sermon on hold while you answer your cell phone? Have the same level of respect for our profession that you have for others. Enough said about that subject.

Phyical posture is very important. Many clients have the habit of crossing their legs during a haircut. When you cross your legs, it causes the upper body to shift, making one shoulder lower than the other. It's easy to see how this can cause an uneven haircut. Some people get very sleepy during a haircut, and their heads begin to droop. This can also cause an uneven cut. Try to sit upright with your back perpendicular to the floor, pressed fully against the back of the chair. Place both arms on the armrest, and keep both feet planted on the footrest. Try to keep your head straight.

Parents can also be a potential distraction. There are times when I'm doing a child's haircut, and the mother or father is standing directly behind me, so close that I can feel their breath on my neck. Then there are parents who like to give step-by-step instructions on how to cut hair. It is extremely annoying. I sometimes feel like finding out where they work, going to their job and standing right behind them telling them how to do their job. Please, have some consideration for the stylist. They need space to do their work, they need silence for concentration, and they do know how to do their jobs. That's why they went to school. More bad children's haircuts are caused by over-zealous parents than unskilled stylists. I'm sure everyone knows how hard it is to read a newspaper when someone is looking over your shoulder, or how difficult it is to go to the bathroom if someone is breathing down your neck, or even how nervous it makes a person to drive down the highway when the car right behind them happens to be a police cruiser.

If the client has children, they should consider leaving them at home. Most children do not see hair salons as a fun-filled environment. Usually after twenty minutes their attention span runs out, and they begin to act up. A hair salon is filled with sharp instruments, dangerous chemicals, and hot curling irons. To a bored youngster, a salon can be a potentially dangerous place. The stylist should not have to stop what he or she is doing so that a client can discipline her children. It compromises the quality of the stylist's work, and is a distraction to other salon clients. Keep in mind that a salon is a professional working environment, no different from a veterinarians office or a clothing store. It is not a children's playground.

If all of these guidelines are followed, you will get the best service for your money, and you will most likely be in and out in a snap. The little distractions are the ones that can be easily removed, and as a result, both you and your stylist will be happy.

The copyright of the article Salon Etiquette for the Client in Haircare is owned by Marlin Bressi. Permission to republish Salon Etiquette for the Client in print or online must be granted by the author in writing.


Rock Your Locks Salon

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[04/05/12]   Thank you so so much to all of my clients that have tried so hard to find me in my new location! I'm excited every day that someone else finds me, makes me feel good :)
People going as far as demanding where I went, googling my name, calling Timberwolf all are so awesome and I'm so happy I wasn't left having to start over because I love my peeps.

April 28 at 11:00am until April 29 at 8:00pm.
Free snacks and drinks! Donation box for The Boys and Girls Club of Saginaw. Donate and receive special discounts on your next service! We are also having a raffle and the winners will get free gift baskets with salon coupons, discounts, and products!

FREE mini hair styles
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Join us for our Grand Opening, and tell your friends too!
Saturday, April 28th 11am-8pm and Sunday, April 29th 11am-8pm

[04/05/12]   (Jennifer Ford)

Thanks Breanna for an awesome cut today I love it! Even with the Windows down I was able to flip it back into place I'm sure ill be back soon for some color
:) thanks ladies

[03/02/12]   TA DA!!!
Rock Your Locks Salon (3220 Bay Rd. Saginaw, MI 48603)
#989.799.1455 Call to book with me! Mon. Wed. Fri. & Sat.

Fair prices, excellent work & a detailed finish every time!
I would love to see all of your beautiful faces soon...
-your friendly neighborhood stylist ;)

[02/16/12]   Posted by: Janel Kischnick
I can't wait for you to do my hair again. I just love it. Thanks again so put us all on your list for clients my oldest son too, a total of 5. Have a great day!

[02/16/12]   Posted by: Sammi Zoie Leigh Anderson
February 6 near Midland, TX
I think you should move to Texas and open a new hair salon here. Because I have yet to find someone awesome and talented like you to cut my hair here! Hope all is well :)

[02/16/12]   Posted by: Jessica Lumbreras
Shes my friend but I would recommend her over anyone in the whole world. Knows how to make your hair look healthy and beautiful, natural and not over processed. Loves her funky updos! Always knows exactly what your looking for and does a great job at capturing it perfectly.

[02/16/12]   Well hello friends!!!
I wanted to reach my exisiting and possible new clients to let them know that I am no longer at my last salon. We will be in our new home in March after all of the finishing touches are made. The new salon is called Rock Your Locks owned by Janey Cascaddan which is still here in Saginaw (3220 Bay Rd. Saginaw, MI 40603) across from Pizza Hut. I am taking appointment requests, you can reach me through this page or CALL THE SALON @(989)799-1455 ...very sorry for any incovenience, we may be unable to answer your call right away due to still being under construction. I am looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces very soon!

[02/16/12]   Rock Your Locks Salon

...Leave a message for your appointment request with me (Bre) we are very sorry if we are unable to answer your call right away for the salon is still under construction. We will return your call ASAP!!! Looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces again soon!

[02/02/12]   Well hello friends! I wanted to reach my clients to let them know that I am no longer at the salon. I will be in my new home in March after all of the finishing touches are made. The new salon is called Rock Your Locks which is still here in Saginaw right on (3220 Bay Rd. Saginaw, MI 40603) across from Pizza Hut. In the mean time I am taking appointment requests, you can reach me through the this page or by text @989-274-3746



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