West Coast Tanning

West Coast Tanning

The best Tanning salon in Saginaw.... I Guarantee it! "West Coast Tanning" is the best tanning salon there is! Just ask any one of our 1000 members, and here it first hand.

Our members enjoy facials on all our bed, and at "NO" extra charge! Even our base package includes Mega equipment, and at prices lower then most base memberships! Come on in and enjoy a relaxing tan and listen to your own music on our ihome radio's...

Operating as usual

[08/14/12]   Just want to let everyone know that I have to close at 7pm today...

[08/14/12]   "Salon Update" For the remainder of the day...

!!! "FREE Tanning for everyone" !!!

Member's AND Non-member's !

[08/14/12]   Just want to let everyone know that to make up for the crazy hours lately, all bottles of lotion are 50% for the remainder of the today.

[08/10/12]   If anyone has missed any days sense the 1st, message me and I'll add the time to your membership

[08/08/12]   Hey everyone.... With Lyndsey being in Florida, the hours have been really crazy. If anyone wants to text me @ (512) 549-6708 so I have your number and I can txt you any updates (opening...closing, etc...)

[08/07/12]   running to the parts store and will be back in 15 minutes

[08/07/12]   50% Off ALL Lotion until 8pm tonight.

[08/01/12]   Last day for buying monthly memberships ... After today we are switching to weekly packages...
Come in today before 8pm and get 50% off any membership !!!

[07/26/12]   For the next 3 weeks we will no longer be doing appointments for saturday's due to some remolding :)
Mon - Thursday 12 pm - 8pm
Fri 12pm - 5pm

Closed Saturday and Sunday
I will be on vacation for 3 weeks but James will be here if you have any questions please contact him at regular hours
West Lyndsey Westcoast Tanning

[07/22/12]   We will be closed tomorrow the 7/23/2012 do to some appointments we have and our policy if the temp of being over 95 degrees sorry for the inconvenience and will reopen on Tuesday regular hours thanks and stay cool and remember to drink lots of fluids :)))

[07/16/12]   We will be closing today at 1pm due to some important appointments then tomorrow due to lack off members from the 101 degrees tomorrow we will be closed and we will be doing free upgrades and adding 2 extra days on to your memberships thanks and stay cool and drink lots of fluids
west coast tanning

[07/03/12]   Lyndsey Vickrey
I have a 2002 Mustang Convertible for sale with 153,000 miles on it very nice no rust clean car for sale if you want pics and more details let me know it is in saginaw township asking $4,700 or best offer but will take $4,000 if cash in hand


[07/03/12]   Lyndsey Vickrey
Have two Kawasaki Jet Skis for sale one $1,500 and another for $800.00 and trailer $400.00 or both with trailer for $2,800 very fun for summer :)

[07/02/12]   Westcoast Tanning
Sorry for the mess up on the hours for the Holiday they are Monday open regular hours and Tuesday are from 11am to 1pm then Wed and Thursday closed Friday regular hours then Saturday we will be open from 12pm to 5pm and Sunday closed


West Coast Tanning's cover photo

[06/27/12]   Lyndsey Vickrey
7 minutes ago near Saginaw
So I am selling 2 vehicle's one is a very nice and fun summer car it is a 2002 Mustang Convertible asking $4,700 for it but with cash now you can have it for 4,000 and the other one is a 2002 Bravada i am asking $4,500 ,With the Mustang it bluebooks at $6,500 or higher but i am trying to get this other car so this is a great buy and the Bravada Bluebooks at $9,000 so if anyone is interested in either of the vehicle's and have questions please feel free to message me with questions you might have, and if you want to see pictures of these vehicle's just ask and i will get them to you these are to great vehicle's and such great deals

[06/27/12]   Our Summer Hours are now in effect they are

Monday - Thursday 11am to 8pm
By appointment... Monday - Thursday 8pm to 10pm

Friday 12pm - 5pm

Saturday is by appointment only between 12pm - 7pm

Sunday Closed

(All appointments must be made 48 hour's in advance... you can do so call calling during regular business hours (989-799-9100))


[06/19/12]   So we have decided due to the heat for tomorrow we are gonna be closed tomorrow and will be back open on Thursday regular hours sorry for the inconvenience
Here is a tip make sure you drink lots of fluids today and tomorrow heat index for today and tomorrow is gonna be 100 to 102 degrees

West Coast Tanning

[06/19/12]   Working on our summer hours this summer is supposed to be the hottest summer ever in the 90's to 100's we are working with couple options will post them on here as soon as we decide what they will be and will take effect starting on Monday 6/25/2012

West Coast Tanning

wnem.com 06/19/2012

Tips for weathering summer sun, heat

wnem.com You may love the summer heat that makes it easy to swim, picnic and just laze around outside, but don't overdo it: Overexposure to the sun and heat can be dangerous, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency warns.

[06/19/12]   Well Due to the heat for today and tomorrow and no A/C we will be open from 10am to 1pm then reopen from 6pm to 9pm or 10pm depending on if we have anyone that comes in just keep up with us on facebook to check thanks

[06/11/12]   Due to some maintenance we will be closed til Tuesday and will open at 2pm but for being closed we will be doing free upgrads and 5 days added to your memberships :)

[05/22/12]   For the holiday weekend we will be closed Saturday thru Monday will resume to regular hours on Tuesday ,For us being closed for the weekend we are doing FREE UPGRADES on Thursday and Friday and also Tuesday everyone have a save and fun holiday weekend !!!!!!


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[04/21/12]   Have fun all you Swan Valley girls and guys at prom tonight and be careful your friends from West Coast Tanning !!!!!

[04/08/12]   Here's a way that you can have YOUR OWN Tanning Salon............. Make a suggestion (add a Poll to this question) and have your friends vote on it.............. The suggestion that has the "MOST VOTES " .... West Coast Tanning will put it into effect........................................All suggestion's must be realistic and practical ideals........... Unrealistic and Unpractical suggestion's will be discarded... (Example: All services and products becomes FREE of charge to everyone, etc.)

[04/07/12]   We are going to be starting a new promotion SOON.............. But what should the prize be ???


West Coast Tanning's cover photo

weather.com 03/30/2012

Local Weather Alert for 48603


weather.com The Weather Channel provides the latest details on the severe weather alert.

[02/22/12]   Gas at speedway on midland and Weiss is still $3.40. Better get it before it goes to $3.70 like everyone else

[02/21/12]   !!!..Open Late..!!! Hey everyone, I'm most likely going to be here for another good half hour or so tonight. So if you haven't got your tan yet tonight, you might still be able to... Just comment on this post if you would like to still try to get in tonight... to make sure I'm still here... and know not to leave.

[02/16/12]   Another awesome day happening at West Coast Tanning come on in and check us out great specials going on as well and leave feeling and looking great even if the sun is not shining it is always at West Coast Tanning :))))

[02/10/12]   Chris DjRed Redburn Happy Birthday from West Coast Tanning !!!!!!

[02/10/12]   Wow love when we are busy come on in to West Coast Tanning and check us out remember new members get 50% off on 1 month tanning packages starting out at $19.23 and all beds have facials its is a perfect time to get warm !!!!!

[02/07/12]   What a awsome start to the day here at West Coast Tanning come on in and check us out and leave feeling great even if it is cold out side and remember new members get 50% off there first sign up and lotion discounts as well even if the sun is not out it is always out at West Coast Tanning :)))




1730 Lawndale Rd
Saginaw, MI
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