Bodywrks by Selena

Bodywrks by Selena

Selena’s mission is to help individuals to achieve life balance through personal wellness and education.

Selena’s mission is to help individuals to achieve life balance through personal wellness and education. She believes that massage should enhance one’s overall health and well being. She prides herself in creating individualized solutions for each of her clients and encouraging them to strive for better health on a daily basis. With over 11 years experience as a massage therapist and a background based in kinesiology and biomechanics Selena can combine this knowledge to create customized treatments for each individuals needs. Selena constantly pursues further education and seeks out opportunities to improve her abilities to educate her clients on health and wellness. As a NESTA certified personal trainer and sports injury specialist she can confidently share exercises and stretches with clients to promote healthier body movements and fit lifestyles.

Mission: Help individuals to achieve life balance through personal wellness and education.

I'm a Converse girl!

Found my home away from home gym. Loving it!

Just some bar therapy

Local MMA fighter and barber Kaelen Doan - Nov. 7, 2019

Kaelen Doan! Awesome job! Local MMA fighter and barber Kaelen Doan - Nov. 7, 2019 By Katy Kildee on November 11, 2019 5:54 PM MMA fighter and barber Kaelen Doan finishes up a haircut for Austin Sparks during her shift at The Man Cave barber shop Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019 in Midland. (Katy Kildee/[email protected]) MMA fighter an...

Getting some training in!

Bodywrks by Selena's cover photo

Bodywrks by Selena

Happy birthday!

Please join us in wishing a Happy Birthday to this amazing teacher (& newly engaged lady💍) Alexis! 🥳 We are so lucky to have such a kind and generous person on our team! Thank you for all you do & cheers to you today & always! 🥂We have a feeling this year is going to be the best yet! 💕👰🏻

Had some fun with these toys this morning!


Something Beautiful

“I think what you said was intended for me to hear today.” ⁣
The words of an audience member after the Women in Leadership event today. This is even more beautiful because during my speech I said something I didn’t rehearse and have never shared during a speech. I literally said, “I’m being told to share a message I don’t usually share, but that means it is intended for someone to hear today.” So I followed the intuition. And then to know there was actually someone who needed to hear that. #tears⁣
This is the power of slowing down and refining the inner compass.⁣
As a speaker and teacher, all I can hope is that at least one person can find healing in my message. No matter how it comes out and even if it means I go off course and say my slides in the wrong order (yup, that happened). But it was worth it to know someone needed that message.⁣
That’s the Divine at work my friends. We are here to co-create and help each other heal. To empower each other on this life journey, AND to love every minute of it. ⁣
Thank you to everyone that came out today and for those that were there in spirit. Let’s all commit to working on ourselves so we can collectively heal the planet. #thereispowerinnumbers ❤️🙏🥰😍

Got to see this amazing lady today!

Team SFS - Scorpion Fighting System


Check out some of the great shots from Kae's 1st ever fight!!!

We are extremely proud of you Kae, you worked hard all camp, overcame your fears/doubts, and earned your victory inside the cage.

You're officially a cool kid now, keep up the great work!

Thank you Maria Sinclair for always capturing these beautiful moments in time.

Kaelen for the win!

Congratulations to these ladies! Best of luck!

Team SFS - Scorpion Fighting System

Kae MMA makes her MMA debut this upcoming weekend at the MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit!!!

After beginning her martial arts journey, competing in Jiu Jitsu tournaments, and training under the guidance of boyfriend Timothy Eschtruth and Team SFS, she decided it was time for the real test, and scheduled that first fight.

Kae is one of the nicest people you will meet, always smiling and willing to help anyone new to the martial arts world, but we know, on October 18th, you're going to see an entirely new side of Kaelen Doan!!

Tickets are still available, simply reach out to her or Professional Fighter - Josh Parisian and we'll have you covered!

See you there

Edge Martial Arts

Kae MMA fights October 18th for Clip at the Detroit Motor City Casino 🔥

Edge Fitness and Training Headquarters

Our Edge Martial Arts Team have been training hard and looking to improve their dominate record in MMA tonight. Fighters Brandon Woodcock, Niklas Thirlby, Blaine Collins, Brandon Helm and Alex Albaugh face off at 7pm in Bay City at Big John's main event! Good luck gentlemen, we look forward to cheering you on.

Edge Martial Arts

It’s going down this Saturday.

Edge Martial Arts has 5 fighters on this card and we’re ready to show the Tri-Cities what we’re made of! 🔥

Do not miss these fights !

Big Johns MMA

Sept 21st Help Us out and share this....tyty

Got to work with these guys tonight! Had a blast! Thanks for having me!

Edge Fitness and Training Headquarters

Once again leading by example!

Congratulations to our very own Tim Eschtruth as he has added yet another win to his professional MMA record this past Saturday. Tim (our Clark Kent) used is powers to submit his opponent in the first round with an arm bar. Tim continues to climb the rankings and raises his record to an impressive

Come congratulate Tim tonight as he's back to teaching Judo and Brazilian Jiu jitsu at 530pm here at EDGE.

Team SFS - Scorpion Fighting System

Kaelen Doan has officially entered Fight Camp for the 1st time ever as she preps for her Mixed Martial Arts debut in October.

More details to come soon!!

If you want to support her journey, here is a link to her athlete page that was created earlier today to begin cataloging her journey to the cage.

Edge Martial Arts

Sensei Tim is all weighed in as of last night ! We are ready to fight !

Tim Eschtruth!

Second degree black belt in Judo, one of the highest ranked competitors in the state, professional MMA fighter who has fought internationally. Head martial arts instructor for our kids and adult programs. Our resident star wars nerd, the randomly quotes 80’s comedy movies that no one has ever seen guy. And dresses like Clark Kent, secretively wearing superman spandex underneath because you never know when you’ll be needed.

Meet EDGE martial arts head instructor: Tim Eschtruth

One of the best martial artist in the state, nicest man you will ever meet and THE BEST instructor for those looking to pursue fitness through martial arts. Come in meet our Superman and ask about all the deals for military, law enforcement, teachers, nurses and first responders.

I Love Fitness

Bodywrks by Selena

1 hour massage gift certificates!

Good Morning America

Lauren Bruzzone, 72, is true fitness inspiration.


Treat yourself!

Keeping up with my work outs. Goal is to be happy, healthy and strong. Mission accomplished!


How often do you meditate? Discover meditation tips for beginnings:

Tim Eschtruth!

The Midland Daily News recently featured a head line story about our lead instructor Tim Eschtruth and his adventure fighting in Japan. Love the way this plaque turned out and congratulations once again Tim on proudly representing EDGE internationally!

Start July with a Professional Massage! Book a massage on your own time today by searching for the best massage therapists in your area, checking pricing and availability, and booking an appointment that works for you.

I'm A Massage Therapist

Midland's Tim Eschtruth competes in Japan's Rizin Fighting Federation

Tim Eschtruth! After his recent journey to Japan to fight in a mixed martial arts bout in the Rizin Fighting Federation, Midland's Tim Eschtruth is excited about what lies next. On Sunday, June 2, the 37-year-old Eschtruth took on 22-year-old Japan native Erson Yamamoto in front of a large crowd in Kobe World Hall...

Team SFS - Scorpion Fighting System

Wishing Tim Eschtruth good luck on his fight. Proud to sponsor you!!

Tim Eschtruth vs Erson Yamamoto

Weigh in & Face off

Team SFS - Scorpion Fighting System

Tim Eschtruth vs Erson Yamamoto

Weigh in & Face off

So excited to be a part of this!

Good morning gorgeous ones! Our Mental Health challenge is quickly coming to an end in T-minus 2 days! Wow. We’ve challenged you with a variety of exercises this month, and now it’s time to end with a bang!
❣️ Today we want you to dig deep and practice forgiveness. ❣️
Yup, it’s time to look at our grievances directly in the eye instead of shoving them aside. It's not until we look the grievances directly in the eye and accept them that we can finally let them go. And it can be a simple process, it doesn't have to be a big grandiose ceremony. We can move on with the snap of a finger, if we so choose. You will be amazed at how quickly you can drop the past and the stories that go along with it when you see what holding on to grievances does to you. But in order to do that you need to SLOW down and tune into your B-O-D-Y.
Who do you need to forgive? Your sibling? Your coworker? YOURSELF? What story do you keep replaying in your head? Trust us when we say, holding onto grievances is doing much more harm than good. It’s time to release whatever you’re holding onto because you DESERVE freedom.
If you feel you’re having a hard time forgiving it’s because you still believe that what HAPPENED should NOT of happened. Have you ever heard of the saying “what you resist persists”? Well it’s true, fighting the facts only makes it harder for us to deal with. Here are some tips to support your journey with forgiveness today:
🔸Forgiveness is about you, not anyone or anything else.
🔸Forgiveness does not mean you “let someone off the hook”. It just means you let yourself off the hook from pain, anger, anxiety, and more.
🔸You do not need an apology - contrary to what you might believe. If you have the opportunity to have a peaceful conversation you can. If not, you could write a letter to yourself or that person releasing the feelings you still hold onto. Remember - forgiveness is an inner journey.
🔸Forgiveness IS empowering. Why? Because this means you’re stepping out of victim mode. You reclaim your power and return to peace.
We know today could be emotional, but we also know today is the beginning of FREEDOM. Therefore, we celebrate your strength and courage. So make a list of those with whom you hold a grievance and need to forgive. Go to a quiet space where there are no distractions and make your list. Then put your hand on your heart and one-by-one go through your list and for each person say “I forgive others (or name of the person) as I forgive myself: with ease, sincerity and loving compassion.” Or feel free to make up your own forgiveness affirmation.
When you forgive, how does it feel inside? To enter the giveaway, like this post and and be sure to like our sponsor's page, Bodywrks by Selena (there will be two winners and the giveaway is a massage!).

#MHisSomethingBeautiful #YourJourneyisSomethingBeautiful #BeKindtoYourMind #Forgiveness #Freedom #SelfEmpowerment #SelfHealing #LetGo #MindBody


This weekend Michigan's own Tim Eschtruth makes his RIZIN Fighting Federation debut in Japan.

Edge Fitness and Training Headquarters

Wishing EDGE Judo instructor Tim Eschtruth a safe flight as he heads to Japan today. Tim will be fighting on the RIZIN professional card June 2nd! Safe travels sensei Tim, we look forward to supporting you this weekend!

Team SFS - Scorpion Fighting System

5 Days until Tim travels to 🇯🇵 Japan 🇯🇵!

Tim is a true life long martial artist who will have his opportunity to compete on the International stage for RIZIN FF on June 2nd!

We will try to stream the fight live on this page, so spread the word and tag family & friends!


Supermom needs some time for herself! Surprise her with a therapeutic massage or a gift certificate for Mother's Day:

Congratulations Tim Eschtruth! Your hard work, commitment and tenacity has paid off!

We are going to Japan!

Tim Eschtruth has been chasing down a moment like this throughout his martial arts career and now will have the opportunity to fight in the land of the rising sun!


May 11th - Bellator - Taylor Moore
May 18th - UFC - Michel Pereira
June 2nd - Rizin FC - Tim Eschtruth

Help us spread the word!!!

Something Beautiful

Welcome to the first day of the Mental Health Challenge!
You did it! You showed up 🎆!
This month is going to be filled with all sorts of adventures, so we can’t wait for you to begin this month long journey. Let's get started!
When was the last time you reminded yourself how strong and extraordinary you are? Has it been awhile? Well, let it be known….YOU can be your strongest advocate, every single day. We have no problem saying amazing and loving things to others, so today is the day when you get to shower yourself in compliments. What a way to start the month!
Now, go stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how amazing you are. Maybe you want to tell yourself how sexy you look. Or maybe you want to remind yourself that you’re enough, you’re worthy of all of life’s abundance and that you’re doing the best you can. And that it's indeed possible to reach that stretch goal you set back on January 1st. Go as far as putting some reminders in your phone or write a note on your mirror reminding yourself to shower yourself in compliments today.
We can be our biggest critics, calling ourselves idiots, dumb, shaming ourselves, etc. etc., so it’s time to reverse that pattern by sending yourself some positive vibes. As you shift to more positive self talk and start to embrace what is truly great about you, your doubts, fears and discouraging thoughts will diminish. As you discover your strengths, you will expand your potential. You will become more confident and treat yourself better. And when this happens, you will treat everyone around you better. It creates a ripple effect. And the process is magical 🌟
So go SHOWER yourself in compliments for the whole day today! Make it rain lovelies!


TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: like the post, leave a comment, and like Botanica's page (today's sponsor!). Tell us about your experience. Was it easy or difficult to give yourself some lovin’? What compliments did you give yourself (and don’t be shy we want the juicy details!)?
Tune into our Facebook story to see today’s giveaway!
Remember, you are a perfectly designed masterpiece and there could never be a more perfect you. 🥰

#MHisSomethingBeautiful #YourJourneyisSomethingBeautiful #BeKindtoYourMind #thereisalwayssomethingbeautiful #youareenough #youarebeautiful #positiveselftalk #selfworth #compliment #youareextraordinary

🌞 It isn’t too late for your friends to join, so share this challenge with your friends.

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