Sarah Fechter Fitness

Sarah Fechter Fitness


Can I get a description of your class titled “Ass-thetics”, I cant find one on your website. And do you have opening this Saturday morning?
Please cancel my spot for Assthetics at 9:15, weather is not cooperating😢.
Can you please schedule me time with Alexis on Saturday or Sunday of this week. I am available on Sunday morning before 10 am. Thank you!
Laser focused....Thanks Sarah Fechter and Alexis Straebel for the challenging classes.
Can I get a spot for club sf Monday 1/6/20??
Please sign me up for Club SF January 6 at 7:05. Card is on file
Gods continued Blessings as You and Your Amazing Staff Family continues to Bless Others‼️. Thank You for helping me see my value You’ve all impacted my life more than You will EVER realize 💜 Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses 💋
Please sign me up for Jan 1st @ 6:05.
Out walking on my break and ran into Alexis Straebel smiling and spreading holiday cheer! That brightened my day:)
Thank you for another amazing holiday week. I completely enjoyed Holidash, Black Friday and Saturday Small Business. Praying that you all can get some rest for the remainder of the weekend and that God will continue to bless you all and the business! Awesome team ❤️
Can I & Megan Brush get a spot for the Holidash Thanksgiving morning?
Repping SFF in the Mountains of Payson, AZ 💞

Sarah Fechter Fitness is a drop in basis, boutique fitness studio located in Saginaw, Michigan. | |

Sarah Fechter Fitness is boutique fitness experience. Our trainers instruct classes focusing on safe, effective, and efficient body altering exercises designed to change not only the way you think and train, but the way you look. Our trainers are educated, certified, and experienced. ALL fitness levels are welcome. Welcome to your LifeUPgrade!

[01/22/20]   Monday 1-27
5:30am EMOM Camp *Closed Session - Sophie
5:00pm SPIN - Kari
6:05 SPIN/TRX - Alexis
7:05pm Club SF - Sarah

Tuesday 1-28
5:30am Bikes & Barbells - Kari
5:00pm Strength Circuit - Sophie
6:05pm Strength & Conditioning - Sarah
7:05pm EMOM Camp *Closed Session - Kari

Wednesday 1-29
5:30am SPIN - Alexis
9:00am Semi-Private Training - Sophie
*Inquire within for monthly sign ups.
5:00pm SPIN/TRX - Sarah
6:05pm Bikes & Barbells - Alexis
7:05pm Step/Strength Intervals - Sophie

Thursday 1-30
5:30am Boxing/Strength - Lloysa
5:00pm Strength Circuit - Sophie
6:05pm Strength & Conditioning - Sarah
7:05pm EMOM *Closed Session - Alexis

Friday 1-31
5:30am EMOM *Closed Session - Alexis
9:00am SPIN - Kari
6:05pm SPIN/Box - Damian

Saturday 2-1
6:45am SPIN - Alexis
8:00am SPIN - Kari
9:15am Ass-thetics - Sarah
10:30am TRX for Yoga - Bo
11:00am Education Seminar: What the Health - Sarah Fechter, B.S. Exercise Science, IFBB Pro
$50 pre-register, $60 drop in

Reservation /Cancellation policy : 🚨
Reservations may be made with a positive account balance only. All cancellations must be made 48 hrs in advance for an account credit.
No refunds No class transfers outside of the 48 hour window.

[01/15/20]   Wednesday 1-22
5:00pm SPIN/TRX - Sarah
6:05pm Bikes & Barbells - Alexis
7:05pm Step/Strength Intervals - Sophie

Thursday 1-23
5:30am Boxing/Strength - Lloysa
5:00pm Strength Circuit - Sophie
6:05pm Strength & Conditioning - Sarah
7:05pm EMOM *Closed Session - Alexis

Friday 1-24
5:30am EMOM *Closed Session - Alexis
9:00am SPIN - Kari
6:05pm SPIN/Box - Damian

Saturday 1-25
6:45am SPIN - Alexis
8:00am SPIN - Kari
9:15am Ass-thetics - Sarah
10:30am TRX for Yoga - Bo
11:30am Mobility - Alexis *drop in class

Reservation /Cancellation policy : 🚨
Reservations may be made with a positive account balance only. All cancellations must be made 48 hrs in advance for an account credit.
No refunds No class transfers outside of the 48 hour window.


Sarah Fechter Fitness

Sarah Fechter Fitness

Sarah Fechter Fitness's cover photo


The premier brand in the indoor cycling industry.

@SarahFechterFitness is an official SPIN Certified Facility with 7 Spin Certified Instructors in staff.

Visit for our monthly class schedule.

Experience the difference.
Enjoy the ride.

@josh.film09 🎞

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♥️🎄SF Fam,

Sarah Fechter Fitness's cover photo

Sarah Fechter Fitness's cover photo

Sarah Fechter Fitness

Sarah Fechter Fitness's cover photo

Sarah Fechter Fitness's cover photo

[10/30/19]   Sunday 11-10
1:30pm SPIN/Core/TRX - Damian

📌 Reservations can be made with a positive account balance. All reservations have a 24 hour cancellation policy, including no refunds or transfers.

Kicking off GLOW WEEK 🥳🗣
Join SF + DJ Casey Rusch for Club SF on
Monday Oct 28 7:25 pm

We are kicking off GLOW WEEK w/
Club SF featuring @djcaseyrusch

$10 | 7:25 pm
TAG your dancing partner and let’s start Glow Week off right🥳
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Sarah Fechter Fitness

Down 46 lbs in 5 months. 👩🏽‍💻🔥
That’s it. That’s the caption.

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We’re SO excited to get out Fall Season started with all of you! We have your favorite classes ready to rock and events planned too! .
Fall into #SarahFechterFitness 🍁🍂🍃🍁

TAG a Friend!
NEW FALL Schedule begins October 1. 🧡 .
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The most dedicated person I know 👏🏽🗣
@kenna1026 .
Goals : “Coach, I want to be slim thick” .
Current update: Serena Williams betta watch out 😂🗣😈😛
Just Wait until we pull the 🔌 on an oxidative phase. Phishhh look at dem legs 🍗.... Game Over. .
#sarahfechterfitness #onlinecoaching #legday #thick #hypertrophy #surplus #build #athlete #gains #dedicated #progress #sciencebased #physiology #saginawmichigan #coach #programdesign

51 lbs down in under 5 months 🗣
@afrogoddess78 🤯

Stats ✅
RHR: 56
BP: 120/86
Camping for a week? Yep. She did that. No rules. No dieting.

Vegas for 4 days? Yep. She did that too. No rules. No dieting.

Top dawg at MCDonalds 🍔🍟where every few weeks she has to eat approx 3,000 calories from MACS for her career?! Yep. We adjusted for that too. #compliance

A second camping trip? Better believe it.
Coaching requirements? Have fun. Relax. Trust yourself. Eat to perform. ✅👌🏼

Now make no mistake that she works her ass off, literally. She’s made many sacrifices to change her lifestyle. She never makes excuses and she never second guesses my coaching advice.

Her goals when she came to me was to CHANGE her lifestyle for good. She’s been patient, Consistent, and she trusts me.
Amy wanted to lose 40 lbs in 6 months.
We’re getting 60 👍🏽🗣👏🏽🔥😈

Let’s GO 🔥🔥

#sarahfechterfitness #onlinecoaching #coach #lifestyle #sciencebased #physiology #fatloss #healthfirst #Health #bestlife #newme #progress #sustainability #nutrition #periodization #musclenerd #science #saginawmichigan @ Sarah Fechter Fitness

Whewwww! Weeee!
We’re down 43.5 lbs in under 5 months and best believe we’re getting 50! 🗣👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥 And guess what?! She’s HEALTHY AF. 🗣🗣🗣
RHR: 50
BP: 110/72
Sleep: AVG 2 -2.5 hours deep sleep a night! 😳😳🤯🤯Consistently.
Her sleep quality is insane you guys. I’ve never seen anything like it.
Mannn, SLEEP is LIFE. .
50 lbs .... BETTA WATCH OUT!
#sarahfechterfitness #healthfirst #transformation #genpop #coach #health #community #digestion #nutrition #sleep #deepsleep #recovery #parasympathetic #fatloss #bestlife #lifestyle #sustainability @ Sarah Fechter Fitness

Can I just brag about my HEALTHY, HAPPY, and entire Snack of a client/friend @aleaharianna ?! 🍭😍
So proud of your journey Aleah! Consistency, patience, time, and trust. 💯✅ I’m genuinely so happy for you. Killing it! .
#sarahfechterfitness #onlinecoaching #transformation #healthfirst #health #sciencebased #physiology #fatloss #mentalhealth #sustainability #compliance #winning #progress #underestimated #bestlife @ Sarah Fechter Fitness

[09/05/19]   Fall SF GAMES progress 🗣🗣
It’s LIT. 🔥

Indoor and outdoor camps turning up the heat in this second week. Home stretch of our 15th year anniversary and we’re not letting up. Stay tuned.
Let’s GO 🗣👏🏽

#sarahfechterfitness #sfgame #letsGo #fall #saginawmichigan #fitness #health #community #lit #bestlife #social #pumpkinspice #train #conditioning #sciencebased

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Sarah Fechter Fitness's cover photo

Sarah Fechter Fitness

These people. This place.
My community. .
Unbreakable ♥️💯 I’m so grateful and blessed. My heart is full. Thank you. .
#sarahfechterfitness #family #community #unbreakable #godsplan #birthday #dance #friends #fun #gratitude #bestlife #together #leo #august #fam

Coaching Client Testimonial ✔️
“Those of you that know me well know that I have always been on the “bigger” side.
I started my journey a while back at SFF going to camps and classes. The atmosphere is nothing but amazing, as well as the everyday butt kicking that I get when I go to class. I walk out feeing like I have accomplished something!
While I have been working out my weight hasn’t really changed in the last few years. It goes up and comes down.
This year, April 29th to be exact I had the opportunity to sign up with Sarah Fechter’s online coaching. This is the day that has forever changed me.
I needed something to change. I was tired of feeling blah.
My health needed to become more important. I wanted to make sure that I was around for my kids for the long haul! I tried just about everything that there is in the books to lose weight. Some worked and some didn’t, But none of it was focusing on me changing my habits. Sarah has taught me so much in the little time that I have been coached by her.
Things that I never thought affect my body and weight loss do. When we (Amy and I decided to do this together) started this, we thought 40 pounds in 6 months was great!
Well, I am currently down 40 pounds in 3 months! 🔥🔥
I still have 4 more months of working with Sarah to go! I am still a work in progress but I feel the best I have felt in a really long time! I’m not here for the praise, I am here to tell you that if you are on the fence about this, take the leap and trust her. Sarah knows what she’s doing! I have eaten more in the last few months than I ever have...And I am losing more than I ever have. You have to TRUST her and the process! YOU have to put in the effort and follow what she says. There are days where you don’t want to follow the program but you get up and you do! I have a choice to get up and follow or to not follow. That choice is backed by the results that I am getting.”
#sarahfechterfitness #onlinecoaching #testimonial #healthfirst #transformation #science #fatloss #nutrition #lifestyle @ Sarah Fechter Fitness

Coaching Client Progress ✔️

Down 38 lbs in 9 weeks.

Starting weight: 271 lbs
Today’s weight : 233 lbs

RHR : 58
BP: 113/90

Her goal was 40 lbs in 6 months.
We’ve accomplished a 38 lb loss in 9 weeks.
She’s taken 2 vacations where her program was to stay out of the gym and relax.
We also had a diet break for 3-4 days over the Fourth of July.

Career : Her daily job requires her to eat at McDonald’s once a month ALL DAY LONG - tasting foods. On this day once a month, she intakes 3000 cal from McDonald’s.

Guess what we did?
We worked that into her program.
A client should be able to sustain the lifestyle and be able to comply with it.
If not, you’re setting them up for failure.
Learn your clients. Learn their life. Learn what makes them thrive, what they enjoy, and What doesn’t.
We have 3 more months working together to ensure it’s a lifestyle.

It’s never a one size fits all program. 🍟🍔
Different methods in training and nutrition work for different people. Once you understand the physiology behind the methods and learn the adaptations you can predict the outcome.

All inquiries:
📧 [email protected]
Next Coaching Intake starts day after Labor Day, Sept 3.
#sarahfechterfitness #onlinecoaching #progress #musclenerd #healthcoach #healthfirst #programdesign #nutrition #physiology #biology #science #educate #lifestyle #transformation #fatloss #bestlife @ Sarah Fechter Fitness

Coaching Client Progress 🗣

I’m so proud of this woman. Much of her journey thus far is personal which I won’t share. The amount of progress she’s made mentally and emotionally is our largest WIN.
Her body composition/fat loss progress is a bi-product of focusing on getting her healthy .... FIRST.

Areas we’ve focused on:
• Digestion
• Sleep
• Stress management
• Perception
• health markers

Because we focused on the above areas first, Sarah is down 25 lbs in the last 9 weeks.

We’ve taken diet breaks, Deloading breaks, enjoyed a “no rules Fourth of July weekend” and make adjustments as needed.

We’re just 9 weeks into her 6 month program and her results are outstanding.
And Her best is yet to come ♥️🙌🏼

📧 [email protected]

#sarahfechterfitness #progress #onlinecoaching #fatloss #digestion #sleep #healthfirst #physiology #science #stressmanagement #fitness #wellbeing #bestlife #transformation #lifestyle #longtermrelationship #musclenerd #coach

Online Coaching Client Progress👌🏼
Cleaner, Smoother, Tighter, healthier. .
Starting Weight: 199 lbs
Current Weight: 186 lbs
RHR: 51
BP: 111/59
All Coaching Inquiries:
📧 [email protected]

#healthovereverything #health #sarahfechterfitness #onlinecoaching #coach #train #nutrition #fatloss #bodycomposition #conditioning #physiology #science #healthfirst #transformation #bestlife #lifestyle #glutes

“I'll just leave this right pictures are what I looked like before I started online coaching with Sarah and her team 9 short weeks ago...bottom pics have been taken in the last couple of weeks...proof is in the pudding. Sarah's a bad bitch, lol. Love you friend❤❤❤ Stay tuned to watch me work. I still have 4.5 months left of being coached by her”

📧 [email protected]

#onlinecoaching #sarahfechterfitness #fatloss #health #healthfirst #bestlife #physiology #science #educate #execute #transformation #goddess

[07/19/19]   The FALL SF GAMES 🍁 15 yr Anniversary

AUGUST 26 - Oct 1

✔️Indoor camp options
✔️Outdoor Camp options
✔️Group Rates
✔️Create your own schedule

Download your registration forms at and join as we close out 15 years strong with Fitness Camps in the tri-cities 🙌🏼

Put on for my City ♥️🔥

#sarahfechterfitness #saginawmichigan #saginawesome #mycity #community #health #fitness #fitfamp

Coaching Client 🔥🔥
9 weeks progress + 4.5 more months to go for this bride to be ♥️💍

📧 [email protected]

#coach #onlinecoach #progress #fatloss #transformation #healthfirst #health #physiology #sarahfechterfitness #science #programdesign #nutrition #conditioning #strengthtraining #mesocycle #periodization @ Sarah Fechter Fitness

August 26 - October 1

Join us for our last season in 2019 celebrating our 15 year anniversary of outdoor fitness camps!

Indoor options
Outdoor options
Mornings, evenings + weekends.
Create your own schedule.

Group Rates & Prorates Available.
Inquire within.

Download registration forms @

#sarahfechterfitness #fall #sfgames #community #fitness #bootcamp #fitnesscanp #combinationtraining #conditioning #strength #agility #fatloss #bodycomposition #health #social #active #fitfam #saginawmichigan

Online Coaching Client & friends 🤗

We’re 9 weeks into our time working together and have 4 months to go.

Ashley 🌸
Starting weight: 227 lbs
Current Weight 208 lbs
RHR: 59
BP: 110/70

Ramon 🏋🏽‍♀️
Starting weight: 285 lbs
Current Weight: 265 lbs
RHR: 62
BP: 115/70

This power couple are both able to wear their wedding rings again! 💍💕

“I am feeling so good about myself. I am even more proud of my Babe! We always tackle and achieve what we want when we do things together and I have to say we are doing pretty damn good!! Even wearing wedding rings after 2 years. “
- Ashley
📧 All Coaching Inquiries:
[email protected]

#coach #onlinecoaching #sarahfechterfitness #healthfirst #transformation #bestlife #fatloss #health #fitness #powercouple #progress #thebestisyettocome #physiology #science #nutrition #periodization #programdesign #educate @ Sarah Fechter Fitness

#saginawesome #saginawmichigan #findyourpassion #sarahfechterfitness #ypngivesback #health #fitness

Coaching Client ✔️ .
8 weeks in and 4 months to go.
Starting weight: 120 lb
Current Weight: 127-129 lb .
When this client came to me she wanted more definition on her tiny frame. She was under eating and skinny fat. .
I told her I was going to double her calories and the scale is going to go up ... and that I needed her trust.
She was nervous in the beginning and a little unsure - but I gave her a pre-game along the way to help build the trust. I told her what to expect before it happened. .
8 weeks later - scroll through the pictures. She’s 7-9 lbs heavier. She has more lean tissue and less body fat.
She’s tighter - everywhere, Abs, waist - and glutes are arriving and dem legs🔥 AND her fear of the scale is GONE. #WIN
We train together every other week or so to ensure the intensity is there in her lifts.
She’s in a slight caloric surplus allowing her to be strong in the gym and keep her body comp in tact. .
Excited to see her progress over the next few months. .
📧 All coaching Inquiries:
[email protected] .
#sarahfechterfitness #coach #progress #hypertrophy #grow #muscle #leangain #surplus #nutrition #athlete #womenwholift #musclenerd #physiology @ Sarah Fechter Fitness

Our Story

At Sarah Fechter Fitness we value education and experience. It is our commitment to you to provide you with a staff of exercise kinesiologists, physiologists, & qualified trainers that are second to none. We set the bar high offering our clients the best of the best by investing in our education, practicing our life upgrade environment, investing in our brand and continuing our education.

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6315 State St
Saginaw, MI

Opening Hours

Monday 16:30 - 20:30
Tuesday 16:30 - 20:30
Tuesday 05:15 - 07:30
Wednesday 16:30 - 19:30
Wednesday 05:15 - 10:30
Thursday 16:30 - 20:30
Thursday 05:15 - 07:30
Friday 05:30 - 12:00
Saturday 06:15 - 12:30
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