Glowing Growing Going by Falyn Shilts

Glowing Growing Going by Falyn Shilts

Your one stop shop for being the best version of yourself, in between your busy life on-the-go!

Your one stop shop for being the best version of yourself, in between your busy life on-the-go!

FREE Lash Boost with the purchase of a regimen!! New customers only!!

$150 value for free!! This is HUGE!😍🙉

Lets think about this for a minute 💁🏻‍♀️... there are infomercials that talk about makeup that covers everything up 🙅🏻‍♀️...

But at the end of the day, when all the makeup comes off, ARE YOU HAPPY WITH YOUR SKIN⁉️

Ask yourself:
1- Am I putting on makeup to cover my skin?
(Acne, discoloration, Sun spots, scarring, wrinkles, blackheads, large pores, etc.)


2 - Am I putting on makeup to enhance the natural beauty that I have?

If its #1, perhaps it's time to address your skin.

#FoundationFREE #HealthySkinIsIn #LetsChat

Some notice the acne gone.
Some notice the spots gone.
I noticed her lashes!!!
What did you notice?

Soap vs. Rodan+Fields! Your skin is begging you to stop using Soap on your face!! message me to get you started on the perfect regimen for you 😉

✨If you’re 30+, it’s time to use big girl skincare. Signs of aging are 20% genetic, 80% of how you take care of your skin, so doing nothing will only speed up those lines and wrinkles

✨4 years later and Laure looks so much younger and her skin is beautiful and glowing!!! What will your skin look and feel like in 4 years?
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#stopwaiting #yourenotgettinganyyounger

Just in case you want to educate yourself on this well known business concept, here is a graphic that explains the phase we in. We are just on the adoption curve for our innovative business model!!!
If you have been curious or wanting to jump in on this incredible opportunity, don't wait!
Message me today!

Ashley’s words...

“Y'all, I'm pretty pumped about this side by side! I was flipping through photos today and saw this pic of me from April, I did NOT remember my skin looking so rough😱!

When I joined Rodan +Fields, it was not spur of the moment. It wasn't until after an entire year of looking at before and after pictures that I actually stopped to ask - why am I not trying this?! Well, I can definitely say I'm so thankful for finding R+F, because I'm more confident in my own skin (no makeup required😄) than I ever was before, and that feels amazing!”

Ready to visibly transform your skin? Message me!

Do you know someone struggling with acne or even post acne scarring?

I can help clear up their skin and build their confidence up with Unblemish!

Message me for more details!
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#Forbes writes about us...
#Harvard business law studies us...
#CNBC and #FoxNews interview us...
The beauty industry LOVES us...
World-renowned #dermatologists created us...

You don't get this kind of media coverage, this kind of FREE advertising unless you are producing award winning products with proven results.


No inventory. No deliveries. I can travel anywhere and continue to build my business with tax deduction after tax deduction. I hold my entire business in my smartphone. Not many income opportunities are THIS simple, and allow this kind of income AND flexibility. Usually you must pick one or the other.

I can't think of a better way to start the year, than to pick up a simple way to grow additional income, be empowered, and meet new supportive friends.

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Got 17 minutes??

Watch why a former Assistant Attorney General, Corporate Recruiter, Teacher, mom to quadruplets, Critical Care nurse, Oncologist and fashion retail buyer all said “yes”.

Message me and I’ll get you added to the closed group where you can access our talk ✨👯‍♀️.


If you haven’t already heard 👂🏽 of R+F’s Intensive Renewing Serum with RetinAl in it!!

The Science of smooth. Intensive Renewing Serum, powered by Retinal-MD, delivers 2️⃣0️⃣ times the revitalizing 💪🏼 strength of Retinol. Want smoother, firmer, more youthful-looking skin? Try this.

Combine Intensive Renewing Serum with the completely⚙️ re-engineered, 💎 high-precision AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller. Experience a whole new level of firm.

All products have a 60 day money back empty bottle guarantee!!

Think about this🤔

What we are taught to do since we were kids.
👉Go to school
👉Get a full-time salary job working for someone else
👉Work 40+ hours a week
👉Be okay with yearly 2-4% increase in pay
👉Work the next 45 years
👉Live for the weekend, because that is all you got!

We are not taught to:
👉Think outside the cubicle
👉Look for opportunities to have quality of life
👉Take risks and believe in yourself
👉Demand more out of life
👉Realize this is the only life we got, do something amazing with it!

It takes courage to do something you have never done, but like anything in life the challenge is what makes it that much more rewarding when you succeed! This year is going to be amazing!!

Want to run with me and make it amazing too?

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WHAT IF you were given the choice of a million bucks today or a penny that would double every day for the next 31 days?

According to a survey, over 90% of people would choose the million bucks!! But me… I’ll take that dirty little penny and here’s why: Compounding Growth!

WHAT IF you could create a business that earned you residual income while you were having a baby, at home sick, on vacation or while working another job? I’m here to tell you THAT is the magic of a sound residual income business!!

Give yourself the gift of time freedom and financial stability in 2018!!! I am not saying it's easy, but I am telling you it's worth it!

Message me and let's talk about how THIS might fit into your life. Nothing changes if nothing changes!! Let’s shake it up in 2018!! ❤

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Did you know that some lines that you see on your face are NOT actually wrinkles but dehydration lines? Hydration is key for plump skin and plump skin = firm skin. Active Hydration Serum boosts your skin’s hydration by 200% on the first use. It’s a must have product in my opinion because when your skin is hydrated, it absorbs all of your other products so much better so they are more effective.

Reverse+Active Hydration+Roller=Results !👇

Get your glow on this winter! #bundle #save via

🌬❄ Baby it's COLD outside ❄🌬

Cold weather can mean super dry skin, BUT I can help with that!

Did you know that when your skin is well-hydrated, it is more resilient? It remains flexible and allows the protective lipid barrier to remain intact while keeping moisture in. Hydration is A MUST to protect it from environmental factors, UV radiation, germs and irritants!

Contains hyaluronic acid (which attracts H2O to the skin and holds it there) and glycerin (which contributes as your skin's personal H2O source for instant & continuous hydration) to infuse moisture back onto the skin!

Oil FREE and BOOSTS Hydration by 200%!

Active Hydration Serum is a LAYERING SUPER- SERUM that boosts the performance of ANY Rodan + Fields Regimens, giving you softer, smoother, healthier and more vibrant looking skin! AND less prone to wrinkles!!! 👐

🌟Bundle deals are back to save 20% 💸 so time to BUNDLE UP for this cold weather!

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Chances are you have cold, dry winter air around you??—we feel it everywhere! Especially our skin! 😳

Here are my top 3 faves to “winterize” my skin!! If you have never tried R+F and would like samples please msg me or comment below! Act quick, because I only have a few of each available.

❄️Intensive Renewing Serum

Includes powerful Peptides with R+F exclusive Retinal-MD™ Technology, offering the highest potency Vitamin A available without a prescription, yet without the irritation potential. Makes it ideal for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

❄️Active Hydration Serum

This hydrating, oil-free serum contains Hyaluronic Acid and 30% Glycerin to defend against dry skin. Helps keep skin continuously hydrated all day long, and is clinically-proven to raise skin’s hydration level by 200% and keep it there for up to 8 hours!! After just ONE use!!

❄️Lip Renewing Serum

Containing peptides and vitamin E, this unique serum helps lips retain their natural moisture, visibly smooths lip texture, and reduces the appearance of lip wrinkles. Perfect for those chapped lips! Especially my kids right now!!

Msg me or comment below😘 I think you’ll love these as much as I do!!!

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Real Results!

Any Regimen + Active Hydration Serum (3d3p matrix molecule!🤗) = Glowing, radiant skin!

There is an amazing bundle offer now! Save 20% !❄️☃️💦

❄️BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE!❄️Hot off the press from R + F Corporate!!! WINTER BUNDLES!!!

For a limited time, enjoy a 20 percent savings on a Regimen + Active Hydration Serum Special . Our Multi-Med Therapy Regimens give you the right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order to deliver visible results. Add R+F Active Hydration Serum into the mix, and you've got a clinically tested solution for boosting R+F Regimen performance. Active Hydration Serum is the key to hydrated, younger-acting skin -- adding radiance for REDEFINE users, fewer visible fine lines for REVERSE users, more balanced skin for UNBLEMISH users and firmer-looking skin for SOOTHE users.

Glowing Growing Going by Falyn Shilts's cover photo

I am extremely grateful that I get to spend the day with my birthday boy!
*Notice my lashes...I barely have any mascara on😉Thank you to my sister in law for sharing with me this awesome mascara, L’Oréal butterfly intenza!!👌
#mineralpeptides #foundationfree #lashboost

Rodan + Fields

Happy 2018! Naps! Chocolate! Massages! Now these are beauty resolutions you’ll actually want to keep:

Men have skin too!

Who do you know who can benefit from these life-changing products?!

#agingredefined #ampmdroller

Have you never tried Lash Boost and always wanted to? Well today, you are in luck!

I am looking for five volunteers to kick off 2018 with Lash Boost at my special pricing! The next five people who say YES can start my #LashBoostChallengeOf2018!!

Let’s get you ✨Lash Fabulous✨ in 2018!!!!

Take before and after pics for me...and we will vote on who has the MOST fabulous lash makeover. Winner will get a second lash boost for FREE!

Person 1: I can’t do it. I have 3 kids, a husband, we’re backed up on bills and credit cards, working 50+ hours per week... it’s just not realistic.

Person 2: I HAVE to do it. I have 3 kids, a husband, we’re backed up on bills and credit cards, working 50+ hours per week.. this is something I have to do for my family to get out of our current situation.

The fundamental difference between 2 people with the same circumstances is that one uses their circumstances as an excuse and the other uses their circumstances as MOTIVATION.

Don’t be person 1. Let your circumstances drive you to do something different.

2018 is a NEW year! Nothing will change if you change nothing. ❤️

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If you are looking to get a discount on the #1 skincare brands products, tell a few people, make $300,$500,$1000 or more....this business is for you!

This offer on the top 2 kits is almost $1550 retail for $595. And $2350 retail for $850.. and a tax write off. Serious no brainer if you are already using the products and maybe looking for extra income!

If you want to read more about this opportunity and see what comes in the kits take a look at the link below here and then get in touch with me!
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Christmas is over. 🎄
The gifts are unwrapped. 🎁
What If you could Gift yourself the opportunity to be your OWN boss and get AMAZING SKIN while you share your love and passion for this company with your friends?? ❤️ You Can!!

✅ tax deduction💰
✅ virtual business at your fingers💅🏼
✅ no home parties 🙌🏼
✅ no inventory
✅ Great community and an amazing support group 💁🏼
✅ start making money ASAP!

Just think of what extra 💰💵 a month could do for you and your family...

This business fits any lifestyle no matter how busy you are. Join MY TEAM NOW and there are HUGE incentives from today through the 28th!! Let’s do this together!

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What If??

For two days only!! FREE Lash Boost 🙌🎉😍

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R+F is on fire and it's only the beginning!
We are crushing our competitors that have been around wayyyy longer than us!
Why is that, you may wonder? Because our business model works and so do our products! 👌
What if 2018 was your year to change your life? I am so excited for 2018. I'd love to teach YOU how to own a piece of this billion dollar brand that is now the #1 skincare brand!🥂

❤️I absolutely love that Jenn is a Physician Assistant AND works in dermatology! Just like many people, she thought that because she was getting her skincare products from the dermatologist office, they must be the best. Well, she had to learn to think again....

Here’s her story:

“I was wrong. WOW, was I ever... A little over 3 years ago I was approached about Rodan + Fields, and I could not be bothered because I knew about all things dermatology ...or so I thought! I was a super skeptic and thought 'how could something work that is bought from your neighbor, kid's teacher or retired banker?' At the time, I had been in clinical practice over 9 years and I thought I already had access to the best in skincare and procedures. I was not very open minded... believing the only way to get results had to happen in an office/medspa or with a prescription. WRONG AGAIN!"😳

"My before picture is with using some of the most expensive products sold in dermatology along with chemical peels every quarter and some laser treatments."

"My after picture is after having no chemical peel or lasers in over 3 years... just Rodan + Fields. Check out under my eyes👀 ...hello ACTIVE HYDRATION!!!”

Dr. Rodan + Dr. Fields are the most respected Dermatologists in the world. Their Mission is to bring the BEST in Dermatology to the masses. Delivered to your doorstep, with professional level results right at your bathroom sink for a fraction of the cost! Their products work and come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! I bet many of the other companies out there don’t offer that!

#rodanandfields #realresults #stopwastingyourmoney #moneybackguarantee #yourbeforeandafterphotosshouldshowyourprogress #numberoneforareason #moneybackguarantee #dermatologist

[12/21/17]   💥If you are interested in trying a R+F regimen, please let me know asap! I have a few really good price options way below retail cost! Only can offer 6 , so mesage me asap! 😀💥

Hello my Lash Boost lovers. 😍
Who wants a lash boost for 1/2 off?! ($67 savings)

Make sure you don’t miss out on this sweet holiday bundle from corporate that EXPIRES TODAY!

If you love Lash Boost like I do then this is the BEST TIME to get 20% off.

You can:
- stock up for yourself
- split a bundle with your mom, sister, BFF
- buy one for yourself
- or simply buy yourself the best 🎁 (No shame right 😉)

Trust me when I say this deal is so good, that it’s not one to pass up! I’m grabbing myself a bundle too! 😉😍

Foundation Free! - Glowing Growing Going

Check out my blog post (I admit I've been slacking in that field) BUT this is why I fell in love with R+F! Take a look at my before and afters in this link! It all started back when I was 33 (in 7 weeks I will be 35…yikes!)… I started to notice brown spots taking over my forehead. I always had freckles, but it was getting bad. I was dull, I had lines around my eyes that I never had before. As I …

Would you rather have extensions or lashes that are all yours?!

Lash Boost is legit!! Tomorrow is the last day to save 20% on two!!!

Glowing Growing Going by Falyn Shilts's cover photo

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