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Our 4 juice concentrates are delicious and good for you. Which one is your favorite?

Aloe Vera SuperLife
Aloe Papaya w/ Acai
Pomegranate Red w/ Mangosteen
Aloe Cranberry

🥰decisions, decisions……


Cranberries are much more than a tasty addition to your meals; they are a nutrient-dense fruit with numerous health benefits. From promoting urinary tract health and boosting immunity to supporting heart health and improving digestion, cranberries offer a wide range of wellness advantages.

You can get all the benefits of cranberries with our Aloe Cranberry Concentrate. One bottle makes 1 gallon of delicious and nutritious juice!


Boost your wellness game with our delicious Aloe Cranberry Concentrate. It's a perfect way to get all the antioxidant benefits of cranberry and the healing properties of aloe in one easy to make drink!

Give it a's on sale right now at


The American Optometric Association found that some people who use computer screens of some type for even two hours per day are at risk of digital eye strain symptoms.

Symptoms include blurry vision, dry eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. If you are on a screen for more than a couple of hours a day, try the 20-20-20 Rule:

⌚Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away.

And, use 20-20 VisClear for all the good nutrients your eyes need to stay strong.


Blue, brown, green, matter what color, all our eyes need some love. 20-20 VisClear™ is one of those products that you live without!

Loaded with antioxidants that love to keep your eyes strong, this formula is designed to help the function and structure of your eyes.

Check it out - it's on sale!


Brighten up your day (and your vision) with the benefits of oranges! 🧡

Oranges are bursting with Vitamin C, the ultimate shield against cataracts and macular degeneration. With their high water content, they also keep your eyes moist and happy, banishing dryness and irritation.

So go ahead, grab an orange and give your eyes the juicy love they deserve! 🍊✨


Stock Up and Save on your favorites!
Green Magic ✔
Ultra Whey Pro Protein ✔
Vita Balance 2000 ✔
Microbiome Probiotics ✔
NutriCleanse ✔
Super Lung Support ✔
PentaCare AgeLess Beauty ✔

The list goes on and on....check out for all the sales! HAPPY SHOPPING 🥰

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The stage is set for an inspirational day! JOIN US!

New Spirit Naturals Open House
June 1st @ 10am

We’ve got a lot of fun in store for you including a great presentation from our President, Dr. Larry Milam about how to create a preventative wellness plan that fits your needs. See you soon!


🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Larry Milam will be our featured speaker at the New Spirit Naturals Open House on Saturday, June 1st! 🗓️

Dr. Milam will be sharing his expertise on developing a preventative healthcare and wellness program. This is a must-attend event for anyone looking to take charge of their health and well-being. 🩺✨

Join us for an inspiring and informative session, and discover how you can create a healthier, happier lifestyle. Plus, enjoy exclusive event-only discounts and giveaways! 🎉

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field. Register on our website or comment below so we can save a spot for you!


The Reishi mushroom has been used for centuries for health and healing. Known as the "Mushroom of Immortality" it is packed with polysaccharides which help strengthen the immune system and fight off infections.

You can enjoy a delicious cup of Liver Chi Tea and get all the benefits Reishi mushrooms have to offer. Learn more at


🌟 The Liver: Your Body’s Superhero 🌟

Did you know your liver is a powerhouse organ that performs over 500 vital functions? Here’s why the liver deserves some love and attention:

#1: Detoxification - The liver filters toxins from your blood, breaking down harmful substances and making them easier to eliminate.

#2: Digestion - It produces bile, essential for digesting fats and absorbing fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K).

#3. Metabolism - The liver helps metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, converting them into energy and vital body components.

#4 Nutrient Storage - It stores essential nutrients, like vitamins and minerals, releasing them when your body needs a boost.

#5 Immune Support - The liver plays a crucial role in immune function by removing bacteria and creating immune factors to fight infections.

Your liver is a multi-tasking marvel, working tirelessly to keep your body running smoothly. Show it some love by maintaining a healthy diet, staying hydrated and nurturing it with Liver Chi Tea.

On sale now at

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When high energy people get together, be ready to feel inspired! 💪✨🎆

Save the date for our Open House on Saturday, June 1st. Dr. Milam will be sharing his secrets to keeping your body full of energy. Thanks to our Member, Edie who shared how New Spirit Naturals helps her feel her best everyday. 💚

Register for this FREE event on or website or give us a call at (800) 922-2766. See you soon!

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Research finds over and over again how important fish oil is to cardiovascular health! Here are 2 studies to note published in the New England Journal of Medicine:

The GISSI-Prevenzione Trial: This large-scale study found that fish oil supplementation reduced the risk of death, heart attack, and stroke in patients with previous heart attacks.

The REDUCE-IT Trial: This study demonstrated that high-dose fish oil supplementation significantly reduced the risk of major cardiovascular events in patients with elevated triglyceride levels.

Share this with someone who could benefit – you could make a huge difference in their life!

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Finding serenity in every sip 🌸✨
Introducing one of our favorite May Sale products,

Inner Calm: harness the power of GABA to soothe stress and restore balance. Choose between cherry bliss or pure tranquility – your journey to inner peace starts here.

On sale online and in store until the end of May!!


Embrace the essence of wellness at New Spirit Naturals Open House on June 1st! 🌿

Join us for a day of discovery and rejuvenation.


Dr. Milam is our guest speaker at Healthy Hour tomorrow night! RSVP to this free virtual event where he will discuss Urinary Tract Health and what vitamins and supplements can be used to keep you feeling your best.

Comment below or rsvp on and we will get you the link to join us via zoom!


EXCITING NEWS!! We're thrilled to announce the official launch of our brand-new website

Check it out and explore all that we have to offer. From daily nutrition to elevated skin care, we've got you covered.

Explore, learn and shop right now! Better yet, tag your friends who need a little self-care boost and invite them to join us on this exciting adventure!


Is it a cold? The flu? No matter what it is, find out how you can protect yourself against! Join us for our Healthy Hour on zoom January 9th to learn about the more about key vitamins to help boost your immune system and keep you feeling your best.

DM or comment below for the link to our meeting. See you on zoom!

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Did you know that the tiny but mighty garlic can do wonders for your immune system? That's why its just one of the ingredients in our immune boosting formula Naturcidin!

Garlic is more than just a flavorful addition to your dishes – it's a natural immune booster and here's why

1️⃣ Antioxidant Rich: Garlic is packed with antioxidants that help combat free radicals in your body, supporting a strong immune system.

2️⃣ Allicin Magic: Allicin, a compound found in garlic, has potent antibacterial and antiviral properties, helping your body ward off infections.

3️⃣ Anti-Inflammatory Ally: Garlic helps reduce inflammation, supporting a balanced immune response and overall wellness.

4️⃣ Vitamin C Boost: Garlic contains vitamin C, a well-known immune-boosting vitamin that helps fight off colds and flu.

5️⃣ Heart Health Bonus: A healthy heart contributes to overall well-being, and garlic is known to support heart health, indirectly benefiting your immune system.

Grab a bottle of Naturcidin today at

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Exciting News! Join us at Health Matters 2024, where wellness takes center stage!

Get ready for a transformative experience that blends cutting-edge products, health education, and a community of like-minded individuals all under one roof.

What to Expect:
✅ New Products: Be the first in the world to try the NEW PRODUCTS in out wellness line! These exciting products will redefine your health journey.

🧠 Health Education: Dive into a world of knowledge with our dynamic speakers and some in depth breakout session. Learn about the latest research, studies and approaches to enhance your mental and physical well-being. Empower yourself with insights that will inspire a healthier lifestyle.

🤝 Community Connection: Surround yourself with a community of health enthusiasts and experts. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and build connections with like-minded individuals passionate about holistic wellness. Together, we can motivate and support each other on our wellness journeys.

📍 Event Details:
📅 Date: Saturday 1/27 FREE general session
🕒 Time: 10am - 2pm
🏢 Locations: New Spirit Headquarters in San Dimas, CA (you can also connect virtually on zoom)

🎟️ Tickets Available Now!
Secure your spot for a day of inspiration, learning, and connection. Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in your health and connect with a community that values well-being.

🌈 Tag a Friend and Spread the Wellness Vibes!
Let's make Health Matters 2024 an unforgettable celebration of health, growth, and community. 🌱💖


Time to shop! Thanks to everyone who came out to our Holiday Open House today. We had a great time. Now, it’s time to grab some of your favorites that are on sale! Check out for all we have to offer.


This is it! Today is your last chance to snag these wellness wonders at a special price! Don't miss out on the chance to spread joy and good health this holiday season. 🌟 Visit our website to grab these goodies before the sale ends.


It's on and it's BIG! Check out all we have on sale this weekend. Happy shopping!


Save the Date for our next Open House. This is a great time to come and learn more about New Spirit Naturals, what we do and how we can help you on your health journey! RSVP soon. We hope to see you there!


Olive leaf extract is derived from the leaves of the olive tree. One of the key compounds found in olive leaves is oleuropein, a polyphenol with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It has been shown to promote vasodilation, a process in which blood vessels relax and expand. This relaxation allows for easier blood flow, reducing the force needed to pump blood through the arteries. As a result, this can lead to a reduction in blood pressure.

Oxidative stress is a contributing factor to the development of hypertension. The antioxidants in olive leaf extract combat the harmful effects of free radicals and reduce inflammation within the blood vessels, leading to better vascular health.

Follow New Spirit Naturals on Instagram and Facebook for more information on how to live your very best life....healthy and happy!


Don't miss Healthy Hour this week! Jason Milam is our guest speaker and will be sharing very important information about how to keep your body healthy every day!

This FREE zoom event is a great way to learn more about New Spirit Naturals, our products and why we are the perfect partner in your wellness journey. Tag a friend and get them to join won't regret it.


Join us for our Virtual Healthy Hour tomorrow as we review the benefits of some of our most popular products! This is a great opportunity to learn more about us and all we have to offer to keep you on your wellness path.

Comment below of DM for link.'s FREE!


Embrace the Serenity of Lavender Aromatherapy with our NEW Moisturizing Body Wash!

There's nothing quite like the calming embrace of lavender to turn your daily shower into a spa-like retreat. Immerse yourself in the soothing world of lavender aromatherapy with this everyday body wash.

Lavender's enchanting scent helps melt away the day's worries, leaving you feeling relaxed and serene.

Our formula is packed with moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin soft, smooth, and beautifully hydrated.

Indulge in a shower experience that not only cleanses but also rejuvenates your mind and spirit.

Tag a friend who deserves a little self-care or drop a 💜 if you're a lavender lover!


Ready to elevate your daily shower routine to a whole new level of freshness? Say hello to our latest creation - our Orange & Ginger Energizing Body Wash!

Infused with the invigorating scent of zesty oranges and the warming spice of ginger, this body wash is like a burst of sunshine in your shower!

It's not just about the scent, though. Our formula is loaded with skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E, aloe vera and niacinamide.

With every lather, this body wash provides deep hydration, ensuring your skin stays soft and supple all day long.

Visit our website to order today! You deserve this little luxury in your life.

Don't forget to tag a friend who needs this burst of freshness in their shower routine!

New Spirit Naturals Official page of New Spirit Naturals, leader in Nutraceutical and Personal Care products.

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