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Love Kaycee! She did a fantastic job on my hair and took her time to condition my hair and make sure I was pleased. I’ve never had better service in my life!
Hey there, was wanting to inquire about hair and makeup for a wedding.. Unfortunately it's last minute due to an emergency cancellation with the previous artist. Hope to hear from you soon..
Thanks for another great haircut it keeps getting better and better ...

Hair salon focused on the health of hair, relaxation, and customer service!

Sally was visiting from CA and made an appointment for a much needed haircut!! Probably cut about 5 inches of dead! She takes really good care of her beautiful full head of hair by using quality products and not excessively washing! She wanted something that would really treat her hair so we decided on a hair facial. She was so happy that she could easily glide her fingers through her hair without getting her fingers caught up in the damage! She is absolutely gorgeous if you can’t tell and hair matches her beautiful smile now 😁

Emily went red!! We are so in love 😍.

She was over the maintenance of being blonde and honestly with the amount of hair she has I don’t blame her haha!

Always up for some fun 😁 my sentence will be in the comments!

❀October is breast cancer awarness month.
I have been blessed not to be affected personally by breast cancer from myself or my family. My heart goes out to those that have!

🧑 I do want to take this time to raise awareness for something that has affected myself and close family that very well could have led to cancer. It is known as BIA-ALCL. Breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

πŸ’› At 19 I chose to get breast implants because of my insecurities, but this is not the only reason women choose to get implants. For some, implants are a part of their reconstruction after mastectomy, due to removing breast cancer.

πŸ’™ My heart breaks for them that they had to go through one trauma to remove breast cancer and unknowingly are being implanted with something that can very well have them go through the nightmare once again. Unfortunately this happens more then it has been reported in the past.

πŸ’œ Fortunately for groups like Breast Implant Illness and Healing by Nicole spreading awarness less women will have to know what it feels like to go through such a heartbreaking experience.

πŸ’– Since learning of breast implant illness and finally associating my illnesses with my implants, I have explanted and am healing. I would hope by me trying to raise awarness more women will know that they are perfect the way God created them and when you mess with something that is already perfect there very well could be negative consequences.

❀ Did you know you were supposed to drink half your body weight of water in oz?

πŸ’œ I myself am terrible at drinking anything at all. May sound weird, but I dont have a fav drink and all i keep in the house is water! Up side to that is the kids love water, but me...I have to force myself!

πŸ’™ I'm doing this last 90 days thing from Rachel Hollis( if you dont know her definitely look her up!) One of the things she has you do is to drink the amount of water you are supposed to every day! It's a challenge and I'm here for it, but dang it if it's not hard for me!!!

πŸ’› I've tried putting fruit in it (lemon, strawberries, cucumber) no go...I've tried drinking it with ice and room temperature..no go.

🧑 Now what I do is drink it from what you see below! Core water. If I drink, I believe, 4 of these I get the recommended amount!! FOUR!!! I've only got to 2 in a day so far. Challenge starts on Oct 1st! Wish me luck!!

πŸ’– That being said it made me think. Most people have a favorite drink right? I think I may be weird. Tell me what is your favorite thing to drink and do you have an issue with drinking enough water like I do??

❀❀❀**funny thing is as I'm finishing up this post my amazing client Susan walked in with the Hint water. It has just a slight hint of watermelon and I think I'm liking it! We'll see how this goes!

[09/18/19]   ❀ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

🧑 It was brought to my attention that the links on my website to book your appointment were not working!!

πŸ’œ So sorry for the inconvenience, but the good news is that it has been fixed and tested! All links are working 😁

πŸ’› Online booking is available 24/7 for yours and my convenience. Haircut, treatment, makeup, and wax clients and potential color clients booking their 15 minute color consultation all can book by clicking the book now links on my website!

πŸ’™ Existing color clients and anyone with questions still reach my by my email at [email protected] and allow one business day for a reply!

πŸ’œ Online booking and email allow me to provide you with the best streamlined experience! No back and forth texts or missing each others phone calls. You get to choose your time and day! You also get a reminder when booking online! Win win for both of us! πŸ˜‰

❀ It just wont!!

πŸ’œ Not only will it not maintain it, it will ruin it!!

🧑 The quality of ingredients that are in store bought shampoos are far from the quality you get when you buy from a salon!

πŸ’š Protect your investment! We can't guarantee quality results if you cant guarantee that you are using quality products to maintain it!

πŸ’› If you didn't know, now ya know!! πŸ˜‰


πŸ’š As most of you know I was out for some time for my surgery! I appreciate your patience and understanding more then you know!!!

🧑I am back now and ready to go full time!!

πŸ’œIf you are needing a service I have opened my online booking back up!😁

❀ Www.kayceeleigh.com
* cuts, treatments, & waxing can all be booked through there and if you're needing color continue to use my email:
πŸ’œ[email protected]

πŸ’šIf you are a potential new client...Welcome!! Online booking is available 24/7 through my website from link above. If you have questions about booking you can use the email to ask any of your questions!
If you are in need of color book your complimentary color consultation which will be your first choice on my online booking!! Hope to meet you soon 😁

❀I'm gonna take this time to give a shout out to one of our local businesses!


πŸ’šWhite Oak Bakery is my business neighbor and they are AMAZING!! I try my best to stay out of there even though their goodies look delicious!!! They are killing it with business and there is no doubt why!!


🧑I dont have much of a sweet tooth except for when it comes to brownies. Have you seen what they can do with brownies yall?? 🀀


πŸ’› I went in yesterday and they had this amazing thing that you see in the pic called the tombstone!!! I've been meaning to get me one since they opened!!


πŸ’œLet me tell you the kind of people they are! They knew that I've been wanting to get this brownie and he blessed me with it yesterday! 😁 It is the best thing I've ever tasted haha!


❀If you havent stopped in you really are missing out I promise you. They have yummy stuff and they are an amazingly awesome sweet family!
You can check their menu out on their FB page! Just do it and thank me later!

❀ This!!! This right here is why I am so adamant about doing a treatment plan throughout your lightening process and giving realistic goals!!

πŸ’› Since I was not this poor girl's stylist I can only assume what happened here. It can be a number of things. I'll explain a few of them below...

πŸ’œ #1 build up was left on hair and caused a chemical reaction when lightener was applied. The hair was probably smoking within minutes! When I say build up I dont mean dirty hair. I mean the build up that home color or your water can leave. Henna and splat being two of the worst at home colors! Well water & city water here both have chemicals/minerals that can react to lightener. Copper and chlorine being the main 2.
*While build up from store bought product can leave a build up that can block the lightener or color from being able to do its full job it will not cause your hair to melt.
What I do to prevent this is my treatment plan that is added to every lightening process I do. The plan includes a build up remover before the lightener.

πŸ’š #2 looking at how dark her starting level is and how light her now melted hair is I could assume that she was left to process under a dryer to long! Her stylist may have not explained to her that it is nearly impossible for someone as dark as she is to go as light as she wanted in one visit and still have hair on her head!
When I do a color consultation your goals are discussed and realistic expectations are given. Someone as dark as she is could possibly never be a platinum blonde. That's why color consult and test strands are important!

Below are a few things I do to ensure this does not happen...

🧑 Hair history. Depending on the length of your hair I will need years of hair history. If you have previous color whether at home or in salon I need to know about it! Have you lightened your hair? How often? How long have you been coloring it? Just because you cant see it doesn't mean it's not there anymore....

πŸ’œ giving realistic expectations. I have been guilty of wanting your goal just as bad as you, but then in the process realizing that darnit her hair is not budging anymore and we have to add another session! Know that when your stylist adds another session she is doing it to protect your hair from *see picture above 😳
Color consults are done previously to your hair appt on a separate day and test strands may be done!

❀ I follow the low and slow method. This means that 1. I will not put lightener under the dryer to speed up the process. 2. I will not use a high volume peroxide to speed up the process.
Speeding up the process sounds great, but blowing out your cuticle causing more damage then necessary doesn't. I'm a healthy hair specialist and my main concern is that your hair is just as healthy or healthier when you leave!

πŸ’š Last, but certainly not least, Treatment plan. The first step is to remove any build up that will get in the way of the lightener doing its job. Olaplex is added to your lightener. Olaplex is a bond builder. While lightener is breaking bonds in your hair the olaplex is right behind it binding new ones together. Protein, which our hair is made of, is added back into the hair to strengthen and fill your now inevitably fragile hair. Moisture and your choice of toner are the last steps to restore your ph so the cycle can seal leaving your with shiney soft hair!

πŸ’œπŸ’œHave you had your hair damaged? Treatment plans are available www.kayceeleigh.com

Just another Manic Monday....

Do you have the Monday blues?

Let's have some laughs then...

❀ Platinum silver and a girl with lots of hair!

🧑 As you can see in the Before picture, that I had to adjust a million times so at least majority of hair will show in the frame, Casey had an old highlight that been growing out for quite some time and a few inches of dead ends. Luckily she was completely ok with parting ways with some of the length so we can achieve a healthy hair look, which in my opinion is the best look!πŸ˜‰

πŸ’š She brought me a picture of a rooted silver blonde with some warmth throughout for dimension. It's a very popular trend right now and it's absolutely beautiful! Silver is the hardest to achieve and the hardest to maintain, but Casey was up for it and ready to sit long hours and come back multiple times.(one of the times I forgot picture πŸ™„ what's new haha). So we were excited to get started!

πŸ’› Her hair was definitely resistant to wanting to lift past the bright yellow! Healthy hair is the main goal so taking it slow was the only option, but with patience we got it to bump up where we needed it the 3rd session. In order to achieve silver you need to have white. You can not have white hair and healthy hair...its not possible! So this is where color theory comes in. It's our responsibility to take the hair to a pale yellow and tone it out with its complementary color. (I wont get into all that right now). When we have white then we can put the silver over without it turning muddy or green!

πŸ’œ The final pictures were first taken inside with the ring light, which as you can see in the picture even though it looks absolutely beautiful, the warmth from the light cancelled out the silver ashy tone in Casey's hair so I brought her outside!

πŸ”₯ The last pic is perfect if you want to get an idea of who someone is through a picture! I think this one sums her up pretty well haha. Aside from Casey being absolutely beautiful with a gorgeous smile she was so easy to work with! She was totally happy and content with her coffee in hand! It's the small things that can make us so happy right? 😁 ❀

πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œDo you have dreams of being silver and want to find out what it would take for dreams to come true?? Book your color consultation @ www.kayceeleigh.com

❀πŸ”₯ Belinda felt bored and wanted to give herself a lil POP!! Her favorite color is purple so why not get to wear it everyday?!

πŸ’š Her natural silver hair looks amazing with this fun color peeking through! People pay $$$ for what God gave her and I'm so in love with her natural color!!!

🧑 Not too much and not too little! Depending on the way she wears her hair shows a lil more or a lil less! Slight hint of it in her bangs tied it all together!

πŸ’œ I feel like the purple shows off a bit of her personality without her even saying a word πŸ˜‰. Sassy!!!

****shared from fellow stylist Jenifer Pessina's page****

Kid are going back to school soon so you know what that means....LICE! There, I said it. πŸ˜–
Although your kid coming home with lice is gross and stressful, it has absolutely nothing to do with being dirty. On the contrary, they like soft clean hair which is why they are drawn to little kids!
I’m not an advocate for using over the counter treatments. One, because they are pesticides that you’re applying to your child and two, because after you use it one time, it’s no longer effective on any surviving lice. If there is a second generation outbreak, they will have been born immune to the treatment.
*Pure Tea Tree essential oil
This can be purchased at any pharmacy.
*A disposable shower cap
*A color applicator bottle
This can be purchased at Sally’s
*Lice comb
In the color applicator bottle put 2 ounces of your regular shampoo, 8-10 drops of oil and 1/2-1 ounce of water (enough to make the shampoo easy to get out of the bottle tip)
Shake it up and apply to dry hair, in small sections just as you would apply haircolor. Comb through with a wide tooth comb to make sure it’s evenly distributed. Put the shower cap on and let sit for at least 10 minutes. (Longer isn’t better and you risk dripping in to eyes) Rinse well, avoiding getting any in their eyes, shampoo and condition as normal.
Now comes the task of taking minute sections and combing the nits and eggs out.🀒
The oil kills and repels lice but also dissolves the β€œglue” that attaches the eggs to the hair shaft.
This treatment can be done several days in a row.
You can also add a drop or two of the tea tree oil to their shampoo every night as a repellent!
It’s against state board regulation for you to bring them in the salon but if you need help, I can talk to you through it!

❀ Chop chop!! πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ

πŸ’š Jenny came to me about a year ago and we had taken a few inches off then, but she was ready to go all in this time!!

🧑 She of course had TONS of hair and I'm not just talkin about the length! Took me a few minutes to get through the pony tail with clippers! 😳

πŸ’› Having long thick hair can cause headaches and cause your neck to tighten up! Choosing a lighter shorter haircut can not only look cute but give you some relief from all that! She also had some old color that needed to just be gone already!

πŸ’œ This fun cute bob she chose complemented her so well and would allow her to do so many cute styles if she was feeling up to it! I made sure to do some internal and external layering so she had tons of movement!

❀ what yall think long or short?! I think the smile says short!!

❀ 🎢Pink is her favorite color 🎢

πŸ’œOk so maybe it's not πŸ€” I'll have to ask her on her next visit lol

πŸ’™ Either way... Karen came in to get a cut (I'm kicking myself for not getting a before. Yall know me πŸ™„) She also wanted to talk about color because some "tinsel" was showing through and it's not her favorite so she wanted that handled. Easy peasy. Buuttt...

πŸ’› During our time together she mentioned that she had a picture of something she really liked, but it was just a fun thing and I would prob think shes crazy and she would prob never do it! I was like um nope you gotta show me now!! You only live once right?!!

🧑 She shows me a picture of a girl with bright pink hair! I'm like ok and why cant we do this??!! With her job and a few other factors that go into deciding what's best for the client we decide let's go for a "peek a boo" pink!! Of course after its cleared from her job! Which it was 😁!!
We were both super excited!!!

πŸ’š Peek a boo color like below is where the color is placed in a position that depending on how its worn you can show it completely off or it can be completely or mostly hidden!

❀Life passes quickly! Wear the vivid if you want too! Stop fantasizing about maybe doing..and do it!!! What's really stopping you?!

❀Ok so I'm posting 2 pictures here because it may look like 2 different colors of blondes, but nope as you can see it's just one gorgeous Miss Ginger on the same day!

πŸ’œOn the left you see a very light cool colored blonde and on the right you see a more warm buttery blonde! I'm showing you this because it's funny what just a slight change in light can do!

πŸ’™I would say her true tone was a mix of those 2 tones. However in the left picture I believe the sun was shining more directly on her at that moment. These pics have not been edited (other then cropped) in no way promise! Isnt that kinda cool how that works?! Or is it just me who thinks that πŸ˜‚

🧑I also chose the pic on the right because I think Ginger is gorgeous and I wanted to show her face a lil at least lol!! Her features are absolutely stunning 😍

πŸ’›Ginger was getting to be a solid blonde and she and I were both on the same page about starting to let some of her natural come back in to give her more dimension and allow her blonde to pop a little more!!

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