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The owner of this tikis sun tanning salon. She and her husband offer to dog-sit my dog free of charge for an extended period. Of time. And now that I have the money to pick my dog up they are trying to Blackmail me for $1,400 and if I cannot come up with that $1,400 they are going to steal my dog Oscar. I have saved her brother-in-law's life on more than one occasion taking him to the hospital and also stayed up late with him at night to make sure that he is okay. With never a thank you by them. Now that I have the money for a pet transportation company to pick up Oscar they are refusing to give me an address and demanding I pay $1,400 or I will never see my dog again. I recently learned that they have a $2,000 medical bill that they are having problems paying maybe this is why the sudden demand and blackmailing for $1,400. Animals are not just animals they are part of the family I love my dog Oscar as if he were one of my children. To hold one's family for ransom and then say if you can't pay it they are stealing Oscar is so low and unethical. Remember God sees all and these people claim to be Christians. I would do my tanning elsewhere
The owner offered to dog-sit my dog for free at any length of time. I have saved her brother-in-law's life on more than one occasion and also taking him to the hospital and stayed up late at night watching to make sure that he was breathing in okay. They told me take my time Gathering up the money for travel and pet deposit fee for my apartment being that I'm the only one that is working paying rent and utilities and food and gas they knew this would take some time as discussed with them. Now that I have come with the money for Pet transportation to pick Oscar up they are now blackmailing me for almost $1,400 and if I cannot come up with the $1,400 they are going to be stealing my dog. I've just learned that they have a medical bill due now for almost $2,000 so I guess this is their way of paying their medical bill. This is unethical. Blackmailing and stealing a dog is so wrong on so many levels. Oscar is my family. And now that I'm able to pick him up they refuse and are blackmailing me and threatened to keep him and they refused to give me the address so that the Pet transportation company can pick Oscar up. I would not do business with someone so dishonorable that is willing to Blackmail and steal a person's beloved pet from someone that has saved their brother-in-law's life on more than one occasion, this man would be dead if it not for me. I would reconsider using her business and finding somewhere else I would never want to give my money to someone who blackmails for a family pet to pay a medical bill if their own or steals someone's beloved pet knowing how much I love my Oscar. God sees all and they claim to be Christians.
Owner of tiki tan offered to dog sit my dog Oscar free of charge and as long as I needed...I have saved her brother in laws life more than once by giving him CPR and taking him to hospital also staying up late to care for him. Now, she demands almost $1,400 so that I may get Oscar back. I recently found out they have a medical bill for $2,000 but they are having difficulty paying and so I guess this is why she is trying to Blackmail me and steal my dog. A dog is family... She promised that she would take great care of him until I save the money to come and pick him up being the only one that works and I have to pay all the daily bills of living from rent electricity food gas Etc it's been difficult to save however I have kept in touch with both her and her husband asking how Oscars doing letting him know I'm working really hard trying to save the money for travel and pet deposit at my apartment to pick him up. So I recently found a place pet transportation that would pick him up for $400 and when I asked for their address so that they may pick up Oscar they came up with this outrageous amount of money that I would have to pay to Blackmail me so I could get my dog back they have had him for two and a half months I have had him for almost five years. I understand falling in love with an animal but now it has come down to them blackmailing me and stealing my dog. They are not the good people they present themselves to be. If there's anyone that could help me I would greatly appreciate it. If someone could meet me halfway with Oscar I can pay a nominal fee I live in Tampa now. Could anybody please help.813 853 9999 Tali...thank u

Scottsville's newest tanning salon! Best lotion selection in town! We are an 8 bed tanning facility. The newest in tanning technology!

We offer HOT 14-minute dual bronze twister beds, 20 minute bronzer beds, a triple bronzing bed with triple face & arm tanners! Come try our NEW 14 minute quadruple bronzer bed with diamond dust infused bulbs! Refer a friend & they buy an unlimited package, you receive a FREE week!


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NEW at Tiki Tans..custom made TIE DYE shirts! Mens, womens, and kids! Just choose your colors! Call or stop by and check it out! $24.99 adults/$11.99 kids


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Have a tanning bed at home? I can get you bulbs, bed sanitizer, lotions, tanning bed parts, etc at a discounted price. Stop in today!


Starting Wednesday June 29th, our hours will be changing to 10AM-6PM during the week!


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We will be closing today at 5:30 for graduation. We're sorry for any inconvenience, regular hours will resume tomorrow from 11-3pm!


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We now offer Zija products at the salon! If you need anything, stop by or call!


Don't be pale for summer! Come by Tiki Tans and get some color before you put those shorts on!

Moisturizers 05/04/2011


Lotions 05/04/2011



*New Customers*
Free tanning session in level 1 or 2 beds with the purchase of any packet of lotion!


Congrats to Stacy Coffey for winning the raffle for our bottle of lotion! Thanks for all the business today! Come in next week and try out the newest technology in tanning bulbs! New May specials start Monday as well!


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Tanning lotion...$40
Tanning package...$35
Seeing your ex and looking better than ever...Priceless!


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Tan in a level 1 bed for $2.00 today with the purchase of sample lotion! ($3.00 for level 2 bed) Just be sure to mention our special! :)


We have lots of new lotions and moisturizers in this week! Come check us out! Prom is right around the corner!




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Scottsville, KY

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