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Day 2 at the Textured Hair Elevated conference and I’m considering changing some things up.

All black hair product brands that are legit… hmm. It’s a ponder!

I’ve been being introduced to some amazing professional hair product brands. 😍

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Day 2 at the Textured Hair Elevated conference and I’m considering changing some things up. All black hair product brands that are legit… hmm. It’s a ponder! I’ve been being introduced to some amazing professional hair product brands. 😍

These are the main 3 things anyone should know to help them take better care of their curls at home. Knowing these three main characteristics and how to discover them about your hair can help you successfully tackle your hair with any product type or styling technique.Wash Day Made Simple sheds light on all of the fundamentals of being natural 🤌🏾. You can also find the top professional haircare tips and hacks for any head of curls that can help you achieve bouncy, shiny, healthy curls on any wash day - for a lifetime. www.volumelife.com/shop #naturalhaircommunitylove #washdayroutine #naturalhairwashday #healthynaturalhairstyles

I take the therapeutic part of my job to heart. ❤️We go through the different phases in life TOGETHER.Every new hairstyle. Every new cut. Every new color. Every new season. We are all we got… and we are all that we need. 🤞🏾#naturalhaircommunity #blackwomenunited #blackwomansupportingeachother #blackwomensupportingblackwomen #hairjourney #hairjourneypics

Isn’t it lovely to have someone who can understand your thoughts… even when you don’t fully understand them? 🥹The magic happens behind the chair for me when I get to take my client’s ideas for their hair to the next level. When you trust a professional with anything, you want them to be able to use their skill set to fill in any blind spots you may have with what you want to see with your hair. When you become my client - rather it’s in the salon or I’m virtually consulting with you about your hair - we are a team. Communication & vision is what helps us work together well to bring out that self confidence in your curls again.Helping my clients fall in love with their OWN hair will always be a flex for me. 💪🏾 These peek-a-boo highlights are such fun look for Nurse Makeeda! Business on top, party underneath. 😍#type3hair #naturalhairhighlights #shreveporthairstylist #bossiernaturalhair #healthyhaircare #naturalhaircommunity #curldefinition #definedcurls #washdaywednesday

You invest in what you value - and I know so many of you value your wellbeing! That’s why you’ve invested in:▪Doctors▪Personal Trainers▪Life Coaches▪Even your education is a form of well being!👉🏾I’m going to be straight wit ya - you need to put the same value on haircare. It is an investment that always yields the return of self confidence! 😍Our hair is connected to our self-image and it deserves to be invested in as well. 🥳 #flattwiststyles #naturalhairstyles #naturalhairdoescare #naturalhair #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhairdaily #blackhairhub #blackhairstyles #4chairclub #3chairtype #kinkycurly

I'll tell you what the big deal is ➡️ When you know your curl type, you're able to understand: 🆗Why your hair behaves a certain way 🆗Why some styles might not be a great fit for you 🆗How often you should shampoo 🆗How long you can wear styles 🆗The way color looks on your hair I make sure all of my guests are fully educated on the best products and styles for their individual hair types, because I know that my #4chair guests have different needs and concerns than my #3bhair guests. 🤞🏾 I’ve got something that you’ll be able to use to not only know what your curl type is, but it’ll teach you all the fundamentals of natural hair so that you can master your at home hair care regimen and reach your hair goals. Go to www.thevolumelife.com or tap the link in my bio to sign up for your FREE Hair Goals Vision Board and be the first to know when we launch! 🔔 #shreveportnaturalhairstylist #shreveportnaturalhair #curltype #curltypes #healthycurls #healthycurlsarehappycurls #bossiernaturalhairstylist

Good morning! This week is OPENING WEEK! 🎉 Appointment reservations online are currently disabled until September 1 at 6pm when October-December reservations will be available. Pre select your dates on your calendar. Keep an eye out on your email. Be proactive because reservations do fill fast.

Staying abreast on the latest in hair trends, hair health tips, and product changes is always fun with my @paulmitchellpro fam! Investing in my continued education is important to me because the world is ever evolving and I want to always offer my guests or anyone I may be speaking to about hair my very best. As a professional, I’m only as good as what I know and researched… so I’ve gotta keep my head in the game! 🤞🏾There are so many NEW and exciting things coming from PM. From the bold and bright vivid colors to new sustainable packaging - it’s all got me super excited to see what Volume Life is going to look like in the near future! As they evolve, so do we.#paulmitchellsalon #shreveporthairstylist #shreveportsalon #paulmitchellfocussalon #hairtrends2023 #vividhaircolor #texturespecialist #texturedhairstylist #texturedhaireducation

Say hello to my little friend - Franchesca! 👋🏾 Franchesca’s first appointment is an ideal example of exactly what you can expect on your visits with me at Volume Life. Like most of us with naturally textured hair, she knew some key things about her hair, but there were a few things that she wanted to really understand about her curls. 👉🏾why does it seem like she has more than 1 curl type 👉🏾what is her actual main curl type 👉🏾what products can she use for nice curls without residue (& if that’s even a thing)👉🏾what can she use to balance out her flaky scalp& those are just a few things we covered. I got it all on film! I’ll be sharing her journey all month to show you that you aren’t alone on the path to understanding and treating your hair better. This is gonna be GOOD - so stay tuned to our feed and our stories. #naturalhaircommunity #thicknaturalhair #thickcurlyhair #shreveporthairstylist #bossierhairstylist #shreveportnaturalhairstylist #monroehairstylist #mindenhairstylist

Not only am I a natural hair specialist, I’m also an ADVOCATE for natural hair. Here’s the tea ☕️:It’s amazing to me that the discussion about if someone’s hair should qualify them for certain positions or perks in their workplace, but that’s the reality of where our society has been for decades. Thankfully I had the opportunity to speak up for natural hair in 2021. I stood in front of my city council alongside Attorney Nia Weeks & councilwoman Levette Fuller to share my professional insight into the struggles a lot of my clients face when it comes to their hair and the toll it can have on someone’s self esteem and hair health. This was the first time I had the chance to speak about important what I do in the community is and how important of a decision the council had to make to pass The Crown Act in Shreveport. 👑I’ve been honored with being able to help carry the torch of getting The Crown Act passed here locally.Being a natural hairstylist has always been more than just styling for me. 🫶🏾#thecrownact #shreveport #shreveporthairstylist #naturalhairadvocate #texturedhaireducation #texturedhairstylist #naturalhairprofessional #healthyhairstylist

Kristal and I cut off over 12 inches of hair!!! And this is how the reveal went…This is my favorite type of content to make - authentic reactions of my clients & me! It’ll never get old. 😍 #naturalhairjourney #bigchop #bigchopjourney #naturalhairstylists #healthyhair #firstreaction #shreveporthairstylist #healthyhairstylist

Kristal and I cut off over 12 inches of hair!!! And this is how the reveal went…This is my favorite type of content to make - authentic reactions of my clients & me! It’ll never get old. 😍 #naturalhairjourney #bigchop #bigchopjourney #naturalhairstylists #healthyhair #firstreaction #shreveporthairstylist #healthyhairstylist

Did you know that moisturization isn’t the only thing curls need to thrive? 🤔A balanced pH, balance in moisture and protein, and the quality of your products being applied all have an impact on your hair and end results.The keyword? BALANCE.☝🏾All year, I’ve been turning hair into butter by treating my guests hair with one of my favorite protein treatments that puts 89% protein back into the hair (not aPhogee 😷) as their hair steams. The perfect cocktail for moisture and protein balance all in one! ✨Let’s restore that healthy feeling in your hair! Schedule your “Moisture Restoration” service package using the link in my bio. This service option comes with your treatment, a precision blow out, and trim. Ideal for before or after any long wear style. #tangledcurls #frizzyhair #frizzyhairremedies #type3hair #hairtreatments #healthyhair pro

Here’s a quick reminder for all you beautiful people out there ✨ ⏱️There are 1,440 minutes in a day. It’s okay to take 5 minutes to sit, breathe, and present in the moment. #selfcare #blackgirlselfcare #selfcaresunday #meditationbenefits #meditationtips #breathwork

This is for my girlies with thick, dense hair - who cringe when thinking about detangling on wash day. 👉🏾Saturation is KEY 👉🏾Sections are saviors 👉🏾Start breaking down curls from the ends first before trying to come to the roots (& don’t skip the roots either! 👀) Those cute little $1 water bottles not only hold too little product for most of us, but… is it me or do they spray weird? 🥴Y’all better come and get y’all one of these! Issa VLSS Continuous Spray Bottle that holds a whopping 17oz of product and fully saturates the hair so you can stop having to ‘wet it in the shower’ every day to manage your curls. Catch what hasn’t sold out already - www.thevolumelife.com/shop! 💁🏾‍♀️ #bossierhairstylist #shreveportnaturalhairstylist #blackhairsalons #blackhairprofessional #naturalhairprofessional #naturalhairstyles #kinkyhair #4chair #detangler

Facing your fears will ALWAYS yield a harvest. Last weekend was my very first time vending at an event. I was nervous about trivial things like 🫣Is my table gon be cute & full?🫣What am I even going to put on this table? 🫣Who's gonna be my help? I can't use my love for EVERY Thing! 🫣Are people going to even understand what's going on over here on my table? You know.. the typical stories we make up in our head that really don't matter, but we sometimes let them hold us back. Yea. I was in that space... but not long! What I've grown to learn is that we are truly enough as we are and we have EVERYthing we need inside. What we don't have will be provided when it's truly needed without having to stress and worry.I think this is what's referred to as 'faith'. Or maybe this is 'peace. Either way, what I know to be true, reigned true yet again. Fear won't leave, but we can have a better relationship with it. We can allow it to protect us without allowing it to hinder us. THAT is how you take your power back from 'fear. Here's to yet another FIRST for me and Volume LifeSalon Studio! 🥂 If you're reading this... baby just DO THE THING. I promise it won't be as bad as regretting not allowing yourself to show up in your full light. #shreveport #womensupportingwomen #blackwomeninbusiness #fearfree

New day, new month, same integrity & haircare. 🤌🏾 Remember the days where you would be nervous to ask your hairstylist what they were using and where you could get some to maintain your hair? Yea, those days are GONE. Welcome to Volume Life, where we only recommend QUALITY products that have been tested on curls of all types so that we know what will work best for your hair and goals. #naturalhairproducts #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhairdaily #blackhairsalon #blackhair #curlyhaircare #shreveportsalon #paulmitchellpro #bossiernaturalhairstylist

Braids, locs, defined curls - they’re all designed to protect your hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t neglect it! Your hair needs some moisture every day; even in a protective style! 🤞🏾 #naturalhaircaretips #naturalhairjourney #healthyhairtips #shreveporthairstylist #flattwiststyles #protectivehairstyle #bossiernaturalhairstylist

Have great weekend beautiful people!🍀

Everyday is Women’s Day at Volume Life Salon Studio!

Edge-friendly. Up to One Month of low maintenance. Unmatched versatility. Protective styles will always be a YES for me! ✨ #shreveportnaturalhair #shreveport #protectivehairstylesfornaturalhair #flattwiststyles

Good morning natural Queens & Kings. Listen… if you haven’t already, please follow me on Instagram & TikTok. I’m learning how to adapt to the differences between them and Facebook and honestly, it’s been a bit of a ghost town during the season of adjusting for me. I’m still very much alive, active, educating & creating! ❤️ IG: @volumelifebyv TT: @thecurlmaster

Confusion, disbelief . . HORROR! Ima say this louder for those of you in the back though STOP SPRAYING WATER ON YOUR HAIR! I know why you do it, you want to moisturize & bring the curl memory back, but did you know that water dehydrates hair? Did you know that dehydrated hair loses it's natural curl pattern? What your hair needs is moisture that it can absorb + keep! That's why I tell all my clients to swap out the water in their spray bottle for some Awapuhi Moisture Mist. You're going to have moisturized hair that stays that way, heals and maintains optimal health. Grab a spray bottle and some Awapuhi Moisture mist in my store (link in bio) ................ #NaturalHairCare #blackowned #blackownedbusinessesmatter #naturalhairstylist #naturalhairdoescare #naturalhairrocks #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhairtutorial #naturalhairtutorials_ #naturalhairtutorials #naturalhaircoach #blackwomeninrealestate #BlackWomenAtWork #blackwomenrock #blackwomenprofessionals #blackwomenrising #blackwomenrise

All you need is CLARITY and KNOW how, not 100 products or several expensive salon visits, to have healthy hair! 🎯

Walking into a new season like… Feeling READY FOR WHATEVER! Let’s close our quarter 1 with intention & top notch results. We got this! 💪🏾 #bossbabequotes #goaldiggers #goalchaser #blackwomanownedbusiness #blackwomanowned #blackwomanblogger #readyforwhatever #successmindsets #healthyhaircoach #haircoach