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Can we get a do-over on Yoga Farm Fest?? We just had so much fun!!! Druminyasa Rob Riccardo

(Thanks for the video Trena Smith!!)


Thank you so much for the review Brooke! If you haven’t left us a review on Google just yet, we would really appreciate it 🤩


What class are you looking forward to catching as your week winds down?


Celebrating all that Yoga Farm Fest represents! Thank you for bringing the community together 💜


Join Jill French Ellis tomorrow at the Red River Revel at 11a for a free yoga session to close out the last day of this amazing celebration of food, art, and community!


🚨 Reminder 🚨
The studio is closed tomorrow, Saturday, October 8th, for Yoga Farm Fest!
See y’all Sunday for Energetic Flow with Elizabeth Winkler 🧘


We cannot wait to see you at Yoga Farm Fest THIS weekend. If you haven't grabbed a ticket yet, stop what you're doing and go get one right now! You won't want to miss this 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️✨


The softest, comfiest, cutest raglans and joggers from Be Love have arrived! Be sure to check them out before your next class. See you soon!

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Thank you to every single person who’s come to a class, workshop, sound bath, and shown up to support our community. You mean more to us than we can put into words!


We are fast approaching our 1 year anniversary!!! 🥳Share your favorite memory or class from the last year in the comments 🤩


From a place of stillness we are able to turn our gaze inward and connect to our truest self. Within movement we find the energy to create change.
Let’s do both, together.


Journey into the philosophy behind Santosha (contentment) with various practices that encourage finding that place of true acceptance and contentment, including progressive relations, visualization, and yoga nidra with Tara Eschenroeder from Great Abiding Yoga, LLC on Friday, October 7th.


Christi started attending classes with us in August of 2021 and has been so dedicated to her practice. Her smile is contagious!

The reason Christi loves Bloom is the family-like atmosphere and how helpful all the teachers are. Her favorite class is Yoga Basics because of the way it focus on proper form and ex*****on of specific poses. Since starting her practice, she has noticed she is more in tune with her body, posture, balance, and feels better overall.

Be sure you say hello to this delightful human when you see her!


We have so many great events lined up over the few weeks! Be sure you stay up-to-date with all our happenings by signing up for our monthly newsletter at


"This month I’ve been preoccupied thinking about the dependability of my mat! It’s always there, ready… waiting. I can be undependable, I get busy and don’t show up as much as I should! My mat never makes me feel bad, it’s never resentful or unwelcoming! That really is the thing about yoga, once you find yoga, you realize how long you’ve been looking for “it,” once you become acquainted it’s ALWAYS there" - Stephanie Chapman


How much time do you spend moving towards where you want to be versus being content with where you are? Where can you create space in your life? What would that space allow you to let in? What do you cling to (mentally & physically)? How could letting go of this allow you to let yourself live more fully and deeply?
Explore these questions and perhaps begin to work towards answers as you join Tara for a journey into the philosophy behind Santosha, the second of the five Niyamas. Navigate towards contentment that exists within (no matter what life may have to offer) as we partake in journaling and discussion and flow through a Vinyasa practice. This will be followed by various practices that encourage finding that place of true acceptance and contentment, including progressive relaxation, visualization, and yoga nidra.


The 4:15p is BAAACK! Be sure to register for your spots on mindbody.


"Most of us don't come to yoga because life is easy.
We find our way here because of an ache in our hearts or bones or a mind that doesn't shut off. We come to practice staying; staying and not reacting, staying and realizing the chaos is NOT us, staying and realizing we are not broken.
Practice staying - over and over again. Remind yourself you have felt shattered, completely broken and lost. Then remind yourself there will be moments on the other side of the heartache." Elizabeth Pattillo

Into the Sublte Realm Shreveport 08/31/2022

Into the Sublte Realm Shreveport

If you desire to explore another dimension of yourself, and discover what it means to be an energetic being with the capacity to heal, expand, and embrace your full potential, this workshop is for you! Join us September 30th through October 2nd to learn simple tools and practices that will support your physical and emotional well-being.

Into the Sublte Realm Shreveport Gain an understanding of the practical implications of energy work. Access the subtle realm with simple tools and practices that support your physical and e...

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If you are ready to take the next step on your yoga journey, we would love to have you join us for the next round of Balanced Yoga + Wellness School's Yoga Teacher Immersion.
If you have questions or want to meet some of the instructors, join us on Sunday, September 18th at 4:30p for an informational session.

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Hey all you early birds! Have you tried Morning Flow with James? This class will nourish your body with flowing postures that energize and inspire you.
Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30a


There are only 8 more days to take advantage of the early bird rate for Balanced Yoga + Wellness School's Yoga Teacher Immersion! Give us a call or shoot us an email with any questions.




⭐We offer a wide variety of class packages to meet your needs!

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Balanced Yoga + Wellness School Yoga Teacher Immersion starts on Friday, October 21st. Early Bird rate is available until August 27th.
If you have any questions at all, please email us at [email protected]


Have you tried Yoga Basics at Bloom?
Whether you are a seasoned student, or just starting out, Yoga Basics is a great class to help you find alignment, build strength, and learn more about the sacred practice of yoga. You can expect this class to be a manageable pace with detailed instruction and modifications. We also explore the philosophies and history of yoga as well. You can find Yoga Basics on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 9:30a and on Monday evening at 5:30p through the month of August. Starting in September, we will add a 4:15p Yoga Basics on Wednesdays.


Say HELLO to Burley McConnell! During the month of July, Kelly attended 16 classes and found her favorite class is Yoga Basics with Stephanie. She loves it at Bloom because of the energy here. She said there is no judgement, that "...everyone is accepted where they are in their practice and encouraged to be their best." She keeps coming back to her mat for the relaxation, tension release, energy, strength, and balance. We asked her if she could have one superpower what would it be? Kelly said, "Healing powers. My dad and daughter, Emily, are diabetic. I would cure them and everyone of all sickness, cancers, etc."

Be sure you say Hey to Kelly the next time you see her!

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With a superb line-up of guest teachers, a lead instructor with 20+ years of experience, and an atmosphere dedicated to the practice of yoga, Balanced Yoga + Wellness School's Yoga Teacher Immersion will help strengthen your practice, whether you plan to teach or not. Early bird rate is available until August 27th. Find more information in the mindbody app or at


We have updated the schedule for August! Put Yoga on your self-care list and come see us soon.


This is just one of the many ways, and spots, to use therapy balls (aka yoga tune up balls). They help release trigger points and the surrounding tight muscles. Grab a set today and see what a difference just rolling your feet before practice can make for you!

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The next round of Balanced Yoga + Wellness starts October 21st. Early Bird pricing is available through August 27th. Sign up today in the mindbody app!


Have you heard of Oxford House of Louisiana? They provide safe, affordable living environments supportive to individuals in recovery from addiction. It's a cause Elizabeth Pattillo is passionate about and would love your support in helping Oxford House further their mission. Join her this Saturday, July 30th from 5p-6:15p.
"Oxford House offers a supportive way of living and opportunities to learn life skills in a clean and sober environment.
Twenty-Four hour support from peers in recovery.
Learn alcohol and drug-free living skills.
Shared responsibilities for maintaining the House.
Equal vote on all House decisions.
Social interaction and activities.
Having time to become comfortable in sobriety might be the single most important part of the Oxford House success story. Using this cost-effective method to improve the chances of recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction, may be the best way to show the community that recovery works and that recovering individuals can become model citizens."


🤩Give a HUGE Welcome to Jill French Ellis to our Bloom Yoga Family!!✨
In 2000, after graduating from Collins College in Tempe, Arizona, Jill began her career as a graphic designer and moved to Austin, Texas. In Austin, a friend introduced Jill to Hatha Yoga. Since she had studied Tibetan Buddhism since 1999, she was eager to see how she could incorporate her meditation practice with yoga. Once she discovered she could easily make her yoga practice into a moving meditation, she was hooked. Since 2001, Jill has studied many different styles of yoga through the years. Currently her absolute favorite, and love, is for her traditional Ashtanga practice.
In 2011, Jill obtained her Registered Yoga Teacher Certification by completing 200 hours of yoga training taught by Ally Ford of Beyond The Pose Yoga. Jill’s goal is to inspire others through yoga, to help them attain happiness and a peace of mind. In April 2021, Jill completed training with Lindsey Nova in a 50-Hour Oracle Yin Yoga Online Teacher Training program.
In 2012, on Earth Day Jill and her best friend James Osborne and started Yoga Jai in Shreveport which brought yoga in the park to the community and taught every Sunday till 2016.
In the Fall 2022, Jill starts her journey back to school to become a Occupational Therapy Assistant in hopes to help children who may need extra love and attention with everyday lifestyle challenges and she hopes to bring her yoga knowledge to her future clients.
You’ll be able to study with Jill every other Saturday starting Saturday, August 6th for Yoga Flow at 9:30a and for Yin at 11a.


Recent Balanced Yoga + Wellness Yoga Teacher Immersion graduate Dina said, "I gained self-awareness, confidence, community, and connection. I found the confidence to share yoga and to teach yoga!"
If you have a desire to learn more about yoga, regardless if you want to teach or not, this is THE opportunity for you!

Classes start October 21st. Early bird pricing is available through August 27th.


We have a fresh stock on hippie pants! Stop by the studio before class and grab a pair before they're gone!

(Studio is open 15 minutes before the start of each class. You can find our schedule at


These lovely humans are just a few of the incredible teachers at Bloom Yoga 🪷. Just in this one picture there’s a combined total of almost ⚡️40 years of teaching experience⚡️, not to mention personal study!
If you’re looking to begin, study, or advance your practice, we can help.
Emily Maxwell Sample Tuesdays, Flow & Yin at 8:30a
Balanced Yoga + Wellness Tuesdays and Thursdays Ashtanga 9:30a, Wednesdays Power Fusion II 9:30a, Saturdays Ashtanga 8:30a
Elizabeth Pattillo Tuesdays 5:30p Slow Flow, Thursdays 11a and 5:30p Gentle, Fridays 8:15a Morning Stretch, Fridays Yoga Basics 9:30a, Saturdays Yin at 11a
Stephanie Meyer Chapman Mondays and Wednesdays 8:15a Morning Stretch, Mondays and Wednesdays Yoga Basics 9:30a, Mondays 5:30p Yoga Basics, Wednesdays 5:30p Vinyasa Basics
Angelica Sarullo Mondays at 5:30p Energetic Flow

📸 Ben Whalen


Elizabeth Beauvais has been such a big part of our yoga community in the SBC for years. We are so excited for her and her next adventures, but are going to miss her terribly. Come enjoy her final class with us this Saturday, July 16th at 3p and help us send her off with the biggest NAMASTE!


She started her practice at Bloom Yoga in January of this year and her dedication to her practice is beautiful and inspiring. She told us she keeps coming back to Bloom is because of the connectedness she feels with every class and event and she loves how "the entire studio has been incredibly welcoming and supportive." Her favorite classes are Yoga Basics led by both Stephanie and Elizabeth. Brooke said, "Stephanie’s class helps me experience a flow with the instruction I need for appropriate alignment to help my practice grow. I love that Elizabeth’s class is focused on one pose or even transition to make sure I have a good foundation for my practice." She said she has also learned to listen to her body to know when she needs to move and when to be still. "This translates into my daily life in knowing when I can take on more responsibility and when I need to be content in where I am at," Brooke said.

If she could have one superpower it would be telekinesis. Being able to get stuff without having to get up sounds awesome!

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Can we get a do-over on Yoga Farm Fest??  We just had so much fun!!!  Druminyasa Rob Riccardo (Thanks for the video Tren...
There are only 8 more days to take advantage of the early bird rate for Balanced Yoga + Wellness School's Yoga Teacher I...
🚨TOMORROW is the big day!!🙌🙌
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It’s time for some ✨MAGIC✨ with Abi Pomeroy!
Donation based class with Jamie Day from 6p-7:30p benefitting Shreveport Green!
We have a TON of events coming up. Want to stay in the know?  Visit to sign up for our newsletter! ...
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Sunday's class included seasoned yogis as well as first time yogis. This time spent together helped rejuvenate us~MIND B...
Natarajasana (not-ah-raj-AHS-anna)nata = actor, dancer, mime 🕺raja = king 👑asana = posture or seat Benefits💜Stretches th...
Take time today to 💜 B R E A T H E 💜We mean really focus on each breath.  Feel it flow through the body.  Notice how the...



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