Mode Salon & Wax Studio Spokane

Friendly Aveda Hair & Wax salon located in Downtown Spokane. Specializing in Hair&Brazilian Waxing. We love waxing! In fact, the Brazilan wax is our specialty.

2 Locations in Spokane, Wa and Hayden, Idaho to serve all your self care needs. We are committed to making your time with us extraordinary. Your experience with us is important. Are you nervous? Are you a first time waxer or have you had a bad waxing experience in the past? Let us put your fears to rest. We try to make your appointment as comfortable as possible. No question is too personal or too


Extensions to me aren't actually about the hair. The transformation ends up being so much deeper than that.

This is Me (Mode Salon Owner, Melissa). I started wearing one form or another of extensions many years ago. I have always been embarrassed by my hair which felt too thin and impossible to style.

I found myself turning to hats and messy buns day after day and wasn't feeling anywhere close to my best self.

I finally found a couple of stylists that introduced me to hand tied sew-in extensions that are just 2 inches longer than my natural hair, but whoa!, look at the difference.

So it's not always about crazy length, it's not about shock and awe, it's about helping women like me to feel like the best versions of themselves.

I now feel more beautiful than ever.

Let us help you find the perfect solution to your hair!


Have you ever wondered what the maintenance would be like after a Brazilian wax?

While there is no one-size fits all plan that works for every client, this is what we would suggest:

Come back and see us every 4-6 weeks. If you don't like hair and want your next wax to be as painless as possible, then we suggest every 4 weeks.

Coming in frequently is how we get great reviews like this one. She listened to our recommendations and then followed through with her next appointment!!!


We pride ourselves on being more than service providers to our clients and consider the clients and staff as one big family!


Extensions to me aren't actually about the hair. The transformation ends up being so much deeper than that. ⁠

This is Me (Mode Salon Owner, Melissa). I started wearing one form or another of extensions many years ago. I have always been embarrassed by my hair which felt too thin and impossible to style.⁠

I found myself turning to hats and messy buns day after day and wasn't feeling anywhere close to my best self.⁠

I finally found a couple of stylists that introduced me to hand tied sew-in extensions that are just 2 inches longer than my natural hair, but whoa!, look at the difference. ⁠

So it's not always about crazy length, it's not about shock and awe, it's about helping women like me to feel like the best versions of themselves. ⁠

I now feel more beautiful than ever.⁠

Let us help you find the perfect solution to your hair!


Friends who go to wax appointments together, stay together!

Every friend you refer, we take half off of your wax appointment.


These naturally thin brows are now FULL ✨

Brow Laminations and Brow Wax + Tints are one of our favorite and most asked for services. The best news is that you can quickly add this on to any of your hair services or your body waxing services.

Anyone can benefit from this service, literally!! Brow tinting can be done by itself or it can add some fullness to your freshly waxed brows. It instantly adds warmth to your face and definition to the brows.

Photos from Mode Salon & Wax Studio Spokane's post 03/07/2023

Curls night out!⁠

This beautiful client is killing it with these gorgeous tousled curls. ⁠

Everything goes great with a side of naturally curled beach waves.⁠

✨ Side note: If you are looking for a curly hair specialist, be sure to reach out to us. We have a stylist at both of our locations who enjoy curly hair ✨⁠

Hair by: Harlie⁠
Location: Mode Spokane


Did you know we offer nose waxing? Yes! Those little hairs that stick out of your nose (or your partners) we can get rid of! Nose waxing is safe when provided by a professional and doesn't hurt like you think it might. This service can be a quick add-on or booked as a standalone service. ✨⁠

Also... can we talk about how SATISFYING this picture is? Seriously. It's like I'm breathing a little better just looking at it.


"If you're not seeing Harlie for hair services, girl, you're missing you! I found Harlie by chance when I moved to Spokane and was desperately seeking a talented, fun, personable stylist that was still reasonably priced for my budget. I checked out Mode's Instagram, page, website and Yelp reviews, and I can tell you without a doubt that Harlie is the stylist for me. Look no further, this is your girl!"- Jen Client

This sweet review nearly had us jumping for joy and we thank her for sharing these sweet words. Harlie now looks forward to her visits and always has a smile when her name pops up on her books.

If you live in Spokane or the surrounding area, please give Harlie a try! She's currently accepting new guests and would love to have you sit in her chair.

Hair by: Harlie
Location: Mode Spokane


Mode Hair + Wax Salon, located downtown Spokane is HIRING Stylists. We are a hybrid salon with 2 career options:

1. Commission + Hourly Based Employee
2. Booth Rent: {Back Bar Included}

Check us out at
Please reach out to us with any questions.


Have you ever been shampooed in a COMFORTABLE shampoo bowl?

It may seen like a silly question but it can definitely make your experience enjoyable or not so. And let's be honest the shampoo is the BEST part of having your hair done.

At both of our Mode locations, our shampoo bowls and chairs are reclined with a head rest inside the bowl to support your head and neck. This will allow you to fully relax without trying to hold up your head.

Come in and get ready to kick up those heels, enjoy a hot towel and some relaxing music while someone else massages your scalp while all your stress is melted away.


Happy Birthday to this Lovely Lady 🎉

MEET BROOKE! Brooke is a stylist that joined us at Mode last year when we added hair services to our menu at our Spokane Mode location. We're so happy to have her sunny smile and talent in the salon! She's got mad skills and a calm personality that rocks out all kinds creativity when it comes to hair.

We are lucky to have her at Mode! Help us wish her the happiest Birthday this year 🎉


We know that some guests think that waxing can be scary. Have no fear, we're here to make you as comfortable as possible! We love to wax, we love to talk about waxing, and we would love to answer any questions you may have about waxing. We've seen it all and we've heard it all, we know it's not always easy to talk about your concerns - but we're here to listen and help you to the best of our ability! If a lingering question or worry is holding you back from making an appointment... send us a DM, an email, call us on the phone, send a carrier pigeon! We want to make sure you feel confident and cared for, your experience is what matters most to us and we want to make sure we're going the extra mile to help you feel comfortable. ❤️

Photos from Mode Salon & Wax Studio Spokane's post 02/24/2023

We are HIRING ! ! !

Opportunity for a Commission or Booth rent Stylist

✅ Continuous Education
✅ Flexible Time Off
✅ Reliable Salary
✅ Free Marketing

Mode Hair + Wax Spokane is looking for experienced stylists to join our team 🍀 DM us or apply online through our website if you or someone you know may be interested 💰 👀

🫶 The time to be inspired is now, Join our team ❤️


Ahhhh! Nothing more satisfying than clean eyebrows. Done to perfection by our Esty .o.mode

Wax + Trim + Shape + Brush = Perfect Eyebrow


The best wax of your dreams happen inside these rooms. ⁠

This is a view from our waxing rooms where all the good stuff happens. Rest assured, it is our goal to make you comfortable the moment you step inside. We want you to feel welcome and accepted. ⁠

Book you appointment today! We can't wait to see you at Mode.

Photos from Mode Salon & Wax Studio Spokane's post 02/17/2023

and Java can all be seen here in this delicious blonde. Tasty, dreamy and gorgeous!

Hair by: .harlierae
Location: Mode Spokane

Photos from Mode Salon & Wax Studio Spokane's post 02/15/2023

FEBRUARY - It's the month to spread our ❤️
We are giving two lucky peeps a gift basket full of our favorite products at Mode and a complimentary haircut or a 60-minute custom facial! To make this Giveaway a little bit sweeter, you also get to bring along your best friend to enjoy the same service at 1/2 off the price.

To enter: (easy peasy)
❤️ Like this post
❤️ Tag your bestie & tell us which service you would love
❤️ Bonus: Share this post on your story for all your BFFs to see

Giveaway ends 2/28 at 6pm!

You must complete all the steps to be entered



Happy Valentines Day! We hope your day is filled with lots of love and even more.


At Mode Hair + Wax Salon, our core values are our everything:
❤️ Honesty above all else
❤️ Our clients are an extension of ourselves
❤️ Our team is our tribe, our tribe is our family
❤️ Healthy hair & skin without compromise

We live and breathe these values day in and day out and they are the "why" behind what we do.

Growing our tribe and loving our clients is the magic of the salon and we are so thankful to you for being part of our vision.

Happy Valentines Day to each of you!!


Our Website recently got a GLOWUP 💫 and it's LIVE

Be sure to visit us at where you can browse both of our locations in Spokane and Hayden. Check out the services we offer, schedule your appointments, frequently asked questions, read the bios of our team, and more!


Have you ever seen somebody with hair this for sure blonde, but it just doesn't look that healthy?⁠

It's frizzy, doesn't look shiny, would be almost course to the touch if you had to guess.⁠

It's thin, looks kind of sad, and yet probably take a ton of flat ironing or curling every morning just to look half decent?⁠

Then you see those blondes that look like the kind of blonde you'd see on a tow-headed toddler.⁠

It looks soft, healthy, and is usually a bit darker blonde at the rood and icy towards the ends.⁠

Yeah....that blonde is what dreams are made of!⁠

Hair by: ⁠
Location: Mode Spokane


Our wax pots are filled for Valentine's Day at Mode. Did you know that we will go through an entire pot of wax today (and then some)?!! We have a full schedule of Brazilians and Bikini Waxes today. Just A few more spots left before Valentines day. This is your reminder to get on the schedule this week 💝

Photos from Mode Salon & Wax Studio Spokane's post 02/06/2023

Clients are always asking how to get perfect beachy waves so we're going to reveal all our little secrets here, right now.

Step 1: We love and use Kevin.Murphy salon care products. Using high quality products allows us to maintain shine and high off frizz.

Step 2: We always apply a thermal protecting spray before blowdrying hair to protect from heat damage and then dry it completely using just fingers, no brush needed.
{try Kevin.Murphy Heated.Defense}

Step 3: Section up 80% of hair leaving just a row about 1 1/2 wide at the bottom and curl that hair using a 1 1/2" barrel iron. Spray each section with Kevin.Murphy to help lock in the curl.

Step 4: Continue letting down 1 1/2" sections until you've curled all the way to the top, It will feel a little Shirley Temple...don't worry, we aren't done yet.

Step 5: Once you've let the hair cool for 2-3 minutes, take your hands and just comb through. Don't be shy!! You won't hurt it. Then spray with Kevin.Murphy Hair.Resort Spray all over. That's it! It takes some practice, but you can usually be curled and ready in less than 15 minutes. Want a tutorial? DM us and let's get it booked!

Photos from Mode Salon & Wax Studio Spokane's post 02/03/2023

Updos aren't just for brides anymore!

If you've been following us for a while, you know that sometimes our stylists like to talk you into a soft day or evening-do instead of a blowout just for fun. This guest had an exciting evening planned so our stylist .harlierae created something fun for her. ooh la la!!!

Hair by: .harlierae
Location: Mode Spokane


❤️Show yourself a little love this Valentine's Day ❤️⁠

From February 1st to February 14th, we're running a special deal just for Valetine's Day. Take advantage of ✨14% off ✨ your brazilian, bikini, or tiny bikini wax. Click the link in our bio to book yourself a little self-care and love, you deserve it 🥰 Just show or tell us about this post and we'll apply your discount at checkout!


❄️Winter is (in)famous for dry skin that seems impossible to fend off with moisturizing alone, but we can help! 💙⁠

In the month of February, we're offering $15 OFF when you book a Dermaplaning appointment at both of our Spokane and Hayden locations. Winter may be sticking around for a little while longer, but your skin doesn't have to know. 😉 Click the link in our bio to book and we'll apply your discount at checkout when you mention this post!

Photos from Mode Salon & Wax Studio Spokane's post 01/28/2023

You know how you count down the days to your hair appointment?

You can't wait to get your color retouched, get those fresh feeling ends again, maybe try something new?

We know how much you look forward to the hour or two out of your day-to-day routine so that you can just focus on yourself for a moment in time.

We are so happy to be your happy place and will always work hard to be sure you're happy, relaxed, and sipping on something fresh or warm to drink at each and every appointment.

Hair by: .harlierae
Location: Mode Spokane



We're happy to share that Mode has added Kevin.Murphy color and products to our shelves in addition to our Aveda product lines. In fact, we are so excited about our new expansion, we can't wait for you to try it out for yourself. ⁠

For the whole month of February, we're offering 30% OFF when you book a Kevin.Murphy color appointment with Harlie in Spokane or Abbey in Hayden. Click the link in our bio to book at the location of your choice and we'll provide the discount at checkout.


omg! hey! thanks for reading!⁠

This is Harlie! She can't wait to give you your dream hair. Harlie is still relatively new in the hair industry but she is quickly growing her clientele. She specializes in dimensional, low maintenance color for brunettes + blondes. If you're ready to book a hair appointment be sure to follow her .harlierae


What makes for a great hair stylist?

I think it's like trying to make a killer cocktail. Depending on the bartender, you'll get a little bit of a different mix each time, but to me it's:
-1 part love of formulation
-1 part obsession with continued education
-1 part killer and unmatched guest experience with plenty of fancy amenities
-2 parts genuine care and love of my clients
- Sprinkled with endless conversation and topped off with a twist of belly laughter.

Shaken, not stirred, obviously.

Tell me, what do you look for in your perfect hair stylist cocktail?


5 words that best describe our Esthetician Ashleigh, pronounced (ash-lay):

🥰Smiles - like lots of smiles, and one funny laugh. You'll rarely see her without a big, fat grin on her face.

🥰Curious - She is a lifetime student and learner. She feels like this entire world was made for her to explore.

🥰Effortless - She likes to go with the flow. When she stands at her closet, her outfits choose her every day and when her hair says it's a top knot kind of day, she always listens.

🥰Trustworthy - Her clients know they can tell her all the things and she'll listen, love, support but never share.

🥰Talented - When we say talented. We mean it. She has the most amazing eye for brows, waxing, brow tinting, brow laminations. You can't go wrong by choosing her to work on your eyebrows.

.o.mode is committed to sharpening her skills in the treatment room. She always follows the latest trends and continues to educate herself with all things related to your skin and waxing health. She is proud to be well respected as one of our top Estheticians here in Spokane!

Photos from Mode Salon & Wax Studio Spokane's post 01/20/2023

Do you know that if you don't cut your hair every 12 weeks it will actually stop growing? Crazy right!!⁠

Okay, that was a lie, but you will experience severe breakage, split ends, and in come severe cases, even an accelerated hair shedding process all because your hair cut wasn't maintained. ⁠

Cutting just 1/2" off every three months allows your hair to continue to grow, but in the healthiest was possible, plus freshly cut ends look thicker and healthier than wispy ends. ⁠

The secret to long hair is haircuts 3-4 times each year and in-salon conditioning treatments at every cut to prevent breakage. ⁠

Give your long locks the love they are so desperately craving!⁠

Hair by: .harlierae ⁠
Location: Mode Spokane


🌟 N E W S F L A S H 🌟



25% off all Full Sets for the first 10 clients who schedule with her!

🔸Specialty Volome
🔸Boboleta Lash Certified

Hey social media friends! We wanted to introduce you to our newest team member! This is Alley. Like you all, she has many job titles. She has been an Esthetician since 2014. She is a Lash Extension specialist, certified by one of the best lash companies around, an expert in the art of full body speed waxing, and delivers results-driven skincare. After attending a very well known Esthetics school called Pure Aesthetics Natural Skincare in Tucson, Arizona 🌵 she moved back to Spokane and has since been spending time perfecting her craft.

When Alley isn't in her room lashing away, you will find her walking on the local trails with her Huskies 🐶 and spending time with her family.

Being an Esthetician must be part of her DNA because she is truly the happiest when she is at the salon working with her guests. No tow guests are the same and she takes pride in taking the time to connect with each and every person she meets. Her truest passion is making her clients feel warm and always welcomed.

Her goal is to help women feel most beautiful from inside, out, whether she is putting on lashes, waxing or helping them achieve their skin care goals.

We are so excited to see her grow personally and professionally with us at Mode - Spokane ✨

Our Story

We love waxing! In fact, the Brazilian wax is our specialty. We are committed to making your time with us extraordinary. Your experience with us is important. Are you nervous? Are you a first time waxer or have you had a bad waxing experience in the past? Let us put your fears to rest. We try to make your appointment as comfortable as possible. No question is too personal or too embarrassing. Trust us, we have heard it all before! After answering any questions, your wax will begin. You'll be astounded by how comfortable you will feel, and how painless the wax will be. In no time at all, your wax will be complete and your life as you know it will be changed forever. You will be a wax convert. We love what we do and love the like minded practitioners we work with. We are a group of super talented highly trained ladies. Schedule an appointment with us and see for yourself how different a waxing experience can be. One visit and you will agree: it's the best wax you'll ever have. Seriously. Book at

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