LUSH, Spring Green, WI Videos

Videos by LUSH in Spring Green. Certified Lash Technician and Makeup Artist

She’s an icon
She’s a legend
✨She IS the moment✨

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She’s an icon She’s a legend ✨She IS the moment✨

Gorgeous Hybrid set🤍 Fave part about my job is seeing the reactions of my girls that have never had extensions before. The uncontrolled smile that comes across their face when they open their eyes to look at a fresh set is always priceless.🫶🏼

It’s called ✨self care✨🤍 Openings this week on Tuesday and Wednesday! 📖

✨And the winner is…✨ Gracie! Thank you to everyone who participated and supported the post!🤍

🖤Everyone’s fave part! ✨Openings for next week✨ Monday @ 11:30 and 4 Wednesday @ 11:30

✨Openings for next week✨ 🖤Monday @ 10:30 🖤Wednesday @ 8AM 🖤Thursday @ 4 and 5:30

This song has been stuck in my head on repeat haha HAPPY THURSDAY almost there! Fluffy hybris volume for this hot momma.🤍🤍🤍

Openings for this week🤍 Hope everyone is staying cool with the heat wave!☀️ ✨Wed @ 4:30 ✨ Thurs @ 11:30 and 2 ✨ Fri @ 2:30 Book at

All she’s missing is her Ken.💕

Few openings left for the week❣️ I will be only in three days of the first week of August due to my 🎈BIRTHDAY🎂 so get in this week while you can🫶🏼 ✨Monday at 4 ✨Thursday at 12 ✨Friday at 10

Hope everyone has a fabuLASH weekend❣️ Classic whispy sets forever have my heart😍

These videos are always so fun to watch! Classic set for this morn.🤍

Always loving the color sets🤍✨

Finally putting the phone stand to use! Had such an awesome time chatting it up with this lovely doll🤍 cute little classic set to ring in the weekend.