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Hot Mess Therapy


Last night's session really helped a bunch. I was even able to sleep on my right side. THANK YOU !
Thank you sooooooo much! I am thinking of just coming there every day...:) thank you for squeezing me in!!
Just in awe of this! Thank you to all my loyal clients and st. Joe County! I am blessed!
Here is a bit more on the smoothies!
This is great news!
This is why I hold classes, this is why I am passionate about the manufacturer I use! Invest your time into learning!
My daughters scheduled an appointment for their dad for fathers day!! He said that he loved it and yeah....I am going back! BOOM!!!!! Another 100% for Stacy!

I can promise you i will provide excellent care! I will always do my best to research the best possible care for you or your loved ones. I may not always have the answer, but i will try or point you in the right direction!

Operating as usual

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Well….. i finally found a home, a new home, to go along with my new adventure. I’m excited. A few tears these last few weeks with clients!

Why tears?? We are family! I know you, your family, your situations, your jobs, and WE have been through so many things together!! Covid, body issues, personal issues, celebrations, success, just a lot!

Missing you is an understatement!

With all this being said and finding my home, my last day will be December 23. 😭❤️

I will keep you updated!

My last event- customer appreciation will be next Friday from 1-5. Stop in for hugs and just to say hi!


A friendly reminder as Covid cases keep increasing…. Please, please if you don’t feel good, reschedule! I will do the same in return!

Customer Appreciation 1-5pm November 26 ❤️

A friendly reminder as Covid cases keep increasing…. Please, please if you don’t feel good, reschedule! I will do the same in return!

Customer Appreciation 1-5pm November 26 ❤️

[11/03/21]   A friendly hump day reminder- as we are entering the “stuffy sick” season….

If you are sick or don’t feel good- PLEASE reschedule! Thank you.

Also- customer appreciation open house November 26 from 1-5pm.


This is great!

This is going to be a great week for me - I'll be spending a majority of my time at a virtual Energy Medicine Summit exploring various alternative modalities to become a better healer and counselor. I've always embraced learning new things but this is especially exciting because it aligns with the deep shift I'm making in my life. I can't wait to share it all.

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Look what came in….. 😄😄 my last order for the Sturgis location!

ALERT 🚨- new melatonin softgels with CBN AND CBD
new SALVE stick for pets joints!
New flavors of full spectrum!!

[10/22/21]   This weekend i will be working on getting people a time and date for their gift cards.

Please be patient! Please!

I have people who received a gc from 1 to 2 years ago trying to now use gc because i am leaving and i have 2 months left! It’s a bit stressful as my weeks are fully booked.

Thank you in advance ❤️

[10/19/21]   Great news....... Alexis McCallum should be starting next week at HMT! I hope you will all welcome her with open arms. Alexis has completed her clinical hours needed to start her externship with me. Yes, I will still be doing massages, but she will start too. This will be a great time to ask questions.

How this works- from my understanding of how I did it. You will still be billed like you normally would for a massage. Alexis can not take money, so you will pay HMT for your services. I just want to call this to your attention. Same a student teacher does not get paid but the teacher does. I hope that makes sense.

Also MARK YOU CALENDARS! November 26 from 1-5 will be my customer appreciation day! Come in and enjoy a beverage and snacks. Also I am selling all inventory at discounted prices.

All clothing $10- it is getting low
Mugs $3
Tea boxes $3

I will be placing one more CBD order this week. You will want to stock up, but I will also send them to you :-)

Thank you for being the best clients I could have ever asked for!
Have a great week.

[10/18/21]   Big moving sale October 29-30!
Dressers, couch, chairs, buffet, tv stand, household items, kitchen items, bike, lots of teaching stuff, dress clothes, coats, outdoor furniture.

So much stuff!!!

69335 Vicky Dr

9-5 Friday
9-1 Saturday

Please share!

[10/11/21]   Happy Monday! I’m ready to get back at it and here is a friendly reminder…

If you are sick, have been recently, have an infection, have been exposed…. PLEASE RESCHEDULE! I would love to knock out these last few months with all my favorite clients without having to close!

I appreciate you!
Have a great week!

[10/08/21]   What a wonderful vacation! There was nothing i would change! Obviously my kids were my favorite but the dolphins 🐬 were right up there! Sharing all this with a friend of 38-39 years was special too!

Looking forward to getting back at it next week! Can’t wait to see all of you 😄😄

If you like true crime podcasts-
True crime queen is amazing!! It makes the time pass. We listened to hours of it and it never got all.

Have a great weekend

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Just sums up my day!! ❤️❤️


Spectacular day! 💙💙

Spectacular day! 💙💙


Pirates of the Caribbean- ❤️

Pirates of the Caribbean- ❤️


Happy Monday!!!

Happy Monday!!!

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Just my trip so far! Having a blast! Enjoying the relaxation!

[09/30/21]   A friendly reminder THAT IM GOING TO SWIM WITH DOLPHINS 🐬 😂😂
HMT will be closed from October 1-11.
It’s been crazy crazy since June 2020! I’m ready for relaxation, sun, time with my kids and their s/o, and my best friend since 3rd grade!

I am looking forward to having the last, best 3 months will all of you who helped make HMT what it is!

Have a great Thursday ❤️❤️

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The future home of HMT- North Carolina ❤️❤️❤️❤️

[09/27/21]   Today is a GREAT day! I have the privilege of selling my business to a great girl! When I was looking at selling, i had some requirements, after all HMT is my baby! I worked hard and built something from the ground up in 2 years! I have always said my clients come first. I needed to find a therapist who can walk in and take care of them as I do.


First, she is a student a Blue Heron, who I have promoted numerous times as I received such a great education. I was prepared for the job. She will be a licensed medical massage therapist and THERE IS a difference!
Second, I was looking for someone with a similar personality as I have formed true relationships with my clients. I needed that for them.
Third, she will keep Hot Mess Therapy as is! She will carry the name is a professional way and she will rock it!

I hope you will welcome Alexis McCallum to the HMT family! I can promise you I am leaving you in great care! You will be meeting her soon 🙂

I look forward to watching her grow! Congratulations Alexis!!! You made my heart happy!


Looking forward to a great week ❤️❤️

Looking forward to a great week ❤️❤️

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Wow!!! To be nominated 3 years in a row and have won twice is something to be very thankful for!!

I appreciate the nomination- always humble, always blessed!

Thank you❤️❤️

Foot Massager 09/16/2021

Foot Massager

I bought this for the shop but never brought it in. Multiple benefits. I purchased for $299 but will sell for $150.

Foot Massager no_description

[09/13/21]   Transparent post: My clients come FIRST

I am selling HMT. I have 4 interested parties that I will be meeting with thus far. I WILL make sure that you will be taken care of, that is my first priority by someone who I know and trust will take care of you. I am hoping by November, at the customer appreciation/goodbye party that you can meet them.

I would ask that you please be patient and flexible with me and whoever takes over. This is not easy for anyone.

Thank you for the love and support!


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Like new treadmill. Folds up and easy to move. Used maybe a dozen times.
$175 (half off)

Photos from Hot Mess Therapy's post 09/12/2021


Infrared light therapy sauna for sale. Brand new glass door. Has a stereo and mini TV. I never used the tv. The stereo was used by clients while using. It has a remote. It comes with two back rests. It’s a 110 hookup. Heats up to 142ish- different than dry heat so don’t think it’s not hot! Indoor and outdoor lighting.

I’d take it with me but worried about a 10 hour ride and glass!


[09/11/21]   Probably the hardest post I’ve had to write, it’s right up there with the “shutdown” post. I can’t take a video as each one, tears are heavy.

I’ve learned that sometimes in life you have to jump, as my dearest friend said, “both feet sister!” I’ve always learned that sometimes you have no idea why, but you just jump.

I have been offered an amazing opportunity to take HMT to Davidson, North Carolina. The bonus with that is my daughter is there, along with my brother.

I have lived in Sturgis for 24 plus years. It’s been my home. It’s hard to leave!
I’ve cried and I’ve cried! I’m sad, scared, and excited. No decision like this is easy! In fact it’s gut wrenching! I cannot express how lucky i am to have the best clients! You’re loyal, consistent, fun, and i have built such a bond with you. We have been through 3 years together, laughs and tears!

I am working on selling HMT here. I WILL NOT leave you in bad hands. I promise. I was going to wait and post but too much has to be done and sold and, well, people figure things out. Please do not cancel your appointments into the next year quite yet! I’d love to have a great therapist come in- so i ask for your patience! Please.

I have some leads, but if you know someone who wants to jump right into a built business let me know.

I will be working here through the end of the year! Expect hugs each time i see you and probably tears come December.
I will be having a customer appreciation party because i truly value all of my clients as you made me what i am today! So look for a date. It will be in November!

Some might jump to i have a gc - i will not leave without evening up. I would not do that.

I hope that you will send me good vibes and not negative ones. I know some will wonder “what should i do now, where will i go?” I am working on this as i said- i will NOT leave you in bad hands.

We still have time together!!! Let’s enjoy the ride! Much love to each and every one of you!


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It’s time to get new stuff in so i am selling my inventory out-
New sweatshirts coming this fall!

All apparel $10 ( hats, shirts, sweatshirts)

All tea boxes- $3 per box

Lotions/soaps $8

[09/07/21]   Looking for a LMT❤️

Please inbox me if you know of someone as HMT is constantly turning clients away because i have no room and i don’t like it 😢

3 calls before 11am today. My waiting list is LONG- There is such a need for great care and i am over max right now as it is.

Thank you!


Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday!!


Pretty awesome! Contact Gisell Munoz for details!

✨Brow lami & tint✨

I am now offering brow lamination/tinting services!!! If you aren’t afraid of having bold fluffy brows this service is for you!!!🤩

Message me to book!!! ♡


Coming this week! My baby girl comes home for a few days and I’m beyond excited!
Come and join us Sunday!!

Coming this week! My baby girl comes home for a few days and I’m beyond excited!
Come and join us Sunday!!

[08/17/21]   😡 HMT WILL BE CLOSED TODAY! My car wouldn’t start- it has been at dealership for a week and reported no issues and all is fine. I picked it up yesterday- drove home and it WILL NOT START AGAIN THIS MORNING! And now they want to send me to Kalamazoo because she acknowledged they don’t have the best computer devices and she hopes it’s under warranty. Seriously- i bought this car in November- it’s a 2019. I’m nauseated.

I am so sorry to cancel today’s appointments and i have contacted everyone. I’m so sorry

[08/16/21]   Just a reminder that Sturgis Fest is this week. Give yourself plenty of time to park.

Have a great week!

[06/29/21]   Happy Monday- i appreciate all my clients and their patience as we navigate uncharted waters.

I never thought that i would be completely booked and not taking new clients. We have went from coming in and booking for the next month to coming in for your appointment and booking for the next year.

We are learning together and thank you for your patience!

Quick reminder to book online as i have no evening availability for the rest of the year! Well, maybe a couple in December.
I am trying my best to fit all who need in. I also am very understanding and i know things come up. For example- the first week of October i will be on vacation and those people i will contact. Booking out guarantees a spot but we never know if something else will come up.

Also, i will no longer be issuing gift cards for new people. You may purchase a gift card for friends or family who are currently a client.

Bitter sweet feeling 🥲😄
Thank you for just being you and coming to HMT!

Have a great week!

[06/17/21]   I love my job and this is why!

This week, in one day, I had.....

A hip replacement medical massage
A L4-L5 bulging disk medical massage
A deltoid, tennis elbow, and ankle issue
A migraine release with upper trap issues
Followed by a therapeutic massage

All my clients are different. Every massage is different! My hands do not hurt, my mind is tired by the end.

I would not have it any other way! I love my job!!

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A filtered update from HMT! I do not want to make any appointments yet to only have to cancel again. I will be at the sh...
I miss you! Stay safe! Stay home! Big hugs!
March Madness Baby!!!!
Book club 🎉🎊❤️💗💥
Let’s do this!


All pure Joy Organic CBD products, all natural soaps and Doterra oils and Rae Dunn Mugs.



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