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Massage Services for Women Krista's Spa Scape Menu
*Swedish Massage 30min/$30 60min/$50 90min/$70
*Student Swedish Massage (17 years and under) 60min/$35
*Deep Tissue 30min/$35 60min/$60 90min/$80
*Hot Stone Massage 35min/$40 60min/$55 90min/$75
*Pregnancy Massage 30min/$30 60min/$50 90min/$70
*Hand and/or Foot Massage (Reflex points) 30min/$30 60min/$50
*Thai Foot Massage (reflex points) with Bamboo stick 30min/$30
*Luxurious Body Butter & Essential Oil Massage 60min/$55 90min/$75
*Aroma Touch Technique 35-40min/$45
*Ear Candling $20
*Chair Massage $1 per minute

Add On's*
*Aroma Therapy $5
*Sugar Scrub- Feet or Hands $5
*Paraffin Wax- Feet or Hands $10

Spa Packages
*All spa packages are served with your choice of Water, Juice, Tea, or coffee

A. 30 minute foot massage, sugar scrub, paraffin wax $40

B. 30 minute head, neck, & shoulder massage, aroma therapy, ear candling $50

C. 90 minute swedish massage, aroma therapy, hand & foot scrub, hand & foot paraffin wax $80

D. 90 minute hot stone massage, paraffin wax hands or feet $85

E. 60 minute swedish massage, aroma touch technique, paraffin wax hands or feet $95

F. 60 minute body butter massage w/essential oils, aroma touch technique, paraffin wax and sugar scrub hands & feet $105

Operating as usual


It’s true.... massage therapy can now “open” back up starting June 15th. However, Krista’s Spa Scape will not be opening back up at this time. I’m sorry to disappoint a lot of you. I’ve been soooooooo looking forward to getting back to massages and get you ladies on the table. Unfortunately, there have been changes in my family life and I need to attend to those things right now. I hope to get you back on my books sometime in July but I will keep you all posted as I know. Thank you for your patience during this time. I miss you all.


I plan to resume business at “Krista’s Spa Scape” 💆🏼 starting Monday, May 4th! Feel free to schedule your massage appointments at any time 😉

I do ask, if you’ve been feeling ill 🤒 that you please notify me and reschedule your appointment! My family and I thank you for that ♥️


I haven’t made the “official” announcement but Krista’s Spa Scape is temporarily closed due to our state “stay at home” orders with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Will reopen as soon as possible.

Be sure to take care of YOU during this time. Soak in a warm bath, use a heated rice pack, stretch, use a tennis ball if needed, and drink of lots water.

Last week starting March 21st Emmy family and I were going to be gone on vacation, today, Tuesday March 31st would have been my first day back from vacation. I’ve been enjoying time with our two daughters and quality time as a family in the evenings. I know I’m going to miss you all so much and miss giving massages.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1


🎁✨♥️🎄Merry CHRISTmas🎄♥️✨🎁



It’s time for me to make some business changes as I enter another season of my life. I am going to continue to give massages part time however my hours are going to slightly change.

Please hear my heart. Starting January 2020 I will be done with my massage day by 5:30p. If we are scheduling an hour massage, the last appointment time will start at 4:30p. I need to make this change for my family. Not saying I’ll never get back to evening massage but during this time of our lives this change is important to me and my family.

I’m really hoping that my evening clients’ schedules will allow for this. I know vacation time, personal time, making adjustments with shifts is available to some but not all.

Thank you for your understanding and support ♥️

Photo of {My Family}

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 08/09/2019

I want to thank you ladies sooooo much for being Aaaahhhhh-mazzzzing as my family and myself have been transitioning back into massage. I’ve completed THREE WEEKS of massage already (not even sure how that’s possible) and it has gone sooooooo well and super smooth. You have played a tremendous role during this time. We are still figuring out what schedule will work well for us but we are getting it down! For now 😂🤣 until it changes again 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 Thanks for all of your love and support. You ladies are truly the best and I’m blessed to know you ❤️

Check out Krista Mitchell- Krista's Spascape. 07/24/2019

Check out Krista Mitchell- Krista's Spascape.

Check out Krista Mitchell- Krista's Spascape. Best of Michiana 2019


The moment you realize you hid your highlighters from your daughter but you hid them so well you dont even know where they are! 😂🤣 You then bust out her scented crayons to use 🥳🍒🍌as your filling out your August schedule!


Attention 💆🏼‍♀️

I’ll be doing MASSAGES...
Thursday 7/25 10a-4:15p
Friday 7/26 10a-2:45p
Monday 7/29 10:30a-4:15p
Wednesday 7/31 10a-4:15p

Sharee Krieger will be doing AromaTouch sessions....
Monday 7/22 10a-7p
Tuesday 7/23 10a-7p
Tuesday 7/30 10a-7p
Thursday 8/1 10a-7p

I’m starting back to work a couple weeks earlier than I had originally said to some people. Was thinking of waiting until August but wanted to try to figure out a good schedule for my family! With this being said I’ll be coming back very part time and am currently only scheduling for the month of July. Life is sure different now two TWO little girls! Please be patient with me as I return back to work and figuring out what schedule works well for my family! 💕 I will respond back to your messages as soon as I can, in a timely manner. Please either text me or private message me to schedule! Thank you!!


🇺🇸Happy 4th of July! Hope you all have an amazing day and weekend! ❤️💙🎇

Stay tuned for an announcement next week 😉

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 06/22/2019

Look what I was up doing in the middle of the night!!!! Neckwraps and my first ever made headband 🎀

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 05/08/2019

Extending the 🌻Mother’s Day Special🌻 into next week!! It was such a great hit and this week is booked we decided to give the Opportunity to other ladies too 🌷

Aroma Touch Technique $30 for about an hour! Great for your lymphatic system, immune system, boosts metabolism, helps with stress, detoxifying, and super relaxing!!!!!!

You get a FREE 5ml allergy bomb 💣 roller bottle AND a FREE cute wristlet pouch!

These are the times available for this👇🏻

💐Tuesday 5/14 at 11a, 2:45p, 4:45p, 7:15p
💐Thursday 5/[email protected]:00a, 12:15p, 1:45p, 4:30p, 7:15p

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 05/06/2019

🌷In honor of Mother’s Day we have a pretty sweet deal happening this week! Book one of these available AromaTouch sessions and you’ll receive a FREE 5ml roller bottle of “Allergy bomb” AND you’ll get a FREE wristlet carry pouch!!!!

This special is only good for one of these appointment slots listed below and if you don’t already have one scheduled 😉

🌻Tuesday May 7th at 12:45p, 2:00p, and 4:45p
🌻Thursday May 9th at 11:30a, 2:15p
🌻Friday May 10th at 12:45p

Cost is only $30 for about an hour session 🥰


Aroma Touch Technique sessions with Sharee Krieger, availability this week⬇️

🌻🌻Tuesday 4/[email protected] 11:00a, 3:15p, 4:30p and 7:00p

🌷🌷Wednesday 5/[email protected] 12:30p, 1:45p, 4:15p

🌿🌿Thursday 5/[email protected] 3:30p, 5:00p

💐For filling one of THESE slots, you’ll also go home with a little gift 💐

💜Plus chances of seasons a cute little baby are pretty high 😉


💗 Officially on maternity leave ♥️ Snuggling with my little girl 👧🏼 I’m going to miss you wonderful ladies while on leave but I’ll be “back” before we know it! I’ll keep you all posted as to when I’ll be returning 💆🏼 In the meantime, you’re welcome to visit (with notice) and/or schedule an AromaTouch session with my mom 😉


This is my scheduled last week of massage 💆🏼 before maternity leave! 🤰👶🏻💗💙 I am booked all week, but if I get any cancellations and am feeling able to fill the times I’ll post 😉

While I’m on maternity leave, my mom, Sharee Krieger will be here still offer her aroma touch sessions twice a week (Tuesday’s and Thursday’s). So you’ll still be able to receive some kind of body work at Krista’s Spa Scape while I’m on leave! 🎉🥰🙌🏻💆🏼. You’ll be able to reach her through her group page Aroma Touch Technique with Sharee or by phone 📱 (call or text) 269 251 4405.

If you haven’t received an AromaTouch Technique session before, yiu really should check it out! Super relaxing, stress relieving, detoxing, great for your immune and lymphatic system, and reboots your metabolism! There are 8 different essential oils that are used! And it’s ONLY $30!!!!!!!

Can’t wait to see you when I return from maternity leave! I’ll keep you posted on a return date once I know better 💗


🎂 Be sure to wish this lovely lady a happy birthday today!🎈

She does have a 3p aroma touch opening today if you’re interested! You’ll also receive Brazilian coffee and a fun gift for coming and celebrating 🥳 with us!


🥳🎉Who wants to celebrate?🎉🥳

Wednesday April 3rd is My moms birthday and she is offering aroma touch sessions that day! You could come celebrate with us! Come enjoy a yummy cup of Brazilian coffee ☕️ and a gift to take home with you! 💝 She’s available at 3p or anytime earlier!

Who wants a session along with coffee and a gift?!?!

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 02/26/2019

Hey ladies!

I just wanted to give you all a heads up. I “PLAN” to continue giving massages 💆🏼 through April 10th here at my home. Of course, if baby 👶🏻 decides to arrive early or my body says to quit sooner, I will need to do so. With this being said, I don’t have a ton of availability left in my books. I do have some open spots yet, so don’t be afraid to book, but I am getting pretty full. You all are amazing! I appreciate you, your business, your support, and love! ♥️

Maternity leave- when baby arrives, I do plan to take 3 months off. I’ll keep you posted as I know more!

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 02/14/2019

♥️ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥️

It’s not too late to get a Gift Certificate for your special Valentine 🍫♥️

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 01/31/2019

Any of you ladies up to come today or tomorrow for either AromaTouch Technique or Massage? Have a couple of openings! (Thursday and Friday)


Small business Saturday is here!

Come shop at the North Side Market!

Spend $40 or more TODAY and receive a $5 voucher to use at Krista’s Spa Scape!


🍁🦃 Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 11/21/2018

Day 3

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 11/20/2018

Day #2 BOGO
$28 plus tax/shipping

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 11/20/2018

Day #2 BOGO
$28 plus tax/shipping

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 11/20/2018

Day #2

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 11/19/2018

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post

Photos from Krista's Spa Scape's post 11/19/2018



💆🏼‍♀️💆🏼‍♀️💆🏼‍♀️💜GET READY💜💆🏼‍♀️💆🏼‍♀️💆🏼‍♀️

At Krista’s Spa Scape, I usually offer this session for $45 with being Certificate in AromaTouch Technique and being a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Special: $30 ($15 savings) AromaTouch Technique sessions at Krista’s Spa Scape with, Certified, Sharee Krieger! To sign up for these limited sessions comment below or private message me.

When: The week of November 12th-16th

What is AromaTouch Technique?

AromaTouch is the application of certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine and soles of the feet to address: stress, inflammation/pain, immune system support and help the body to come into a state of balance. The oils are gently stroked in with specific, light touch. AromaTouch can be a stand-alone service or it can be done as a prelude to a massage. Once you experience AromaTouch, massage will never be the same again!




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Monday 9am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am - 5:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 5:30pm
Thursday 9am - 5:30pm
Friday 9am - 5:30pm

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