*Massage & Bodywork at 2 locations - Temecula & Carlsbad. *In home Massages are available upon requ


Through all the ups and downs as a massage therapist, I am stepping into the unknown and making big changes in my career.🙌

Feeling grateful but also scared & uncomfortable.😬

Stay tuned! I will share more in the next few weeks. ✌️


If you said yes to one or more, this is your reminder to book a massage 💆‍♀️


In home massages are available upon request.

I have limited availability for this service.

I travel to San Diego county, LA county and the Inland Empire.

I offer the following:
60min - $125
90min - $175
120min - $250

Travel fee: (0.50 per mile)

I do offer discounts if you book with me once or twice a month sessions for this service.

Please reach out for more details.


New Hours for Temecula location coming in hot!🔥

Starting August 18, I will be available on Thursdays and Fridays 9:30am - 3pm.

School will be back I session, so book your massage after dropping off the kids at school and come on over!


New Hours at the Carlsbad location!

Mondays 9-5pm
Tuesdays 9-5pm

My style of massage is nurturing and educational. A mix of Western and Eastern philosophies are addressed in every session.

I help others connect to their bodies in the most relaxing way.

There's an emotional and energetic component to our pain. I help bring both of these together in a unique way that leave you feeling lighter and better than when you came in.

If you are in the Carlsbad area, come visit me and try this out for yourself or give as a gift to someone who would benefit from this style of massage.


Bridal party this weekend was a huge success! 💯

First client got a Reiki Massage to help with low back pain and gain clarity on what was going on emotionally in that area.😉

Second client needed rest and her Reiki Massage was much needed for relaxation and sleep.😴

Last client added hot stones to help relieve tension in her neck and shoulders. 🤩

Needless to say these ladies got a reset to continue the celebration🎊

Thank you ladies for having us over! 🤗


Look at this view😍

Thank you and . 🤗

Poolside massage was a hit.💯

Can't wait to be back!💛


Moments we live for!

These are the moments we live for🎶

If you would like have an experience like this one contact us

This is a new way to improve your health by being in nature 🏝 while getting bodywork 💆‍♀️💆


This should be the only kind of pressure you feel today! 👌

Shoulder work for all those who work in front of a computer is a must. 💯

I worked in front of a computer for 10 years and I got hurt. I was diagnosed with tendinitis in my wrist and elbow. It was debilitating not being able to use my arm.😔

I went to physical therapy and was told that my injury could have been prevented with regular massage🤯

Before this experience, I never thought massage therapy could be preventative care but it totally is.🤔

Our bodies were not meant to be sedentary. How we move and how often we do it plays a big role in our overall health.‼️

Massage therapy worked for me. I'm happy to say that I don't have tendinitis anymore. Maybe it can work for you too!😉


When the sun is out, a poolside massage is in order! 🏝💆‍♀️


I was asked to be a part of the show Vicarious Escapes on as the host explored Temecula Wine Country.🍇

A big thank you to for inviting me and for hosting this massage in the vines!💆‍♀️


Imagine waking up in the luxurious . You walk downstairs and step outside to the beautiful infinity pool to experience a massage 🧖‍♂️🧖‍♀️

What a relaxing way to start your vacation in Temecula Wine Country.🍇

Massage just got better with a view like this one.😍

Add a poolside massage at Vaquero Resort for any occasion! 🏝

You and your guests will feel like royalty during your stay🙌


I had the opportunity to celebrate girl's night a little different with .

She had a few friends over to have Reiki Massages, enjoy good food and amazing conversations about being on a healing journey with all the ups & downs that we face.

It felt refreshing to have experiences like this one. Where I can express myself and share my journey to inspire others to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

Thank you ladies so much for having me and allowing me to be myself. 🥰


Thank you Shoutout SoCal for this opportunity to be featured and share a little bit about my business. 🙌

Making moves in the right direction feels so good!💯

One step at a time🏃‍♀️

Full interview link in Bio.


Cupping & Hot stone massage for the win! 🙌

Great add-ons to any treatment💯


Friday is here and this is the kind of happy hour I want to go to 🙋‍♀️

Have a great weekend✌


This is 34! Welcoming every minute of this game we call life. I found a level of peace I didn't find in my teens or in my 20's. I am grateful for all the blessings and challenges that came my way. I am hungry for more ❤🎊🙌


❤Happy Valentine's Day❤

To all the lovers out there celebrating today especially this beautiful couple Matt & Anitra 👫

Thank you for booking your couples massage over the weekend during your stay at .🏰

I hope you have a wonderful time here in Temecula Wine Country🍇

Cheers to love & happiness🥂


Blessed to do what I love💯


Birthday celebration for Ashley !🎊🎊

A big thank you for inviting me to this beautiful place here in Temecula Wine Country.🍇

Enjoy the rest of your trip Ashley and hope to see you again soon🙌


Here is the starting price list at the different locations I provide my services.💆‍♀️💆

I do offer longer sessions at all locations. 90 min- 120 min sessions.👍

Thank you for your continued support.🙏

Taking care of yourself this year can be the best thing you ever did!💯


✨Testimonial Tuesday ✨

"Claudia is the BEST massage therapist in the area!! She is amazingly intuitive, whuch leads to an amazing massage EVERY time. You will not be disappointed."

Thank you Mitch for the wonderful review💚


This was me yesterday evening after my massage. I was definitely feeling good and slept great.

I usually get massages every 2-3 weeks. There has been moments where more time passes in between massages and I can tell I need to get back on schedule.

My body will ache more and I will feel the tension build up. My sleep is off too.

Massage works for me and helps in so many areas of my life that I can't imagine my life without it.

I loved it so much, it's why I became a Massage Therapist.

I want to help others feel good just as I have with massage therapy.

You too can be like this picture and say " Just got my massage and feeeeeling goooood"


What are you willing to do for your happiness and peace?

Going to the beach to clear my energy brought me a level of peace & happiness I had forgotten about.

I realized how much I liked how I felt when I was here.

This was a small change I added to my self-care routine.

Sometimes it takes small changes to improve your overall well-being. Other times more drastic changes are needed.

The question remains the same.

What are you willing to do for your happiness & peace?


Hello 2022! Whatever your reason is to try massage therapy as part of your self care routine, I am happy to help you accomplish your goals🗒

No matter where you are on the path to better health & wellness, it's never too late to add something new such as massage & bodywork to take care of yourself.🥰

You deserve time to relax.
You deserve less stress in your life. 😌

Make one small promise to yourself and I guarantee your health will improve💯

Happy New Year!!!🎊


We had an unforgettable Christmas this year. New traditions in the making and it was exactly what we needed.

A shout out to my sister .harrison0418
& my brother for hosting Christmas this year. You guys are amazing and we love you so much!

From my little family to yours,
we hope you had a Christmas filled with love and happiness❤


Imagine the most beautiful Christmas tree next to the decorated fireplace and a therapeutic massage to end your day!😍

What a treat this holiday season!🎁

Thank you so much Chef Marcela Villadolid for inviting me. You outdid yourself with the decorations amiga.🤗

Christmas is my favorite holiday. So this time of the year, I get extra enjoyment out of transforming your space into a relaxing area to experience bodywork💯

If you are still looking for presents this season, support small businesses like mine. Give the gift of relaxation 💆‍♀️💆

Gift cards available 📧


Good morning! I get asked a lot about my services so here is a breakdown of what I offer.

I have 2 locations where you can book your massage with me.

🌄Temecula (Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays)

🌊Carlsbad (Tuesdays & Fridays)

🏡In home massages are available upon request. (Tuesday- Saturday)

The In home massage service is where I travel to your home, airbnb, hotel, or event. I bring my table, sheets and music to tranform your space into a relaxing massage area.

I service the following locations

Inland Empire: mainly Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Menifee, Canyon Lake.

San Diego: all of North county San Diego to Chula Vista

Los Angeles: Long Beach and surrounding areas.

✨I also offer Reiki Training at my Temecula location.

I am here to help improve your quality of life. Whether it's bodywork for pain relief or you are needing some emotional work or curious about Reiki for self healing, I am your girl!

Let's connect and talk about what would be the best option for you.


Relaxation to the maximum level! 👌

What a view😍🏝

Waterfall sounds in the background makes this place the best place to get a massage!🏞

My work is not only relaxing but therapeutic as well.💆‍♀️

You won't find a massage like mine anywhere else.💯

Book now to experience massage therapy the Wholistic Massage & Wellness way!!!🙌


You can find me here in Carlsbad on Tuesdays and Fridays!



If you are in the area, come visit me!

Photos from claudialeal.cmt's post 11/15/2021

This weekend was amazing at 💯

The families staying here were so kind and absolutely wonderful to work with. Thank you for inviting me!🙌

Living my dream, one day at a time🙏



Let the 10 year celebration begin! 🎉

In home massages for the lovely couple. What better way to start your anniversary than this.💆‍♀️💆

Cheers to 10 years and many more!❤


Successful day at the office!😎

No complaints just relaxation by the poolside🌞

There's no doubt, massage day is the best day!💆‍♀️


Lymph Drainage Massage coming soon!

I'm back in school and loving every minute of it.


♦️Releasing tension
♦️Releasing stress
♦️Releasing emotions
♦️Releasing energy

🌟Releasing one or a combination of these things makes you feel lighter and free.🌟

➡️You are able to move you body better.

➡️You feel weight lifted off your body.

➡️Your pain decreases almost instantly.

➡️Gain mental clarity

🌟Our pain has a physical component and an emotional component.🌟

🌟Both are valid and extremely important to address to get to the root cause of our pain.🌟

It's hard to do it alone. It's hard to ask for help. When you have tried everything and it still feels so heavy and painful. 💯

There is so many ways to help you release what our body is holding on to. Different ways that can bring awareness to what our body is doing physically and emotionally. 🙌

Energy work✨
Moving your body.🏃
Resting when needed.🥱
Taking deep breaths.🌬
Meditating 🧘‍♀️
Connecting with good friends 🫂

No matter what you choose, taking action towards improving your health is what will help you move forward.🥰

You got this! 💖


🤲Tools of the trade🤲

👉Our hands are always moving. Contracting and releasing as we type, drive, pick up anything and even as we sleep.

👉Every muscle, ligament and tendon in our hands work so hard to get us through the day.

👉Take care of your hands!

Photos from claudialeal.cmt's post 09/01/2021

Another successful massage event at the one and only this past weekend🙌

This place is beautiful and one of my favorite places to do massage. Located in Temecula Wine Country. 😍

You won't be disappointed when you book your next vacation here. 💯

Be sure to schedule massages during your stay! 💆‍♀️💆


Our shoulders are overused, tired and in pain.

Try an alternative technique to reduce the pain and move your shoulders without the tension.

Increase your range of motion with , and session! Your shoulders will thank you and feel like new.

Cupping Therapy works wonders for spinal cord injuries or any injury.

Get your shoulders back and book a session!

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Moments we live for!
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