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The process of lip blush. Have you heard of lip blush??

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The process of lip blush. Have you heard of lip blush??


❤️ let’s how this turns out 🤪

Happy Sunday!! Wanted to share this short clip of this brow design. As you know I love designing and drawing ❤️ Curious what a consultation with me looks like. Let me explain, I offer both virtual (zoom or FaceTime) and in person consultations. During the consultation I will show you what eyebrow shape and technique is best for you based on your facial features and skin type. It’s rare when clients schedule a consultation. The majority of my clients opt for a consultation the day of the procedure. However for clients that would like a consultation prior to scheduling they have two options, in person or virtual consult. What to expect during a consultation: Virtual: •client is welcome to send an frontal profile image so during the consultation I can design an eyebrow for them. • Technique, shape and contraindications are discussed. •Pre and aftercare For in person consultation •Shape and design •contraindications •pre and after care Feel free to reach out if you are interested in scheduling a consultation. Scheduling is closed for New Clients until November 2021 #eyebrowdesign #eyebrowdesigner #eyebrows #eyebrowshaping #naturalbrow #eyebrowspecialist #eyebrowspecialists #browsbrows #browsbrowsbeauty #browsbrowsbrows❣ #virtualbrows #virtualbrowdesign #procreateart #procreate #procreatedesigns #beautytips #beautymakeupartist #permanentmakeupartist #permanentmakeupbrows #permanenteyebrows #permanentmakeuptemecula #permanentmakeupmenifee #permanentmakeupsandiego #permanentmakeupoc